Friday, February 09, 2007

Sweet Is My Middle Name

Bo sits at a table in the Java Café, impatiently waiting for Kayla. Over in the corner, poor Josh sits zoned out staring at a picture of Abby. Finally, Kayla meets Bo and tells him she's late because she was at the hospital with Steve.

Bo asks how he is doing. Kayla isn't sure. She tells him about the torture. She says he didn't remember who did it to him. Kayla thinks Steve was holding back. Bo says Marlena thinks she knows who tortured him. He tells her about John's warning in the dream, "It was the DiMeras."

EJ is on the phone. He's glad the old man is improving. Everything is going as planned. Steve barges in. He accuses EJ of torturing him. EJ just doesn't recall doing anything like that. He suggests Steve go back to his padded cell. Steve grabs his throat. EJ flashes the devil card, "You're one of us now Steve. Who's a good dog, Eh? Good dog. Good dog."

Phillip's cell phone rings. The detectives on the other end don't have the information he is looking for. Phillip freaks. Lucas comes in. He can't get over how different Phillip looks, "You're almost as good looking as I am. We could pass for brothers."

Phillip says, "I lost my leg, my face. I thought I knew what pain was but I didn't know until Shawn and Belle took my daughter away."

Dr. Deardon examines Claire's passport. No immunization stamps. Shawn and Belle tell him they have a form somewhere, which certifies Claire got her shots. They say they will look for it and suggest he come back. He doesn't mind waiting while they look.

Shawn tells the doctor they are exhausted. They ask to take care of it in the morning. The doctor agrees if they will do it first thing. He leaves. Belle goes into her patented freak-out mode, "Babble, blather, bawl... What are we going to do?"

"We don't have to do anything," says Shawn.

Lucas says he and Sami went through similar thing when Will was kidnapped. Being kidnapped is a right-of-passage in Salem. Phillip thinks Lucas doesn't consider this a kidnapping. Lucas doesn't want to argue. He wasn't about to go chasing after them like Victor wanted him to do. Phillip says he needed Lucas, but Lucas chose to quit his job rather than help him. Lucas says he needs a favor. He needs Phillip to help get his job back.

Phillip says Lucas was disloyal. Lucas claims he was loyal to Sami. Phillip shrugs that off, but Lucas says she has changed, "She used to do things like steal surveillance videos and try to burn Kate by playing them in public, but she'd never do anything like that now." Phillip is skeptical. Lucas says he and Sami want to have another baby. He can't work for someone he doesn't respect. Phillip wonders where his respect was for Victor and him. Lucas insists he respects Phillip. He's a hero. Phillip says, "The last time I felt like a hero was when he found Claire's favorite stuffed animal for her, or was it Belle's? " Claire is all Phillip has, but he agrees to talk to Victor.

He doesn't need to. Victor walks in and growls, "You made your choice. You walked away. You're either with us or against us." He asks Phillip to call security. Phillip stands there like it's his head that's made of wood instead of his leg. "What are you waiting for," snorts Victor.

Belle wonders what they are going to do. Shawn says they will just tell the doctor they lost the immunization form in all the confusion of getting ready for the trip. Belle wishes she could be cool, calm and collected like Shawn.

"Yeah," says Shawn, "I'm always completely under control when I'm driving a vehicle into a building. But if you were under control like that, you wouldn't need me." Belle goes for a shower and then will go to bed.

Bo thinks it was a mistake to take Marlena's dream seriously. Kayla thinks she has a sense John is trying to communicate with her, "How else would Marlena know Steve was brainwashed?" Kayla knows Steve is in trouble, "He's in danger, Bo. And you know what? I just feel if we don't do something to stop this, something horrible is going to happen to him."

"Like what," asks Bo.

"His DOOL acting contract could be renewed."

"A fate worse than death," says Bo.

EJ tells Patch he was hand-chosen by Stefano to be an agent. He was programmed to be under their control whenever he saw the card. He thinks Patch will be their best soldier yet.

"I'm nobody's soldier," says Patch.

EJ thinks for a second, "I think slave and minion are still available. You will do what I want when I want." EJ holds the devil card up in front of Patch, "If you fail to accept your fate then I'm afraid it's going to affect somebody very close to you. Kayla or Stephanie. Maybe she won't be so lucky to survive her next racing accident."

The kryptonite-effect of the card has sapped all of Patch's strength. He slaps EJ like a little girl.

