Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Scheming, Two-Faced Little Wench

Shawn pries himself away from Willow and asks what Belle is doing there. She just says she didn't mean to interrupt. He chases her as she leaves, “I can explain.”

Patrick and Hope talk. Hope is concerned about Shawn. Patrick reminds her Shawn is an adult. The question is an adult what. Gnat? She hopes Bo really does care. She believes he does. Bo interrupts, “Hope, we need to talk.” Hope tells him she said everything she wanted to say at the Harbor Master's office. “I know,” says Bo, “It's my turn.” Hope is stunned. She has to wrap her mind around the concept of actually letting Bo say something.

“She's not interested,” says Patrick.

Roman is with Kate but he doesn't know why. Kind of like we all wondered when he married the... girl. She gets coy and says it's because he's such a wonderful man, “And... I need your help with a scheming, two-faced little wench.”

“Does she have a name?”

“S-A-M-I,” says Kate, “That's right. Sami Brady. Your little girl. She's out to ruin Lucas' life again and we're going to stop her.”

CAT FIGHT! Carrie and Sami ramble around the room in a ball of dust and blood as the guys are torn between watching the show and stopping the fight. They pull them apart but the girls work their way back to each other with the guys holding on. It's a four-way tag team battle royale.

HAIR PULLING... SCREAMING... GRISTLE GRABBING! The girls work free and tumble around the room, right into the table holding the cake. Down comes the cake and a nuclear food fight erupts. Lucas takes Sami's picture with his phone and says he's going to put it all over the Internet. Cake clad Sami screams that Carrie and Austin have spoiled their family celebration. Carrie tells her no one will ever love her again.

“That shows what you know,” screams Sami, “Tell her, Lucas.” Lucas stands there like a statue. Crickets chirp in the background. “I should have known,” sighs Sami, “Look! We all made mistakes here, so why don't you just accept my apology and we can all just move on?!”

Carrie tells her they are all moving on without her and she can just stay there all alone. Sami says this is exactly why she didn't tell them – she knew they would react just like this. Lucas jumps on her case but Sami insists she has changed. She claims she stopped the wedding because she knew Carrie and Austin belonged together and that proves she has changed.

The wrecking crew piles on. Carrie claims Sami appears to have changed because someone forced her by threatening her. “Dammit, Sami,” screams Lucas, “You haven't changed a bit, have you?” EJ listens outside the apartment door.

Shawn catches up with Belle. Willow butts in, but Shawn asks to speak to Belle, “Are you OK?”

“I'm just a little dizzy.”

Good,” says Shawn, “I thought something was wrong.” Shawn has her sit down and tells her he's going to explain to her about Willow and what she means to him, “She's just a friend. What you saw means nothing at all. What you didn't see, we shall not speak of.” Willow listens and doesn't take it well.

Hope sends Patrick to a neutral corner while she and Bo talk. Bo tells her he wants to talk to her about why he wasn't there for Shawn tonight. Hope says, “We have had this conversation.” The viewers are all too aware of that, too.

Bo tempts fate, “Maybe you'll be quiet long enough to listen.”

Roman wonders just what Sami has done. Kate tells him she made Lucas move in with her. “OMG,” says Roman, “I should have him arrested right now.” Kate makes her case, but Roman tells her Lucas and Sami are grownups and don't need her permission to live together. Kate dumps on him about Sami. Roman tells her he's getting tired of her getting on Sami like this.

“Everyone does it,” says Kate, “And everyone wonders when you and Marlena will take responsibility for that nightmare you spawned.”

Roman points out her kids and especially her granddaughter aren't perfect. Kate just wants him to keep Sami away from Lucas. “Kate, I have actual bad guys to catch,” says Roman, “I'm going to let Sami make her own choices.”

“Even if they are always the wrong ones?”

“Well,” says Roman, “Sooner or later, she will learn.” He gets up and starts to walk away but she asks, “And who pays? Our grandson Will?” Roman stands paralyzed.

Austin claims Sami didn't run out on the wedding because of guilt. Lucas torques up the mouth and steps in, “Yeah, you have to have a conscience to feel guilty and Sami's not burdened with one of those, are you Sami?”

Sami defends herself as the three stooges gang up on her. EJ listens. He yells through the door, “Is everything all right in there.” Sami can't get to the door fast enough. Larry Moe and Curly invite him in so he can hear what the real Sami is like. Sami reconsiders and asks him to come back later.

Bo has been thinking about what Hope said. She cuts him off and tells her not to use Zack's death as an excuse for his bad behavior. Bo goes on and rambles about Zack. He claims he was just trying to fix things. Hope interrupts and tells him to stop protecting the brat. Bo says, “If I could do tonight over, Chelsea would be in jail and I would be there for you and Zac... you and Shawn.” Hope isn't buying it. Bo tells her she can walk away but only if Patrick walks away too, “He's dangerous.” Hope says she can handle him.

