Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Heap O' Tears

Carrie thinks Lexie is just as responsible as Sami for what happened. Austin thinks there were mitigating circumstances. He thinks what she did was wrong, but in a way she is also one of Sami's victims. Carrie can't agree, “In my opinion, she deserves to lose her license.”

“Yeah,” says Austin, “her medical skills aren't so hot, are they? But we have a chance to walk away from this. No Sami, no Lexie, no Austin and Carrie.” Carrie agrees. She can't wait to move away from Salem with Austin, but not before she lowers herself to Sami and Lexie's level and gets back at them.

Tek is glad Lexie agreed to meet with him so we can endure them beating their own dead horse again. He hopes she's changed her mind now that she's had time to think it over.

Roman hauls Bo into the police station. Abe can't believe it, “I hope you're joking.”

“The joke,” says Bo, “Is that I'm being arrested while Lockhart runs around free. Abe, he provoked me.”

Hope just happens to drop in and tells Abe that isn't true. Bo was the provokitator. Bo threw the first punch. Hope whups up on Bo and Abe, wisely, asks her to back off. Bo sneers, “You're not gonna book me, Abe. You know the scum is a criminal.” Abe insists he doesn't know anything of the kind, and the case was thrown out of court. He orders Bo taken into interrogation and checks the latest Home Security News Bulletin to see if water-boarding is legal. Hope is afraid of what might happen.

Will examines the cake-explosion residue and asks what happened. Lucas, God bless him, thinks is would be better if Sami told the story. Sami says it's complicated. She soft pedals it and tells him things just got out of hand. He asks what the mound of goo on the floor is. Sami tells him it's his celebration cake. Will asks, “Did you guys have a food fight? Aw man, and I missed it.”

“Of course not,” says Sami, “I think it would be better if we talked about this in the morning.”

The revving sound you hear in the background is Lucas' mouth. He thinks Sami should tell him now. Sami says, “Aunt Carrie and I had a fight.”

“You and aunt Carrie made this mess,” asks Will, “Mom, what did you do now?”

Sami insists she didn't do anything. What she did happened months ago. She tries to shift the conversation to the cake and the wonderful party they were going to have. The mother hen standing next to her, sometimes referred to as Lucas, jumps in and says if Sami doesn't tell Will what happened, he'll be happy to.

Sami is cornered. She tells Will about blackmailing Lexie. Will is stunned. Sami says she knows how bad it is but she will never-never-never do anything like that again. Sami rationalizes, bawls and begs, “Austin and Aunt Carrie are together now, so the end justifies the means and everything is OK, right?”

“Are you crazy,” screams Will, “It's the sickest thing you've ever done. And that's saying a lot.”

Abe tells Hope he's worried, too. Hope just doesn't know what to think any more. Bo is an obsessed madman and she just doesn't know if she can take it any more. Hope is beginning to wonder if this is ever going to end. “It's going to end right now,” says Abe, “I'm going to make sure this never happens again. He tells Hope to hang in there, give her statement and go on home. Abe picks up his rubber hose and heads for the interrogation room.

As she goes to give her statement, Hope sees Patrick come in. she asks how he is and tells him he might want to see a doctor to get checked out. Patrick don' wan' no stinkin' hospital, “Bo is the one who is gonna be in a lot of trouble.”

Roman uncuffs Bo and runs through a litany of Bo's heinous deeds.

“He was provoking me,” says Bo.

He did a damn good job of it,” says Roman.

Bo rants. Roman rants. Rant-o-rama. Bo says Roman will regret taking him off the case. Abe makes his grand entrance and says, “Well, what I regret is letting you keep your badge.”

Austin and Carrie do the Sami – Lexie postmortem. This would be a good time to go fix a cheese sandwich if you're hungry. Sweet Carrie, however, isn't hungry. She decides to skip dinner in favor of wreaking her vengeance on Lexie.

The aforementioned Dr. Slut once again tells Tek she doesn't want to marry him and there is nothing to think about. She is staying with Abe because she loves him, “And I have something to give you to prove I am serious.” She pulls a document out of her purse and hands it to Tek.

“I can't believe you really did it,” says Tek, as he holds the dreaded restraining order.

