Monday, November 27, 2006

The Family Swamp

Marlena is on the phone. She wants the Edwardian room for the ceremony.

Someone about breaks down the door knocking. Marlena gets off the phone after making menu and h'ors d'oeuvre choices. She goes to the door. Kate barges in, "Where is John? When I find him I will wring is neck!"

John, Roman and Abe go over the meaning of the cards and all the tragedy they represent. They are instructions for EJ Wells. Abe doesn’t really believe in psychics but Celeste's track record can't be ignored, especially since it's better than the Salem PD's track record. Roman brings up the death card. Abe and John chuckle.

Hope reads a card that came with her flowers. Bo comes in and sees her crying. "The card got to me," she says. She reads the card, "Without you, life makes no sense. I never want to lose you again." Smooch.

The brat smooshes whipped cream out of a can and puts a cherry on top of the concoction she has made to celebrate the end of a lousy Thanksgiving. Patch calls Billie. They decide they are still on for lunch. He says he found a place in the country. He wants to explain face to face what's going on. The brat rolls her eyes.

Patch gets off the phone and knocks on Kayla's door. Inside, Lexie is tending to, her but she may live anyway. Lexie is soooo happy to be able to help take care of Kayla. Actually, the technical term for what she is doing is 'practicing medicine without a license.'

Patch says he's going out. Stephanie immediately vetoes that.

Patrick comes in. He tells Billie he has received an anonymous email. He shows her the picture of her and Bo in bed together. "OMG," gasps Billie, "Who would do something like this?" They both execute a well-choreographed turn to stare at the brat. Billie nukes, "You did this! Don't deny it." The brat wonders why she always gets blamed. Billie rants about the picture, "You are so sick, Chelsea!"

The brat comes clean, "FINE! I took the picture. I sent it to Hope and the pirate." Patrick tells her to grow up and leaves.

Billie lectures "Don't be surprised if Bo disowns you for good."

Bo and Hope smooch. Let's think of this as the lull before the storm. Hope breaks it off. She wants it to be special. Bo thinks it's special enough. Hope heads upstairs, "I'll be back in five minutes wearing something more provocative."

Lexie leaves. Stephanie begs Patch to stay. Kayla backs him up. She says they should let him go and not pressure him. Patch says he doesn’t have to leave just yet. Stephanie says in that case, she has something to do and leaves.

Kayla asks if he is OK living there. He says he just has a little cabin fever. Kayla says she was thinking about the time when they were on the run and hiding in the motel room and a couple came in. They had no place to hide, so he took her into the bathroom and... flashback... Patch sets off the sprinkler system.

Kayla chuckles about the incident, "We were soaked."

"We were soaked," mimics Steve.

John is skeptical about the death card. Abe says there is something more - the black onyx ring. Abe says Celeste confirms EJ is a DiMera and is on a mission is to destroy the Bradys.

Kate tells Marlena EJ is her partner. She should have trusted him but John talked her into ransacking his apartment. It exonerated him and the cops went on TV and announced the investigation is through. Kate thinks the incident undermined their relationship. Marlena says, "John thinks the ring connects EJ to the DiMeras."

Kate insists, "It's a class ring."

"What if you're wrong," asks Marlena.

John asks if Roman and Abe think EJ is a DiMera. Roman isn't sure. He thinks the investigation has to go undercover in order to find out. John thinks they have nothing.

"We've got you," says Roman, "When you get to the bottom of the barrel, you get desperate. Besides, you're a DiMera yourself."

"So," says John, "You think it takes one to know one. I get it."

Abe tries to convince him. They need his help. He thinks it's funny since they turned him down before, "So you're asking me to go to Italy and muck around in the family swamp."

"Will you do it," asks Roman. John huffs.

Hope comes downstairs. Bo is ready for action, but Hope has that ice-woman look on her face. "What's wrong," asks Bo.

"My laptop was open," says Hope, "I saw I had an email. She holds up the picture of Bo and Billie in bed and asks, "Can you explain this?"

Roman tries another angle. He knows John wants to nail Wells. John says he isn't in law enforcement any more, "You're asking me to take on the DiMeras on their home turf. Things have changed. Marlena is adamant. So no. I'm not gonna do this to my wife." Abe and Roman stare.

Kate says there is no way it's a DiMera ring. Marlena asks how close Kate and EJ are.

Kate stammers and backpedals, "Close... I mean... We've moved past being business partners. We were friends, or at least we were until John forced me to spy on him."

"John says you volunteered for that," says Marlena, "I know what's going on here. You're sleeping with EJ, aren't you?"

Patch and Kayla laugh about the sprinkler. Another flashback... He tosses her under the sprinkler. Clothes begin to fly. It’s a hot time under the old sprinkler system.

