Thursday, November 23, 2006

Death By Boredom

Lexie looks at a paper turkey made from a hand tracing. She and Abe talk about the symbolism of the fingers used to make it. Lexie is sooooo grateful to have Abe home with her and Theo. Abe is preoccupied with the black glove investigation. He goes through the fingers and adds a different symbolism to each, "Patrick is the suspect we had but lost. EJ is the pointer who went on TV and made accusations. This finger is the DA who is going to fire anyone who gives EJ so much as a parking ticket. And this little piggy stayed home."

Abe tells her the DA has him backed into a corner and doesn't want him investigating EJ. Lexie asks if there is any way he can do it on the sly. "Not without your help," says Abe, "I don't want to get you involved." Lexie begs him to let her help. "OK," says Abe, "I need to speak to your mother."

Kate and Billie are getting ready for the dinner. Kate is upset about Sami and Lucas getting back together. Billie tells her, "It's OK to give your heart to someone with a little baggage."

Kate asks, "Are you talking about Lucas or you?"

Chelsea joins the happy group. Now it's a full-blown Skanksgiving. She comes clean and tells Billie Bo didn't invite her to the Thanksgiving dinner. She will be going as Nick's guest.

Maggie and Abby talk about Nick inviting Chelsea to dinner. Maggie asks why he invited her. Abby gives her the story. Abby says it may get to the point where Chelsea actually wants to impress Nick, "I've been doing a little geek rehab." She calls him out.

Nick comes out all spiffed up, "Ask me where I got my genes. Get it? "genes" with a 'g.'"

Abby gives him some advice, "You're probably not going to want to use that one on Chelsea." He leaves. Maggie is impressed.

Caroline sets up as Bo comes in with flowers for her. Bo is impressed with the way things look. She tells Bo Hope set it up. It's the first time she's seen her happy since Zack died. Frankie, Stephanie, OMB and Hope all arrive. Stephanie is just giddy about Patch and Kayla being back together.

Bo takes Hope aside and tells her he thinks they might have made a mistake by giving Patch the notes about his past with Kayla. Hope tells him they did what was best for Steve and Kayla. Hope turns her attention to Bo. "I'm glad you're back. But you should have talked to me about the investigation."

Bo says, "I didn't want to push it."

Hope says, "Then I'll push it... back in my bed. Tonight." Bo thinks that's a pretty good idea.

Billie asks what Chelsea is doing crashing the Brady Thanksgiving party. The brat says she isn't crashing the party. She's going as Nick's guest. Billie asks if Nick knows why she won't be welcome there. She reminds her this is their first Thanksgiving since Zack died. The brat insists she is a Brady too. She has a right to be included.

Nick comes to the door. The brat opens it and sees him all decked out. He stands there blinking a mile a minute and says, "You said not to dress like loser." She asks what all the blinking is about. He tells her he's not used to his new contacts. Billie extends her hand, "I'm Billie – Chelsea's Mom. And you are..."

Nick starts to go inside, but trips at the threshold. He gets up off the floor, extends his hand and chuckles, "Never better."

Lexie asks, "My mother is a part of the EJ Wells investigation?"

"We found tarot cards in his lockbox," says Abe, "She said she couldn't tell their significance. I think she's scared. She is our only chance. Too bad she's the only person in the world who knows anything about tarot cards." Lexie agrees to talk to her. Abe heads for the station. He thanks Lexie for agreeing to step in.

Bo and Hope decide to ship Stephanie off to the Salem inn, apparently so they can have the whole house to romp around in. Either that or so they won't be bothered by her bipolar swings between uncontrolled giggling and whining. "What about what's his name," asks Bo.

"He's not a part of my life any more," says Hope. Kiss.

Frankie comes up as Bo and Hope enjoy a little pre-Thanksgiving-dinner dessert. "Are you kidding me," says Frankie, "Can't you put a little more backbone in it?" Bo turns up the heat.

