Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Gauntlet

Belle shows up at Max' garage. She hands Max the newspaper with the alleged photo of Phillip and asks him, "Who do you see?"

Max looks. He doesn't get it. Belle hasn't had her meds today. She jams her finger down on the paper and screams "Right here in the back row!" She asks if that's Phillip. Max would rather be out on some racetrack in an exploding racecar.

Victor comes in to see the mummy. He asks if Phillip is in pain. The mummy nods yes, "I've been watching DOOL."

Maggie thanks Mimi, Abby, the brat and the geek as they set up Thanksgiving decorations. Maggie hands Nick an invitation. OMB has invited him to Thanksgiving dinner as a reward for saving Kayla's life.

The brat is shocked, "WHAT?" Abby fills her in on the Kayla miracle.

Mimi chimes in. Her feelings are hurt because she didn't get invited, "Not like I'd expect to be invited to my ex's family Thanksgiving." Well, duuuhhh...

The brat whines, "I'm Bo Brady's daughter and I didn't even get an invitation?"

Shawn is on the phone asking about new cars. Bo shows up. Shawn tells him what he's up to. Bo is impressed with the apartment and the fact that Shawn is buying a new car. Shawn says it's nice having a good paying job. Bo says, "The authorities are closing in on Wells. I don't want you to get caught in the crossfire. I need you to walk away. Quit your job."

Kate asks what EJ is up to. He says he is going on the offensive against the Salem PD. He's going on the air with the story.

Hope and Frankie help Caroline set up as OMB comes in with two extra turkeys – Real birds, that is. Bo and Roman are somewhere else.

Billie comes in. Hope goes over to her and they grab a table. Billie is happy about Kayla being released. She asks what Hope wanted to see her about. Hope says she has a message from Steve. Billie says, "I don't wanna hear it."

The brat is upset at being dissed by the Brady's. Abby says they did it because she's trying to push Bo and Billie together, and forget about a little thing like killing Zack. Maggie takes her aside and tells her she may not be able get Bo and Billie back together and she has to accept that. Maggie thanks everyone and leaves.

Mimi counsels the brat, "The Brady's are not just one big happy family. I just thought I'd tell you that in case you've just arrived from another planet and hadn't noticed. And, poor me, I will he having freezer-burned turkey dinners for Thanksgiving."

The brat says, "At least you have a mom who cares about you and a dad who doesn't hate your guts."

Abby overhears. She comes over and tells Chelsea, "Mimi doesn't even know were her dad is."

Nick piles on, "Maybe you should focus on getting your own life together and that way you'll stop obsessing over what your parents are doing all the time."

Shawn defends EJ. Bo says EJ's actions are a front. Shawn argues. He thinks Bo wants to bring down whoever stands in his way. Bo insists Lockhart and Wells are guilty.

"When you prove it I'll quit," says the rebel without a clue.

Bo grabs Shawn, "He's dangerous! He might go through my son to get to me!"

Abe talks to Celeste about the tarot cards, "Can you help us?" Celeste stares into another world.

Max doesn't think the picture is Phillip. Belle tells him Kate thinks Victor knows more than he is saying. She insists Phillip left because of her. What if something happens to him? Have we heard this somewhere before? Max thinks Shawn and Mimi should see the photo.

The brat says the geek had no right to talk to her like that. He wonders why she isn't working or in college. At the ripe old age of 19, she should have her own place and not worry about her mom and dad, "Get over it." The brat huffs off.

Frankie chuckles around with OMB and Caroline. He tells them he's been offered a great job in DC and has accepted it. He leaves within a week.

Billie don' wan' no stinkin' messages from Steve. She is thrilled for Steve and Kayla. Hope says he really doesn't remember Kayla.

Shawn tells Bo he needs the money. Bo thinks Wells is a criminal. Bo's cell phone rings. He spits out an expletive as he looks at it. Bo has to leave. As he goes, Shawn says, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Celeste arranges the cards. She says she really doesn't know what they mean, "They're tarot cards. They have many meanings. Outside their reading they tell me nothing."

Abe wonders if Celeste is afraid. Roman interrupts, "Abe, you gotta see this!"

They rush out of Abe's office to see EJ on TV. EJ tells the world, "I am under full scale attack by the Salem police." He outlines what they have done. He's fighting back in the name of justice and his good name.

EJ's attorney speaks. They have lunched a 40 million lawsuit against Abe, Roman, Bo and John, as well as the Salem PD for violating EJ's constitutional rights, if he ever becomes a citizen, that is. "The Salem PD has a history of planting evidence," claims the attorney, "We're throwing down the gauntlet."

Bo walks in and Roman tells him what is going on. Abe goes into a rage, "I knew it was a mistake to let you get into that safe deposit box. I have to answer to a higher authority."

"Did Hope get promoted," asks Bo.

A cop interrupts and tells Abe the DA is on her way up.

