Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Queen Bee Of Mistakehood

Stephanie, what's left of her, anyway, lies in her hospital bed. "Well," says Nick, "Now we know why they call it ghost riding. You have to have a death wish to do it."
Stephanie tells him to lighten up – they were just having a little fun, "You know what you are? Cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck – CHICKEN! Ask Chelsea."

A cop chews Chelsea out. He tells her she's lucky Stephanie is alive and, if he remembers correctly, her last mistake behind the wheel did kill someone.

Yellow tape blocks the entrance to the hotel room, "CRIME SCENE – DO NOT CROSS!" Beneath the big warning there is some fine print on the tape that says, "Unless you are Hope Brady – then you can stroll right in." Hope enters and calls for Kayla. The handyman follows her. Hope says she is looking for Kayla.

Join the club," says the handyman, "That crazy woman stole my drill."

Meanwhile, Kayla drills into the door at EJ's apartment.

Back at the wedding the crowd reels in shock at the sight of the police photo on the big-screen. Roman badgers Sami for an explanation. Sami is a basket case. She blithers and bawls and drops to her knees telling Lucas she is so sorry and begging him to forgive her.

Stephanie asks Nick, "Haven't you heard the saying, 'The only risk in life is not taking one?'"

"Where did you hear that, on a bumper sticker," asks Nick.

"Yes," says Stephanie, "I got a close look at it. I read it on the bumper of that truck just before my face smashed into it. Besides, I'm talking about Chelsea. You always take the easy way out. Look at the thing with Billie. You guys did the nasty and lied to Chelsea for weeks. A real stand-up guy would have just fessed up. I don't want to be mean but..."

Nick interrupts, "You keep doing it anyway. What happened to you in Dayton."

"Let's just say I discovered life can be real short," says Stephanie, "And if you don't live it pedal to the metal, or face to the asphalt, it can be gone in the blink of an eye. Take a chance, Nick! For God's sake do something outrageous! What have you got to lose?"

Nick vows to really live life to the fullest and start watching Days Of Our Lives.

The cop tells Chelsea she could lose her license for 90 days. She flops down in a chair and pouts.

Hope hands the handyman a wad-o-cash and tells him to buy a new drill, "And let's just keep this to ourselves."

The handyman smiles, "What drill?"

"Exactly," says Hope. He leaves and Hope dials her phone.

PrevuzeKayla drills. Her phone rings. She sees it's Hope and ignores it. Will comes up to her and asks what is going on. She tells him she's just doing a little detective work. Kayla asks why he isn't at the reception. Will tells her about the picture. He can't believe he was so foolish to think things would work out this time. Kayla says maybe there is a good explanation, "This has EJ's name written all over it. Don't worry. We're gonna make him pay."

Sami bawls and begs. Kate tells her to stop making excuses. Marlena tells Kate to leave her alone. Kate tells Marlena to shut up. Roman tells them both to cool it and give him a turn. He asks Sami why she didn't tell him. Sami says she couldn't and goes back to groveling.

"Hmmm...," says EJ, "This looks like one for the wedding album."

Kayla tells Will he'd better get out of there so he doesn't get mixed up in things. She finishes drilling and walks into the apartment, "Let's see what you are hiding, EJ."

Roman tells EJ he can come in for questioning on his own or he can slap the cuffs on him right now. EJ has no idea what Roman is talking about. Roman says that's Lexie's stolen car he is in. EJ claims Lexie lent it to him. He taunts Roman and tells him to go ahead and arrest him, "But we both know I will be out of your little jail before the ink is dry on the warrant."

"On the what," asks Roman.

Hope calls Roman and tells him Kayla is gone. He says he will be right there. After he hangs up, he asks EJ where Patch is. EJ denies all and asks if there is any other crime he wants to accuse him of, "I have to tell you in all fairness, I was in Paris the day lady Diana died, and I do own a moped."

Sami hits a new low in groveling as Kate eggs Lucas on. Lucas says, "I just have one thing to say, don't be upset, Sami, not on our wedding day, Mrs. Roberts."

Stephanie asks for her purse. She wants her cell phone so she can call her boyfriend and tell him what happened. She can't find the phone and tells Nick she probably left it at the church. She asks him if he will go look for it. He says he will on one condition – that she cut out the name calling. She agrees. Nick bumps into Chelsea on the way out and they exchange cold stares.

Nick leaves the brat and the splat alone in the hospital room. Stephanie asks, "Did the cops cut you some slack?"

"No," says Chelsea, "Thanks to you, I'll probably lose my license for the summer."

"I'm sorry, Chelsea," says Stephanie, "Maybe Nick can be your chauffeur – Driving Miss Brady."

Chelsea sits and buries her face in her hands, "This is so what I don't need right now. What was I thinking? How could I be so stupid?"