"What's with us and water," asks Kayla, "We always end up soaking wet and laughing and..." Kayla moves closer. Patch gets uncomfortable. He says he's just a little antsy. She tells him to go for the drive. He thinks that will help. Stephanie comes in. She's been trying to set up an Internet account for Patch. And guess what... He already got an email. The insecure little twit just can't contain her delight, "They sent a picture of Uncle Bo and Billie Reed in bed together!" She passes the picture around.

Billie lectures the brat about the picture. The brat goes on the offensive, "Let's see... How many men have you been with and they've all made you miserable? She starts to reel off the names but cuts it off because it's only an hour-long show. "Admit it. In your heart, you want to be with Dad."

"Bo loves Hope," insists Billie.

The little snot rambles on, "Hope is pregnant with Patrick's child. That child belongs with it's parents, just like me."

Patrick stands outside and talks on the phone with Dr. Bader, "Just remember, you have to do the amnio yourself. Hope can never find out."

The brat refuses to apologize, "The picture says it all."

"It says nothing," yells Billie, "We were comforting each other. We stopped because we knew it was wrong. Nothing happened! Do you understand me?"

The brat smirks, "Try to convince Hope and Steve."

"I will."

Bo goes into damage-control mode, "It's from just a couple of weeks ago. It's from the day at the pub when you walked in on us. Nothing happened. We found out we're friends and that's all. Billie knows you're the only woman I'll ever love. You and I have come such a long way. We said we'd never lie and I meant it."

"So did I," says Hope, "And then I see this. I don't know if I can get past it. Just knowing you were tempted. Who could have taken that photo?"

Bo gets a call. Billie. Bo asks, "Is she there with you?"


"Keep her there," says Bo, "I'm on my way."

Marlena says Kate doesn't have to answer. It's written all over her face.

"So what," says Kate, "Are you going to stone me? John is wrong about EJ."

"If EJ's a DiMera, he's dangerous," says Marlena, "That's why I've asked him to get away from the case."

"I think you're overreacting," says Kate, "You're happy now. I deserve to be happy too. It's been a long time since I've had someone. You wouldn't know about that. You have John and Roman. Roman has never gotten over losing you. I enjoy EJ's company and that's that."

"You're letting your heart rule," says Marlena, "That could be a fatal mistake."

John explains that Marlena begged him to stay off the case. Roman says he doesn't have to tell her about it. John says he won't risk it. Abe says they are out of options. Roman tells him the DiMeras could finally win if he doesn't help them.

Stephanie looks at the date on the picture and says it was taken when Steve and Kayla were in the hospital. Kayla hyperventilates. Patch says he's going to go find out who took it. Kayla can't breathe.

Medical care has arrived for Kayla. Lexie is there, too. Kayla hyperventilates. Lexie comes up with a diagnosis, "She's hyperventilating." No doubt that one will be written up in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Patch gets a call. Billie. She asks if he's still coming over. No. He has to go. Billie closes her phone and turns her wrath on the brat. Bo walks in. The brat gets a heapin' helpin' of Bo.

Patrick is at Hope's door. He says he saw Bo's car was gone, so he stopped to say hi and asks if she is OK. Hope says it isn't a good time. He sees the flowers, "Things are moving pretty fast with you and Bo, aren't they? Are you sure you know what you're getting into with him?"

"You're right says Hope, "We've been married for years and he sends me flowers. I can't deal with him moving this fast." Hope tells him to stay out of her personal life with Bo. She turns over the incriminating picture as she walks away.

Patrick says, "You're taking him back in your life when he can't keep his hands off of Billie."

Bo is livid. He and Billie gang up on the brat. Bo says, "You are not gonna break up Hope and me. I respect your mom. But no matter how much you scheme, you have to live with that."

The little snot is defiant, "I won't."

Bo ramps up his anger, "Well, there is something you have to learn to live without." He picks up the brat's laptop and hurls it out the door. It smashes into bits and bytes. The brat's surfing days are over.

"My whole life is on that computer," she whines.

"Your whole little life," mocks Bo, "Am I supposed to be concerned?"

"What do I do?"

"I don't know and I don't care," Bo storms out. Billie sentences the brat to a life of zero-tolerance.

Lexie gives Kayla a sedative. She advises them not to talk about things that might upset her. Lexie goes to dispose of the needle. Patch sits down and tells Kayla to stop scaring them like that. Stephanie says she will get better with him there.

Kate says what EJ and she have is between them. He is a perfect gentleman. She says to tell John she will never spy on EJ again. Marlena tells Kate, "He is off the case. He gave me his word."

John Black, man of his word, says, "When it comes to the DiMeras, that's my turf. I know how they tank. Damn me! I'm going to Italy. If there is a link I will find it."