Nick apologizes to Chelsea. She tells him to stay away from her and walks off.

Abby goes over and tells the brat Nick is just trying to help. The brat goes back to Nick and asks how she can get her dad to invite her to Thanksgiving.

"Got it," says the genius, "Perfect solution! You come as my guest." The crashing lead balloon nearly destroys the restaurant.

Billie doesn't get it. Hope says when Patch said all those things to Kayla, he was reciting what she and Bo had written down for him, "He was saying what he thought she needed to hear to get well. He remembered a few things but doesn't have the emotional connection."

Billie goes bipolar, "SO THIS IS JUST AN ACT? IT'S BEEN A LIE! HOW CAN HE DO THAT TO KAYLA?" No more coffee for Billie.

OMB asks Frankie at least to stay through Christmas. Frankie says he wants to get away from the memories. OMB thinks he's running away.

Mimi, Max, Belle and Shawn have gathered at the garage. Mimi doesn't think the military would let Shawn back in since he is missing a leg and half a brain. Shawn resents the fact that Phillip took off, "I went over there once with the Four Musketeers to save him and I sure as hell ain't doing it again!"

The attorney tells EJ they are off to a good start. He leaves. EJ asks Kate if she is the one who ransacked his apartment. Kate plays dumb. EJ sees through her act, "That's OK. I can't imagine what kind of horror story John told you to get you to do that. We're partners in many different ways. Surely you know what kind of man I am."

Kate is busted, "John thought I would find incriminating evidence in your apartment. I searched it because I was hoping I wouldn't.

"And you think you did," says EJ, "You took my ring. It's a fraternity ring. It has sentimental value."

"John thinks it links you to the DiMeras," says Kate.

"Not unless they're in my fraternity," says EJ.

Kate says she doesn't want to revisit the time the DiMeras were a part of her life. EJ thinks she's afraid of them. He insists he has done nothing wrong. Kate apologizes. He says he's mad at John and his cohorts, not Kate. He wants to go back to being friends.

Belle remains unmedicated. She nukes at Shawn, "How can you talk about someone like that who was your best friend? He went over there to serve the country."

"He walked out of Claire life," yells Shawn, "How can you defend him?"

"How can you not?"

Victor asks if Phillip is feeling better. Phillip answers by reaching for the picture of Claire. Victor says, "I am working on making your dream of being with Claire come true. It will take time and finesse. In the meantime your presence here will have to be secret." There is a knock at the door. Victor says, "Finally!"

Frankie is ready to pick up where he left off with his life and career and the hot babes on the east coast. OMB reminds him he won't have his family there.

Billie still doesn't get it. She pumps hope for more info on Steve and Kayla. Hope says, "He still has feelings for you. He told me so himself."

Belle thinks it was a mistake bringing Shawn into this. She storms out.

Max says, "That went well."

Mimi says, "Even though they both hate me, I'm going to go make sure they don't kill each other. On the other hand, if they did, everyone would have something to be thankful for on Thursday."

Frankie thinks maybe he'll meet someone new in DC. Or get a swanky apartment and live like Hugh Heffner. OMB smiles and says, "Maybe I'll come and visit." Caroline ruptures his spleen.

Frankie says, "I just hope that I can find what the two of you have." OMB says, "I do too son."


Frankie asks for their blessing.

Billie says she can't listen. She's been trying to get Steve out of her mind. Things are cramped enough in there without him taking up precious space. Hope thinks she should talk to him. "Why are you doing this," asks Billie. Kayla's your friend. You really want me to screw things up, don't you?"

"I think if there is unfinished business between you..." says Hope, "I'm just dong it as his friend."

Billie sees through it, "You think if I get something going with Steve it will keep me away from Bo."

Abe gives the DA the file on Wells. DA Bettis says they don't have a thing on EJ. She thinks EJ has a solid case, "If this lawsuit goes through, heads will roll this time, and there is nothing I can do about it!"

Chelsea contains the urge to hurl, "You mean like a date?"

Nick says the card invites him and a guest, "Not a date, just a guest." The brat says if she accepts, he might wind up being hated by everybody. He doesn't think so, "What choice do you have?"

"This sucks," says the brat, "I should be inviting you. Not that I ever would. OK, FINE! I'll see you on Thanksgiving. Try your best not to dress like a loser, OK?"

Nick says, "Oh, so I shouldn't wear my turkey costume?"

"Ha-ha," she says as she leaves.

Abby can't believe Nick asked her to go with him, "What is your problem? Are you kidding me?"

Shawn apologizes. He says the thought of Phillip coming back scares him. He is going to prove it's best for him to be in Claire's life full time.

Belle asks him to have compassion for Phillip. She accuses him of being scared Phillip might get in his way with Claire or even with Belle herself. "Grow up," says the pot to the kettle. Mimi watches as they storm off.

OMB and Caroline say they support Frankie. She wants him to take care of himself and remember his home is just around the corner. Group hug.

