Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The 'Two Strikes' Program

Sami and Lucas help Will pack for the ski trip. It's the usual stuff: toothpaste, toothbrush... it looks like Lucas won't be going on the trip, so they don't need the earplugs. Will thanks Sami for all she has done for him lately. Lucas sends Will down to the car with the skis. He turns to Sami, "Will doesn't need a chaperone on the trip, so tonight is all about us."

EJ sits in the restaurant and reads the headline about the Salem PD's apology. John comes by. EJ asks if he wants to join him. "For a minute," says John, "There isn't enough antacid in Salem to make me want to eat with you, or watch another episode of DOOL." John brings up the situation with Patrick.

EJ acts surprised, "Are you telling me Bo beat him up again?"

"You know Bo Brady didn't do that," growls John, "You administered that beating yourself."

Patrick tells Hope he's happy she's there. He asks if she knows he isn't the bad guy, Bo is. He talks about their trip to New York. Quickie flashback – "I love you, Hope, and I will love you for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Patrick wants to go back to that time when she believed in him. He has never stopped loving her.

Bo tells Abe and Roman he didn't do anything to Lockhart. Roman accuses him of everything except the Lindbergh kidnapping. Bo says he was there but he didn't kick the hell out of Patrick. Shawn comes in. Bo asks for a minute alone with him.

Bo tells Shawn he's in trouble – legally and with Hope. He needs Shawn's help. He asks him to try to reach Hope for him.

Max and Mimi are on separate phones making calls about Phillip. It's sooooo frustrating. Bonnie calls Mimi and tells her about Patrick. She tells Max, "OMG! Patrick was knocked around or something. I have to go to the hospital." Mimi rushes off.

Abby comes in with sandwiches. Max asks her to help find Phillip. Abby asks, "Why are you doing this?"

EJ can't figure out the Salem PD. Who can? John says EJ's arrogant posture just confirmed his suspicions about the assault, "That dear boy will prove to be your undoing." He leaves. EJ goes back to the paper.

Hope apologizes for pushing Patrick aside. She says Bo and her have a relationship that's been a huge part of her life. Patrick says he doesn't want to pressure, but asks her to think of him as a friend.

The medical team and Bonnie come in. Hope and Bonnie look at each other and the room ices over. The nurses pull the drape. Bonnie picks up Patrick's pants and goes through the pockets. She finds the wad-o-cash and stuffs it into her, uh, carryall.

Roman asks why Bo went over to Lockhart's in the first place. Bo says he went over to tell Patrick to leave him and Hope alone. Roman asks, "Well, did Patrick beat himself up."

Bo doesn't know. Abe says Bo's word isn't good enough "Lock him up!" He turns to Bo, "You are no longer suspended. You are fired!"

Sami asks what Lucas has in mind. "Gee, Sami," says Lucas, "I thought you were smarter than that. We'll take Will down there, grab a pizza, see a movie – The Godfather." Sami thinks he's obsessed with that movie. Lucas backs off. He'll go for whatever chic flick she wants, "It doesn't matter what we watch. It will be a prelude to more interesting entertainment."

Sami moves closer, "Now you're starting to convince me." She pulls off her sweater, "Wanna take a little break?" They hit the couch.

Shawn finds Hope. He tells her Bo has been arrested and asked him to find her. Shawn doesn't thank Bo did it. He hands Hope a note from Bo.

Hope turns to read it. Mimi comes by. Mimi and Shawn elect not to take this opportunity to kill each other. Mimi says, "Hello, Hope," and leaves.

Max doesn't get it. Abby thinks he's gotten himself wrapped up in this even through Spivey might not be Phillip. She thinks he might be starting to have feelings for Mimi. Max huffs.

Sami and Lucas romp. Sami the tease calls it off. Lucas is bewildered. She reminds him Will is downstairs. He might walk in. Lucas says there are only so many cold showers a guy can take. He dives back in.

"Oh, Lucas," pants the tease, "You're wearing me down! GO!" The whipped puppy leaves.

Max says Abby is wrong. Abby says she's worried about him. He doesn't have time for anything since Mimi started working here. Max insists they will catch up with the office work. He says his dream was to race but he doesn't know if he can do that any more, "First of all, you need a car that's in one piece...." He doesn't know what direction his life is going.

Abby asks if he has feelings for Mimi.

Max asks, "Don't you like her?"

"She didn't treat Shawn very well," says Abby, "And I don't know how much you can trust her."

Max says, "Don't worry about me Abby. I know what I'm doing, OK?"

Abby says, "If that's true, then why do you seem like you don't have a clue that Mimi is falling for you?"


Mimi comes into Patrick's room. Bonnie says she has errands to run and hustles out. Mimi asks Patrick what happened. He tells her Bo beat him up for no reason.

"Let's be honest," says Mimi, "You had it coming."

