Friday, November 24, 2006

Lies, Betrayal, Kidnapping, Adultery And Disappearances

Belle looks at the paper as Marlena comes down. Marlena senses something is wrong. Hey, it's Belle. Something is always wrong. Belle has been looking at the alleged photo of Phillip in the paper. She whines around and wonders if Phillip has done this because of her, "Wah wah wah wah wah wah." Translation: "If he gets hurt, it's because of me."

Marlena says Phillip has responsibility for his own decisions. Belle doesn't understand the concept, "I have hurt Phillip as badly as I could, and ever since Kate Showed me this photo all I can do is take my anger out on Shawn."


Willow serves coffee. She figures they should go back to bed and start out where they left off, "Unless you want me to hide in the closet in case Belle stops by."

Shawn says, "You know, I don't think Belle is going to be stopping by any more. I don't think she wants anything to do with me."

Mimi and Max get to Art Fisher's apartment, which bears a strange resemblance to Shawn and Mimi's old apartment. No one answers so they just walk in. Art walks into the room talking on the phone, "Sorry, I don't do weddings... No, I don't act in good dramas, either." He hangs up and Max explains why they are there. He's interested in the journalism award they said they represented. The reformed liar and unreformed bigmouth explains there is no award. Max has a conniption but, too late, the cat is already out of the bag. Mimi tells Art what they are really there for.

Art says, "Forget it."

Dr. Weinstein arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor understands he's the best of the best. Of course, with the quacks they have posing as doctors in Salem, that doesn't say much. He says he's very particular about the cases he takes on. Victor assures him this isn't vanity surgery.

Celeste arrives at Abe's place. Roman is there, "You're gonna help us nail EJ, right?"

Celeste says she had a disturbing dream. She can't put Lexie and Theo at risk. The dream made what she has to do perfectly clear. She has decided she will help them if they swear to protect Lexie and Theo whatever it takes. Roman shows her the photos of the cards. Celeste lays them out, "These cards produce disturbing vibrations. They tell a story of calamity for the bearer of the cards. EJ is the chariot, victorious and in control. He began by disrupting relationships. Each new incident brings new consequences. The cards predict more danger to come."

Art tries to kick Max and Mimi out. Max tells him the guy they are looking for has a father who is filthy rich. That gets Art's attention. He remembers a guy with a prosthetic leg. He didn't want to have his picture taken. His name was Andrew Spivey from Muskogee, OK. Max wants to see the other photos Art has. Art says they are $20 apiece. Art goes into the next room while Max and Mimi look at bigger shots under a loop. They decide Spivey is Phillip. Max tosses a 20 on a table as they take one of the photos and leave.

A dead horse lies in the middle of Marlena's living room and Belle continues to beat it unmercifully. It was her fault Phillip left. Belle doesn't know why she is taking all of this out on Shawn. She says it's because she wants to do what's best for Claire, "When I picked her up from Victor's, all she could say was 'dada.' I don't want to totally screw her up. I need you to tell me what to do. God forbid I should try to make adult decisions on my own."

"Stop being so hard on yourself," says Marlena, "Children are resilient, except for you."

Belle whines, "Shawn and I are not together and not a family and probably never will be."

Shawn tells Willow Belle wouldn't let him spend time with Claire on Thanksgiving, so at least Claire had something to be thankful for. Willow thinks this is about Belle, not Claire. Willow has met Belle's type before, "No one will ever be good enough for her."

Bo shows up at the door. Willow tries to be cheerful. Bo isn't in a cheerful mood. Willow goes to get dressed. Shawn says, "Let me guess... you want to give me another lame excuse why I should stop working for EJ."

Roman asks Celeste to be more specific. Celeste says this is complicated. She wants to know the order they found the cards in. "This is it," says Roman.

"This is the empress," says Celeste, "She represents motherhood and abundance. She is coupled with loss." Roman wonders what is behind that – it could represent either Belle or Mimi. "Belle brings up a much stronger vibration than Mimi. The hanged man accompanies her. Phillip! He gave up a lot." The symbolism just makes your spine tingle, doesn't it?

Abe thinks this is getting them nowhere. Celeste says she can't give specific answers, "You ought to be grateful I'm helping at all. I'm risking life and limb, not to mention my acting career."

Abe asks, "Are you saying you were threatened by EJ and the DiMeras?"

Belle goes on with her pity party. Marlena tells her Claire needs a loving mother and that's what Belle is to her. Belle wonders how she can criticize Shawn for not having a job when she doesn't have one herself. Marlena says Belle's job is to stay home with Claire. "The only reason I can do that is because I am dependent on my mom and dad," blubbers Belle.

Marlena says they are happy to help Belle financially. There are families who can't afford to have the kids around both parents, but Claire can.

