Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Zippy The Monkey

John and Steve sit down at the pub to talk about Eve's murder. Bo rushes in, yammering a mile-a-minute. He's headed to hospital with Hope for the ultrasound. John gives him a big bondin' buddy hand butt, not so much to be a big bondin' buddy but to establish the fact that John is just way too cool to actually be a 50-something coot. "Now to business," says Bo. He wonders how he can prove to Hope he didn't tamper with the evidence if Eve is dead.

"Whoever bribed Eve, killed Eve," says Patch.

Kate's name comes up as a suspect. Bo doesn't think Kate is capable of murder. John thinks Kate is involved somehow. He says he called Roman, who said he wanted to handle Kate himself. "Yeah, I'll bet," growls Bo.

Kate knocks the door of Eve's apartment. No answer so she pulls out a hankie and credit cards her way in. She uses the hankie to open and go through a dresser and other things in the apartment. No luck. Just as she tries a drawer in a bedside table, Roman walks in and holds up a disk, "Looking for something Kate?"

Austin and Carrie are basking in the afterglow of sin on the rooftop. "Do you know what I want to do," he asks.

"Already," squeals Carrie.

"Get your mind out of the gutter, woman," says Austin. If he's not interested, she's not hanging around. She starts to leave, but he picks her up and twirls her around. He asks her to stay until they can tell Lucas and Sami everything. She's not totally up for that. Austin doesn't want to screw this up. Like he already hasn't.

"I can't just walk up to Lucas and say, 'Honey, I'm going to leave you for your brother.'" Austin tells her they have to do it.

Blind Lucas is two feet outside Sami's door and yells in to her that he has a surprise for her. Sami panics and tells EJ Lucas will kill her if he finds out about Will, "We have had have had a ton of custody battles already." Lucas continues to yell outside the door. Sami relents and lets him inside. He holds up a bottle of champagne as EJ runs out. Lucas gives her the third degree about what EJ is doing there, "And Austin... Are you two getting married?"

Sami insists she isn't marrying Austin. He didn't change her mind when they talked. Lucas senses something is up. He knows that look Sami gets when she is hiding something. Sami's lip quivers.

Patrick has photos of the footprints. They have identified the soles of the shoes as being from an expensive Italian line, "What's more," he says, "We know that OJ is still wearing Bruno Maglis. Case closed if you ask me." Hope comes in looking for Bo. Patrick tells her he went to the pub to meet friends. Hope looks dejected. Patrick asks if something is wrong. "Never mind," says Hope.

Patrick and Hope talk privately. She tells him about the ultrasound. She's peeved Bo is at the pub instead of with her, "If it were his biological child, he would never forget something like this." She wants Patrick to be there. Even though it's Patrick's first day as a rookie cop, he's going to blow it off in order to see the unintelligible squiggly pictures. Off they go to the hospital as Tek sighs.

Roman asks Kate why she always has to lie and cheat. He says John told him he thought Kate would try something like this. Roman thought if she were involved he'd rather handle it on his own.

"I always love it when you're protective of me," says Kate, "Is there anything I can do to show my appreciation?"

"Yes," says Roman, "Don't resist arrest."

"You're not going to arrest me," snaps Kate, "All I did was follow my ex into an apartment."

Roman tosses one in from left field, "You stole my brother's life, Kate, and now you will pay for it."

Carrie promises she will not change her mind again, but wants to ease them into it. Austin pushes. Carrie wonders why she accepted Lucas proposal to begin with. "The word DUMB comes to mind," says Austin, "But, actually, you will be doing him a favor." Carrie hopes he sees it that way – someday.

Patch says he has to head for the station. John says he wouldn't be looking for excuses to go anywhere if he had a wife like Kayla and she was tending the home fires. John talks about his own amnesia. He gets past it by making a life for himself here and not looking back too much.

"That's what I tried to do in Cincinnati," says Patch, "But now I'm here and I got my past staring me in the face and I don't recognize anything about it. Kayla and Stephanie look at me with such expectation, like my memory will come back at any minute, and maybe I'd understand why a classy lady like Kayla thinks I hung the moon."

"I did that once," says John, "But I was a teenager and I was drunk." John talks about Steve's past. He was bad to the bone. Kayla loved him and didn't want to change him. "She loved you, man. She didn't want to tame you. In fact she told me one time, 'Steve is the one person I could live with for all the Days Of Our Lives.'"