Victor tells Phillip to call security. Phillip says Lucas can find the door on his own. He tells Lucas he's been back for weeks and hadn't heard from him until he wanted something. Lucas heads for the door and hands him the keys to the mansion, "Have a nice life, bro." Victor says he is proud of Phillip.

Belle comes out as Shawn rigs a curtain. He will sleep on the sofa. Belle thinks that isn't fair, but she appreciates it, "It's sweet – but unnecessary."

"Sweet is my middle name," says Shawn.

"Just like Unselfish is my middle name," says Belle.

They separate and get ready for bed. Shawn leers at the sheet as Belle's silhouette undresses.

Bo thinks Marlena's revelation was nothing more than a dream. Kayla tells him about Benjy giving Steve the tarot card. Her phone rings. It's the hospital. Steve has escaped. Bo springs into action. He thinks he knows where Steve went. They leave without paying.

Steve pants, whimpers and threatens to do great bodily harm to EJ if he hurts Kayla or Stephanie. EJ says he won't hurt Kayla or Stephanie. Patch will do that for him. EJ flashes the card again. Patch writhes. He insists EJ will never get away with this. EJ says he can make it worse for Steve if he wants to, "Accept it. I own you."

Bo and Kayla rush in. EJ hides the card. Kayla rushes over and cradles Steve in her arms. She looks at EJ and asks, "What have you done to my husband?"

Victor says he knows this is difficult, but sometimes they are forced to make the tough decisions. Phillip isn't in the mood for it. Lucas has been good to him. Victor says Lucas chose to leave the family. Phillip thinks Shawn and Belle are traveling under fake names. Victor suggests checking the tax records for every name on the list against the manifestos. Anyone on them who doesn't have a tax record would have to be Shawn and Belle. Phillip thinks that's a great idea, but wonders how they would come up with the tax records. Victor says he will get that information himself.

Belle dresses behind the curtain. Shawn gives her another pillow as she steps out wearing her nightgown. Shawn's tongue hits the floor. We share an uncomfortable moment. Smooch. She will read while he takes his shower. "Looks like it will be a cold one," says Shawn.

EJ tells them Patch came in and attacked him. Patch rambles, "It's him. I saw him. He tortured me. Shocked me. Fried my brains."

Bo wants to take Patch to the hospital. Steve begs him not to. He'd rather go back to jail. Bo agrees. If that's what Steve wants, he will take him. Steve apologizes to Kayla. She assures him everything will be all right. She will stay by his side.

Bo sends them out to the car so he can chat with Elvis. Kayla stops and comes back. She walks up to EJ. SLAP! "As God is my witness you will pay for what you have done!" She and Steve leave. Bo gives EJ that cold-killer stare he has learned from so many years of living with Hope.

Lucas is on the phone with the garage. His car starter has failed. He asks for someone to come look at it and rants about how long it will take for them to get there. Phillip comes out. Lucas tells him his car is dead. Phillip tells him to take his car. Phillip apologizes for being rough on him, "I couldn't cross the old man. But he is getting up there in years and soon I will take over Titan and hire you back. Just be patient." Phillip hands Lucas a wad-o-cash.

Lucas says it's tempting, but would like to earn his money. He says he doesn't understand Phillip, "You've changed, but on the inside you're just the same old hero." Phillip hands Lucas his keys. Lucas takes off.

Belle reads. Shawn comes out. Belle watches though the sheet. She says, "I'm having a hard time keeping my mind on the book."

"What are you reading," asks Shawn.

"Barney's Alphabet Fun," says Belle, "But I'm just looking at the pictures. The big words scare me."

Shawn gasps, "You shouldn't be reading something that complex and technical right before bedtime. We'll get you something more simulating."

"I definitely don't need that," says Belle. Shawn goes over to kiss Claire, exposing his glistening well-oiled body. Belle lays on the bed and stares, "Well, you look nice and refreshed."

Shawn walks over to her, "You don't look so bad yourself."


Phillip paces and slaps a magazine into his palm. He throws it down and studies a map. Victor comes in with the tax records. He tells Phillip to get to work, "Any couple that doesn't have a tax record will be Shawn and Belle."

Willow walks in. She thinks the house is amazing. She tells them Henderson creeps her out, though. Victor leaves. Willow tells Phillip she gets the impression Victor isn't too happy about her living there. He asks about her doctor appointment. Willow tells him the doctor confirmed she is 4 months pregnant. Phillip wants the results of the amnio. He tells her if the baby isn't Shawn's, she'll be out on her butt so fast her head will spin. Willow says he doesn't have to be so nasty about it. She insists Shawn was the only guy she was with back then. She smooches him and says she's been thinking about dating again. Phillip shoots her down. He never mixes business with pleasure. He shows her the passenger list for the Neptune's Dream cruise ship. He tells her what they are looking for. Willow asks, "What do I win if I find them."

