Friday, May 18, 2007

The Addams Family

Lucas swings his sledgehammer. "I've Been Workin' on the Chain Gang" plays in the background. Jack Henry has been pounding on this wall for a week now and he has knocked exactly five bricks out of it.

Sami asks, "You really think I should have the amnio?"

"Yeah," says Lucas, "We'll go for an amnio just as soon as we get back."

"Oh, good," says Sami, "We can get them together."

Lucas rants against EJ. He says he heard EJ's sob story when EJ was talking to Sami. Lucas is willing to take the chance that EJ is not the father. Sami cries. She can't take that chance.

EJ wonders since when Celeste takes orders from Tony. "Since the DiMeras took my daughter," says Celeste. She tells him about the stem cells. EJ tells her Sami's baby has to be his. Too much is at stake.

Celeste has an epiphany, "What? Oh, dear God! Those stem cells are to come from Samantha's baby, aren’t they?"

Phillip swears he won't let anything happen to Belle or Claire. Belle doesn't buy it. Claire has heard it before. Phillip says he is tired of fighting. He hears something on deck and goes to check it out.

Shawn lies in a bleeding heap. He struggles to get up. Suddenly, Phillip and Shawn are face-to-face.

The plane goes around in circles. So do Bo and Steve. Bo spills the beans about getting Shawn's signature. Patch can't let that happen. He asks Bo to give him the statement. Bo refuses. "I'm gonna have to insist," says Patch.

EJ tells Celeste to mind her own business. Celeste says he made it her business. She demands to know where Lexie is. He tells her she has to hold on longer. He gives her his word he will tell. Celeste wonders what kind of man he is. Lying rapist for starters. And now the stem cells. She's disgusted. He tells her to leave.

"I'm sick," says Celeste, "I am sick inside that this crackpot scheme is the source of all this misery. You owe Stefano nothing. You'd better realize that, because he will destroy you."

Shawn tells Phillip he dropped by for Belle. "Then what," asks Phillip, "Are you gonna swim?"

"No," says Shawn, "I'm taking control of the boat, with one arm tied behind my back."

Phillip insists Belle came of her own free will, "You do what I say, or you swim your way home!" Shawn freaks and heads for him.

Bo reminds Steve he said he was there to help them. Steve tells him not to make it more difficult than it is. Bo brings up their history. They have always been there for each other. Flashback to Bo pulling Steve out of the water. He gives him mouth-to-mouth. It's in their contract he never has to do that again.

"Just give me the damn document," yells Patch.

"It won't happen," screams Bo.

Patch freaks, "Wrong answer!" He pulls a gun out and points it at Bo.

Sami cries. Lucas comforts. If she doesn't want to have the amnio, she doesn't have to. Sami babbles. She doesn't want to risk the baby. If the baby turns out to be EJ's his badgering will be even worse. Sami says even with this going on, this is the happiest time of her whole life because she is married to Lucas. That may be denial, but she might want to live in denial to protect the baby. Lucas says she doesn't have to get the amnio. She falls in his arms and thanks him. Slap, tickle and tool belt time ensues.

Sami asks, "Are you ready for saying 'hell no' to EJ Wells?" Lucas is ready.

EJ tells Celeste Stefano would never hurt him. Celeste says Stefano is a coward, using his family to make himself feel important. EJ says she is wrong. Celeste says, "He raised you as a weapon, not a son. He's using your demon seed so the Phoenix can rise again."

EJ says he has heard enough. "No," gasps Celeste, "You have to save this child. If you are the father, you need to stand up to Stefano and save your baby's life."

Belle comes up and begs Phillip not to do anything stupid. Shawn, however, is another matter. He takes a swing a Phillip and collapses. Dr. Kiriakis goes into action.

Bo reminds Steve if he takes the statement, Bo can just have Shawn sign another document. Steve says it doesn't have to come to him killing Bo. They scream at each other. Bo plays his trump card, "He tried to kill your wife!"

"Leave Kayla out of this!"

"Why," asks Bo, "Are you gonna sell her out too? Are you choosing Wells over her?"

"We'll all be fine if you just give me that damn document," says Patch.

Bo says Wells didn't send him for the document, "He wants me dead. Do you want me dead, too?"

EJ says they will know very soon if the child is his, "If it isn't, I will fade away and leave the Roberts family alone for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Celeste says she spent the darkest days of her life in that mansion. She thought Stefano was a god. She wonders if the baby is his, how far he will go to save an evil old man.

Sami and Lucas come up and ask what Celeste is doing there.

Bo yells, "Tell me EJ didn't send you here to kill me." Patch flashes back to his programming and EJ's instructions. His mission is to kill Bo Brady. EJ's orders ring in Steve's head. Bo talks him down, "Elvis has some kind of hold on you."



