Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The Internet as you know and love it is going down the drain as big business gets its grubby mitts on it. Be sure to watch Bill Moyers' "The Net At Risk" Whenever it is on your local PBS station this week:

"The future of the Internet is up for grabs. Last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) effectively eliminated net neutrality rules, which ensured that every content creator on the Internet-from big-time media concerns to backroom bloggers-had equal opportunity to make their voice heard. Now, large and powerful corporations are lobbying Washington to turn the World Wide Web into what critics call a "toll road," threatening the equitability that has come to define global democracy's newest forum. Yet the public knows little about what's happening behind closed doors on Capitol Hill."

Become informed, take action and help stop corporate giants from taking the Internet away from YOU.

Belle is concerned about Claire but John assures her she slept well. Belle tees off about Victor. She can't believe what he did. Marlena and John kind of jump to his defense. They remind Belle that Victor wasn't the only one who knew about Claire.

“You're right,” admits Belle, “There was Bonnie and Mimi, MY BEST FRIEND, and of course Kate, and that little brat Chelsea, not to mention the entire quilting circle at St. Luke's. Even if I deserved to get hurt in all of this, Phillip and Claire were innocent.”

“Why do you say you deserved to get hurt,” asks Marlena.

“I have done some stupid things,” says Belle.

You can't change what you are,” says Marlena.

Belle rants, “I have paid and paid and paid and it's somebody else's turn now.”

“I've never heard you talk like this Belle,” says Marlena.

“Well, I'm PISSED, says the potty mouth, “And I'm just sad, which makes me happy. If Victor had just told me the truth, everything would be different. SHAWN AND I WOULD BE TOGETHER. There would have been no embryo switch. Don't you think I have a right to be angry?”

John caves in to her tantrum and tells her she has the right to do anything her little privileged heart desires. Belle says she knows what she has to do, “Apparently, nice girls finish last.”

Where do selfish little morons finish,” asks John.

Belle claims she has lost everything. John reminds her she does have Claire and Shawn will always be there for her, between hookers, “Things have a way of working themselves out.”

Belle wonders what she should do about Shawn. Marlena goes to get her bag as John tells Belle she should do absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, over at Sami's place, they are celebrating Will making the basketball team. Lucas asks Sami if she has plans for the evening. He is surprised when she says she doesn't. Lucas teases her about her interest in EJ, but Sami says she'll make the sacrifice and stay there with them for Will's sake. Lucas pushes her about getting back together, but Sami tells him not to press his luck. Lucas wonders what Sami is afraid of. They are interrupted by the doorbell.

Lucas says, “If that's EJ, tell him I've got more Limburger in the fridge, and I just bought a brand new whoopee cushion, too.”

Well, it's Austin at the door. He's there to see Lucas.

Patrick arrives and the brat gets on him for taking his sweet time to get there. He reminds her he's not at her beck and call. She reminds him if he's going to get together with Hope he'd better get used to being at a woman's beck and call. She tells him she has the juiciest piece of news ever, “Right about now is a perfect opportunity for you to make another move on Hope.”

Patrick asks, “Why is that?” The brat says, “Because right now she's really PISSED at Bo and she's going to need another shoulder to cry on.”

She tells him about Bo coming to her rescue instead of Shawn's.

Hope dumps all over Bo for letting Shawn take the boat out. Just like old times.

Belle tells John she's not about to let Shawn go. John says he's just advising her to get off the roller coaster ride for a while.

“Oh,” says Belle, “Like you did when Alex North married Mom and you came in with your rifle...” Belle gets a warning for hitting below the belt.

“I admit,” says John, “That I wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer during that sequence of time. Or most other sequences of time. So how about if you do as I say, not as I do?” He says he's just suggesting she chill for a while. He thinks Shawn will come around and she and Shawn will find each other.

Hope is practically homicidal. Shawn tries to jump to Bo's defense but nothing is going to stop Hope from nailing Bo.