Just in case Willow didn't hear, Shawn repeats that she doesn't mean anything to him. Willow stomps out as Belle smiles and tells him she is crying because she thought he was going to die but didn't. She just doesn't know if Shawn cares about her and Claire or not. Shawn insists everything he does is because he cares so much.

The psychic wonderland that is Belle's mind churns and comes up with, “How can you say that you care? You barely came to see me in the hospital.” Shawn says he did, but he knew Belle didn't want him there because he overheard her talking to Carrie. Belle explains that her warped thinking pattern interpreted the fact that he dropped the custody suit to mean he didn't want her and Claire any more.

Shawn explains that his warped thinking pattern made him drop the suit because he respected Phillip, “You and Claire are everything to him.”

“WERE everything to him,” bawls Belle, “He's gone.”

Hope insists she won't be sucked in by Patrick. Bo argues and tells Hope he is trying to protect her. Hope says she has to give the father of her baby a chance.

Roman wonders if Kate really thinks Will is at risk. Of course Kate does. Roman says, “I talked to him after he ran away. He said things were better because his parents were back toget... her... Why the hell did I not see that?”

Kate says they have to keep Lucas and Sami apart because the longer this goes on the higher Will's hopes will be, “Sooner or later Will is going to leave and he will not come back.”

The three vigilantes continue to lynch Sami. Carrie takes the lead, “I'm gonna let everyone know exactly what you did... your father, John, Will... and you will be to them exactly what you are to me – NOTHING!”

Austin and Carrie leave. They must've found out the roof is vacant. Sami stares. Note to readers: what we thought in the previews yesterday were bruises on Sami's face turns out to be smeared cake icing.

Roman says he has been blunt with Sami but she doesn't listen. He's open for ideas if Kate has any. Kate suggests Marlena. Roman will go see Marlena and talk about Sami, “She and John aren't back together yet are they?”

“Not that I know of,” says Kate, “This might be a way for you to find your way back into Marlena's life.” Roman says that's not what this is about.

Kate lets out a squeak, “Co-parenting. It can be so much fun. Not as much fun as meddling, though.”

Sami offers to go get another cake. Hard headed... uh, hearted Lucas says he will celebrate with Will later – alone. Sami begs him not to do that. Lucas blasts more accusations at her, “I can't believe I was going to trust you again. I can't believe I wanted to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together. I'm done caring about you. I will never make that mistake again. Ever.” Lucas walks away as Sami breaks down.

Belle says she loves Phillip but not the way he needed her to.

“Suddenly we're both free,” says Shawn.

Willow is free, too,” says Belle, “At least she's giving free samples.” Shawn insists she doesn't mean anything to him.

Belle knows that. Shawn wonders why she is sad, then. “Because the Shawn that I know would never use a girl.” Shame on Belle, taking advantaged of an easy target like Shawn.

Patrick comes up and tells Hope their table is ready. Bo grabs her and says he will get the evidence on Patrick and he will go to jail.

Unhand that woman, you cad,” says Patrick, “Don't you ever lay a hand on this woman again. Do you hear me?” Bo and Patrick knock the sense out of each other. It's a short fight.

Roman gets a call as he leaves. He says he'll be right there. Kate sits alone as EJ comes to her table. He tells her the game of seducing Sami away from Lucas may be over. He tells her about the melee at Sami's apartment. Kate is disappointed there was no blood. EJ says, “Sami was vulnerable, truly vulnerable.”

EJ tells her he left and so did Austin and Carrie. Kate is upset he left Sami and Lucas alone, “They're probably licking icing off themselves as we speak.” she wants to know what EJ thinks is going on.

Carrie and Austin sit down to dinner. Carrie asks, “Do you realize everything that has happened this year? OMG, I feel so stupid.”

That goes without saying,” says Austin. They bash Sami and then Lexie. Carrie wonders if Abe will give Lexie another chance. Austin thinks he might. “Unless,” says Carrie, “Someone warns him.” Carrie can barely live with herself for the way she hurt Austin and Lucas, “Do you think Sami feels that way? NO. I'm telling you, Sami and Lexie took something precious away from me and I want to do the same for them.”

Hope steps between the boys and breaks up the fight. Patrick says Bo is crazy and he is going to demand police protection. Bo flashes his teeth and smiles like a fiend. He claims Hope is the one who needs protection – from Patrick. Roman arrives.

Shawn claims he didn't use Willow. Belle says, “You had her half undressed and said she meant nothing. The old Shawn would never do something like that.”

“You're wrong,” Insists Shawn, “I had her completely undressed in the boat . Phillip bails on you and you feel sorry for the guy.”

“Phillip was upset.”

“So was I. Mimi lied to me. My grandfather lied to me. Willow said she would make me feel better and I took her up on the offer. It was just a kiss. It's no big deal.”

Belle says, “That kiss just showed me that you and I don't have a future.”

Sami knows there is no excuse for what she did, but she thought Lucas saw something in her. Lucas says he used to think that too. But now he is moving out.