"My undying gratitude."

"That's a start."

Belle-Shawn staredown. Shawn walks back and kisses little Lucy Anne again. He figures they'd better get some sleep. They have a gig day faking out Dr. Deardon tomorrow. He goes back to the couch. Belle sighs.

Bo says Kayla told him the tarot card is a post-hypnotic suggestion for Steve. EJ says if that's what Kayla thinks, she should be checked out by a psychiatrist herself. Bo offers to knock the smirk off of EJ's face.

EJ tells Bo he's nothing more than a businessman. Bo growls, "You're a DiMera – as sick and twisted as your old man."

"I've always thought they were incredibly big shoes to fill," says EJ, "But I've always loved a challenge."

Bo gets the feeling he was just threatened. EJ thinks they should just all get along. Bo thinks EJ has made Steve's life a living hell. He needs to be home with Kayla. EJ doesn't think he should have to drop the charges against Steve. He is, after all, out of his mind. Bo grabs him, "You made him that way."

EJ says they are done there. He hopes Steve reconsiders and recommits himself.

Bo gives his parting shot as he leaves, "Go to hell Elvis, Junior, DiMera."

EJ stands alone and contemplates the card, "Not before you."

Shawn and Belle toss and turn. Belle asks if it is OK to turn out the light. She hates making big decisions on her own. Shawn tells her it's OK.

"Good night, Shawn."

"Good night, Belle."

"Good night, John-Boy."

Phillip and Willow go through the tax records. Phillip yawns. Willow moves in. Phillip stares and she backs off. Willow jumps up. She looks at the paper she is holding and tells Phillip, "I think I found them. Shawn and Belle. I think I found them!"


Chelsea says to Billie, "I would have bet my life on it that Nick was a virgin. Did you know he did the deed with an older woman?" Billie winces.

Sami bawls and says to Lucas, "I have to tell you something and I don't think you'll like it."

Shawn reads the newspaper article about a missing couple and a child abduction. Belle freaks, "OMG somebody is going to see this. They will recognize us."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GO KAYLA! How did EJ react when Kayla slapped him??

4:50 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Forget the SORAs and Zwieback poisoning, poor Claire will spend the rest of her life in the dentist's chair with all the cookies and crackers they constantly stuff in the poor child's face. HAHAHAHAHA

Also LOL at Marlena's cold feet and the moving picture. Well, really it was a fabulous wigglyjiggly picture.

Top Prevuism for me today - Bo's killer stare learned from his years living with Hope. LOL

6:59 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

OMG! HOW did Prevuze even remember about the insipid purity rings? HAHAHAHHAA

If anyone thinks from the previews that Sami is actually going to tell Lucas the whole story I have some swampland to sell them.

Loved the Zwieback poisoning and a DOOL contract renewal being worse than death. Many great Prevuisms a an ultra cool moving picture! Thanks for my end-of-week laughs.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"How did EJ react when Kayla slapped him?? "

He curled his lip and said, "Don't be cruel! I'm all shook up! You're the devil in disguise! A hard headed woman! You Brady women certainly have suspicious minds. I feel so bad, I'm going to have to do some crying in the chapel." And then he gave her that cold Elvis stare.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

"Elvis' cold stare". LOLOLOLOL

I want to see EJ in that white, sequined jump suit that Elvis wore!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:26 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Gee. That previous post looked suspiciously like guerilla marketing. The all-powerful blog-nazi has spoken.

I mean, even Prevuze draws the line somewhere. You know our motto: "Low standards are better than no standards."

Uh, or is it the other way around?

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Well crap! I was in the market for a guerilla!

10:13 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Well crap! I was in the market for a guerilla!"

All this guerilla talk makes me nostalgic for the four mousekateers - Brady, Lucas, Shawn and Rex (each a guerilla with the IQ of a gorilla), who, with Stan and Sami thrown in, set out to save Phillip from the clutches of Tony and Bart.

And of all the actors involved in that ludicrous scenario, only Bryan Datillo and Allison Sweeney are still with us. Just an observation.

1:55 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I'm offended by your last comment. You totally insulted gorillas by saying the 4 mouskateers each had the IQ of a gorilla. C'mon, EVERYONE knows that gorillas are WAY smarter than that!

3:10 PM  

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