Patrick defends himself, "NO! I swear I've never been a DOOL writer."

Hope reads the note from Bo, "You must think I am the lowest form of life (and, believe me, I say that from years of first-hand experience ), but I hope you listen to what I have to say. From the moment I saved Larry Welch from being sentenced to a lifetime living with you, we have been on an adventure. Well, mainly you have been on an adventure and I've become very familiar with the inside of the doghouse. You put your faith in me. I'm asking for your faith again. When I say I never laid a hand on Patrick, I am telling the truth. I wouldn't trash our marriage over him. You know I am hot headed and stubborn, but not stupid – that's Shawn's department. Help me put this right so we can continue the ride of a lifetime." Hope stares.

Abe tells Bo, "I can't have you embarrassing the department. That's everybody's job." John comes in. Roman and John say Abe doesn't have to rush to arrest Bo. John tells Abe, "Lockhart's beating had EJ Wells written all over it."

Abe yells, "We are done talking about EJ Wells. It's over! Now do I make myself clear?"

Max insists he and Mimi are just friends. Abby says Mimi is a girl and she knows how girls think. She says Max is leading her on. Poor Max says he just wants to be her friend. Abby just wants him to find the right person. Someone he can trust and count on. Max asks if she has anyone in mind. Abby plays dumb, "I wish I could help there." She goes back to her calls.

Patrick insists he didn't have it coming. Mimi says everyone knows about the secret notes he and EJ have been passing.

"They're not very secret, then, are they," says Patrick.

Mimi rants on, "And you've been slobbering all over Hope. I don't believe your sob story."

Hope says Bo will have to deal with this on his own, "Your father is his own worst enemy. Whatever you think of Patrick I am having his baby. Am I supposed to referee between him and Bo for the next 18 years? I am finished with your father!"

"Well," says Shawn, "At least one good thing happened to him today, then."

Roman asks Abe if he is going to let the threat to sue the department get in the way of justice. Abe rants, "Justice will be served. Gentlemen, we are on the two strikes program!"

John gets macho, "EJ is gonna be the one who will take strike three. And I'm gonna be the one who throws the pitch."

Abe says, "You come to me with proof that EJ Wells beat the hell out of Patrick and we'll talk."

Sami carries the duffle bag out of her apartment. EJ, still suffering from Samihotsitis, sees her carrying it and says, "If Lucas is in there, I will help you get rid of it. I hope you will give me a chance to explain about the other day."

Sami snorts, "Explain to someone who gives a damn."

He begs her to listen. He whines about the cops hounding him and everything else that was going on. He says he buckled under the pressure and lashed out. He apologizes, "Please forgive me."

Sami says she knows he was put through hell by the cops. She says they asked her to help them. She's sorry she got involved and she's glad he was cleared of suspicion. But after what happened she doesn't feel right associating with him. Whatever might have been is over.

EJ is disappointed. He thought she would understand. He says she has been in this boat herself – The one where you make a mistake after being betrayed by your friends and loved ones, "All you want is to be accepted and loved. I never meant to hurt you. It won't happen again." He asks her to think about all the wonderful days they had and not judge him too harshly, "I'm not beyond forgiveness, am I?"

Patrick tells Mimi it's just business between him and EJ. Mimi says she thought Kate was EJ's business partner. Patrick says he's involved too, and what they are doing just has to do with auto racing, "I don't want to get into this right now."

"Because I'm right," says Mimi.

"No," says Patrick, "Because my ribs hurt. I'm going to sleep."

Mimi tells him to take care of himself. He asks for his pants. Mimi wonders what he wants with them as she hands them over. Patrick goes through the pockets and discovers the money is missing. He freaks, "One of those nurses is a thief!" Mimi's phone rings. It's Max. He says he thinks they found Phillip.

"OK, fine," says Mimi, "See ya! Love ya!"

Abby stands by Max and overhears Mimi on the other end, "Did she just say 'love ya' or was that my imagination?"

Max turns a shade of green, "Yeah."

"I told you," says Abby, "Poor girl. She's really broken up over Shawn, isn't she? "

Shawn asks what Hope is going to do. She doesn't know. Shawn reminds her about what Chelsea and Kate did – Chelsea altered the emails and Kate tampered with the evidence. Shawn just knows Bo's innocent and Patrick is not.

Hope says, "I hope your neck doesn't hurt too bad from the whiplash you must have gotten with the turnaround on how you feel about your father. Do you know something I don't know?"

Shawn says, "If Patrick is involved, you need to watch your back. But we're talking about my dad. Do you think he is some kind of lying deceiving person?"


"OK," says Shawn, "I get mad at him too sometimes, but he plays fair."

Hope agrees Bo is a decent, honest man. Shawn asks in that case why she believes Patrick over Bo. He asks her to go to Bo and hear what he has to say.