Shawn is sick and tired of Bo trying to make him quit his job. Bo says he is there because Shawn didn't show up yesterday. Shawn says he had better things to do than hang out with the dysfunctional Brady Bunch.

"Like hang out with your hooker girlfriend," snorts Bo, "What you are 'earning' from EJ is dirty money."

Shawn says he heard Roman on TV saying there is no case against EJ. Bo says they had to say that to avoid a lawsuit. Shawn asks him to leave, as Bo's cell phone rings. He looks at it and puts it back in his pocket.

Bo walks over to the door and pounds it with his fist, "You have been warned." Bo leaves. Shawn slams the table with his fist. Like father, lie son.

Victor gives Dr. Weinstein the details about Phillip. His jeep was firebombed. His face is unrecognizable. He knows Weinstein is the man for the job, "Phillip needs a face transplant, and if you can find a brain to go with it, you might throw that in, too."

Willow comes out. Shawn tells her Bo is gone. Willow says the only thing wrong with his life right now is he is giving all his money to Belle, who is rejecting him. She tries to talk him to getting the convertible. He thinks it sounds like fun. Willow moves in on him, "And the best part is..." Shawn's phone rings. "Don't answer it," says Willow.

Too late. It's Belle. She invites Shawn over to spend time with Claire. After they put her to sleep they can talk.

Shawn hangs up. Willow is steamed, "How's Belle? She's messing with your head again!"

"She can handle it," says Shawn, "It's a small job."

Marlena says she is proud of Belle. Whatever issues she has with Shawn can't come between Shawn and his relationship with Claire. Belle thinks she screwed up her marriage and doesn't want to make the same mistakes with Shawn.

Max calls Belle from the garage. Ha asks her to come down. As Belle heads out, she tells Marlena it's better if Shawn doesn't know where she went.

Bo arrives at Abe's. Celeste goes on. She lays out the cards. She sees cards that represent Carrie's marriage to Lucas and Sami's engagement to Austin, "They are the four lovers tainted by the three of nitwits. It brings heartbreak and loneliness. There is a temperance. But it is accompanied by the five of pentacles, which represents illness and sacrifice."

"That may be Patch and Kayla," says Roman.

"No," says Celeste, "It represents the viewers. They make a big sacrifice to watch this drivel each day and it makes them ill."

She turns over another card, "The tower represents a downfall."

"John and Marlena's plane," says Roman.

Celeste decides the cards were coded instructions. Abe wonders who sent them. He asks what the cards show about the future.

Celeste says, "I see many untold calamities – Lies, betrayal, kidnapping, adultery, disappearances. You know, the kind of stuff that happens every day around here. But it's what the cards don't say that troubles me. There are only 77 cards. One is missing. But it's on its way from Italy. It may have already arrived. It's the death card and that is what the future holds. Death."

Shawn arrives at the penthouse. Marlena explains Belle had to go. She doesn't know where. He can spend as much time with Claire as he likes. Shawn says he brought Claire a book, "I thought maybe you could read it to both of us." They talk about Belle. Shawn thinks Belle doesn't want him to be a part of her life. Marlena says Belle cares a lot.

Belle rushes into the garage. Max tells her about Andrew Spivey. Belle, as usual, doesn't get it. Max explains that 'Andrew Spivey' is an alias. He shows the bigger photo to Belle. She looks at the picture and says, "So he was shipped off to Afghanistan."

"It looks like it," says Max.

Belle ramps up the hysteria, "What if he gets killed? What do I tell my daughter – that her daddy is dead because of me?"

Victor introduces the doctor. He excuses himself. The doctor wants to examine the mummy.

Outside, Victor talks on the phone to none other than Art Fisher, "What do you mean you had visitors?"

"A Max Brady and Mimi something-or-other," says Art, "They asked about the photo. I think they figured out Andrew Spivey is your son."

"I'll take care of it," says Victor, "No one can find out the truth about Phillip."

Dr. Weinstein removes Phillip's bandages. We, of course don't see his face.

Abe says Eve has already been murdered. That's not the death Celeste sees. This will be someone thy all care about. She can't be more specific.

Abe says, "So EJ will be instructed to commit the murder when he gets the death card."

"That's right," says Celeste, "Someone will die. That's why they call it a death card."

Roman wants to know who is sending the cards.

Celeste stares out the window to a place far, far away, "You don't need me to tell you that. This is family vs. family."

Bo chimes in, "The Bradys vs. the DiMeras!"

"Well, it ain't the Hatfields and McCoys," says Celeste.

Abe asks, "Is EJ Wells a DiMera?"

"He must be," says Celeste.

Abe says they have to stop him. "But how," asks Roman.

The doctor says he can try to help Phillip, but it won't be easy, "Facial transplants are experimental and expensive."

"Money is no object," says Victor. Dr. Weinstein says once a donor is located they will have Phillip transferred. Victor writes a check so the doctor will bump Phillip to the top of the list, "Consider it a first payment." The doctor will see what he can do about moving Phillip up on the list. Victor will do whatever it takes to help Phillip.