Patch starts to leave. Marlena walks in. John calls her 'Doc' and Patch puts two and two together. Introductions. John says he hopes he and Marlena aren't separated much longer. Patch asks if Marlena can help him get his memory back. Marlena says she's tied up and gives him Dr. Baker's number.

Patch leaves. John asks why she couldn't find time to help him. Marlena smiles, "I have to talk to you about something."

Sami insists she isn't hiding anything. She wants Lucas' support. Lucas thinks her problems are her own damn fault. "It's true," she screams, "Now, because of me..." BAAAWWWLLLLLLL!

Austin and Carrie stand outside wishing this were over. Austin plans the strike, "We go in... we tell them... we leave..." I believe that's called a 'hit and run.'

Sami says things are all her fault. Lucas says he can handle anything if she tells him the truth. Sami says, "It's Will."

Lucas asks, "What about him?"

Sami drops the bomb, "Lucas, I don't know. OMG, he's missing." So much for Lucas being able to handle anything. Austin and Carrie walk into the scene.

Kate says Roman can't arrest her for stealing Bo's life. What she did was to protect Chelsea. Roman says she doesn't get a pass for that.

"Chelsea is your niece," says Kate.

"And Zack was my nephew." A referee throws a flag and charges Roman with unsportsmanlike conduct.

Kate asks, "So Chelsea isn't a member of the Brady tribe because she hasn't been on the radar screen long enough?"

Roman is in no mood to trade wisecracks, "Kate, you always did talk to much and now you're going to jail."

John and Marlena sit and order coffee. Marlena says, "I simply came here to tell you goodbye."


Sami gives the details on Will. Lucas blows his stack. Chaos reigns. Speculation flies. Austin tries to calm things down. Lucas settles down a little, "I mean who would want to hurt Will? Dammit."

Carrie takes Austin aside and says, "It's not right."

Austin has a firm grasp of the obvious, "You're right. Now is not the time." Lucas wants to know why someone would hurt Will. EJ comes back and reports none of Will's friends know anything about his disappearance.

Sami tells Lucas she has been getting threatening notes for months.

Kate tells Roman Eve double crossed her and gave her a blank disk. She came looking for the real one. Roman is disgusted, "Chelsea only has to do community service but Bo has lost everything. Half the cops on the force think he is dirty. And Eve is dead."

"Surely you don't think I killed her," asks Kate, "You know I am not capable of murder."

"I know you are not capable of responsibility," says Roman. He holds up the cuffs, "Turn around. Kate Roberts, you are under arrest..."

Hope and Patrick arrive at the hospital. Patrick says Bo may just have lost track of time.

Hope fires up the pity party, "Or maybe this is his way of saying goodbye. It's all about Zack. Bo and I made him, adored him, shared him and then lost him. I've never told anyone this. When Zack's coffin was being lowered into the ground, I wanted to climb down there with him. Hold him. Tell him not to be scared. He was my baby. I was so scared to close my eyes and go to sleep because I was afraid when I woke up he would be farther away. And then one day Bo took me to the mirror and told me to look at our faces. He said Zack had big green eyes just like mine and he had his daddy's big smile. And as long as we were together we would be able to see our little boy. Nobody understands. When I am with Bo I... I thought if we shared this pain it would make it easier. Sometimes it seems when we are together the pain is twice as much. If I do walk away from the marriage I'll know that it's not just Bo but it's me saying goodbye as well."

Patrick hugs Hope as Bo walks in. A nurse announces, "The doctor is ready for you Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart." Bo's face goes blank.

Hope yells, "Bo!"

Patrick holds her back, "No! Let him go. It's time."

Patch goes through Eve's autopsy report as Roman drags Kate in. He tells Tek to get someone to take the suspect down and book her.

In his office he uncuffs Kate. Kate asks for coffee. Roman says, "We're just going to sit here and wait until someone takes your butt down to booking. While we're here, let's just have a look at the evidence."

He puts the CD into his computer and waits for the damning evidence to appear. Zippy the monkey paddles a canoe upstream. "What the hell," he yells.

"It looks like I bought a lot," says Kate.

John wonders what's up. Marlena tells him she will need more time and space. She tells him about the New Jersey job. "I've been to Jersey," says John, "The women there seem pretty empowered to me. I don't want to be unsupportive..."