Chelsea and Nick walk in. Chelsea sees Bo and Hope slobbering over each other and says, "It's a good thing you're a doctor. I'm about to be sick."

Nick says he's not a doctor. The brat doesn't pay attention.

Abby comes in. Nick explains to her that he has brought the brat as his guest. He hopes that was OK.

The brat walks up to Bo and Hope, pries them apart, and says, "Happy Thanksgiving Hope." Silence fills the room. Ice forms on the walls. "You too dad," she whimpers.

The brat and Nick walk away from the cold reception. Hope turns to Bo and says, "I'm OK with it."

"Hope just totally iced me," says the brat.

"Stop giving people reasons to hate you," says Nick.

"You're right," says the brat, "Wishing her a happy Thanksgiving... that was totally disgusting." Abby comes up and offers Nick and the brat a donut. The little snot wretches and says, "I'd rather jab my eye out with a fork."

The brat makes another attempt at being human. She goes up to Caroline and thanks her for letting her stay. "You're always welcome to stay," says sweet Caroline. She then morphs into the wicked witch of the west, "As long as you behave yourself."

The brat staggers away in shock. Nick follows and says, "Why should she be nice to you? You're always rude."

"You're right," says the brat, "Thanking her for letting me stay... that was totally disgusting." She walks away in a huff.

"Way to win friends and influence enemies," says Nick, "This is your chance to show them you belong here."

Bo and Hope talk about Shawn working for EJ. They decide they'll be there for him if he gets in over his head. "Yeah," says Bo, "But Death Valley is over his head."

Max and Mimi walk in. More silence and shock fills the room as we feel Mimi's discomfort. Max says he says he asked her to join them. Caroline breaks the ice and welcomes Mimi.

Mimi goes up to Bo and Hope, "I wish I had told you Shawn was Claire's father. I'm sorry." Hope stares. Once again the walls frost over.

Celeste has arrived at Lexie's house. Lexie tells her Abe's job is on the line. He needs her help. Celeste turns her down.

"Oh, Mom," says Lexie, "Being brave means doing the right thing."

"Staying alive means keeping your mouth shut," says Celeste. She starts to leave, but Lexie begs. Celeste says Lexie has no idea what this is about.

"You're shaking," says Lexie, "Tell me what's going on."

Kate rambles. Billie is distant. She says she was thinking about Steve. She got a message from him.

"I can imagine he would rather be with you," says Kate, "He's been quarantined with Kayla. Talk about death by boredom. The only thing more boring would be having to watch this episode of DOOL."

"I don't know," says Billie, "I heard it was a gas." Billie tells her about the message she got from Steve. She also tells her he really didn't get his memory back, but was using notes Bo and Hope gave him.

Kate says, "You mean he was using a cheat sheet?"

"Mainly he was using the teleprompter," says Billie.

"So he told Kayla a lie and you the truth. What does that mean?"

"He said he still has feelings for me," says Billie.

"That's wonderful"

There is still no guarantee he won't get his memory back and want to be with Kayla," says Billie.

"OK," says Kate, "So there is no guarantee. This is life we're talking about – not snow tires. What are you going to do?"

Billie doesn't know what she's going to do. Kate encourages her to go for it.

"No matter who it hurts," asks Billie. Kate stares and cocks her head. Billie stares and cocks her head the other way.

Pan back from a sign that says, "Welcome back Steve and Kayla." Stephanie thinks it looks perfect and bounds around the room like a kangaroo on speed. The brat turns to Nick and says, "Look at her – she acts like she's a ten year old."

"Avoid the lime-green jello," says Nick.

"What are you," asks the brat, "A fortune cookie?"

"All I'm saying is jealousy is a trap," says Nick.

The brat insists she's not jealous of Stephanie because her parents got back together. Abby whisks by. The brat trips all over herself to catch her and grab a donut. She tells her Nick offered her a bite of his and she liked it. Abby asks what they are doing. Nick says they are pretending that the brat doesn't care about her parents getting back together. Abby says she knows how she feels about her parents – she felt the same way.