"Well," says Stephanie, "You are a Brady. You weren't thinking. And that's the beauty of it. You were loving every minute of it.

Hope tells Roman the handyman said Kayla stole the drill. Roman says EJ is still at Chez Rouge. He tells Hope about the traffic photo popping up during the presentation. Roman doesn't think Sami had anything to do with John's shooting, but thinks there has to be some reason she hooked up with EJ.

Sami doesn't know what to say. Lucas says "Just tell me you are happy you are my wife." He extends his hand. Sami takes it and stands up. The crowd murmurs.

Kate asks, "Are you insane?"

Lucas says, "You should be happy for us." He asks for everyone's attention, "I know it's traditional for the bride and groom to share the first piece of wedding cake. Today it's time for a new tradition." He walks over and gets a slice of cake and strolls back over to Sami and Kate. He shoves it into Kate's face, "How's it taste, Mom? It's organic. Do you like that?" Lucas turns to Sami and suggests it's time for the honeymoon. He picks her up and leaves to applause. EJ blocks the way.

Stephanie wants the brat to admit the whole incident was a total rush. "No," says Chelsea, "A rush would be bungee jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, but I don't think I'll take the next flight to San Francisco."

"Then why didn't you just pull the car over," asks Stephanie.

"Wimp out in front of Nick," she asks, "No Way!"

"So this is about Nick," says Stephanie. She wonders why they keep playing these high school games, since grade school games might be more appropriate for this crowd. She tells her Nick is over at the church looking for her cell phone. Chelsea leaves. Stephanie pulls her cell phone out from under the covers.

Out in the hall, Billie runs up to Chelsea in a panic. The brat tells her Stephanie just has a concussion, "So let's go. Give me the lecture. Tell me how stupid I was."

Billie says there won't be a lecture, right before she launches into her lecture. Everybody makes mistakes. Unfortunately, yours just happen to involve motor vehicles and people. I'm the queen bee of mistakehood. It will be OK. We'll find a way to make this OK."

Chelsea says, "I certainly hope so. I couldn't handle another two weeks of community service."

Kayla searches through EJ's apartment. She finds an atlas. Roman and Hope walk in. Roman tells her she is breaking and entering.

"Since when did you become interested in the law," asks Kayla. She points to Tinda Lao on the map.

Hope says, "Tinda Lao... that's where Shawn is."

Kayla says, "And I'll bet you dollars to donuts that's exactly where EJ sent Steve."

Roman says, "Doooonnnnnuuutttsss."

Lucas sneers at EJ, "If you take another step forward I will slam you. Sami reminds him he is carrying her She has him put her down and she tells EJ, "No hard feelings." Sami graciously extends the hand of friendship. EJ reaches out and shakes her hand. Sami, in turn, lands a left hook right on his jaw.

"What a shot," says Lucas. They head for their honeymoon as the crowd cheers and applauds.

Kate walks up to the man with the glass jaw, "Happy now?"

Hope leaves to contact Bo. Kayla says she doesn't want one of Roman's lectures. He lectures anyway. She says she doesn't need his protection. She needs his support. She's going to Tinda Lao. Roman forbids it as Hope walks back in with a stunned look on her face. She drops the Stephanie bomb.

Kate tells EJ he blew it. He says there is no accounting for the foolishness of Lucas, "He got duped by Sami again." He assures Kate he has another card up his sleeve. She'll be very pleased. Kate is curious.

"Why do you think Samantha was in that car with me," asks EJ.

Kate guesses, "She needed help to save Lucas."

"And I did that," says EJ, "I gave her my help. More importantly she gave me something..."

Sami looks at her pearls and a picture of her and Lucas. She sits down and sulks. Lucas asks what's wrong. She tells him she thought he'd leave her if he knew about the picture. Lucas says he trusts her.

Suddenly, Sami has an epiphany, "You knew! All this time I was afraid to tell you and you knew all along!"

Maggie says she's thrown a lot of receptions but never one like this. Marlena chuckles, "The hardest part of being a parent is seeing your child in trouble and not being able to help."

"But we did help," says Maggie, "We taught them to make good choices."

"Too bad they never follow that advice," says Marlena, "And now they are grown up and all we can do is watch. I think she is going to make it."

Kate tries to guess what EJ's big revelation is, "I know, she helped you get away after shooting John."

"I didn't shoot John," insists EJ, "The trade off was the love of her life for the love of my life."

Kate is confused, "The love of your life? Sami? You slept with Sami! I am a little surprised. All you wanted was a roll in the hay. You didn't drive a very hard bargain."

EJ says, "It was a life for a life."

Kate says, "So... Lucas' life for a baby. I thought the baby belonged to Lucas."

EJ asks, "Are you sure about that?" He kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

Kate whispers, "This isn't over yet, Sami."

