Friday, December 01, 2006

Black Satin Sheets

Bo, Roman and Billie come back from the arraignment. Bo thinks Hope has lost all confidence in him. Roman suggests it would help if Bo and Billie kept their clothes on when they are together. Roman goes to get Bo's stuff from booking.

Bo wishes Hope would wise up. The world wishes Bo would wise up. Billie tries to be upbeat. She reminds him that Hope let him move back in and they are working on their relationship.

Bo says he made threats against Patrick and the prosecutor will use that to build a case.

Patrick dresses. Bonnie comes in. She thinks he's being grumpy. He says he would cheer up if he found out who took his money.

"Whoever took it probably already spent the 3 G's anyway," says Bonnie.

Patrick asks, "How do you know how much money there was?" Bonnie takes her foot out of her mouth and says Patrick told her. He insists he didn't. She thinks maybe she heard the nurses talking, then. Patrick sees through it, "Just give it back anyway. I've been robbed twice and you were there both times."

Bonnie is indignant, "I come to help you and you call me a thief."

Bonnie storms out as Hope comes in. Patrick asks her if she wants to grab lunch. Hope isn't in the mood for lunch, "I came to ask for a favor. Please drop the charges against Bo."

Bonnie counts the cash as Mimi comes up. Bonnie jams it in her purse. Mimi asks to borrow money and tells Bonnie about Max and the trip they have to take. She promises she will pay her back. Bonnie insists she doesn't have any money. Mimi says, "Give me some of the cash you stole form Patrick."

Lucas feeds Sami pizza. She giggles and says she wants to watch the movie. He turns it off, "Read my lips. It's a movie. I'd rather do something like this..." He whispers into her ear.

Sami is shocked, "Lucas! You are a bad boy!"

"That's just the way you like me isn't it?"

EJ is stoked about the coming racing season. He thinks his reputation has been tarnished. The cops didn't clear him; they just said they didn't have enough evidence to accuse him of anything. EJ has decided they need a woman spokesperson.

Kate relents, "OK I'll do it."

"I couldn't possibly spare you," says EJ, "The person we need is somebody who is a talking head... who doesn't have a lot upstairs... like Sami Brady."

"Sami has a lot upstairs," says Kate.

"Farther upstairs," says EJ.

Kate about has a stroke, "If you are serious about bringing Samantha Brady into this company it will be over my dead body." EJ thinks he can arrange that if Kate doesn't back off.

Kate tries to wrap her mind around the idea, "Sami Brady as Mythic's spokesperson..."

EJ says, "She's already on the payroll, Kate. She worked for ARC, and she came to us when we bought out Austin."

Kate is livid. EJ tells her to think of this as an investment. They are using Sami to promote Mythic to the beer-drinking pizza-eating racecar-loving public. Kate puts her foot down.

Lucas says, "I want you bad..." Likewise Sami. Lucas reminds her she wanted to wait. He asks if this is the right moment. She says she wanted to make sure they were building on real feelings. Lucas promises nothing can mess them up. Back to business...

Max thanks Abby for looking after the business while he's gone. Abby thinks he changed his mind about going on the trip pretty quickly. She thinks it's because he likes Mimi. Max huffs.

Bonnie tells Mimi she is sure one of the nurses took the money. Mimi doesn't buy it, "Who are you into? Is it Internet gambling? Do you owe a loan shark?" Mimi says if Bonnie doesn't share the loot she will go in and tell Patrick she saw Bonnie with a big wad-o-cash right after his went missing. Bonnie agrees.

Patrick can't believe Hope is asking him to save Bo's butt. Hope says Patrick's injuries weren't as bad as they first seemed to be and Bo claims he didn't do it. Patrick says, "Bo isn't the first perp to lie about committing a crime." Hope insists Bo wouldn't do something like this.

Patrick says, "So you say I'm lying. Just because you can't face your husband don't lie to yourself. I can't do this. I won't drop the charges."

Bo and Billie rehash their photogenic moment in bed. Bo wonders why it keeps happening. "Hope wonders why can't I keep it in my pants around you. She's just lost all faith in me. It's my fault. Mine. Only me."

Billie says she feels guilty too. They have history and Hope knows that. Bo thinks that makes it worse. Billie says Hope has to understand their history. There was a time they meant everything to each other. Bo says it's not that way any more. Billie reminds him they share a child just like Hope and Patrick will.

"Thanks for reminding me," says Bo, "I'm going to kill that bastard."

Billie tells him to keep it down, "You might be overheard making threats like that."

"If I'm going to do the time," says Bo, "I'm going to get some satisfaction out of it."

Hope works on Patrick to give Bo a break. She doesn't know if OMB and Caroline could take it if Bo went to prison, "They need him. Without him their chowdah sales would plummet,"

"What about you Hope," asks Patrick, "Do you need Bo too?"

"Yes," says Hope, "The carpet hasn't been vacuumed in months."