Mimi says it's as much her fault as Belle's. She thinks they should take the picture to Victor. Belle says she doesn’t trust him. She has to go home to Claire.

Belle leaves. Max says if Belle finds Phillip it won't make Shawn happy.

Shawn tells Marlena he has to go, "Did Belle really tell you she cares about me?"

Marlena says, "I'm her mother. I know how she feels. I think you are both hurting. You and Belle have a special relationship and I believe if you are meant to be together you will somehow find your way back together." Translation: "No."

Shawn isn't going to waste any more of his life waiting for Belle to make up her mind, "But I will be Claire's daddy for all the Days Of Our Lives." His grasp of biology is incredible. He hands Claire off and leaves.

Bo says they can't just sit back and do nothing. Roman tells Celeste she will have to sign a statement. Celeste refuses. She says she took a risk to do this, but now it's up to them. She leaves.

Abe rants, "There is no way the DA will bring a case with photos of tarot cards and ghost stories from an anonymous psychic."

"That only leaves us one option," says Bo.

Shawn gets back home. He tells Willow Belle wasn't there. Willow nags, "You've got to stop letting her jerk you around."

"You're right," he vows, "From now on I'm living for me. I'm getting that convertible!"

Willow eggs him on, "How about getting some designer clothes? Or a new apartment?"

Shawn jumps in, "Or a Lear jet?" He puts his phone on silence so they won't be interrupted, and they hit the couch.

Belle gets back to the penthouse. She tells Marlena about her trip and about Phillip reenlisting, "He has suffered enough. I just need him to come home."

Marlena wonders, "But if he comes home to you, won't he still be suffering? "

Victor tells the mummy, "Dr. Weinstein will help. Once you get better, we will take Claire away from Shawn and Belle."

Bo thinks they should call John. Abe says Marlena doesn't want him on the case. Bo insists they have to do it anyway, "We've got to crack this thing before it cracks us."

Roman says, "We're already cracked."

FF on the tin man and horsey card.


Kayla holds the picture of Bo and Billie in bed and asks, "Who would have taken this and why would they have sent it to Steve?" Patch says, "I'm gonna find out." Kayla has an attack. Stephanie looks on.

Bo and Hope play show-and-tell. She holds up the picture of Bo and Billie in bed and asks, "Can you explain this?" Bo's turn.

Marlena says to Kate, "I know what's going on here. You're sleeping with EJ aren't you?"

John yells at Roman and Abe, "You gotta swear to me right now that nobody knows about this... especially Marlena." The three musketeers do the triple buddy bonding fist jive.


Blogger Bulldog said...

"Philip has suffered enough". And so have we. Doesn't this tarot card plot sound like it came from Reilly's old script bonepile? I thought the new writer was going to be more realistic.

Another example: "Face transplant"?! In the Prevuze previews I thought that was just a Prevuism but Victor actually said that! We're one step away from Friends' Joey Tribbiani having his soap opera brain transplant. HAHAHAHA

LOL over Claire having something to be thankful for by not being with the Bradys and Chelsea's Prevuze submission.

Great Prevuze to pick us back up after stuffing ourselves yesterday!! :D

8:07 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

We have returned to the land of "The Logic Thing" gone berserk:

- So a routine news photo in a west coast newpaper of a bunch of Marines shipping overseas was taken by a Salem photographer??? Un-huh
- So Squints & Snarly, in a dash to get tarot cards in and out of envelopes, took pictures; the lab developed them and gave a stack to Abe; everyone in the cop shop (plus Celeste) has handled, shuffled, looked at the card pictures; and now Abe can tell Celeste they are in the order they were received by EJ??? Yeah, right.

LOL at the pictures - Philip looking for his leg and Chelsea's first words. In fact, "I want us to be a family" IS the Salem civic motto isn't it??

Great post-holiday Prevuze. Now I'm ready for shopping!!!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous kotu said...

That poor, dead horse gets a LOT of abuse in Salem!!!


Oh, and thanks, Chelsea. Your picture contribution was classic.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is the empress," says Celeste, "She represents motherhood and abundance. She is coupled with loss." Roman wonders what is behind that – it could represent either Belle or Mimi"
Am I the only one who thought of Hope ?? She IS a mother who LOST a child right ? :P

And Belle should really stop whinning that she doesn't have a job and GET ONE !

No need to say that Willow would rather have Shawn spending is money on her than Belle and Claire !

Anyway, prevuze did a GREAT job today !

thanks !

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the picture of Philip looking for his leg... very bad taste!

I thought this soap was finally getting better but seems to be slipping back to the some ol' crap as before...

Does anyone else feels as Marlena is getting "dingy" and morals slipping somewhat???

11:46 AM  

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