Marlena insists he is supportive. John tells her she needs to do whatever it takes to heal herself. Marlena hopes he recognizes the woman he married when she comes back. John says, "You are my touchstone. Whenever I touch you I feel stoned, and God knows I know what that feels like. Whenever you are ready, I will be there for you."

Lucas, Austin, Carrie and EJ gang up on Sami... Well, mainly Lucas and Austin... Well, mainly Lucas. Sami says she didn't call the police because she was scared. She tells them the notes were addressed to her and threatening her, not Will. Lucas wants to call the cops. Sami dials.

Hope and Patrick look at blurry images on the ultrasound screen. Hope wants to be surprised about the gender. Translation: the writers haven't decided yet. Bo cracks the door and stares. He goes out into the waiting room, sits and broods. Then he gets up and leaves.

Tek tells Patch about the footprints and shoes. "Looks like we're going to catch a killer," says Patch. Tek hopes so.

Kate tells Roman he can't arrest her since the evidence no longer exists. She starts to leave but stops to give him one last jab, "Maybe I'll stop by the church and light a candle."

Roman advises, "I wouldn't go into dark places if I were you. Eve didn't double cross you... the killer did. There is a murderer running around Salem who knows your role. Watch your back." He stares down at the work on his desk. Kate interrupts. Roman says, "Kate, I'm busy."

Kate sticks out her arms and says, "I want you to arrest me – now."

Patch tells Bo he got the coroner's report on Eve, and then asks if he is OK. Bo avoids the question and asks if anything happened. Patch tells him about Kate's arrest, "If Roman can prove it, you are off the hook."

Roman refuses to arrest Kate. Bo busts in and unloads on her, "You bitch! You're going down. And I am going to find the toughest judge to preside at your trial."

"There isn't going to be a trial," says Kate.

Roman tells Bo the killer must have the real disk. He orders Kate out and slams the door.

Bo is peeved he has nothing to take to Hope. Roman asks for time. Bo insists he doesn't have time. If he can't prove it, Patrick will steal Hope from him.

Roman gets the call from Sami. "I need you. Will is missing," she says.

Marlena tells John she is leaving tomorrow. Belle is having an awful time adjusting to the separation. She doesn't know Marlena is leaving yet. Marlena has only told Sami. Marlena is sorry the family is falling apart like this. When she gets back they will be a real family again. John can't wait. Kiss.

Roman questions Sami about the notes. She doesn't know how many she got. She tells Roman she destroyed them. Roman jumps down her throat for destroying evidence. He apologizes. Sami falls into his arms sobbing. Roman promises he will help her get Will back. Bawl. FF Sami.


Jack asks, "So tell me... am I still dying or not?" The doctor gives that non-committal stare we see so much of.

Abe tells Lexie, "I miss you and Theo and the family we've created together." Smooch.

Bo announces, "I am here to take Chelsea Brady into custody." Chelsea asks, "What?" The crowd says, "Mumble, mumble, gasp."

A newsman steps forward and asks, "Max, what kind of a good luck charm is your girlfriend now?" Max gives him the look of death.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Well, that Prevuze got me right out of my post-holiday funk even though I am a 50-something coot. Bulldog's picture was right on! HAHAHAHA

LOL at Marlena's qualifications for Health & Human Affairs and the guy checking out Caustin's rooftop shenanigans.

The zippy Prevuisms were too numerous to mention! Thanks.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Hope talk about Zack - wow. Wow, wow wow. I have kids, and I can completely understand her sentiment. The 'don't be scared' part. Every parents WORST nightmare... that's why I can't watch the hope/zack grieving scenes.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

The very first thing, the Zippy the Monkey title made me LOL.

It should be no surprise Patrick blew off his first day as a Salem cop, Bo and Hope have blown off decades off the job.

I, too, am a 50-something coot so I guess that's why I don't understand - - Kate saying what she did was to protect Chelsea and Eve double-crossed her isn't enough of a confession to at least hold her there? Heck, poor Sami and EJ were hauled in for tresspassing in an empty house. I'd think breaking into a place with a credit card would at least get Kate arrested for breaking and entering.

Great Prevuze today!! :D

7:54 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

Great Prevuze today. I mentioned you in my blog today - right here in this post

12:22 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Thanks for mentioning us, VB, as well as your encouraging comments.

1:38 PM  

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