EJ tells Kate he thinks Lucas is done with Sami. Kate is skeptical. EJ says he will play the role of good neighbor. He has a plan, “After dinner, you send Lucas back and he'll find me in bed with Sami. That should seal the deal.”

“Well, that's good for you,”says Kate. EJ reminds Kate it was her idea to have him seduce Sami away from Lucas, “Is there a problem.”

“Yes,” says Kate, “With you. You seem overly enthusiastic about your assignment.” He tells her he loves his job and notices there is a touch of green in her eyes.

Carrie says they took her self respect and she will never be able to trust anyone again. She trusts Austin, though. He promises never to lie, cheat or abandon her. She has to promise to do the same and to trust him. She promises. Anybody have a hankie? Carrie thinks anytime she sees Sami she's going to want to punch her in the face. “I have an idea about that,” says Austin, “I think we should leave Salem.” He gets the first standing ovation of his acting career.

Kate isn't upset because EJ is taking Sami to bed, much. She's annoyed because EJ is playing games with her. Kate wants to know everything.

EJ says, “Why don't you come a little closer and I'll tell you.” Kate gets closer. EJ whispers in her ear and takes a few nips while he's at it.

Austin wants to move to Switzerland and open up a new office. Carrie likes the idea and wants to go right after she deals with Lexie.

Sami claims they can't keep hurting Will. Lucas tells her to keep Will out of it. He says it's Sami who hurts Will, anyway. Sami says she knows it's her fault but if Lucas walks out Will is never going to understand.

Speak of the little urchin... Will walks in and wonders what happened. Sami starts to concoct something but Will cuts her off at the knees, “Mom, what did you do this time? Dad?”

“I'm sorry, son,” says Lucas, “But I can't live here anymore.”

Belle claims they can't be together because of Claire. She thinks Shawn isn't ready to be a father, “You have way too much growing up to do.”

“So does Claire,” says Shawn, “Exactly the same amount as a matter of fact. We'd be perfect for each other.”

“NO,” yells Belle, “I'm not letting another man play daddy to my little girl and then walk out.” Belle stomps off.

Roman wants to know what happened. Patrick wants Bo arrested for assault. Roman asks if Bo punched Patrick.

“Yeah,” says Bo, “And I'd do it again.”

Roman can't believe it, “Great answer, Bo. Very smart.” Bo beams with pride. Roman sends Hope and Patrick out and tells Bo he will get his statement down at the station. Bo says he isn't leaving Hope alone with Patrick. The cuffs Roman slaps on him say differently, “You have the right to remain silent...” Bo begs Roman to get someone down there to keep an eye on Lockhart. Patrick and Bo have a staredown. FF on Patrick's fat lip.


Kate asks Lucas, “Why don't you come and stay with me? It's a big suite...” Sami interrupts, “No way in hell!”

Carrie unloads on Lexie, “How the hell do you live with yourself?”

Hope says, “I'm so sorry about everything.” Patrick says, “Maybe I should stay away.”

Abe tells Bo, “You are out of control. You are hereby relieved of duty.”


Blogger Vampire Bear said...

You should have a photo of Sami and EJ with the caption saying "It's too bad we won't end up together because you're not older than my mother." or something. Ear nibbling, icky.

BTW I recorded a new introduction for my "Ask Vampire Bear" video - the new entry has it.

6:12 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

"Bo bares his teeth and smiles like a fiend". Sounds like Snarly is in fine form today. Between his teeth baring and John's squinting and clenching I feel like I'm watching a bunch of bad actors in a silent movie. Unfortunately, it's not silent.

Austin's first standing ovation of his acting career. HAHAHAHA

Great pictures. I was afraid I wasn't going to get Prevuze today. Earlier I was only picking up a portion of it and no pics what-so-ever. That gust of wind outside is actually my big sigh of relief!

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Sami did was bad. But now Carrie is blaming all of her choices on that. It's her own fault she put having a baby before being with the one she loved, and it's her fault that she cheated.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belle said something I agree with - I am frightened. Shawn is a class A jerk "saving" Willow and then treating her like dirt. Completely unforgivable and what's with the just a kiss thing???

I don't think I have ever laughed harder than the Austin standing ovation comment - my thoughts exactly.

Very funny Prevuze today. Thank you!

7:32 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

Ah, Bo Brady.

You could even call him "Snarles Barkley" - hee hee.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

So if Belle was just going to yell "NO!" and stomp off why did she do all of this whining and crying about Jr. and go down there to talk to him anyway? I know, so they can drag this out to infinity.

I was tickled at the way Prevuze wrote that one sentence: "Belle cries because she thought Shawn was going to die but didn't." Yeah, that's how most of us feel, too! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today, it's helped a gloomy and hectic day!

10:17 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

"Snarles Barkley" - great one, Vampire Bear.

I can bearly stand it. LOLOLOLOL

1:48 PM  

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