People in the audience stand up, "NO! SHOOT US AND GET IT OVER WITH!"

Celeste assures Sami and Lucas she is there on family business.

"What family," asks Lucas, "the Mansons? The Addams family? Oh, the DiMeras. Same thing."

Sami tells EJ she isn't willing to risk her baby's life. He has to wait for the baby to be born. "NO WAITING FIVE MONTHS," says EJ.

"What's your rush," asks Lucas.

Belle can't believe Shawn came after them in the storm.

"He's nuts but he doesn't give up," says Phillip.

"He's a lot like you," says Belle.

"You're all nuts," says Claire.

Phillip goes for bandages. Belle tells Shawn to open his eyes. He does, and apologizes for not killing Phillip. Belle tells him the fighting is over. They will get Claire to safety and work together.

Phillip picks up Claire. Stares all around.

"Do it," yells Bo, "Pull the trigger! I know you can't, no matter what the DiMeras did to you. You're not a cold-blooded killer. You wouldn't kill your friend."

"You're not my friend," screams Patch, "You put my eye out!"

EJ wants this matter settled. He wants closure. "We want it too," says Lucas, "So why don't you go hang yourself for us?"

Sami tells EJ she wants to be rid of him, but won't risk her child's life for it. She accuses him of not caring about the baby.

EJ remembers Celeste talking about lighting the fire herself and roasting marshmallows over his flaming corpse, "At least Stefano loved his children and put their safety first."

EJ tells Sami "That's not true"

Sami says the child's life comes first. She asks him to respect their marriage and give them space while they wait. EJ says she is right. He will leave everything until the baby is born. Sami appreciates that. They leave.

Celeste says she is impressed, IF he means what he said. He says he meant every word. Celeste asks, "In that case what are you going to tell Stefano?"

Phillip revs the engine. Shawn eats chicken soup. Chicken Soup for the Moron's Soul. Belle thinks he took an awful chance coming after them. Shawn hears the engine rev and wonders what Phillip is doing. Phillip comes down. Shawn tells him the engine is running too fast. Phillip argues.

Bo says they hashed out his de-eye-ification years ago. Bo reminds Patch he had his chance for vengeance. Steve flashes back to driving a lift truck into Bo. Kayla pulls him out of the way.

Bo tells him to put the gun away.

Lucas tells Sami she did a good job standing up to EJ. He's skeptical that EJ will leave them alone. Sami thinks maybe this time he will, "You were saying something about teaching him a lesson."

Lucas says, "A lesson he will never forget. I'll put a flaming bag of dog poop at his doorstep AND short-sheet his bed. This will be the end of EJ Wells."

Belle begs Phillip to listen to Shawn. Phillip says they have to get ahead of the storm. BOOM! Silence.

Bo works on Steve, "You're not a killer."

"Then why am I here," asks Steve, "Why am I holding this gun?"

"You're not thinking straight," says Bo, "It will be OK." Bo grabs the gun. Struggle.

Sami asks what Lucas has planned. He tells her about EJ cooking the books. He thinks they can get him for that. Sami says he's a DiMera and he won't go to jail, "Think about your mom. She will go down too."

We pause while the audience gives a standing ovation.

"She's a big girl," says Lucas, "And EJ is going down."

EJ swears he will protect the baby. He wants to find another way to get an answer. He wants Celeste to use the black arts to find out.

Shawn inspects the engine and says they threw a rod, "Congratulations captain, we're dead."

Downstairs, Belle tells Claire how wonderful things are. The boys come down and Shawn tells her the engine can't be fixed, "There is nothing we can do except wait an pray."

Bo and Steve wrestle. The gun goes flying. Steve screams, "Damn you! Plans are in motion!" Bo says he will protect Steve. Patch puts the plane into a power dive, "Give me the statement, Bo! Give it to me now or we both will die!" FF Bo.


Claire cries. Belle says, "Let's make a promise. Let's go back to Salem, and work things out." Phillip says, "Deal!" Big crash. The lights go out and everyone gets tossed like a rag doll.

Kate asks, "How vindictive are you going to be, Lucas?" Lucas says, "I don't know. I guess you just found out."