Nick tries to inject some reality, "You have to face it. Your dad has realized he is in love with his wife."

Max and Bo talk. "There are a couple surprises in the crowd," says Bo. He didn't expect to see Mimi there. Max insists they are just friends. "Be careful – she's a Lockhart," says Bo.

Max goes over to Abby and the crowd. Mimi joins him as Max pulls Nick aside, "I hear you're the go to guy."

"If you need your genes mapped, I'm your guy," says supergeek.

Max says he's trying to track down the newspaper guy, but is having trouble. He says they have left messages for him, but he's not returning them. Nick says Max has to leave a message he can't resist, "Tell him you are the rep from a journalism school giving out a big prize."

"I'm not supposed to be lying again," says Mimi. Max tells her he will do it.

Steve wheels Kayla in. Stephanie skips up and kisses her. Everyone joins in to welcome her. Stephanie throws her arms around Patch, "We are gonna be so happy. You me and mom – a family for all the Days Of Our Lives." Squeal.


Patch and hope share a stare.

Kayla tells the group she's still pretty weak. She wasn't sure she should come, but she knew with Steve there she could do anything. Cheers. Platitudes abound. Bo thanks Nick for saving Kayla's life, "May the wind always be at your back, and may social skills be right around the corner."

Nick says, "Awwww... you don't have to thank me, but I do have something prepared." He pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket, unfolds it and reads, "I'd like to thank Sony pictures and my agent... Oh, sorry. That's my Oscar speech. Actually I didn't save her. You all did. Your family never stopped praying. I never saw love pull her from the edge." He reads a quote and the whole show spirals into the abyss of smarminess.

Chelsea listens and makes a face. Nick tells them it's incredible to be a part of the family. Hugs, hugs, hugs.

Chelsea starts to bolt out. Nick asks what's wrong. She tells him she has been trying to get them to accept her for a long time and they just pulled him in within a matter of minutes. He asks, "How would anyone ever know how you feel if you never tell them?"

Chelsea decides to give it a try. She goes over to Hope, "I want to say I'm really glad Kayla is OK. I know it is my fault about Zack and I..."

Steve interrupts, "Hope, I've gotta talk to you."

Chelsea pouts. As Hope and Steve go outside, Nick asks her how it went. "Just like the rest of my life," she says, "Lousy. I hate this family." She storms out. Nick chases. Abby stops him and tells him to let her go.

Celeste says she didn't want to involve Lexie and her family. Lexie asks what's going on. "What do you think," asks Celeste, "You know who you are. I am so sorry. There is no escaping it. For the last two decades, one family has caused so much pain – the DiMeras. "

Abe listens, and then pops into the room, "I've been waiting for you to say that. We have to talk." Celeste tries to leave. Abe says she can't run away. She says she's protecting herself. Abe assures her he can get her protection.

"There is no place to hide," says Celeste.

Abe insists, "Kayla and Steve were poisoned. Max and Stephanie were in a terrible racing accident. Bo almost lost his job. How am I supposed to walk away from that? Lexie was blackmailed. Theo was threatened. We have to fight back."

"I've seen what happens to people who fight back," says Celeste, "I can't help you." On cue, little Theo toddles in.

"All right, Mom," says Lexie, "You don't have to, but tell Theo why. Tell him!" Stare-o-rama.

Outside the pub, Patch asks if Hope talked to Billie. Hope says she did. He says he'll have to deal with Stephanie and Kayla when the truth comes out. Hope asks if she is going to be the go between while he plays the devoted family man. She thinks he has to face his problem and tell them the truth without breaking their hearts. He says he will but asks her not to say anything about Billie. He asks to use her phone.

Hope grudgingly hands him the phone and goes inside.

Patch calls Billie. He asks to see her tomorrow morning. She doesn't know. Kate sits cheering from the peanut gallery and tells her to say yes to whatever Patch is asking. Patch says he needs time to explain. Billie agrees.

