Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Uglier Than A Box Of Frogs

Lucas pounds away at an old building with a sledgehammer. Above the building a big, red neon sign blinks on and off, "Maison Blanche, Maison Blanche." After two whacks, Sami tosses him a bottle of water and they take a break. Tough work. Two whacks would wear anybody down. Lucas says the place gives him the creeps. Sami says I'm sorry I interrupted your rhythm.

That's enough to get Lucas going, "I'll bet you say that to all the sexy hot construction workers." Smooch, "Back to work, and happy honeymoon Mrs. Roberts."

Billie stops off at Hope's house and checks out her cute little munchkin girl. Hope tells her she has some "errands" to run. Billie wonders what kind of errands. Hope tells her she's going to be with her family in the south pacific. Billie stares.

Belle paces as Phillip grills her about the GPS. Belle claims she doesn't know what it is. Phillip thinks Belle planted it. "Fine," snorts Belle, "I did it. Shawn knows where we are and you better believe he's on his way."

Phillip says, "All that talk about working things out... you knew Shawn was coming."

"And there is not a damn thing you can do to stop him," says Belle.

Bo tells Patch to leave. Patch ain't happy, "I get the feeling you don't love me any more."

Bo sneers, "There is a good reason for that. This wasn't your idea. It was Elvis J. Wells who sent you here to kill us."

Lucas pounds. Sami asks if he wishes they were having a different honeymoon of if they were different and didn't do weird things like this. Lucas wouldn't change anything. Sami is soooo happy to be helping people build homes. Lucas accuses her of not working. She insists she is. She's handing him water. She has to take it easy because of the baby. Sami wants it to be their baby more than anything. Lucas says everything will be fine.

Rodney clears his throat as they kiss, "Letting les bon temps roller?" More like, "Laissez les bon temps ooze."

Steve mocks Bo and asks Shawn what he thinks. "Thinking isn't my strong suit," says Shawn, "But I'm pretty sure you are here to help."

Steve moves closer to the edge and rants. He backs off and swears he got EJ out of his head, "Do you honestly believe I would kill my wife's brother and his son?"

Flash to Michael Corleone, "Do you honestly believe I would kill my wife's husband and leave their baby fatherless?"

"So this is a peaceful mission," asks Bo. He tosses the bullets at Steve one-by one as he grills him, "Why bring a gun and go to the trouble of hiding it?"

Belle tells Phillip it's over, "Go ahead throw things. Hit me!"

"I wouldn't do that."

"You have become nothing but a bully."

Phillip insists he's just getting his life back. And that starts with Claire. He takes Claire and goes upstairs. Belle asks where he is going. "Where can I go," asks Phillip, "It's like you said. Shawn is coming." He turns and zombie-walks up the stairs.

Belle freaks, "Put her down! Where are you going?"

Lucas says the scent of Jasmine gets his motor running.

Rodney says it's the mildew. He tells them to get to work. He'll be checking on them. Rodney leaves.

Lucas accuses her of getting him in trouble. Sami says it was like kids caught making out in high school. Lucas is ready for some gumbo. He wants to hit the town tonight. Sami says that will get them out of their awful motel room. Lucas insists it isn't so awful.

Sami asks, "Are you kidding me? It's uglier than a box of frogs." She learned that one from Rodney. He will have her speaking fluent Cajun by the time they are out of there.

Lucas pounds. The sledgehammer crashes through the wall making a hollow sound. They check it out.

Phillip holds Claire as they stand by the boat railing, "The water is cool... Quiet... Underneath it's so peaceful..."

Belle stands behind them and whimpers, "You're too close to the edge."

Phillip turns and gives her his madman stare, "Oh, I went over the edge a long time ago, but you don't think I'd jump, do you?"

They argue about who is doing what to whom. Phillip shows Claire the stars, "There is Cassiopeia. She's a queen. She knows she's a queen because all the other stars move around her."

Claire says, "Gee, I thought Cassiopeia was only visible in the northern hemisphere."