Bonnie hauls out the cash and gives some to Mimi. Mimi looks at it and says, "We need plane fare, not bus fare." Bonnie hands her more. Mimi thanks her. Mimi tells Bonnie Patrick and EJ have some scam going and are using Shawn.

Bonnie smiles. Mimi erupts, "It's not a good thing, Mom! You'd better find out what Patrick is up to before he winds up six feet under."

Abby reminds Max Mimi said "Love 'ya" to him. Max says that was inadvertent. They argue about why Max gave Mimi the job. Abby thinks Mimi could be using him, "If you get Phillip back to Salem, he might go back to Belle and that would give Mimi a chance to get back with Shawn. And Hell might freeze over, too."

EJ tells Kate this is business. Kate asks if it has something to do with him trying g to get Sami into bed and failing. He pulls rank on her. He's the majority stockholder. He wants Sami to do this.

Lucas and Sami romp on the couch. Lucas wants to take it into the bedroom. Sami says she has put black satin sheets on the bed. Sounds good to both of them, BUT... the phone rings.

It's EJ. Sami tells him it's bad timing. He says needs her in his office immediately. Sami wonders why she should be at his beck and call. "You work form me," says EJ, "Mythic inherited your contract." Lucas grabs for the phone, but Sami doesn't let him have it. Lucas seems to be grabbing at a lot of things and not getting them lately. EJ reminds Sami she's been cashing the checks she has received from Mythic. Sami says she thought that was severance pay.

Sami hangs up. She tells Lucas she has to go find out what EJ wants. Lucas knows what he wants. "And he's not getting it," says Sami. More romping.

Kate says Lucas will never let Sami do it. EJ says he can't stop it, "Sami is an independent woman. She thinks for herself."

"You are right about one thing," says Kate, "She is out for herself."

"Maybe she takes after you," says EJ.

Kate leaves. As she goes, she says, "Sami will turn you down."

EJ says to himself, "We'll see..."

Sami backs off. She says she has to go, "What if EJ wants the money back?"

Lucas says, "Faghedaboutit, all right? I make enough money for the three of us... Call him back and tell him you quit."


Roman brings Bo's stuff in. Bo asks what's next with the Wells investigation. Roman reminds Bo he doesn't work there. He tells him John is on the case and suggests Bo go home and stay out of trouble.

Patrick wants to know if Bo and Hope are getting back together. Hope says, "We have invested so many years in our marriage. We have children..." She rips the dagger out of her heart "We still have a son who needs us." Patrick promises he could make her happy. Hope plays the trump card, "If you mean that, then drop the charges."

Patrick agrees, "OK. I'll do it. On one condition." Hope stares.

Sami tells Lucas if she doesn't talk to EJ he'll just come to the door since he lives right across the hall. She will go tell him she doesn't want anything to do with his company. Lucas says he is going with her.

Bonnie comes in to see EJ. She sticks out her hand and introduces herself. "I need to talk to you."

EJ asks, "What do you want, Mrs. Lockhart?"

"You can call me Bonnie," she says, "I was talking with Mimi – she's Patrick's sister." EJ says he and Patrick are not well acquainted.

Bonnie says, "Well, I hear you and Patrick have been exchanging messages and using Mimi's former husband Shawn as a go-between."

"Bonnie," says EJ, "I don't think you stopped in on a whim."

"Mimi told me Shawn is getting rich acting like a human carrier pigeon."

"He's good at it," says EJ, "Since he has the brain of a carrier pigeon." Bonnie doesn't want her son getting into more trouble.

Patrick wants the trip to Chicago in return for dropping the charges. Hope don' wanna. He presses. Patrick promises if she says yes he will drop the charges.

Hope is backed into a corner. She agrees, but wants it to be on her terms – single rooms. That's OK with Patrick.

Roman tells Bo to just do what he's good for – nothing. Bo says, "I've got nothing to lose."

Roman tells him to think for a change. Keeping his nose clean would be smart. Bo lobbies to work behind the scenes. Roman throws up his hands in disgust, "I give up!" Roman leaves.

Billie tells Bo to cool it, "If you don't, somebody might end up dead."

Sami tells Lucas she wants to fight her own battles. Lucas says any guy would love to get a shot at her, "and EJ has said he wants more than a neighborly relationship. You were hot for him."

"I was hot for Brad Pitt, too and I got over it."

Lucas turns three shades of green and starts grilling her about Brad Pitt.

"What I want," says Sami, "is to come home to you every night... if we make it that far."

"We will," says Lucas, "If we stay on course."

Sami moves in on him, "You mean doing things like this... I want you more than I have ever wanted any man. Including you. I'm not going to do anything to screw this up."

Lucas says, "EJ would do anything to make you his."

"EJ is outta luck," says Sami. Lucas suggests hitting the bedroom.

"We can't," says Sami, "Hold that thought. When I get back we can pick up where we left off."

"OK," says Lucas, "But hurry up. I'm dying."

Bonnie gives EJ her sob story – a husband who wasn't very good in the finance department, or any other department for that matter; being a single mother, yada-yada... EJ pulls out some cash, "Maybe I can help you." He hands her a wad. "I'd like us to be friends, Bonnie."