Just before hanging up, Patch says, "Miss you."

Stephanie overhears, "Who do you miss, Dad?"

"Uhhh... Who do I miss? Your uncle Jack. My brother. " She asks him to come in for dinner.

Dinner happens. Idle conversation. Frankie announces he will miss them all but isn't going away forever. Max toasts him, "May you earn enough money back east to be able to afford your own ambulance."

Hope asks if Patch used her phone to call Billie. Patch says, "Hope, I can't keep lying to them forever. It was a temporary fix, not a lifetime deal."

Kate says that's proof that Billie is winning. Billie insists it isn't a competition. Kate says it is. Billie says she wants to meet with Steve out in the open, not in some hole in the wall. "A pit maybe, but not a hole in the wall. It will be like me and Bo – Good enough for the bedroom, but not for life." Kate notes Patch is surrounded by Brady's right now and yet he took the time to call her. The fight will get dirty but Kate is betting on Billie.

Celeste tells Theo she has to leave. She loves them all so much. Lexie asks her to stay. Abe brings back the finger metaphor, "Separate we're just fingers on a hand. Together we are a fist, or if you unfold it, a turkey." Celeste agrees to stay. There is no place she'd rather be.

Kayla speaks. She drags out some passage she read full of platitudes. She's thankful for them fighting for her. She feels so blessed.

The brat arrives and tells Billie and Kate, "I hate them. Most of all I hate Hope. I tried to be nice and Hope just went off with the pirate. He never left Kayla's side all night."

"He did at one point," says Billie, "He left long enough to call me."

The brat visits fantasyland, "Well you and Dad are practically reunited so why bother? Face it, Mom, Steve is never going to leave his wife or daughter for you. When you passed on you and dad you passed on all of us."

Billie says she doesn't want to be married to Bo.

"Fine," screams the brat, "Then just think of yourself."

Granny jumps in and lectures her. She tells her to leave and not come back until she can be civil. The brat takes a hike.

Billie reminds Kate she is the one who told the brat to go for what she wants. Kate tells Billie she has to learn how to handle her. Billie is exasperated, "No one knows how to handle her."

The brat sits in her room and stares at the incriminating picture on her cell phone, "All I have to do is send this to Hope and Steve..."

She shifts to her computer and brings up the picture. Her finger hesitates above the 'Enter' key. She presses it... FF brat.


Belle tells Marlena, "I have hurt Phillip as badly as I could, and all I can do is take my anger out on Shawn."

Shawn tells Willow, "You know, I don't think Belle is going to be stopping by any more. I don't think she wants anything to do with me."

Max tells Mimi, "So we'll start making some calls and searching the Internet to find out what happened to Andrew Spivey a.k.a. Phillip Kiriakis."

Bo tells Abe and Roman, "We got to crack this thing before someone we love ends up dead."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bo tells Abe and Roman, "We got to crack this thing before someone we love ends up dead."

I think this means just one thing... someone they love is going to end up dead! On the plus side they'll just come back later.

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe that isn't such a plus...

7:27 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Maybe it's too much turkey and other yummy delights but I'm confused about this episode. First of all, why is Abby at the Brady dinner? Wasn't Maggie getting ready for a Horton dinner at her restaurant? And is Billie at the Brady pub, too? Because it seems like she's talking to the brat and yet Caroline is talking to the brat....oh well. I'm going back to my pumpkin pie!

"Skanksgiving". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today, I'm glad I finally got to read it!!

4:38 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Man, Vampire Bear said exactly what I though when I read that preview. HAHAHA

I didn't think anything would jolt me out of my post-turkey-dinner stupor, but Prevuze came through.

Billie's picture, Nick's request to the brat, Abe's latest tally board, and Pard's TV confession pictures were all a hoot.

My favorite Prevuisms of today, "Skanksgiving" and Max's toast to Frankie!

I think another good title for today's show would have been Prevuze description - "Abyss of smarminess".

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

4:39 PM  

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