Monday, December 04, 2006

It Just Popped Out

Bo says he won't grovel just because Patrick dropped the charges. Patrick gets macho, but Hope drags Bo out to talk. They argue. Bo insists he didn't touch Patrick. He accuses Hope of sweet talking Patrick into dropping the charges.

Roman interrupts. He says Bo is a free man. Bo says to forget it. He will take Patrick to court and prove he's a lying SOB.

EJ goes over the offer again. He wants to make Sami a full partner. He needs her to be the company spokesperson. Sami thinks there is a catch. She thinks he is trying to get her out of town, and get a real "bang" for his bucks. She tells him she quits anyway.

Belle and Victor are on the phone. Belle agrees to meet him at the sleazy, but conveniently out of the way, diner. Victor hangs up. Lucas shows up. Victor tells him he's sorry to interrupt the vacation. Lucas has a flashback to romping around with Sami. Victor tells him he wants him to run Titan while he's gone, "I'm tired of this company. I need a fast way to run it into the ground. Have the Titan jet on standby for a flight to Montréal. Two passengers." The mummy droops in the next room.

Max and Mimi are on the flight to Atlanta. Max asks what they will do when they find Phillip. Mimi says they'll see how badly he's injured and try to help him. Max then asks why she is really doing this.

Victor gives Lucas flight instructions, "I want no names on the flight plan. My companion appreciates complete privacy. The passenger's name is Andrew Spivey. This must be kept absolutely confidential." Victor sends gopher boy away and walks in to see the mummy, "The trip is all set. All we have to do is wait for Dr. Weinstein and a face donor."

Belle arrives at the diner. The waitress makes over Claire. Belle orders and tells Claire her great-grandpa is coming.

Mystery woman reads about the "AMAZING BABY" in a National Enquirer knock off and watches from across the room.

Roman tries to talk some sense into Bo. Such a waste of breath. Bo tells him Hope went to Patrick and begged him to drop the charges. Roman tells Bo to get out before Patrick changes his mind.

Patrick says he should have known Bo would use this situation to attack him again. Billie says Patrick dropped the charges because Bo didn't touch him and it wouldn't hold up in court. She accuses him and Hope of making a deal, "You drop the charges, Hope gets closer."

EJ says this isn't a proposition. Sami thinks there is more going on. EJ grabs his keys and goes over to a cabinet. He says before Austin left, EJ bought him out. He offers her Austin's shares. If she stays the course she will be fully vested and quite wealthy in six months.

Kate listens through the door as Lucas arrives. Lucas tells her Sami won't be meeting with EJ for long, "It shouldn't take too long to say 'I quit.'"

The waitress serves Belle and Claire. A ne'er-do-well comes over and admires Claire.

The waitress answers the phone, "Hudson Street Diner." The mystery woman leaves as the guy tells Claire, "Bye-bye."

The waitress tells Belle she has a phone call. Belle goes to take it. Victor tells her his meeting is running a little longer than expected. We establish that he tried to get her on her cell phone, but couldn't get through. Victor says he has a gift for Claire. She might not appreciate it now but she will someday, "It's a quarter million dollar trust fund."

Mimi thinks she is partly responsible for Phillip reenlisting. She wants to be a better person. She tells Max about the big Caroline challenge – she is supposed to tell the truth for a whole week, "I'm slipping a little, but who's keeping track?"

Max asks if there is another reason she is doing this, "Like trying to get Phillip and Belle back together so you can go back to Shawn."

Patrick tells Billie to stay the hell out of it. Hope wonders what Billie is doing there. Billie mentions this little thing called bail.

Hope says, "You tell me you have changed but you think nothing of sleeping with married men."

"Bo and I are over," says Billie.

Bo comes back out and says he has changed his mind. He just wants to go home, "If I got a home to go to that is."

Hope is magnanimous. She tells him he can come home. Patrick has a conniption. Billie says she will take Patrick home, "I think I know where he lives." Roman takes Patrick to sign off on dropping the charges.

