Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Passion For Bedlam

Kayla calls security to room 502 as the goons pound on the door.

Father Kelley pops the question, "...Speak now or forever hold your peace." Hours pass. Earl Snodgrass is born in Shreveport, Louisiana. Sami and Kate stare. EJ walks in. This one sets a new record. Earl enters first grade. The audience turns to stare. Lucas nods. Sami practically faints. She grabs her chest. Earl graduates.

Silence... flash to the hotel with Steve, Kayla and the goons. EJ walks down the aisle. Earl has a fine career as a shipping clerk for an obscure company.

Patch and Kayla fight in silence.

Heartbeat music plays.

The crowd murmurs. EJ takes a seat.

Earl dies at a ripe old age. Father Kelley finally takes the crowd's silence as consent

He continues with the vows. Lucas has them memorized. He vows to be with Sami "All the Days Of Our Lives." Kate huffs.

The goons subdue Steve and Kayla. They haul Kayla off screaming.

Father Kelley pronounces them husband and wife, looks up at the crowd and says, "May I present Lucas and Samantha Roberts." Applause.

Sami trips as they step down from the altar, but Lucas catches her. Amazing Grace plays on the bagpipes from nowhere. Kate stands in shock.

One of the goons ties Kayla up. The other comes in and says, "Johnson's in the van. Let's go."

Later, Kayla struggles as the hotel guard comes in. Kayla tells him what happened and orders him to call Bo.

Billie and Nick sit together in a pew and reminisce. Billie tells Nick Sami looks pretty. "Amazing," says Nick.

"Amazing can make a guy do strange things," says Billie

"Drunk can make a girl do strange things," says Nick. Billie wonders if "amazing" could make a guy swipe something from a lab that doesn't belong to him.

Stephanie asks Max for a ride to the reception, but Max says he is taking is taking Caroline and Shawn Sr. The alcohol fumes would drive her out of the car.

Kate wanders through the sanctuary and walks up to EJ. "Wonderful entrance," she says, "You didn't give me the happy ending you promised. Why didn't you use that photo to nail Sami?"

"Your passion for bedlam is my inspiration," says EJ, "Go to the reception and your patience will be rewarded."

Kayla calls Roman and tells him what happened. The posse heads for Dodge. On his way out, Roman tells Marlena and Hope EJ is probably at the wedding to set up his alibi.

Marlena tells Sami John would be so happy for her today. Alice has a cold, and couldn't make it. Lucas comes up and asks, "Where is your dad?"

Marlena says, "He's working tonight. It was unavoidable... that's all... it was just, uh... an emergency."

Roman is with Kayla. They have descriptions of the perpetrators and Roman has issued an APB. He assures Kayla they will find Steve. Kayla tells Roman, "I want him to pay. I want EJ Wells to know what it is to lose everyone he loves."

"In other words," says Roman, "You don't want him to lose anyone."

Lucas finds Kate by the candles. He asks if she is planning to light one. Kate just says she wanted a moment alone with him. She asks to go to the reception. Lucas OK's it if it's OK with Sami. Kate says if it isn't, she will just leave quietly, and watch the mayhem through a window. Sami comes in. Kate asks her if she can attend the reception. Sami says, "Sure."

Lucas thinks Mrs. Roberts is magnanimous. Kate thanks her. Sami says, "So can I call you 'Mom' from now on?" Kate won't go that far.

Sami leaves. Lucas turns and tells Kate to behave herself. He follows Sami out.

Kate says to herself, "I'm not the one you have to worry about."

Chelsea and Stephanie are in Chelsea's car with Nick. The girls make fun of the wedding. Nick says, "Hey, this isn't the way to the reception."

"This will be more fun," says Stephanie.

"Nick doesn't do fun," says Chelsea.

"He will tonight," says Stephanie.

Lucas takes the microphone and recites an old Irish wedding prayer. Sami sits mesmerized. When he is done, the audience applauds and Lucas takes Sami for their first dance. Sami tells him the poem was beautiful as they dance and smooch.

Will goes to hook up the DVD for the impending show of doom.

Kate sips her martini. Billie asks if it's liquid fortification.

Kate makes up her own Irish poem, "May the road rise up to slap her in the back and the wind always be at her face." Kate obviously flunked poetry, but the message is clear. Billie tells her to accept defeat graciously. Kate says she won't be the one defeated at the end of the day. She has a mini-staredown with Sami.

Kayla wants Roman to get EJ to the hotel room. She wants ten minutes with him, and she swears she will get him to talk.

Steve is tied up in a chair in a dark room. He breathes heavily and calls for Kayla. EJ approaches, "Normally I don't make house calls. But on this case, I'll make an exception."

Roman tells Kayla to stay away from EJ. She wants Roman to go to the reception. He agrees if she will meet up with him afterward. They make arrangements to do that, and Roman leaves, "We'll get Steve back."

Kayla stands alone, "You bet I will."

Steve screams, "Where is Kayla?"