The brat tells Patrick they both want the same thing – they want Bo unattached from Hope. At the moment, that's probably what Bo wants, too. Patrick brushes her off and leaves.

Lucas and Sami invite Austin and Carrie inside. Austin says, “I'm sorry. We don't want to make anyone uncomfortable, but we came anyway.” Carrie says she is sooooooo sorry for what she did. Kind of. Lucas is, shall we say, unimpressed. Sami takes the opportunity to dump on both of them. She turns on Carrie, reminds her about cheating with Mike and says, “Lucas deserved much better than you, but hey, it's all in the family.”

Marlena tells Belle she heard her talking to John, “How do you feel about all of this?” Translation: Marlena heard her talking to John but didn't listen, so we get to go through the agony all over again.

Well, Belle just doesn't know and wonders what Marlena thinks. Marlena thinks John is trying to protect his little girl. And we wonder why Belle never grew up. But I digress. Marlena advises Belle to go to Shawn and tell him how she feels before something else keeps them apart. “I guess that would be the intelligent thing to do,” says Belle, “So I probably won't do it.”

Shawn perks up when he finds out the brat was arrested for prostitution. Bo tells him she was just brought in, but didn't actually do the deed. He says he figured Shawn was safe if he was following the rules he had set down, so he stayed with Chelsea. In other words, he stayed with one prostitute while his son stayed with another.

Hope comes out of her corner for another round of Bo bashing. She wonders when he will start making the right choices. Bo decides to stay there instead of walking out, so there he goes, making yet another bad choice. Willow soaks it all in as Bo digs himself in deeper. He claims he has a responsibility to his daughter. Hope tells him Chelsea manipulates him and he falls for it every single time. By golly, if he's coming back to her, she will be the only one allowed to manipulate him.

Bo says his family means more to him than anything. Patrick rushes in and Bo has a fit, “This is a family matter and you're not family.”

Willow thinks maybe she should wait outside. “No,” says Shawn, “We consider prostitutes to be family.”

Bo yells, “Get out before I throw you out!” In real life, this is the part where Patrick grabs Bo, crushes him into a little ball and stuffs him into the wastebasket. But this, of course, is not real life.

Carrie says she and Austin hate how they have handled this. Austin says Lucas has known forever how Carrie and he felt about each other but Lucas made a play for her anyway. He also reminds Lucas he knew Carrie was the incompetent president of Highstyle, but didn't tell him. He says if Lucas had been honest with him, none of that would have ever happened. Lucas blows a gasket and signs the divorce papers in order to get Carrie out of his life for good. As he does, The Hand slips a note under the door. Lucas sees it happen and goes over to investigate. The little busybody opens the note as Sami protests. He reads it and looks at her, “Sami, how can you do this?”


Sami reminds him there is someone out to get their family and wonders how Lucas could just believe something he read on a note. Lucas says it affects everyone in the room. Sami wants to see the note but the little adolescent won't let her. The nitwit passes it over for Carrie and Austin to read.

Carrie gasps, “It says you forced Lexie into telling me if Austin and I had children together it would have severe birth defects. That was a lie? YOU DID THIS TO US?!” Sami stares. Busted.

John tells Marlena and Belle he just got a call from the station and gives them the news about Shawn. Well, Belle has to go now. On her way out she whispers to Marlena, "I'm gonna go get him. And the hooker, too.”

Hope tells Patrick he probably should leave. She's too busy hammering on Bo to have him around. Patrick leaves and Hope picks up right where she left off. Shawn tries to referee. Hope says, “I believed him when he said he would always be there for us. I won't make the same mistake again.”

Kate comes in and asks the brat, “What is that substance surrounding your brain that denies you the good ideas, but lets through the stupid ones?”

“So you heard, huh?”

Kate asks, “Did you think it would remain a secret that you were parading around as a prostitute?” Kate lectures, “What were you thinking?”

