Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Henry The Eighth

Northern Italy. John and Marlena stroll outdoors. John shows her the Fountain of the Seven Sisters, "The waters bring good luck especially in love." Sir Walter Black slings his coat down for Marlena to sit on. He serves champagne.

John has had so much to drink he thinks he's Patrick. He tells Marlena the legend of the Seven Sisters. It seems the seven sisters turned down every suitor who came their way, unlike Marlena who has never said 'no' in her life. The father got tired of this and ordered them to marry the next one who came along. They all came to the fountain describing the man they hoped for. They threw a coin in and before the day was over each had the man of her dreams. Smooch.

The Seven Sisters, or Pleiades, is also a dim star cluster near the constelation Orion most clearly visible in the winter sky. Dim as it is, it's brighter than most of the characters on DOOL.

In return, Marlena – Evans – Craig – Brady – Black – North tells John the legend of the woman who's had so many husbands she's lost count.

Kate can't believe EJ made Sami a full partner. EJ tells her they have to be team players. Kate thinks this has nothing to do with the company, "Mythic does not need a bimbo for a spokesperson."

EJ says, "My interests in Samantha are not entirely professional."

Kate asks, "What do you want from her?"

EJ says, "I want her to have my child."

Lucas watches the big game. Music comes on. He tries to turn it off with the remote, but it doesn't work. Sami the vixen comes out wearing her feather boa and not much else. She sits on Lucas' lap and offers to entertain him more than the game.

"But the Giants are about to score," says Lucas.

"So are you, buddy."

Lucas isn't interested. He thinks she's making a huge mistake by going to work with EJ. He's sick of being disappointed. He doesn't want to get his hopes up with her anymore. Sami insists she is calling the shots. She wants to kiss and make up. Things will be OK. Kiss. Lucas turns away.

Belle blubbers. Victor and Bo assure her they will get Claire back. Belle falls into an uncontrollable pile of tears. Roman calls in and hands the phone to the waitress, asking her to give a description of the guy she saw in the restaurant. Poor Jesse walks in. "There he is," screams the waitress.

Bo gets him in a chokehold and screams, "Where is the girl."

Jesse finds it hard to talk with his tongue dragging on the floor, "I didn't do anything."

Lucas wants to know how he can forget about EJ. Sami says, "Because we have the apartment to ourselves." She attacks him. Lucas gets with the program.

Kate thinks that was funny. EJ says he meant exactly what he said. Kate asks why. He says he has never met anyone who excites him like Sami.

"I guess there is no accounting for taste," says Kate.

EJ says, "What you and I have is different – monkey lust. Us British care about lineage. The Wells family is steeped in history. I need the best woman to produce an heir."

"Who are you Henry the Eighth? Are you going to have her beheaded afterwards?"

"I'm not kidding," says EJ, "The right woman is Samantha."

Peggy comes in to tell him the guy from Sports Illustrated is there to shoot him, "I think he wants to take your picture, too." Kate leaves. EJ straightens his tie.

Bo badgers Jesse. Jesse says he heard the amber alert. He went home and got his gun and came back to help. Roman has them take him outside to question him more.

"Quick thinking, Bo," says Roman, "I don't go for that 'innocent until proven guilty' garbage either."

"Quick thinking that could have gotten him killed," says Hope.

Roman says the waitress says there was another person there – a red headed woman. Roman insists they will find her. He tells Bo and Hope they should take Belle home. Roman goes to talk to the waitress.

Blithering Belle bawls. Bo suggests taking her home. "No way," screams Belle, "I'm staying here until we get Claire back and I can be the center of attention again." Victor will stay with her.

Hope tells Bo Shawn is on his way, "He just found out Claire is his daughter. What if he loses her again?"

Red drives and tells Claire she had a daughter once, "I had to give her up, though. They don't let you keep them in jail."

John and Marlena toast each other. John likes mixing business and pleasure. Marlena knows he didn't come for business. John says he put out the word he is looking to talk to the DiMera chief. He wouldn't be surprised if it were Tony or Stephano himself.

"What if it isn't either of them," asks Marlena.

John gets that faraway look, "Then we're back to square one."

"The square one," says Marlena, "You think Nick Fallon is involved? " A year ago Marlena never thought she would be this happy again. John wants to make a wish. "What shall we wish for," asks Marlena.

"Better drama on TV," says John.

Speaking of wishes, Lucas is getting what he wished for. Sami says she had forgotten what he does to her. He does it. Sami thinks the bed would be more comfortable. He starts to carry her in. Vegas odds of them making it all the way to the bed are a million to one.

CELL PHONE. Lucas tells her to ignore it. "What if it's Will," gasps Sami.

"If I have to stop now I'll have to go to the hospital," screams Lucas.

Sami picks up anyway. It's Roman. He tells her something has happened to Claire. Without finding out what, Sami tells Lucas she has to get there. She says she doesn't have details. She runs around like Belle with a case of the heebe-jeebies. She tells Lucas she'll call when she knows something, and bursts out the door. Lucas grits his teeth.