"I want your undying loyalty," says EJ. Steve spits on him. "That's not exactly what I would call undying loyalty," says EJ, "You know, Kayla could be sitting right there. Remember that."


EJ sneers, "You couldn't kill a fly without my permission." He tells Steve he's going to take a trip to Tinda Lao to look up an old friend.

"What do I do when I find him," asks Steve.

"That's a very good question."

The brat pack drives. Stephanie has Chelsea open the sunroof. She stands up on the seat and pokes her head through, "Hit the gas! I want to fly! Whooooo!"

Max tells Hope weddings aren't much fun when you're by yourself.

Kate tells Billie she is about to watch a train wreck.

Will tells Maggie the DVD setup is good to go. Marlena asks Sami and Lucas to sit down for the show. Roman arrives at this critical moment. He dances with Sami. "Damn," says Kate.

Lucas vows to dance with his own daughter like that someday. He thanks Maggie for all her help.

Billie calls Chelsea and leaves a message for her to get to the reception.

Nick asks Stephanie to get inside. He pulls her down. She tells him to live a little, "Hit it Chels!" She goes through the roof. Literally.

The handy man is in the hotel room with Kayla. He surveys the damage to the door and says the cops gave him permission to fix it. He takes out his drill, but discovers he doesn't have the right bit, so he leaves to get it. Kayla wanders, "Oh... Steve..."

EJ tells Patch he's going to find Shawn and stop him from signing an incriminating document

The Prevuze unabashed dictionary defines Oxymoron as a cross between Oxydol and Shawn Brady.

Your mission," says EJ, "...and you will choose to accept it, is to kill Bo Brady."

Hope gets off the phone and tells Marlena Bo is about to board the plane. Roman joins them. Marlena asks about Kayla. Roman says she's at the hotel room and there is no word on Steve. Hope leaves to be with her. Roman asks Hope to tell her he will get there as soon as he can.

"Wow," says Roman, "Look at our daughter. Grown up. Married. Kids."

Marlena calls everyone to attention for "the gift." Marlena gives a little speech and thanks everyone who helped put this together. She drops an obvious plug into it when she thanks Fords Filling Station for providing the meal.

"Ford's Filling Station," gasps Maggie, "I thought it was Fred's Filling Station. No wonder the food was so bad!"

Marlena goes on to give lame excuses for why Sami's brother Eric and Lucas' dad couldn't be there. She proceeds to the slide show.

The slides morph into a music video of Sami and Lucas through the years. Suddenly... THE PICTURE! Sami and EJ sit together in the incriminating shot. Roman gasps, "That's Lexie's license!" Roman makes a hobby of memorizing all the license plate numbers in Salem.

"Look at the date," says Marlena, "That's the day John was shot!"

Sami screams for them to turn it off. She falls back on the old standby, "I can explain!"

Kate goes into high gear, "That's a memory worth holding onto, don't you think, Commissioner Brady?" Roman tells her to back off and says he will handle it.

Kate drops a parting shot, "Looks like the luck of the Irish has run out doesn't it?"

Kayla grabs the handyman's drill and revs it up a couple times, "Yeah, that'll do it."

Patch refuses to cooperate, "Bo is family. I won't kill him."

EJ thinks the deprogrammer did an excellent job. He flashes the devil card, "A soldier serves only one commander. Your loyalty is to me. You're gonna go to Tinda Lao and you're gonna kill Bo Brady. And that is an order."

Patch repeats, "Bo Brady. Kill."

Stephanie hangs out the sunroof. Sirens wail. Nick says, "Slow down!"

Chelsea hits the brake. The car screeches to a halt. Stephanie doesn't. Chelsea mows down yet another victim and screams, "OMG! Stephanie!"

Roman thinks the picture is fake. Kate tells him it is real and the state police have a copy.

Roman grills Sami, "Did you help EJ escape?"

"It isn't what it looks like," says Sami, "I just wanted to be with Lucas. I just wanted to be happy. I'm so sorry."

Scowls abound, except for Kate, of course. Sami collapses in tears.


Billie tells Chelsea, "Everybody makes mistakes. It will be OK. We'll find a way to make this OK."

Hope looks at a map and says, "Tinda Lao... that's where Shawn is." Kayla says, "And what do you wanna bet that's exactly where EJ sent Steve?"

EJ says, "A life for a life." Kate says, "So... Lucas' life for a baby."

Sami says to Lucas, "There is more to the story. When I tell you, you're not gonna be able to forgive me."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Aerosmith/EJ Wells photo is classic. LMAO too early in the morning.

4:41 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

My first thought, of course, is:
Given Sami's wedding disaster history, WHY on God's earth would they leave the "does anyone object" part in the ceremony?????

DOOLism of the day:
Roman grills Sami, "Did you help EJ escape?"

Nevermind his daughter is crying hysterically in the picture. Forget about the fact that HE is the one who asked her how many times to help set EJ up to be busted. And who cares that the car in the picture just happens to belong to Lexi (they ARE still looking for her aren't they?).

Plot hole: I thought Lucas told EJ NOT to come to the wedding, and that he had hired security to prevent that very thing, didn't he?