“Out of all people, I thought you'd be the one to understand,” says the brat, “I was just doing what you told me to do.” Kate said that's hardly what she meant. The brat tells her the three of them are going into therapy. Kate sees what she's up to and doesn't know whether to be proud of her or not. She wants to know if the brat told Billie she had anything to do with this. The little snot says there are some things her mom is better off not knowing, “She may not like it but you are my mentor, and I have so much to learn from you.” Kate just beams with pride.

Hope rants and rambles. Shawn steps in and says, “You can't blame Dad for my stupidity, unless, of course, it's genetic.”

Bo once again assures her it won't happen again. “You let me down, again,” snorts Hope as she walks out.

Now that Hope's gone, Bo is a man again. He struts after her but Shawn tells him to let her go. Shawn wants to fix things. “As they say,” says Bo, “You can't fix stupid.”

“If the insurance doesn't cover it,” says Shawn, “I'll pay for the boat if it takes all the Days Of Our Lives.”

Bo says he damn well will, “But this isn't about money. It's about trust.”

Willow steps up and takes the blame, “I kept Shawn... busy.”

Bo says it was Shawn's responsibility to stay aware and focused. Shawn apologizes for letting Bo down.

Sami grabs the note and reads it. She asks why they all think she would do something like that. “So I would stay clear of Austin and you could have a relationship with him,” says Carrie.

Austin asks if that's why Carrie broke it off with him. You betcha. Lucas asks if that's why she married him, so she could have a baby. You betcha. She convinced herself that she loved Lucas. She's sooooo sorry. She never knew it wasn't true.

Now it's Austin's turn. He steps up to the Sami-bashing plate. He thought she had changed. If this is true, she has hurt many people who she loves.

Lucas asks her if this is true. Sami lies like the proverbial rug and Lucas sees right through it. Sami admits it. She says she's glad the secret is finally out. She whines, bawls and rationalizes. She knew it was a mistake but couldn't take it back.

Austin tells her to turn off the tears. He wonders how she pulled it off. Sami says she blackmailed Lexie. She told her she would tell Abe about her and Tek if she didn't do it.

Carrie's turn. She reminds Sami she was on her moral high horse about her and Austin and now it turns out Sami deliberately kept them apart, “This is all your fault!”

“It all worked out, didn't it,” asks Sami.

John can't understand why Belle left. Marlena tells him he said all the right things, “I think Belle just weighed your wisdom against her intuition. And, as we all know, your wisdom doesn't weigh very much.”

“I guess you just can't tell with kids these days,” says John, “It's hard to read their minds. Of course, Belle's mind is a pretty short read.”

“Can you read my mind,” asks Marlena. John reads. John goes for the next chapter.

Bo tells Shawn a boat can be replaced but he can't. Bo is PISSED but he knows Shawn learned something from this. He forgives him. Shawn promises he won't screw up again. Like father like son.

Patrick comes up to Hope on the dock. He says he's sorry if he made things worse for her and Bo. Hope doesn't think that's possible, “Why doesn't Bo get it? WHY?”

He gets it all the time from you,” says Patrick, “But even if he doesn't get it, I do. We have a family coming, too. The offer still stands for us to go away. No pressure, just to talk. You owe it to yourself to do this.”

Hope relents and says she will give him a weekend in Chicago, “I don't want to believe it, but if what Bo says about you is true... I don't completely trust you. If you show me at any time I can't trust you, you don't have to worry about Bo, because I'll take care of you myself.”

Patrick says he understands and suggests going to Chez Rouge. Hope agrees. Chelsea watches as they leave. Bo comes out looking for Hope. She isn't there, so he calls and leaves a message for her.

Willow apologizes for screwing things up for Shawn. Shawn can't believe she stuck around while his parents treated him like a ten year old, even though that's about his mental age. Willow says she got a greater insight into his family especially by seeing what they have gone through with losing Zack.

Willow says this has been one of the best days of her life, “The only thing I wish we could have done was...” She whispers in his ear.