Victor says he has offered $50,000 reward for Claire, "I'm taking it out of her trust fund, though." Belle thanks him.

Roman rushes in. No word. Bo asks why there has been no ransom demand. Roman says they just have to concentrate on finding Claire. The cops ask Roman to come outside.

Bo wonders if kidnapping her wasn't the point. He goes to check on something.

Belle gives Victor a picture of Claire top put on TV. He goes out to give it to Roman. Belle cries and hugs her bunny. Shawn comes in. Belle looks up and says, "Our baby is gone."

Shawn is empathetic, tender and understanding, "How could you let this happen?"

John holds the coin and kisses Marlena's hand. Marlena says, "My wish is that we could have this kind of trust and honesty for all the Days Of Our Lives."

John senses something is wrong. "I was going to add, "I love you," says Marlena. Likewise John. He loves her wish too. They walk over and chuck the coin in. John dips his hand into the water to get change.

Lucas watches The Godfather wearing Sami's feather boa. She has driven him to the point of cross-dressing. Kate arrives. She needs to talk to him about the reason EJ is so gung ho, "He wants Sami to have his baby." Lucas lets out a belly laugh as if he's just short-sheeted the president of the United States.

Peggy says, "Mr. Wells is busy," as Bo rams his way into the photo shoot in EJ's office. EJ excuses the photographer. Bo accuses him of taking Claire. EJ doesn't know what he is talking about.

"Tell me where she is, or I will kill you right here, right now," snarls Bo.

Belle asks Shawn if he thinks she wanted this to happen. Shawn asks why she wasn't watching Claire and why she called half of Salem when it happened but didn't call him.

"Maybe I thought you didn't want to be bothered." The referee gives Belle a warning for hitting below the belt.

Sami runs in, hugs Belle, turns to Shawn and cries, "Leave my sister alone. She's scared to death about losing Claire."

Red tells Claire it will all be over soon. Her cell phone rings. She picks up and says, "Don't worry, I know what to do." Claire chews her Zwieback.

EJ says he has no idea what Bo is talking about. Bo tells him about Claire's kidnapping. EJ claims he had nothing to do with this. He is willing to help. He starts to write a check for a reward. Bo says Victor has taken care of that. "Then we have nothing else to discuss," says EJ.

Lucas can't stop laughing. Kate says it's true. She tells him about EJ wanting an appropriate heir. Lucas thinks Kate is up to something. He tells her he won't let her come between Sami and him again. Kate insists it is true, "And Sami will take any chance to hitch herself to British aristocracy. I came here before you take things too..." She looks over at the disheveled couch, "...far."

Sami has bawling Belle sit down. Victor asks how Shawn is holding up.

"Pretty bad," says Shawn.

Victor says Shawn should be with Belle, "Belle is falling apart. Sami is hardly the person who should be with her. She needs you."

Shawn says, "No she doesn't. She doesn't even want me around."

Sami tells Belle Will came back OK and so will Claire. Sami offers to call John and Marlena. Belle don' wanna.

John snaps his finger. Musicians begin to play. He magically produces a bouquet of white roses. Marlena wonders how he did this.

"I've got my secrets," says John, "There is more to come – So much more."

Sami begs Belle to call John and Marlena. Shawn comes up. Sami tells him to give Belle a break. Shawn apologizes for what he said. Belle sends Sami away. Shawn sits. He apologizes. Belle goes thorough all the woulda shoulda coulda's. Shawn promises Claire will be back.

The cops come in with Claire. Red is cuffed. Oh, the joy!

Red insists she is a hero for bringing Claire back. She says she was driving along when she heard a noise in the back seat of her car and turned around to see Claire. She immediately headed back to the diner.

"Did you hear about the reward on the radio," asks Victor.

"No," says Red, "I had the CD playing. I don't want a reward. I'm a mother too." Belle thanks her. Claire cries like Belle on a bad day. Roman has them take Red outside and uncuff her.

Bo obsesses. He gets a call. Roman tells him Claire is safe. He tells Hope and then tells Roman they are on their way back. Hope asks if he will admit he is wrong about EJ. Of course not.

"What," asks Hope, "Are you going to go after EJ too?"

Bo says, "I didn't attack Lockhart.

Hope says, "Sooner or later you've got to admit that sometimes Bo Brady is wrong. I just don't hold out much hope for our future."


Hope walks off. The door is open Bo, run.

Hope asks Belle to come home with them tonight. Belle insists Claire couldn't have gotten out to the car on her own, let alone inside it. Victor takes a rain check on his meeting with Belle and leaves.

Bo invites Shawn to come over to the house, too. Shawn doesn't know about that.

Kate comes into EJ's office and asks about the scene Bo created. EJ isn't worried about Bo. He has more important things on his mind.

"Like impregnating Sami," asks Kate.

"Where did you rush off to," asks EJ, "Did you tell Lucas?"