So Steve is supposed to go to Tinda Lau and stop Shawn from signing......WHAT? Has anyone even made up any documents FOR him to sign? Or is he supposed to kill Bo Brady? And he couldn't do that in Salem.....why?
Come on Elvis make up your mind!!!

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Haha, I almost has to stop reading when that picture came up. I feel pretty bad for Sami.

And the important thing is that she helped EJ, whether he threatened to kill her and her family, raped her, tortured her is irrelevant to everyone. Silly people.

And EJ showing up is weird as he was univinvited like 4 times. And we all know security is a laugh, security!? The police force? EJ could of slipped a tiger in that wedding and towards the end everybody would be "OMG Tiger!!".

7:31 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Prevuze' descriptive imagery kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for EJ to stop the wedding and for Stephanie to fly out of the car. HAHAHAHA That Chelsea never learns does she?

I don't know why Marlena felt compelled to explain Eric's absence since he never came back for Pard's "death" or any of the numerous family funerals/weddings that have happened since he left.

I'm still laughing over Earl's long life and the newest Prevuze dictionary item. Excellent Prevuze today! :D

8:24 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Got such a kick out of the pictures, the priest reading the entire bible, and Earl Snodgrass' entire life history going by during the pause for "any objections" at the wedding.

You know, Deb, the writers NEED plot holes large enough so they can sale that ship of fools through them! HAHAHA

For example, Shawn signing something that says EJ & Patrick used to pass messages back and forth wouldn't prove squat against EJ. Yet, EJ takes Steve out of the hospital, flaunting the fact to Adrienne, Pard, and Kayla, providing a direct link between himself and Steve and anything naughty like, say, Patch killing Bo Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...


Excellent thinking calling on him. He's now grown up and is a very respected and important person. In fact, his parents always knew he would be a big wheel. That's why they named him Ferris.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I've got a million of 'em! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hey, how come I'm the only one laughing?

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Billie asks if it's liquid fortification.

Well that's a hell of a question to ask your mother!

OOOOOO ... forTIFIcation.... I thought it said forni.... awww forget it!

11:21 AM  
Blogger athan said...

love your recaps, it makes me still keep up with the show !!!

and when did chelsea get her license back??

11:22 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

and when did chelsea get her license back??

Do you mean her driver's license or her hunting license? Of course, with her, I guess they're sort of one in the same.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous MomofDNA said...

Or would it be her 007 license?

11:39 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Maybe getting run over will squeeze some of that obnoxiousness out of nuStephanie. HA

I almost said something about this when I read Prevuze yesterday, but after seeing today's episode at lunch I just have to comment...can you believe Marlena offering to stay and wring hands with Kayla, her FORMER sister-in-law, rather than going to her own daughter's wedding?? Can you imagine her doing that if it were Belle getting married?

At least she shows up at the wedding. Not that you see her back in the bride's room, helping Sami or anything.

And those tears brimming in Doc's eyes as Sami walks down the aisle probably result from the strain of trying to rememeber who the heck the bride is! [snark]

12:01 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Marlena not going to Sami's wedding really isn't that much of a shock. I mean after all it is her 8TH trip down the Sami Brady Memorial Aisle Runner (the church voted she earned it).

But Belle? Get MARRIED? Isn't Marlena still breastfeeding her?

Seriously if it were Belle getting married, Malena would throw a wedding that would make Princess Di's nuptuals look like a $10 Vegas quickie.
First she'd fly in the Pope to perform the ceremony and hire the Vienna Boy's Choir to sing. David and Elizabeth Emanuel (the couple who designed Di's gown) would commute weekly for fittings and alterations(after which the pattern would be destroyed so it could never be copied).
The cake would be made by Sylvia Weinstock, the food catered by Wolfgang Puck and the whole event would be photographed by Annie Leibowitz for Vogue.

After all nothing is too good for Marlena's baby girl.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Deb is so mean, I love it. haha.

Belle getting married is hilarious to me, cause I imagine Shawn would ride a motorcycle through the chapel and kill someone. Or Philip would descend in a helicopter and kidnap Clair.

Maybe getting run over will squeeze some of that obnoxiousness out of nuStephanie. HA

Haha, so wrong and hilarious at the same time.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Frog said...

There once was a girl named Stephanie
Her profession was to race
Then she went for a ride
Chelsea mowed down her hide
Now, like Philip, she needs a new face.

HA! (I need my meds, too) >:}

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

I was waiting for Sami to deck EJ today. I even went back to the NBC DOOL web page to view the wedding promo video again. Originally it looked like that happened at the church, but reviewing it, it must happen at the reception, after Sami is "outed" with the picture.

But if it happens at the reception, then how can EJ be harrassing and giving orders to Steve and then be at the reception? This boods well for the twin EJ theory.

P.S. I love Prevuze and all the quirky comments. I am a recent convert sent over from Early Edition. LOL at the Chelsea driving/hunting license comment and Frog's limerick. Keep up the good work!

5:33 PM  

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