"Go back to sucking on your zwieback," says Phillip.

"Stop your damn stories about the universe," says Belle.

Phillip goes on, "All the stars can be yours... Anything you want."

"Like being in her mother's arms," asks Belle. She begs him to give Claire back to her, "For God's sake, do you have the strength to turn around and face me?"

Patch claims he brought the gun because he knew Phillip wouldn't play nice.

"Is that what Elvis told you to say," asks Bo, "The Steve I knew... that's not you anymore." He tells Shawn they will do it together without Steve.

"You're not giving me a choice," says Shawn.

Patch pulls a gun out of nowhere and holds it on them, "You're not giving me a choice either. It is loaded."

Billie tells Hope this is a bad idea. Hope argues. "OK," says Billie, "You convinced me. When do we leave?"

Lucas inspects the hole and finds a metal box. "It's locked." Sami suggests using the tools to open it. Lucas pries at it.

Phillip taunts Belle. Belle begs him to come back from the dark side. She accuses him of running away. He tells her she's good at running away, too. That's what she has been doing for the past... in Phillip's words, "bunch of months."

Patch gives Shawn the bullets to his gun, "Are we cool now?"

Bo says he and Shawn aren't going to work with Patch.

Gabby runs up in a panic, "The blip disappeared!"

Patch analyzes things, "There are two possibilities...Either Phillip found the tracker, or the boat went down."

"While we're sitting here trying to find out if Steve's crazy I might have lost my family for good," says Shawn.

Hope tells Billie to forget it. Billie suggests Hope stay there so EJ won't have all the Brady's lined up in a row. She plays her trump card, "You can't leave your child here. Besides, every time you go to an island, you bring one of these home for a souvenir."

Patch tells them they have to get going. Bo asks, "Going where? Will we wind up at an empty spot in the middle of the ocean? I think you are too anxious to get us on that plane." Patch asks Shawn what he wants to do.

Belle apologizes to Phillip. She says she did walk away because he petitioned the court for custody. Phillip thinks Belle doesn't get it. She was setting up house with Shawn when he was in the hospital in Montréal getting his extreme makeover. She was the only woman he ever truly loved, "Claire was the proof of our love... our connection. When you turned your back on the family and took Claire you took my heart." Belle holds Claire and protects her as sap rises on the deck.

Lucas thinks maybe they shouldn't open it, "What if it's something private?" Sami eggs him on. He tells her to open it. Sami is reluctant. She thinks they should open it together. Together is what Lucas signed up for. They open the box as weird music plays. Sami gives him a look.

Patch asks Shawn what it's gonna be. Shawn says, "Let's go!" Bo tries to change his mind.

Shawn can't be convinced, "Steve, let's do it. How quickly can you get that plane up in the air?"

Belle cries, "I am so sorry."

Phillip softens, "I'm sorry you're sorry." They just don't make dialogue like this any more. In Afghanistan all he could think of was Claire. He figured if he died she'd never know for the first year of her life she was so loved by a man she would never remember. So he came back ready to fight. Belle understands. He had nothing left to lose. He thanks her. She begs him to end the fight. She wants to call Shawn and tell him they are coming back.

Sami and Lucas discover and old letter with a bow tied around it. Lucas unties the bow. They speculate about how old it is. Lucas thinks it's in Italian. He gives it to Sami. She looks it over, "OMG! Look at this!" She shows him the signature. DiMera!

Lucas is skeptical. He can't make out the first name. He says a lot of Italians lived there back in the day. He just loves visiting the Italian quarter.

Rodney asks them what's up. Sami says, "We had to stop. The building could have collapsed. Lucas found out this is a load-bearing wall."

"It's a load all right," says Rodney.

Billie and Hope go round and round about the DiMeras, "It's true what they say about history repeating itself," says Billie, "Especially on this show."

"What do you want me to do," asks Hope, "Sit here and wait to find out if my family is dead? I can't." Billie promises her she won't be alone.