Sami gets back to her apartment and calls for Lucas. Lucas comes out half dressed. Sami tells him what happened. She tries to kiss him. Lucas turns away. He tells her about Kate's visit and EJ's plan. Sami stares.

Marlena asks what else John has in mind. John takes a knee, "Will you do me the very great honor of marrying me? Right here. Right now."

Marlena smiles. Make that Marlena – Evans – Craig – Brady – Black – North – Black. Some sleazeball watches from the shadows.

Kate says he's damn right she told Lucas about his plan. She hopes Sami tells EJ where to get off,

"I haven't even been on, yet," says EJ.

Kate threatens, "You can wreak havoc on anyone you like but stay away from my family."

EJ chuckles, "Didn't you want me to pull the little hussy's claws out of your son not so long ago?"

Sami thinks it's creepy, "He's trying to make Kate jealous. You have nothing to worry about. I'm not interested in him as anything but a business associate. You are the only man I want or need today. Let's just go into the bedroom and finish where we left off."

Lucas says, "I took six cold showers today. I'm not in the mood." He storms off. Sami eats a bonbon.

Red arrives at Victor's house. Victor asks, "Were you followed?"

"No," says Red, "It took some talking, but the cops were satisfied with my story."

He hands her a wad-o-cash, "For a job well done."

"What was the point," asks Red.

"The less you know the better," says Victor, "Don't forget our agreement."

"Right," she says, "I skip town and never come back. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. K."

Victor goes in to see the mummy, "We've just completed the first step in getting Claire away from Belle and Shawn. All for you, son." He toasts, "To our success."

Belle says she will never let Claire out of her sight again. Shawn tells Bo he teed off on Belle. Bo thinks they can work through it. He repeats his offer for Shawn to come home with them. Shawn says he has to get back to the apartment, "Where there's a Willow, there's a way." Shawn leaves.

Belle leaves, also. Bo turns to Hope and asks if it's over. Hope stares. FF.


Stephanie says, "He is freaking gorgeous." Chelsea says, "I think I'm in love."

Abby says, "The second Chelsea finds out who you are, you're history." Nick says, "That's the thing. She won't find out. Not until exactly the right time."

Mystery guy steps out and says, "Senor Black, I bring you word from the house of DiMera."

Victor says, "I'd hate for anything to happen to you two because of information I shared with you." Max asks, "Is that a threat, Victor?" Mimi looks on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did I read that right that Kate defends Sami and then runs to Lucas and tells him about it. Because if Sami went along willingly it would break them up for sure. Even if she didn't Lucas wouldn't maybe couldn't live with it. WTH?

5:56 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Oh, Lord! Prevuze was in RARE form today. I had to stop keeping track of all the great Prevuisms although the "dim Seven Sisters constellation being brigher than most DOOL characters" deserves a gold star. HAHAHA

The pictures were inspired - Claire reunited with her mummy and Bo's electrified bars.

Not that NBC would stoop to anything so low as self-promotion, but is Sports Illustrated another franchise owned by NBC's parent company?

Funny, funny Prevuze today!

6:30 AM  
Anonymous kotu said...

"Claire chews her Zwieback."

Finally! An actor who knows that a powerfully understated performance is sometimes all you need to bring a scene to life. HAHAHAHAHAHA

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did the guy definitely say senor and not signor? The former has an eh sound and the latter has an ee sound.

It is just puzzling that a man would use a spanish sir in Italy.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Did the guy definitely say senor and not signor? The former has an eh sound and the latter has an ee sound."

Closed captioning spelled it 'Señor' - I always try to cut the DOOL writers a little slack with foreign languages since they don't yet have a firm grasp of English.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Why doesn't EJ keep a tape recorder or security camera going? Bo bursting in making accusations and threats should be enough to land his butt back in jail.

Interesting plan of Vic's to make Shawn and Belle appear like incompetent parents. (Does he really need such a plan? HAHAHAHAHA)

Loved him needing a tax loss and the picture of Bo and Hope.

Great Prevuze today!!

8:53 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Not that NBC would stoop to anything so low as self-promotion, but is Sports Illustrated another franchise owned by NBC's parent company?"

It's not quite this simple, BUT Time-Warner owns Sports Illustrated. General Electric owns NBC. Within five years, Wal Mart will own everything and plans to lay everyone off so they have nothing to do except sit at home and watch DOOL.

9:00 AM  
Blogger FROG said...

John put the word out he wants to talk to the head of the DiMeras? How'd he do that, put an ad in the local rag?

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Holy crap, I'm not going to be able to read these at work any more! "Short sheeted the president" LMFAO! I laughed so loud, I got cross-eyed looks!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does salem need
the police force and doctors anyway.
seems like the reg citzens does a better job the the actual professionals.
you have kate,sami investgating ej then you have john and marlena investgating dimeras. hospital wise you have steve bringing back kayla and nick and franky finding mircle cures. on top of that dont forget the race car section look how many people dont know any thing about racing who was invloved.
the best way to get ahead in salem is by not training for anything lol

12:02 PM  

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