Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Toe Fungus

Hope tries to call Bo. There is no answer, and then the doorbell rings. It's Billie. She says she stopped by without calling first because she didn't think Hope would talk to her. She took the calculated risk that Hope would not kill her when she showed up unannounced. She apologizes for the photograph Chelsea emailed. Hope thinks the brat is determined to mess up her life and ruin her marriage with Bo. She's sick of it. She rants about Bo being off to find Patrick. She will hold Billie and her scheming daughter responsible if something happens. And we know it will.

Patrick calls Shawn. He gets voice mail and asks him to call back.

Kate reads the headline in the paper, "EJ Wells feeds homeless." Kate thinks it's good publicity. EJ thinks Kate is being cynical. He gets a call.

"Hot date," asks Kate.

"No dear," says EJ, "You're right here."

EJ goes into another office and asks Patrick what he is doing calling him directly. Patrick says he needs to talk right now. "I don't care," snorts EJ, "Don't call me again!"

Bonnie comes in. Patrick brings up the money. Bonnie tells him he probably just misplaced it. Patrick thinks Bonnie stole it. Bonnie insists she has cleaned up her act. She huffs out and bumps into Bo, "Enter at your own risk."

Bo busts in. He tells Patrick he's there to talk about Hope, "She's my wife and from now on you're going to stay the hell away from her!"

Shawn and Willow argue about buying the new convertible. There is a knock at the door that interrupts their little romp. It's EJ. He tells Shawn, "If you want to keep making the bucks you'd better improve your work ethic." Unfortunately neither the word 'work' nor 'ethic' are in Shawn's vocabulary.

The brat sits with Nick and Abby and complains about Bo smashing her computer, "What will I do without IM-ing?" She feels cut off. Abby suggests she buy a new computer.

"With what money," asks the brat.

"With that money you could earn from that job you should have," says Abby.

Nick offers to let her use a laptop he doesn't use. She thinks he's awesome. He offers to go get it right now. She gives him a smooch on the cheek. He leaves. Abby tells the brat not to mess with his head, "He doesn't deserve the 'Chelsea treatment' – use 'em and lose 'em."

EJ inspects Shawn's apartment, "I gave you all of this. And you fall down on the job." Shawn gets defensive. EJ tells him, "If you don't have a damn good explanation, you're fired."

Billie says she could strangle Chelsea for doing this. She insists nothing happened, and hits Hope with the old standard, "It's not what it looks like."

Hope doesn't buy it, "I don't like having my intelligence insulted. I'm not a DOOL viewer."

"Bo and I are just friends," says Billie.

"I don't lie around naked with my friends," says Hope, "I guess I'm out of touch. Things were going OK for me. Now I don't know whom to trust, but it sure as hell isn't you. If Bo harms Patrick, I won't be able to trust him either."

Patrick offers to have it out with Bo right there. Bo says, "A lot of guys would have killed a man who got his wife pregnant."

Patrick plunges the dagger straight into Bo's heart, "It takes two to tango."

Bo says he and Hope will not deny Patrick access to the child but he is not to hang around Hope ever, "Try to be a man. Stay the hell away from us."

Willow leaves. EJ asks why Shawn hasn't answered his calls. Shawn says Patrick calls all the time including the middle of the night, and doesn't pay him. "You should have called me," says EJ. He apologizes and gives Shawn more money, "If you have a problem with Patrick you come back to me. I will have a chat with Patrick."

Shawn says he saw the press conference. He's glad the Salem PD cleared EJ. EJ wishes he could convince Shawn's father he's innocent. As he leaves he glances at the brochure and gives his parting shot, "You'll look great in that convertible, until they repossess it after I cream Patrick and you have no one to deliver messages to."

Willow comes back out and sees the wad-o-cash EJ has given Shawn. She says something about it and Shawn says it's part of the down payment on his new convertible.

The brat thinks Abby is being unreasonable. She asks why she shouldn't borrow the laptop if Nick isn't using it. Abby says it's about the kiss, not the laptop. Chelsea says she's just thanking him in a way he would understand. Abby thinks she's taking his free will away from him and he doesn't even know it. She tells the brat Nick has a crush on her.

Billie insists Bo will not go after Patrick. Hope isn't so sure. She's worried about what Bo will do. She asks Billie to leave. Billie apologizes again and goes. Hope makes another call.

Bo and Patrick argue. Patrick brings up the picture and reminds Bo that he's not completely innocent. Patrick's phone rings. He starts to answer it, but Bo slaps it away. He tells Patrick not to show up at the house like a schoolboy, "I know what you want, and you're not getting it! The authorities know what you and Wells are up to. It will be over soon enough." Bo leaves. Patrick follows and locks the door.