Phillip wants to put things behind them, too, but there is one little problem – Shawn. Belle reminds him he and Shawn were once closer than brothers, "That bond is not broken. At least for good."

"It feels pretty broken to me," says Phillip.

Belle says, "Claire would be lucky to have two fathers."

"Just not those two nuts," says Claire.

The boat's radio crackles. Phillip runs downstairs, "Something's wrong." Whatever could it be? Not bad weather coming in – that never happens on this show.

Bo tries to convince Shawn one more time, "Believe me you're not thinking clearly."

"Thinking isn't my strong suit," says Shawn, "Thinking clearly is out of the question."

Bo demands, "Don't get on the plane with that crazy SOB."

Bo and Steve face off. Steve says, "I kicked your ass before and I'll do it again. Come on, let's go!"

Rodney says he knows this isn't a load-bearing wall. Sami asks about the name of the family owning the house. Rodney looks it up, "The name of the house is Maison Blanche. It was owned by the DiMera family."

Lucas claims they will get the job done. Rodney leaves.

Sami is a basket case. She blubbers to Lucas, "My parents! They were here! There was a fire! This is it! This is Stefano's house! On DOOL, even houses come back from the dead! "

Hope has decided not to go. Billie says, "We're gonna have our chance, you and I, with EJ. Our time will come. We're gonna kick some DiMera butt."

Hope says, "Damn right we are." Head butt.

Phillip tells the guy on the radio they will take the necessary precautions. He turns to Belle, "A typhoon is coming." Phillip vows to head west to a small island they are approaching – Montefiori. Belle wants to turn back.

"Not an option," says Phillip, "That would be the sensible thing to do." He puts on his Cap'n Gorton's slicker and heads up to the deck. Belle makes sure he has gone and grabs the radio microphone.

Patch screams, "COME ON!" Bo attacks.

Shawn tries to break it up, "Guys! Stop!" Patch settles down. Bo asks Shawn for an hour. If he can't accomplish anything they will do it Shawn's way. Shawn gives him an hour. Steve claims they are blowing it.

Gabby screeches into the room. She has Belle on the radio, "She's in big trouble, Shawn."

Shawn grabs the handheld radio, "Belle?" FF.


Celeste tells EJ, "Your father's condition is rapidly deteriorating. To save Stefano's life, you need those stem cells. Now!"

Phillip says, "You stopped loving me but never for a heartbeat did I stop loving you." The boat lurches and Belle falls into his arms.

Shawn tells Bo, "Steve is my one chance and I'm grabbing it. With or without you."

Sami and Lucas stare at each other as EJ says, "Of all the people in all the houses in New Orleans, you walk into mine." Sami and Lucas turn and stare.


Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

"Even in DOOL the houses come back from the dead." LMAO!! and I did like the "Save a tree, recyecle the script," one too. Too Funny Guys.

4:06 AM  
Anonymous KATIE said...



4:49 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

Well if the pheonix is rising so must his home lol. Rise from the ashes!

5:21 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

"As sands ooze through the hourglass, so are the DAYS OF OUR LIVES trickling on and on and on...."

Hilarious Prevuze this morning. So many LOL moments and pictures as mentioned above.

Not to mention my two DOOLisms of the day:
Belle to Philip after he finds the GPS - "Shawn is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it." Uh, how about throwing the GPS out of the boat and into the drink?

Belle picks up the ship's radio and JUST HAPPENS to know the frequency of the short-wave radio that Gabby JUST HAPPENS to be monitoring at that moment.


6:23 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

First a rant:
I know it's a bit too much to ask, but when the writers decided to make EJ's true identity to be Elvis Dimera, did they even take a second or two, and check their own records to find out that Elvis Dimera - Son of Susan Wells and Stefano Dimera was born:
February 21, 1997!!!!!!!!


I mean come on!! WILL is older than him!

There are hundreds of Dimera offspring they could have made EJ into!!