Roman tells Bo they all want to help him, but the law won't allow it.

Bo explodes, "Why don't you give Lockhart and Wells the keys to the city. Only criminals get respect around here. Abe, this is all going to be on your head if my family gets hurt."

Max tells Mimi Andrew Spivey, a.k.a. Phillip Kiriakis was sent to Afghanistan. Phillip and another soldier were in a vehicle, which was firebombed. They don't know how serious the injuries were. Spivey was admitted to a Veteran's Hospital in Atlanta. Mimi says they have to fly there.

Bonnie arrives as Patrick argues with the nurses about his money. Bonnie tells the nurses to leave. Patrick says one of the nurses is a thief. Bonnie assures him she will find who took his money.

EJ thinks Sami isn't being sincere. Sami caves in and forgives him. She says she overreacted. He doesn't need to keep apologizing. They can call a truce. From how on she won't harbor bad feelings for him.

EJ wants more than nods and hellos in the hallway. He wants to be friends.

Lucas walks up, "What the hell is going on here." Sami moves over to his side. EJ apologizes to Lucas. He wants a clean slate. "I'll give you a clean slate," says Lucas, "and then I'll hit you with it. I wouldn't do something so childish, but I'm out of paint."

Max says Spivey could be anywhere in the country by now. Mimi says this is important. He sends Abby to do inventory. He tells Mimi he can't afford to fly all over the country. It's getting expensive. Mimi says she knows where to get the money.

Bonnie says stirring up trouble won't help Patrick. She will find out who took the money. If they won't give it back, then he can call the cops, "Leave it to me."

A cop sticks his head into Abe's office and announces Hope's arrival. Abe gives Bo a few moments with her.

Hope says, "Shawn should have gone to law school. I'd be more proud of him if he was a failure as a lawyer instead of being a failure as a mechanic. The two of you almost had me convinced to give you another chance. I can't do this any more. I can't be jerked every which way. I'm so tired."

Bo says, "If you're tired of this, can you imagine how the viewers must feel? You just have to trust me."

She says the adventure he talked about in his note is over, "I can't continue on this ride with you any longer. It's over." Bo is stunned.

Abe comes out to haul him off. As they drag Bo out, he says, "I love you." He turns to Hope, "You, too."

Roman goes over to Hope, "Bo has lost his job and probably you, too. If you love him, you will talk Patrick into dropping the charges." Roman leaves. Hope cries.


Abe tells Lexie, "All I've ever done is be a police officer. I can't lose that. I won't."

Kayla asks, "You don't want to go away with me?" Patch says, "It's not that." Kayla says, "You can tell me anything."

Bo says, "I didn't lay a finger on that crybaby." Billie says, "But you're still in a lot of trouble, Bo."

Marlena asks, "How about you quit lying to me. John asks, "Who told you?" Marlena says, "Nobody had to tell me. I knew."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can somebody explain to me how Abby knows Mimi is falling for Max? Never mind. Its just their way of setting up speed bumps between Max and Abby.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

After watching yesterday's show I just have to ask, knowing how cool-headed and calm Snarly always takes things, why did Hope tell him about Patrick being there? Why didn't she just tell him she bumped into the table and broke the vase by accident? Never mind, as anonymous points out it's just their way of setting up the situation for Bo to confront Patrick.

LOL today at the pictures - the latest Salem recruit and Nick's Mensa meetings.

Funniest Prevuism: Will not needing earplugs on his trip.

Funniest Non-Prevuism: EJ offering to help Sami hide the body if she had Lucas in the duffle bag.

Most Stupifying Statement: Shawn declaring that Bo always "....plays fair."

Great Prevuze today. Ice storms be damned!

6:30 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I jotted down almost the same comment before I even got to Prevuze statement about Jr. having whiplash. I've never seen such see-sawing with characters from one episode to the next.

Not only Jr. and his opinion of Bo, Abe and Squints about EJ. In this supposed same day Abe wanted him involved because he's the only one now to save Salem from EJ and Squints didn't want to. Now Abe won't even talk about it and John is all hot to go.

And, ditto Mimi. Suddenly she doesn't believe Patrick after always believing in him before? It's almost as though overnight they either got entirely new writers or two teams of writers who aren't looking at the other teams' scripts!!

I thought today's best Prevuism was Bo shouting I Love Abe. HAHAHAHAHA

Great pictures and Prevuze today!! :D

7:04 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

The Prevuisms throughout Bo's note to Hope had me crying with laughter, especially the "I saved Larry Welch from being sentenced to a lifetime of living with you" line. What a way to bring back the past and rip on Hope. Honestly, why doesn't Bo just let her loose?

12:43 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Honestly, why doesn't Bo just let her loose?"

He can't get his ball and chain unlocked.

1:09 PM  

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