Hope tells Billie Bo moved back in with her, "I don't play the kind of games you are accusing me of. Talk to Steve." Billie will think about it. She thanks Hope and leaves. Outside, Billie smiles.

Bo says it was stinking luck Wells showed up at the bank when he did. EJ walks in. The lawyer lays down the conditions for them to drop the lawsuit, "The investigation must be brought to an end and Mr. Wells' file turned over to us. You have to go on the air and make a public apology and admit you were all wrong."

Bo says they won't do it. The attorney reminds him he's suspended and has no say in police matters. Abe steps in and also says they can't do it. The lawyer says, "We'll give you three minutes to change your mind."

Abe rushes out and asks Celeste if she can at least guess what the cards mean. Celeste sees EJ in the background and says she can't help.

Mimi comes back in. She asks Max to help her find Phillip. Max chuckles, "How?"

"First we track down the photographer," says Mimi, "He might know. She feels responsible for Phillip leaving and wants to redeem herself.

The nurse gives Phillip an injection. It will help with the pain, but not the heartache. Victor asks for her discretion. The nurse leaves and Victor says, "Dream about holding your little girl in your arms and I will make it happen."

Abby says Nick doesn't know what Chelsea might do at the dinner. Nick thinks she's emotional, angry and dangerous. He's so turned on by that he doesn’t care what she might do. He asks a favor. He wants Abby to help him spruce up for the date.

Billie and the brat sit together and talk. Billie tells the brat Patch hasn't regained his memory like they thought.

"So, he was lying to his wife on her deathbed," says the little snot, "Why would you want a guy like that?"

Billie changes the subject. She invites her to Thanksgiving. The brat can't make it, "I'm going to the Brady's Thanksgiving. Dad invited me."

"That's great," lies Billie.

Roman caves in. He makes the public apology. He says there in no evidence against EJ, "We apologize for that and for our unjust tactics. We made a mistake. I'm sure everyone will understand. We are, after all the Salem Police Department. Making mistakes is out business."

EJ enters the pub as Celeste comes out and drops her purse. EJ picks it up, "What did you tell him?"


"Good," says EJ, "Keep your mouth shut. Remember, you're a part of this family too."

Abe thanks Roman for getting EJ and the attorney off their backs. Kate comes in hoping to see the public apology. Roman tells her they just wrapped it up. Kate says she will never trust Roman or John again.

DA Bettis warns them to stay away from EJ, "If you screw up again I'm cleaning house." She turns on her heel and leaves.

Bo tells Abe he can't let the DA's office interfere. Abe tells him to cool his jets, "Its' over!" FF Burnin' Bo.


Billie extends her hand, "I'm Billie – Chelsea's Mom. And you are..." Nick is dressed in a suit. He gets up off the floor and chuckles, "Never better."

Hope says, "You should have talked to me about the investigation." Bo says, "I didn't want to push it." Hope says, "Then I'll push it... back in my bed."

Stephanie throws her arms around Patch, "We are gonna be so happy. You me and Mom – a family!" Squeal. Hope watches.

Celeste tells Lexie, "One family has caused all that pain – the DiMeras. " Abe looks on.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

"A companion to help you through the heartbreak of senility". ROFLMAO

Great pics and Prevuisms, notably the two turkeys (Bo & Roman), and viewers having something to be thankful for on Thursday if Belle & Shawn killed each other.

Nick's conversation with Chelsea about focusing on her own life rather than obsessing over her parents' was refreshing. You can tell he's a newcomer to DAYS. He still makes sense. HAHAHAHAHA

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think its ridiculous with Hope matchmaking for Steve and Billie. Billie is right she just doesnt want her getting her paws on Bo. I am dissapointed in Celetse too. I always thought she was a harmless crackpot. There goes the harmless part.

7:29 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Great Prevuisms today! Those that Applecheeks mentioned plus "Real birds, that is, - Bo and Roman are somewhere else." HAHAHAHAHAHA I also LOL over Bo asking if Hope got a promotion to a higher authority.

You know Celeste will turn out to be innocent. EJ probably threatened Lexie/Abe/Theo if she didn't do whatever he said. It's so predictable!

Prevuze was in great form today!!

8:22 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Celeste was one of the "bad guys" when she first appeared on the scene. This was back when John, the mercenary, was chained down in Stefano's dungeon somewhere. She partly redeemed herself when (as I recall) she helped John escape.

She was completely rehabilitated when they made her Lexi's mother.

Maybe EJ is another one of her kids by Stefano! LOLOL

11:07 AM  
Blogger FROG said...

Mrs. OMB's remark that Frankie's home is "just around the corner" is proof that Salem is convenient to both Chicago and Washington D.C.!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the smirk Mimi had when she witnessed Belle and Shawn arguing. And her typical use of eavesdropping. She doesn't care about finding Philip, she only cares about what she can do to mess up Belle and Shawn's life.

5:35 PM  

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