Sami tries every angle to convince Will she has changed. Will asks if Sami came clean and told Aunt Carrie. Sami says no, and tells him about the note. Will, sighs, “So you haven't changed.” Sami defends herself. She says she did it for Will. The mother-hen clucks in the background.

“You didn't do it for me,” says Will, “You did it for yourself. That's the way it always has been and that's the way it always will be.” Will says he has had it. He gets up to leave and announces he's moving back in with Lucas, for good.

Sami chases him as he runs into his room and slams the door in her face. It's Lucas' turn. He tells Sami to let Will go. Sami begs him not to take her son away, “You don't even live in the building. When will I see him?”

“I guess you won't,” says the man with the heart of stone. Will comes out of his room with his suitcase. Sami grovels. It doesn't do any good. Lucas opens the door for them to leave. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... Kate.

Hope is all torn up. Bo is so filled with hate, she just doesn't even recognize him anymore, except for a few brief interludes of sanity on his part. As she cries on Patrick's shoulder, he suggests maybe he should just stay away. Hope says since they are having a baby, Bo will have to get used to it.

Abe orders Bo to sit down, shut up and listen to him. Abe reminds Bo they have been through a lot together despite Bo's “unorthodox” ways. Abe can't look away from that any more. Bo defied a direct order. Bo insists Patrick is not innocent and he says he knows he is working with someone, “Come on. You said it yourself. I'm a good cop. Let me do my job before Hope or anyone else gets hurt.”

Kate can't wait to hear what is going on. Lucas fills her in. “OMG says Kate, “I knew there was more to that blackmail story, but I never imagined it would be something that bad.” Sami tells her none of this would have happened if Kate wouldn't have sabotaged her wedding to Lucas.

“Oh,” says Kate, “Now it's my fault. Anything I did, I did it to spare Lucas from a life of misery with you. But finally, Lucas and Austin both have seen your true colors. And it looks like Will has, too.” She turns to Lucas and invites him to stay with her.

Sami looks on, “No way in hell!”

Lexie tells Tek he gave her no choice. Tek insists he won't give up on her. That's why she got the restraining order, “Come near me again and you will be arrested. Goodbye Tek. This conversation is over.” Tek says he won't let a piece of paper keep him away from her. To prove she is serious, Lexie calls the cops. Tek decides this might be a good time to leave. He tells her it won't be long before she realizes how wrong she is, drops the document on the bar, and leaves.

Carrie stands behind her, “Well, if it isn't my good friend Dr. Carver.”

Lexie says, “Carrie! Care to join me?”

“No,” says Carrie, “I just have one question for you and I know you will be honest with me, because you always are.”

Lexie sets herself up, “Of course.”

Carrie gives her both barrels, “HOW THE HELL DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?!”

Sami will not permit her son to move in with Kate. Will says he can speak for himself. Lucas jumps in and kicks her while she's down, “No one... not Will or your parents or anyone else will ever forgive you Sami.”

“What about you, Lucas? Do you think you'll ever be able to forgive me?”

Abe says they can't do anything about Lockhart until they get some evidence. Bo says that's exactly what he is trying to do. Abe shouts, “You stay away from this case and away from Lockhart, or you be prepared to face the consequences.”

Hope is sorry for being so emotional. Patrick is there for her. Hope goes to make her statement. Patrick makes a call, “Yeah, it's me. Why the hell didn't you call me back. I know you got my messages. We need to meet ASAP. It's important.”

Carrie unloads on Lexie. She tells her she knows all about the blackmail, “How could you do it to me?”

“Carrie, I never wanted to,” says Lexie, “Sami forced me. I was afraid of losing my family. I was a coward.” Lexie says she was going to tell her that time she came over to her apartment, but then she got the phone call. Carrie asks who it was. Lexie says she doesn't know, but the voice said Abe and Theo's lives were in great danger if she told. She reminds Carrie she told her time and time again to choose the man she loved. Carrie says they both know she would have made a different decision if she thought she could have children with Austin. She tells her she can try to blame Sami as much as she wants, but Lexie is just as responsible.