Hope assures Kayla Stephanie will be fine. Kayla starts to leave, but EJ walks up. He berates them for searching his apartment, "I assume you have a search warrant."

"A what," asks Roman.

Kayla tells him to get off Roman's case – this was her idea. Roman tells him to let her go.

EJ says, "She can go when I search her and make sure she hasn't done anything, or are you going to turn a blind eye to this?"

Kayla gives him a body blow as she huffs out the door.

"Are you gonna let her get away with that," says EJ.

"I didn't see anything," says Roman, "Maybe it's my blind eye."

Lucas tells Sami he wasn't totally out of it at the cabin, any more than usual, anyway, "I heard voices, and they weren't the usual ones in my head. But all that matters is you saved my life."

Sami rationalizes. She says if she told him what happened she thought he would be let down.

He says if she had told him earlier it would have made their lives a whole lot easier. Sami thinks she is so lucky. Lucas says he loves her, "When that picture went up, that's when everything was supposed to come crashing down, but it didn't. We have a family to think about. No one can hurt us. I promise."

"I'm not so sure about that," says Sami, "There is more to the story. When I tell you, you're not gonna be able to forgive me. And I plan to tell you within the next decade, so brace yourself."

Nick lights a candle. Chelsea comes up behind him. She thinks they need to talk. So does Nick. They sit down together in a pew.

Kayla busts into Stephanie's hospital room. She tees off on her behavior. Stephanie counter-punches, "MY behavior? What about yours? You guys are so wrapped up in your own lives it's like I'm not even here."

"If only that were true," says Kayla, "Your father's life is at stake."

Stephanie says, "Oooooooooooo – global catastrophe!"

"If I'm not paying enough attention to you," says Kayla, "I'm sorry. But if you can't deal with it, I think you should be on the next plane to Dayton."

EJ thinks there is a double standard. Roman seems to look the other way when his family is involved, "Kayla broke into my apartment. Your daughter hit me and your nephew is a kidnapper."

Roman says they are family and there is nothing he would like better than see EJ in a court of law, "When the lights are on you're mighty smooth. But in the dark, you're a cockroach."

Hope tosses in her two cents, "A cockroach that's about the be crushed."

Lucas stops Sami once again. He doesn't want to talk about the past. Sami says they have to deal with this, "EJ agreed to help save you but I had to do something in return... Oh, God... this is what I've been dreading... I didn't have a choice. I had to save you. I didn't want to but he forced me... and now I..."

Lucas gets it, "Oh, no! Sami! Please don't tell me... Not the baby! Please! Not the baby!


Nick says, "It means I love you, Chelsea. Not a crush or infatuation but real, true love. And I want you to love me back."

Shawn staggers up to Bo, "I screwed up. I screwed up. I lost my family. I lost them."

Sami cries and says to Lucas, "You can't go after him. You can't kill him. If you do that then he will have succeeded. He will have destroyed us. Please don't leave me."


Anonymous Long time watcher said...

I have to say, after all these years, it's nice to see sami finally get married.....and have it stay that way for a few minutes!

4:48 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Thanks to Applecheeks for the "Land Shark" idea.

4:59 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Ahhh the Brady family respect for the law, there's nothing like it.
It's no wonder no one in that town EVER goes to prison.

The cop tells Chelsea she could lose her license for 90 days? When did she get it back?

Hope calls Roman and tells him Kayla is gone. He says he will be right there. After he hangs up, he asks EJ where Patch is. Ummm hello? Roman? Hope just told you KAYLA was gone. Not worried about her?

DOOLism of the DECADE:
Chelsea: "This is so what I don't need right now. What was I thinking? How could I be so stupid?"

"Well," says Stephanie, "You are a Brady.

That exchange needs no other comment.

To Cindyjh from yesterday:
You wondered how EJ could be giving orders to his goons then give Steve his orders and be done in time to make it to the reception.
Have you forgotten? Everything in Salem is RIGHT NEXT DOOR. The docks are next to the apartment building that EVERYONE lives in, which is next door to the hospital, which is right around the corner from the police station, which is across the street from the Brady pub, which is catty-corner from Chez Rouge and just a block down from Bo and Hope's house, which his right behind the Kiriakis mansion, and that of course is just a stone's toss from the Salem INTERNATIONAL airport where there is a flight leaving every 5 min for EVERYWHERE in the world.

5:28 AM  
Anonymous me said...

Brat and Splat
I just love your comments,
thanks for making my day, every day
for all the days of my life

5:38 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Top notch Prevuze this morning! Even the show itself looks like fun...cake in the face for Kate and a fist in the jaw for EJ.

I wonder why the SPD even bother with taping off a crime scene? They couldn't find a clue if it sat up and begged like Sami at one of her weddings.