EJ walks in from the back of the house, "Patrick, locking the door isn't going to end the mess you've made of things."

Kate computes. Billie comes in. She shows Kate the incriminating picture. Kate says she thought it was over between her and Bo. Billie insists nothing happened. Kate is amused, "When Chelsea wants something, she really goes after it. Did Hope overreact as usual?"

"She's furious and confused," says Billie, "Did you put Chelsea up to this?"

"No," says Kate, "Let me remind you. Not so long ago you would have been happy to have Chelsea get Hope to throw Bo out of the house."

"I'm pretty happy as it is. Hope throws him out so much he's part of the weekly trash pickup," says Billie. She asks for Kate's help in controlling the little snot. Kate stares.

The brat can't believe Nick has a crush on her, "I treat him like toe fungus! I don't understand."

"He finds you exciting."


"When he found out you had been arrested he really became interested," says Abby.

"That is so sweet," says the brat, "And useful.

Nick rushes up with the laptop. Chelsea promises to take care of it, "Whenever Bo's around, I'll have it chained to the desk. Nick, you're OK – for a geek." She gives him a peck on the cheek and leaves, with the computer.

Nick is head over heels, "Did you hear what she just said to me?"

"Yeah," says Abby, "Did you?"

EJ tells Patrick he came in through the window. Patrick tells him Shawn won't answer his phone.

"Because you stopped paying him," says EJ.

Patrick says, "Someone stole my money.

"Boo hoo," mocks EJ, "You think you can jeopardize our operation?"

"I'm broke," says Patrick, "I need a few thousand." EJ gives him a wad, "You're an embarrassment."

Patrick turns away. EJ takes off his belt and casually winds it around his hand as he tells Patrick how he spent his day, "You've been running around leaving a wake of chaos behind you. There is a price to be paid for that, Patrick." WHACK! Patrick flies like a rag doll.

Bo arrives back home. He yells for Hope but there is no answer. He picks up the picture of Billie and him in bed, wads it up and tosses it.

Shawn hooks Willow's necklace. Another knock. "Don't even think about hiding," says Shawn.

Hope is at the door. She asks if Shawn has seen Bo. "We don't exactly hang out," says Shawn. Hope was hoping he stopped by. Shawn would invite her in but he was about to leave. Mommy gives a very disapproving look over his shoulder toward Willow. Shawn asks what Bo did now.

Hope tells him about the photo. Shawn would love to help but he can't. He doesn't understand Bo any more, "Understanding things isn't in my skill set."

Hope's cell phone rings. She picks up. Patrick lies in a heap on the floor and says, "Hope, I need you. I think I'm dying." Patrick scoops up the money and bleeds all over it. Blood money. Hope to the rescue.

Billie asks Kate to talk to Chelsea. Chelsea comes in with the laptop. She tells them about Nick giving it to her after Bo tossed hers.

Billie says, "You're lucky Bo didn't throw you out the window." Kate offers to talk to the brat alone.

Billie leaves and the brat tees off, "Who is she to lecture me? It wasn't me lying in bed with all my clothes off." Chelsea explains why she sent the picture. Kate says Billie wouldn't like what she has to say to the brat. She tells her she thinks she's gutsy and ambitions, "Job well done. I congratulate you. Bravissima!"

Abby tells Nick to get a life. Nick insists Chelsea doesn't know he exists except when he comes to the rescue in a crisis. Abby says, "You do understand that she's using you, right?"

Nick says, "Chelsea will look at Nick Fallon and realize what she's been missing out on."


Nick insists he will eventually get her and runs out. Abby rolls her eyes.

Hope rushes into Patrick's place yelling for him. She finds him on the floor, "What happened?"

Patrick can hardly talk, "Bo... He's trying to kill me..." Bonnie comes in and panics. She screams at Hope, "They should lock your husband up and throw away the key!" Bonnie calls 911.

The brat smiles. "You are a diamond in the rough," says Kate, "You have tremendous potential." Kate says she will be her ally, but if she screws up she will deny all knowledge. She tells the little snot she needs to focus on what she wants and fly under the radar. She says the laptop will be useful. She should do a blog, and when she deals with her parents she needs to use kid gloves, "You need to smooth out those rough edges or you'll spend your life all alone."

Shawn and Willow drive in Shawn's new convertible. Willow decides she wants to go to Chez Rouge. She wants to see how the other half lives. She asks about Bo. Shawn says he isn't worried. He's living his dream, "I have a beautiful woman and a beautiful new car. Now all I need is a beautiful living room to drive it in to." Shawn puts the pedal to the metal.

Bonnie tells Patrick they will sue Bo for everything he's got. Patrick wonders why Bonnie is interested in such small change. He moans, "Hope... Hope..."