Hope talks to Bo, "I don't know what to do about us." Bo wants the truth. He drags her into the office, "What kind of deal did you make with him to drop the charges? What did you promise him?" Hope stares.

Lucas asks Kate what's going on. Kate says EJ is making Sami an offer she can't refuse. Lucas says, "She's probably telling him she quits right now."

Kate says, "She has been in there too long for that."

EJ works on Sami as she looks at the file. He presses her for a decision. She says if this is some plot to get her into bed it won't work.

EJ says, "I'm not going to give away a third of my company to get you into bed, darling."

"How does Kate feel about this," asks Sami.

"She's on board, more or less," says EJ.

"I'm guessing less," says Sami, "OK. I'll do it. I'll take the job."

Mimi says she knows Shawn wouldn't take her back. Max says they have never been that close and now they are like best friends. Mimi goes over how they got together. She says she wasn't trying to use him. Max asks about her saying "love 'ya" just before she hung up the phone, "Did I hear right?"

Mimi says he heard right and decides this would be a good time to be sick. She runs to the back of the plane.

Belle is stunned, "A quarter million dollars. Why would you do that? I was just hoping you'd pick up lunch." Victor says it's a trust for her college education. Belle suggests talking when he gets there. She hangs up and the waitress gives her a little cup of something for Claire.

Belle thanks her and turns around. Oh the shock! "OMG! Where is my daughter?"

Lucas walks into EJ's office and asks what Sami is doing. Sami tells him the offer is amazing. EJ leaves so they can talk. Lucas badgers her and accuses her of telling another lie.

Outside, EJ offers Kate a drink. She passes and asks what happened in there. EJ says Sami took the job. Kate says, "On second thought, I think I'll have that drink." EJ wants Kate to trust him. Kate says she doesn't give a damn what EJ wants, "If you want my trust do something to make me trust you."

Mt. Lucas erupts. Sami tells him this is an incredible opportunity. EJ is making her a full partner, "Lucas, this is my chance. All I have to do is..."

"Sleep with the guy, right?"

Mimi comes back. She fumbles around and says she didn't mean anything when she said that, "It just popped out. I hope you didn't take it the wrong way."

"What way would that be," asks Max.

Mimi says, "Whichever way would be... disappointing... so we're still friends?"

"Yes." The plane begins its descent.

Belle freaks out and looks for Claire. The waitress helps. She runs around the place yelling, "Little girl! Where are you?"

"I'm right here," screams Belle. Hysteria abounds.

Kate says Sami is unqualified and unknown. EJ says she will be soon enough, "Once she is a full partner the whole world will know the name Sami Brady."

Lucas says this is a trick to get her into bed. Sami says the job is a great opportunity. This is a chance for her to make something of her life, "It just comes down to whether or not you can trust me. Can you?" Lucas stares.

Hope says she asked Patrick to drop the charges to keep Bo out of jail. Bo thinks there had to be a good reason for Patrick to back off. "What was the deal? What did you promise him?"

An officer interrupts and tells them Claire is missing.

Roman arrives. Belle blithers. She tells Roman what happened. Roman assures her they will find Claire. He asks for a recent photo and a description of what she was wearing. Belle gives him a picture and the description.

Roman leaves with the picture. Victor arrives, "What's going on? Why are the police here?"

Belle bawls, "Claire's gone. She's missing. Someone took her."

Victor is shocked. "It's my fault," wails Belle.

Lucas says he trusts Sami but not EJ. He thinks this is a mistake, "We're getting close again. Don't screw this up."

Sami vows that she won't let anything ruin what they have, but this is a great opportunity. And it's a way for her to get the respect she has always wanted. Lucas says he won't stop her. He asks her to promise if he pulls anything she will cut him off at the knees.

"A little higher than that," says Sami. She hugs Lucas and thanks him.

Kate can't believe it. EJ says he knows what he is doing. Kate knows what he is doing, too, "She can be had for a lot less."

Sami and Lucas walk out and overhear. Sami says, "Looks who's talking. It doesn't take much to get you on your back, does it EJ?"