Abe thanks him. John tells them, "You gotta swear to me right now that nobody knows about this... especially Marlena." The three amigos seal the deal with the knuckle knocking buddy bonding bump.


Hope tells Patrick to stay out of it. Patrick says Bo is cheating on her and he would never do that. Hope moves away. Patrick grabs at her and hits the vase full of flowers. CRASH! "Now look what you did," says Hope, "I want you to leave. Go! Get out! Patrick backs off and leaves. Hope picks up a flower and stares at it, remembering the legend of the flowers in the broken vase.

John comes back to the penthouse. He says he had his talk with Abe and Roman. Marlena asks how it went. "It went... good....," stammers John, "They admitted on TV there was no evidence against EJ. They closed the case. It's time to move on." Marlena is relieved. John says he made her a promise and, by gum, he's going to keep it. He has to concentrate on business, "Which brings me to something else. One of the Basic Black companies is underperforming. I have to go there and straighten things out."

"Which one," asks Marlena.

"The one in Italy," lies John.

The brat picks up the pieces of her computer. Kate arrives and says she got her call. "I'm a failure," whines the brat. She tells Kate she's not as good at playing dirty like Kate is. What does she expect – Kate has had a lifetime of experience.

Kate says she didn't plan for the possibility of being caught. She didn't have a Plan B, "You want a family who loves you. You have that. You have to stop pushing them away. You have to reenergize and go after your goal."

Billie bawls. She tells Patrick she doesn't know what to do about the conniving little snot. Patrick says he thinks the brat did her a favor, "If she scared off Steve Johnson, say good riddance. The guy doesn't know what he wants. He doesn't know who he is. You deserve better. And I may just be available..."

Patch tells Kayla to rest. She thanks him for just being there. Stephanie chaperones. She pulls Steve aside. She says seeing that picture must make him feel pretty good about being with her mom, "Now I just know we'll be together for all the Days Of Our Lives.

Hope sweeps up as Bo comes in and asks what happened. She tells him about Patrick being there, "It was an accident. He saw the photo."

Bo erupts, "He got physical with you?!" Bo storms out.

Hope runs after him, "Brady!" FF.


Abby says, "You do understand that she's using you, right?" Nick says, "Chelsea will look at Nick Fallon and realize what she's been missing out on."

Kate tells Chelsea, "You need to smooth out those rough edges or you'll spend your life all alone."

EJ says, "You've been running around leaving a wake of chaos behind you. There is a price to be paid for that, Patrick." WHACK!

Hope is on the phone. She says, "I don't know you any more, Brady, you'd just better get yourself a good attorney." Bewildered Bo stammers, "Hope, whaaa....."


Blogger Bulldog said...

Prevuze had me LOL with the pictures before I even got to reading - "Jay Kenneth Johnson", "Phil/Chloe" and rock paper scissors. HAHAHAHAHA

I also laughed over Kayla recovering in spite of Lexie's medical attention.

Looks like Abe is going to have to get the ol' tote board out again. This time showing the number of times Hope has threatened to leave Bo. SO DO IT ALREADY!!

Excellent Prevuze to get the week off to a great start! :D

8:20 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I can't think of how John is a Dimera"

It's a rather convoluted story, so stay with me on this one. There was a time when Days Of Our Lives was one of the best and most original of all the soaps on TV. It broke new ground and was even critically acclaimed. Unfortunately, this was long ago. People involved with the show today are still trying to get back to that kind of programming, and they refer to the early years of the show as the smart-era. John came after that, during the dim-era.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Since Prevuze zapped my post, I'll re-do it so the answer makes a little more sense. (On the other hand, Prevuze's clever response doesn't REALLY answer my question. HAHAHA)

I echo Bulldog's comments. I also LOL at Celeste's track record being better than the SPD. Heck, Dudley Doo-Right has a better record than the SPD.

One question - twice now DAYS has said that John is a DiMera. I know he's Lawrence Alamain's half-brother, but how is he a DiMera? (And if he is, why did Stefano who was all about FAMILY, brainwash, kidnap, attempt to kill him once every couple of years?) I have an absolute brain block on this one.

Great Prevuze for a gloomy Monday!

5:57 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Applecheeks Original Post:

I echo all of Bulldog's sentiments, plus LOL at Celeste's track record being better than the SPD. Heck, Duddly Do-Right has a better record than the SPD!!

I'm usually pretty good on DAYS' history, but I can't think of how John is a Dimera, something the show has said at least twice. I know he's Lawrence Alamain's half-brother, but when did it come out he was a Dimera? (And if he is, how come Stefano who prizes "family" above everything, has tried to brainwash/kill John every other decade or so?) I'm having an absolute brain-lock on this one.

Funny Prevuze to kick off a grim Monday!!

3:41 AM  

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