EJ and Celeste kneel before a flaming cauldron. Celeste chants, "Tell us! Does the ancient DiMera blood line flow through the heart of the soul of Samantha's unborn child?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I´m in a minority here, but I´m starting to love the show again. Yeah, it´s stupid, it´s crazy, it´s unrealistic, but that´s how DAYS always used to be. Just look at the stories from 80´s. Now we just need to put J/M back into the mix and I think it could be a wonderfull summer.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

Hehehehe, Anon, I have to agree. I have to laugh at Celeste, the light finally came on and she realized WHY EJ wants Sami. Though knowing her history, I wouldn'y trust her either. Thanks guys and I may try Steves drinking game ;)

4:17 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Wow an entire day has passed on Tinda Lau without another memeber of the Brady family showing up. Guess the airlines must be on strike sore something. LOL

Lets all check our scorecards shall we?
On the island: (or over or just off the coast)

On the way:

Hope Gabby had time to make up the rooms and re-stock the bar, it's about to get real crowded.

For those who may not know how stem cells are used:
For Sami's baby to be a source of stem cells, they would have to ABORT it!!!
So much for EJ's "true love" for Sami.

DOOLism of the day:
"He's nuts but he doesn't give up," says Phillip.

"He's a lot like you," says Belle.

Well at least Belle admits Shawn is nuts. And we all know the first step to recovery is to admit the problem!!

To Bulldog:
LOVE LOVE LOVE your "Save A Tree-Recycle a Script" series!!!
Keep them up!

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deb, you don't JUST get stem cells from aborted babies, they can come from the umbilical cord, which is why when I had my kids I had the option of storing their stem cells in case of future illnesses (for a fee, of course).

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Elena said...

I (hic) love the (hic) drinking game (hic). It (hic) makes the (hic) show a (hic) bit more (hic) interesting (hic). LOL

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love days too ... i am just tired oif Steve being nuts. i skip thorugh most of that stuff thank god for DVR

As for the stem cell stuff... Anonymous said it best. there are ways to collect the stem cells its just from the Cord Blood. i wanted to donate mine but could not as it had not been long enough since my surgery to remove Cancer

6:28 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Lordy! I was hoping the DAYS of Sami being protrayed as a blubbering simp were over. Give the girl a backbone, a pinch of grit, some determination and a little dignity. Let her grow up for pete's sake!

LOL at the "Chicken Soup for Moron's Souls" and Bulldog's recycled script pics. That's DAYS for you - doing what they can to "go green"!

Have a great weekend!

6:35 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Of course I know you can get stem cells from cord blood, but if you follow the conversation between Celeste and EJ, she tells him he must stand up to Stefano and save his baby's life.

Then a little later, EJ flips out and says NO WAITING 5 MONTHS!!!

Sounds to me like he isn't talking about just taking the baby's cord blood.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Well I only got as far as the first paragraph today before my laughing gave proof I wasn't really working. Loved the Prevuism that Lucas pounded away for a week to loosen five bricks. HAHAHAHHA

Speaking of Lucas, I hope Lumi are back in Salem or else the conversation with him and Kate in the previews means Kate flew to New Orleans to butt in, too.

LOL over Air Tinda Lao, Belle ordering pizza and Chicken Soup. A great pre-weekend Prevuze! :D

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may be right Deb, but I really saw it as if EJ just wants to know if the baby is his to be sure where he stands, to have enough time to go make a baby to another woman if it's not. Because earlier, he was telling Sami how he wanted to raise the baby like a true Dimera. So I really don't think he wants this baby dead, since like the other anon said, he can get the stem cells with the ombilical cord.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction on the Bo/Steve-flashback with the lift truck. It wasn't Steve who was driving the lift truck, it was some co-worker in Victor's warehouse where Bo and Steve worked. And it wasn't Kayla who saved Bo's life, it was Steve who jumped up and pulled Bo out.

I understand the snark but please at least get your facts straight!


10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nike -

Does that really make a difference?

Other than a few who can only nitpick, was anyone else really worried about that?

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, it makes a difference because it changes the scene completely from 'Steve wanted revenge on Bo' to 'Steve saved Bo's life even when they weren't friends' - IMO a HUGE difference when you have one of the really rare moments to show who Steve really is.


12:53 PM  
Anonymous hippopotamus said...

Maybe Celeste was telling to EJ to save the baby's life because the pregnancy is at risk when an amnio is performed. I think it's probably too late in the pregnancy to get embryonic stems cells anyway, so he'll have to wait for the cord blood.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I understand the snark but please at least get your facts straight!

Sorry about that. Watching and typing is sometimes a challenge. Kind of like walking and chewing gum.

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Lorinda said...

I agree that it is too late in the pregnancy to get stem cells unless it comes from the cord blood at birth. I am planning on storing the ones from my next pregnancy. It was too costly when I had my first child. If I had known that they could be donated I would have done that, but I didn't learn about that until after. It is a great thing to learn about and I hope that Days can educate people somewhat on it.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The only ray of light was Steve & Jack last year and Steve &Adrienne this year.

3:48 AM  
Anonymous lipitor said...

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3:21 PM  

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