"You've got a friend for life," says Bonnie.

I hope this makes you feel better about your son," says EJ, "There is no need to go to the police."

Bonnie tells him if he ever needs anything...

"I'll just whistle," smiles EJ. Bonnie leaves. EJ loses the smile, "Damn you, Patrick. You're more trouble than you're worth, my boy."

Roman tells Bo to keep a low profile. Hope and Patrick come in. The room ices over.

Lucas leafs through a magazine. Sami comes out in her low-cut red dress. Lucas forbids her to wear that. She says she's just showing EJ what he's not getting. "Cause it's mine right," pants Lucas.

The phone rings. It's Victor. Lucas says he's tied up right now. Or wishes he were. He tells Sami he has to go to see Victor even though he's supposed to be on vacation.

"That's how you will keep buying us satin sheets, right," asks Sami, "We can both come back later and finish what we started. Lucas reminds her to quit no matter what EJ offers.

Patrick says he will not press charges. "Please let it be over," says Hope. Patrick does his best bobblehead impression.

Mimi comes into the garage with the plane tickets. Max asks where she got the money. "My brother gave it to me," lies Mimi.

Max thanks Abby for taking care of things while they are gone. "I'll do that," says Abby, "I've already caught a bookkeeping error. Meow. I hope you know what you are getting into."

Max and Mimi walk out. Mimi says, "I don't make bookkeeping errors."

"Abby is just trying to impress me," says Max. Abby comes out and stares as they leave.

Bonnie hands the cash to Lauren, "You have no idea what it took to get that much."

"Just keep it coming," says Lauren.

"That's your last installment," says Bonnie, "You should be set for life."

"Life in a trailer," says Lauren, "I didn't get into the surrogate business to help people. Keep me in cash or you'll never see the kid."

EJ works on his computer. Sami comes in. EJ looks up and about falls out of his chair, "WOW! If you looked any hotter I'd have to turn on the air conditioning." Sami tells him to find another girl for his team. She will give the money back, but she quits. She starts to leave. EJ tells her if she quits that will ruin the plan to make her a full partner, "Well not to worry..." Sami raises her eyebrows. Hook, line and sinker.

Patrick says he's doing this for Hope's sake, "Let's put the past behind us."

"Let's not," snorts Bo, "I don't take handouts from dirt like you." FF Bo.


Sami says to Lucas, "It just comes down to whether or not you can trust me. Can you?"

Victor rushes in to a distraught Belle and asks, "What's going on? Why are the police here?" Belle bawls, "Claire's gone. She's missing. Someone took her."

Bo asks Hope, "What kind of deal did you make with him to drop the charges? What did you promise him?"

Patrick threatens Billie, "If you ever cross me again, I will make sure you and your daughter regret it."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

I hope Bonnie laundered that bloody wad-o-cash she took from Patrick....literally, laundered. HAHAHA

A couple of weeks back I thought Tec was going to be the next murder victim with Abe being framed for the deed. Now I'm beginning to think it's going to be Patrick and Bo the framee.

Loved the Prevuisms and pictures - Doc reminiscing about her former stalkers and Hope's no-call list.

Great end to a long week!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree applecheeks there is no way EJ is going to put up with Patrick much longer, especally with Bonnie nosing around for money. He is a dead duck.

6:45 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I triple that sentiment - Patrick is doomed, Bo will be blamed. Especially if Patrick starts threatening Billie, too. Bo can go off half-cocked over that as well.

I'm sorry to see Patrick go, I really like the actor and liked the character before they decided he had to play a villain so supercouple Ho and Dope could get back together.

I loved that Hope's carpet hasn't been vacuumed in weeks and Jr.'s brain of a carrier pigeon. HAHHAHA

A really enjoyable Prevuze on a snowy Friday!! :D

7:08 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I can't wait to see Patrick go. There was potential but he turned out to be another character the writers didn't know what to do with. So pathetic.

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is up with food stamps do people still use that.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"What is up with food stamps do people still use that."

The USDA Food Stamp Program is alive and well.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Rhonda said...

I still think in the end, Patrick will turn out to actually working against EJ, maybe with Shane Donavon or something. I hope so anyway, cause I really like his character. He's the only one on the show with any sense...hehe

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it, that everytime something starts going good,that THE WRITERS have to SCREW it UP?????

1:16 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Why is it, that everytime something starts going good,that THE WRITERS have to SCREW it UP????? "

Not screwing up a plot is a fundamental aspect of a concept known as "Good Writing." As a DOOL viewer we wouldn't expect you to be familiar with this concept.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

"Why is it, that everytime something starts going good,that THE WRITERS have to SCREW it UP????? "

Not screwing up a plot is a fundamental aspect of a concept known as "Good Writing." As a DOOL viewer we wouldn't expect you to be familiar with this concept.

LMAO Prevuze cracks me up!

1:12 PM  

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