Okay rant over.

Steve mocks Bo and asks Shawn what he thinks.
Phillip to Belle: "You don't think I'd jump, do you?"
Bo tries to convince Shawn one more time, "Believe me you're not thinking clearly."

Why are all these people trying to make Belle and Shawn think???
Don't they realize they use what few working brain cells they have to remember their daughter's name?
That's why they say it to each other so much you know.

Gabby screeches into the room. She has Belle on the radio, "She's in big trouble, Shawn."

Wow short wave radio, wireless internet, cell phone reception; Tinda Lau is one little globally connected little speck in the South Pacific isn't it?

DOOLism of the day:
Belle says, "Claire would be lucky to have two fathers."

Claire would be lucky to be in a foster home! Away from these insane people who drag her halfway around the world, dangle her over the side of a boat, force her to sleep on a deserted beach, toss her into the ocean in the dark...I bet she can't wait till she turns 18 in a couple months so she can move out!!

Getting out my DOOL crystal ball here for a minute:

I can see Phillip and Belle getting shipwrecked, doin the nasty because they are trying to "stay warm", Belle of course getting pregnant, VOILA another Brady girl who has no idea who the father of her baby is.

6:33 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Surely Celeste isn't rushing EJ to save Stefano in that previews sentence. Maybe taunting him is more like it. Anyway, how does she know what Stefano's condition is?

In any case, EJ is going to have to kidnap Sami now to get the amnio to find out if it's his so the stem cells can save Stefano.

I LOL over the house rising, Claire correcting Phillip on his knowledge (or lack thereof) of the stars and of course the forbidden link. HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze and pics today!! :D

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I gotta take exception to the title.

I hadn't thought of the Phillip/Belle baby scenario.

ARGH....sorry, just lost my breakfast! HARR!


8:25 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Hey! I gotta take exception to the title.

What would you have preferred, Frog? Prettier than a plate of frog legs?

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Prevuze, as usual... I LOVE the funny comments from 'Claire'... Her script (from you) is the best script of the whole show!!!!!
Are you kidding me? Bo, Shawn and Steve spend ANOTHER WHOLE EPISODE arguing about whether Shawn should trust Steve? Too bad Bo doesn't have the 'mysterious lipstick'. He could give him a little peck and 'viola' Steve could take a little nap just in time for Bo to find out from Kayla Steve's still NUTS!!!! (or until she shows up)....
Sami and Lucas at the mansion? That thing burst into flames. Now they want us to believe the walls have withstood a hurricane? C'mon!!!!!! It's getting REALLY thick in here.....

9:27 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Phil must have lost most of his memory along with his face. I meant to mention this in yesterday's Prevuze. He kept bring up how happy he/Belle/Claire were in the past. I don't ever remember them being all that happy. Belle was depressed and whiny the entire time they were together. If it wasn't about losing Shawn it was the PPD. And when it wasn't because of the PPD then it was because Shawn came back with Jan and then was with Mimi, not to mention the entire liver transplant ordeal.

Great Prevuze, though. Keep it up!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

I thought Sami and Lucas were in New Orleans fixing homes wrecked by Katrina, not some rich-man's mansion wrecked by a fire YEARS before the hurricane. Don't you think the Dimera's could afford real help instead of stealing volunteer workers trying to help people who may infact really need it. Maybe the typhoon hitting Phillip and Belle can veer towards the DOOL writers' desks afterwards. Someone needs to slap those people sometimes.

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay so Bulldog's comment got me thinking...MAYBE just maybe Celeste is working with the DiMera's...that would be a plot twist. And maybe Lexie was kidnapped to be Stephano's personal physician. Now that we know she's coming back at the end of this month, we know she's not actually dead.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Scolly said...

Anyone want to take me up on this bet - that Kayla shows up on the island and Patch/Shawn/Bo are still standing in the exact spot arguing?!

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Belle, Shawn, Philip will be rescued and claire goes missing.

5:31 PM  

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