Hope calls the house and Bo answers. Hope says, "At least you didn't leave town. Have you lost all sense?" Bo is as clueless as ever. Hope says, "I'm at the hospital with Patrick."

Bo nukes, "I told him I would go with you to your doctor appointments and he should stay away!"

She says, "I don't know you any more, Brady, you'd just better get yourself a good attorney."

Bewildered Bo babbles, "Hope, whaaa....." Hope hangs up.

Bo scratches his head, "An attorney?"

Billie arrives at the disheveled apartment, "What happened?" She sees blood everywhere and yanks out her cell phone. She calls Bo and tells him about the blood. Then Billie finds a note from Bonnie and reads it to Bo, "Took Patrick to the hospital." Billie gasps, "OMG! It's Patrick's blood."

Kate computes as EJ comes into her office. She asks what's wrong, "Your tie is crooked." He pulls it off, stands her up and asks her to go back to his place. "Your place is too far away," says Kate.

The brat sets up the camera on her computer, hops onto her bed and looks at it, "Hi. I'm Chelsea. I'm 19, and this is my room." She rambles about Billie. She's peeved at the world. She just wanted to say hi and let people know she is there, "I have a lot to say."

Nick watches. "People are fake," says the brat, "But I'm wearing steel toed boots and I'm ready to kick some butt."

Hope tells Patrick she is so sorry. Patrick says Bo did this. Hope promises to stay with him. "Thanks Hope," moans Patrick, "You're all I've got."

Billie tells Bo, "Something bad happened here." She has a firm grasp of the obvious.

While he's still on the phone, there is a knock at Bo's door. He answers it to find a cop standing there, "I'm here to arrest you." Bo thinks it's a joke. The cop assures him it's not.

Billie yells, "Bo! What's going on?"

Willow can't believe she is having escargot. Shawn takes a look at it and decides to have steak, "Now this is the life, huh?" They toast each other. Abby comes up and tells Shawn Bo is looking for him. Shawn is peeved. He doesn't want anything to do with Bo right now.

Abby says, "He's been arrested. He needs you." FF Brainiac.


Max says, "Don't worry about me Abby. I know what I'm doing, OK?" Abby says, "If that's true, then why do you seem to not have a clue that Mimi is falling for you?"

Abe yells at John, "We are done talking about EJ Wells. It's over! Now do I make myself clear?" Bo looks on in the background.

EJ looks at Sami and says, "I'm not beyond forgiveness, am I?"

Hope tells Bo, "I can't continue on this ride with you any longer. It's over."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe Billie. Why would she go over to Hopes if she thought Hope wouldn't talk to her on the phone? What did that whole conversation prove? And so Billie says she is sorry for what Chelsea did but not for tempting Bo. She didnt have anything to do with what Chelsea did and just went over to try to smooth things over with Hope for what she did.

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SO SICK of Hope taking Patrick's side over Bo's. I would say I can't wait to see her grovel back to Bo when all this is brought out about EJ and Patrick, but we all know Bo is the dung on Hope's shoes and he will just be glad to be in her good graces again. *rolling eyes*

6:04 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"we all know Bo is the dung on Hope's shoes "

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You have a very low opinion of dung. :)

6:12 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I started laughing with the title, "Toe Fungus" and never stopped. Loved all the pictures, especially Bulldog's Hallmark card picture.

Really lost it with the Prevuism, "Bo gets thrown out so much he's part of the weekly trash pick-up". Bulldog's right. Abe needs to get his tote board in gear again. HAHAHAHA

Even Abby had a nice zinger for the brat, "with the money you could earn from the job you should have". Nice one, Abs!

6:47 AM  
Anonymous kotu said...

Chelsea isn't so much a "use 'em and lose 'em" kind of slut. She's more of a "use 'em and whine 'em to death" gal.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I have a different opinion. I say go Patrick! Mainly because Bo is stupid enough to get into these situations with Billie in the first place. But also Hope doing that and then taking him back every time. I loved that she's thrown him out so regularly "he's part of the weekly trash". HAHAHAHAHA

Loved the picture of Bo tossing out the wrong computer and Jr. looking for a new wall to crash through.

Great Prevuze today!! :D

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing that upsets me is that they finally got a good looking guy on this soap with a sexy accent and he's the bad guy. sigh

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sick of how Bo keeps running to Billie, and expecting his wife to be just fine seeing the woman that has tried numerous times to break up her marriage in her husband's arms. I know if I saw a picture of my husband in bed, half naked, with another woman, I would not be happy about it.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"The only thing that upsets me is that they finally got a good looking guy on this soap with a sexy accent and he's the bad guy. sigh"

You are referring, no doubt, to Hans Schnitzel? :)

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that Willow looks like a dog hanging her head out the window when riding in the convertible?

10:49 AM  

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