Max and Mimi arrive at the Atlanta hospital. He tells a patient they are looking for Spivey. The patient says, "He's gone. He checked out in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago. We never saw the guy again."

"Maybe we should have phoned and asked," says Max.

The mummy looks at a picture of Claire.

Belle cries. Victor comforts her. He thinks Claire just wandered off. Belle thinks that would be a pretty good trick since she can't walk and was strapped in her chair. Victor asks if she saw anything suspicious. She tells him about the guy who made the fuss over Claire. Victor assures her they will find Claire. He goes over to talk to the waitress about the mystery man.

Ho and Dope arrive. Belle embraces this wonderful opportunity to fall apart all over again.

Patrick asks if Billie is satisfied, "If you ever cross me again, I will make sure you and your daughter regret it."


Sami announces she has accepted EJ's offer, "Kate I'm sure you heard the good news."

Kate turns to Lucas, "Are you gong to let this happen?"

"She's a grown woman," says Lucas, "But I'll be there to butt in at a moment's notice."

Sami gives her parting shot to Kate, "So long, partner. Do you realize you and I have the same power, and I didn't have to sleep with the devil to get it?"

Max asks if Spivey was conscious when he left. The guys say they couldn't tell, "But he was in a lot of pain."

"He probably thought they were making him go back to Belle," says Max.

Captain Shepard comes up and introduces himself to Max and Mimi. He is the hospital administrator, "Information on Lt. Spivey is strictly classified."

The mummy stares at the picture.

Bo tells Belle they will find Claire. Hope asks if Belle has told Shawn yet. She says she hasn't, "I can't. He'll blame me. I'll tell him when I know more."

Roman joins the party. Victor comes back over and says the waitress helped him find mystery man's bill, "He paid by credit card. His name is Jesse Faraday."

Bo shows Belle Claire's slipper in a plastic bag. They found it outside. Belle crumbles and falls into a wailing heap in Victor's arms. FF.


EJ says, "My interests in Samantha are not entirely professional." Kate asks, "What do you want from her?" EJ says, "I want her to have my child."

Sami holds Belle and cries. She tells Shawn, "Leave my sister alone. She's scared to death about losing Claire."

Hope says, "Sooner or later you've got to admit that sometimes Bo Brady is wrong. I just don't hold out much hope for our future." Bo huffs.

John takes a knee, "Will you do me the very great honor of marrying me? Right here. Right now." Marlena smiles.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami had some pretty good lines in this one. I wonder how she finds out about Claire.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

The Prevuze fashion police got a couple of good shots in this morning - good job! LOL at Billi's personal ad and ROFL when I got to Hezekiah Lockhart. HAHAHA

I think Vic went a little overboard. A quarter million dollars for Claire's college trust? Granted, it may cost that much by the time Claire is ready for collete - 6 to 7 years from now - but when was the last time ANY of Salem's "kids" actually went to college, let alone graduated? HAHAHAHA

Question for Prevuze - could you tell what the Amazing Baby story was about in the Salem Inquirer?

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder where EJ has been hiding a child all this time that he wants to give to Sami.

Oh, that kind of having of a child.

I didn't realize DOOL was into immaculate conception.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

"Little girl where are you?" "I'm right here screams Belle." HAHAHAHAHAHHA

I also loved Lucas being able to butt in instantly and Max and Mimi possibly should have called before flying to Atlanta. That would have been too smart for them to think of. HA

Great Prevuze to get us going on a Monday!! :D

9:17 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Question for Prevuze - could you tell what the Amazing Baby story was about in the Salem Inquirer?"

I couldn't tell but, hey, the most amazing baby in Salem is the one who's parents haven't had sex since before the first of they year and yet the mother is only about two - three months along in the pregnancy.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I wonder where EJ has been hiding a child all this time that he wants to give to Sami.

it may cost that much by the time Claire is ready for collete - 6 to 7 years from now

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, the Prevuze readers are in rare form today.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

"John takes a knee..."

OOOF I thought Marlena was pissed at him and racked him...LOLOLOLOL :-)

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ho and Dope!! Too funny!

And I love Billie's personal ad!

2:09 PM  

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