“You're dangerous, but I like it,” says Shawn. She promises him it will be even better next time as they maul each other. Guess who's watching in the background...

Piling on, piling on, piling on Sami. Sami finally decides to fight back. She nails Carrie for deciding having a perfect child was more important than everyone else's happiness, “And you needed Lucas for his SPERM!” Carrie lunges and grabs Sami by the throat, “SHUT UP! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!” FF.


Kate says, “There's more to this plan than you've been telling me.” EJ says, “Why don't you come a little closer and I'll tell you.” Passion ensues.

Carrie tells a bruised Sami, “I'm gonna let everyone know exactly what you did.”

Patrick says, “Don't you ever lay a hand on this woman again. Do you hear me?” Patrick and Bo go at it as Hope yells, “BO!”

Shawn says, “It was just a kiss.” Belle says, “That kiss just showed me that you and I don't have a future.”


Blogger Vampire Bear said...

I don't know about you but seeing EJ and Kate be intimate turns my little bear stomach upside down and makes me want to throw up. Gross!

5:54 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"turns my little bear stomach upside down and makes me want to throw up."

I managed to hurl with my stomach right side up.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has got to be the funniest Prevuze ever!!! Oh my gosh--I've read it 3 times and can't stop laughing!! Very, very good!!

(My husband thinks I'm working this early, but my laughter just gave me away--now he knows what I really do first thing in the morning!!)

Thank you Prevuze!!!

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG the plot is actually moving forward without 25 dream sequences that something happened!!! AND Carrie the perfect physically attacked Sami??!! Wow - I'm impressed...and for the record I don't see anything wrong with EJ and Kate, as long as they don't kiss like her and Roman did. Now THAT was gross!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Is there anyone reading Prevuze and got to the part where the Hand slipped the note under the door that didn't think why didn't one of the feckless foursome, who were right there, just open the door and see who it was? DOUBLE DUH!!!!!

I'm glad Sami at least started giving some of it right back to Carrie.

Prevuze didn't fool me today, I clicked on the forbidden link in about a nannosecond. HAHAHAHAHAHA

GREAT Prevuze today! :D

8:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Prevuze didn't fool me today, I clicked on the forbidden link in about a nannosecond."

To be precise, the Prevuze click-o-meter shows you clicked on the forgidden link in a micronanosecond. As a matter of fact, we're finding out the whole lot of you Prevuze readers are a pretty disobedient bunch when it comes to forbidden links.

8:30 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Well, the story is moving along and is anyone else besides me happy that Austin and Carrie are being written off the show? Go Sami! EJ and Kate being intimate isn't as disgusting as Nicole and Roman being intimate...gross beyond gross!

Great Prevuze today

8:48 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Happy about Caustin leaving the show? You betcha! In fact, I thought they were already gone. Must have been wistful thinking. HAHAHAHA

LOL at all the pictures, even the forbidden one althought I'm shocked, SHOCKED I say, at the fact it took Prevuze this long to come up with that one. HA

Great Prevuze, as always.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caustin is leaving??? You have just made me very happy!!!

Bulldog, you have a brain, the feckless foursome together does not have half a brain. Your suggestion of opening the door to see who was there would make their little minds hurt.

Great Prevuze as usual.:)

9:24 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"EJ and Kate being intimate isn't as disgusting as Nicole and Roman being intimate...gross beyond gross! "

Oh, yeah. That was the time Roman went into Nicole's apartment and didn't come out for two months or so. We all figured Nicole was a bit too much for him and did him in. Poor ole Roman.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Meisha said...

Great prevuze! The forbidden link is always a rare treat and Shawn's stupidity being genetic had me rolling.

So do we get a punch from Carrie to Sami like 1990something? This time I really hope Sami punches back!

12:34 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"So do we get a punch from Carrie to Sami like 1990something? "

I don't know about that, but Sami's bruise was square on the jaw. Either that or there is a big black and blue smudge on my monitor right there.

1:36 PM  

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