Patrick offers Hope a ride home. Hope declines, “I think I'll walk and try to clear my head. It's the walking part that will be hard.” He asks about Chicago. Hope can't make any promises. He says he will walk her out.

Abe says Bo's behavior has become a liability to the Salem PD. Bo says if losing his badge is the price he has to pay then so be it. Roman tells him he doesn't want to throw away his whole career. Bo doesn't, “But you guys gotta do what you gotta do.”

Abe says, “If you promise me you'll stay away from Patrick completely...”

Bo says he can't do that and storms out of the interrogation room and attacks Patrick. Abe and Roman pull Bo back into the room as he screams at Patrick.

“That's it man,” yells Abe, “You just blew your last chance.”

Lexie doesn't blame Carrie for hating her, but it couldn't be more than Lexie hates herself. She wishes she could do things differently and make it up to everyone. But all she can do is tell her how sorry she is. She tells her she will miss her friendship. “You're going to miss a lot more than that,” says Carrie, “You violated your oath as a doctor. I'm going to report you to the hospital board, the AMA and the Actor's Guild, and then I'm going to Abe. When I am finished, you will have lost your medical license, your job and your husband.”

Lucas tells Sami, “All I feel for you is pity. And all I see in your future is misery and unhappiness for all the Days Of Our Lives. You bring it on yourself. You always will. I thought we could...”

Sami reminds him he is the one who moved in so they could be a family again. Lucas says that can never happen. “Definitely,” says Will.

Kate suggests they leave and gives Lucas the card-key to her place. She hurls one last parting shot, “Hey, Sami, enjoy your solitude. You've earned it.”

Sami tosses her last shred of dignity aside and begs Lucas not to go, “Please tell me there is something I can do to make this right.”

“No, Mom,” says Will, “There isn't.” We go through the longest door closing in the history of melodrama. Sami collapses into a heap o' tears. Pan to the family picture to twist the knife.

Bo says he's not going to stand by and let Hope leave with a killer. He asks Abe if he could let Lexie do that. Abe and Roman have a contest to see who can make the veins in his neck stand out farther as they yell at Bo. Abe ends with a flourish, “I'm gonna have to ask for your badge and gun. You are hereby relieved of duty, effective immediately.”

Patrick waits behind the chain link fence. He talks into his phone, “We have to talk. Brady is not giving up. It won't be long until he is on to us. Where the hell are you?”

The mystery figure walks up behind him. “Right here,” says EJ, “And this had damn well better be good.” FF.


Marlena says to Sami, “And I pray for you. But if you think you can manipulate me one more time, you'd better think again.”

Hope asks Shawn, “What do you think you're doing sleeping with a hooker?”

John says, “Wrong...” Bo says, “Then Lockhart and whoever he's working for are going down.”

EJ says, “If you cross me, and she finds out that is Bo's baby she is carrying, then you can kiss your little future with her goodbye.”


Blogger Michelle said...

hahahahaha! I love the picture of "the latest in sailing technology". The exact same thought was going through my mind when I saw that! And the part about making a cheese perfect. Thanks for some good laughs today!

5:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I love the picture of "the latest in sailing technology". The exact same thought was going through my mind when I saw that!"

Yeah, but I'm sure the folks at Mattel feel pretty insulted right about now.

5:49 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

This was a fan-tabulous Prevuze. Both of Bulldog's pictures were LOL funny as was the Fancy Fact IV.

Prevuisms abounded. Some of my favorites:
- Lucas revving up his mouth;
- the Rant-O-Rama;
- Pard & Abe seeing who could make their neck veins pop the most! HAHAHAHAHA

Tek: "I can't believe you really did it!"
Me: I can't believe Lexi was able to find a judge to put out a restraining order in the middle of the night! This is just an hour or so after the little confrontation she/Abe/Tec had at the restaurant isn't it?

6:56 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Poor, poor Applecheeks. Still trying to apply some sort of real-time logic to Daze. Nobody ever sleeps in Salem - which might explain their behavior!

Surely they won't have Saintly Carrie rat out Lexie. The town would lose it's only family practitioner/er doctor/obgyn/
transplant specialist/brain surgeon...

LOL over Jr. watching Lassie. A really excellent Prevuze today!! :D

8:10 AM  

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