LOVED all the pictures!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the brat and the splat! VERY good! thanks for making my day!

7:33 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Kate's cake-in-the-face is definitely going to be a rewatch moment!!

Let's far at or heading to Tinda Lao are Shawn, Belle, Claire, Phil, Bo and Patch. How long before Kayla, Hope and Pard head down there, too? (Maybe if Squints gets out of his coma he and Marlena can join everyone.)

Excellent Prevuze and pictures today. BTW - when Kayla asked who is it thru the door did the shark have Chevy Chase's voice and did it say "Candygram"? HAHAHAHHAHA

7:36 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Kayla and Hope are a given, for ending up on Tinda Lau. Kayla can't risk Steve seeing one of those island girl hotties and jumping her because he "forgot" he was married again.

As for Pard showing up, eh I doubt it. Who would stay in Salem and pretend to arrest people.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Veronica S. said...

I am so happy that Lucas responded as he did - maybe I'll start giving him a bit more credit.

As for Kate, God forbid that she realize that Sami did everything to save Lucas, HER son. Errg!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

BTW - when Kayla asked who is it thru the door did the shark have Chevy Chase's voice and did it say "Candygram"? HAHAHAHHAHA

This particular land shark is a little weird. Instead of "Candygram," he says, "Candyman." As a result the only person in Salem who has opened the door for him is John Black.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Billie's hair looks really pretty now that it is longer..don't watch the show so I didn't get to see it in the "in between stages"...

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the comments you add in. They generally give me quite a chuckle, but is it not possible to do them in another color or something. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing. Or is it just me that thinks so?

10:42 AM  
Anonymous A disgruntled Bart fan said...

I thought Bart was supposed to be in this episode. Boo!!!!

11:47 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...


Prevuze officially rates the long awaited cake in the face scene as a disappointment. Lucas takes a wedge of wedding cake and shoves the pointed end into Kate's face. When he pulls it away, almost all of the smoosh comes with it. Then Kate wipes her face and that's pretty much the end of it. Any doofus knows for a good cake in the face insult, you take a big square piece, if not the whole cake, and go in icing first. Lucas, being a sub-doofus, didn't get the technique down right. The crowd reaction was good, though.

And the haymaker Sami landed on EJ - magnificent!

12:18 PM  
Blogger wafflepusher said...

i love your comments... the brat and splat great stuff... just confused on who pard is???

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Chantelle said...

On Todays episode Wednesday 9th, 2007 the song playing while Lucas and Sami's slideshow played "I Cant Stop Loving You" who sings it?

1:16 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

just confused on who pard is???

Some of the readers call Roman "Pard" because he says it a lot, as in, "How about a beer, Pard?"

I think it's a warped form of the word "Partner." I also think the word is a quirk of Josh Taylor, because he used to say it a lot even when he played Kris Kosticzek.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I love the comments you add in. They generally give me quite a chuckle, but is it not possible to do them in another color or something.

Italics indicate added-in comments. You would really have been confused back in the day when we just added things but did not use italics or differentiate between the real dialogue and the Prevuzisms in any way. For technical reasons which I won't bore you with, it would really be too much trouble to change color in midstream and then change back.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Fwickafwee said...

I'm even surprised that Chelsea is allowed to drive after mowing down her little brother.

Glad Sami and Lucas finally tied the knot. I love the funny captioned pictures on the Prevuze site, and of course I love reading the daily summaries.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Chantelle said...
On Todays episode Wednesday 9th, 2007 the song playing while Lucas and Sami's slideshow played "I Cant Stop Loving You" who sings it?

According to Ali's blog, the song is by Whiskey Falls. Thelead singer, Seven, is married to Mackenzie Westmore (Sherridan, Passions)

3:24 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

To wafflepusher,

Josh Taylor is from my hometown Chillicothe, IL. Most of us life long residents know him as Tim Taylor, his real name.

Roman calls people "pard" because it's a strange little variation of the word partner spoken with a slight midwest/southern drawl that comes out "pardner".

It's kind of a Chillicothe thing. If you notice he will also call people "buddy" a lot. That too is part of his background growing up here in the "big C town".

4:00 PM  
Blogger Leri said...

This was the greatest thing ever happen to Sami. Im so glad Lucas didn't leave her this time. :)

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

Hey Deb -- a big DUH moment for me. Of course everything is right next door in Salem ::slaps forehead::

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

Lucas gets it, "Oh, no! Sami! Please don't tell me... Not the baby! Please! Not the baby!

Ummmm....Sami just told Lucas that EJ raped her and all he can think about is whether or not he's the father??? Okay, I thought Lucas had turned a page, but then again maybe not.....

8:27 PM  
Blogger wafflepusher said...

thanks for the answer deb and prevuze. you two always have the funniest comments. keep up the clever work

9:39 PM  

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