Friday, September 01, 2006

Logical In A Weird Sami Sort Of Way

Roman bumps into Marlena in the hospital. Roman says he is on the way to the morgue as a part of his investigation of Eve's murder. Marlena thinks the murder was dreadful. Sami's disastrous wedding paled in comparison to the tragedy of Eve getting whacked in the church parking lot. They agree that, after all, Sami must not have been meant to marry Austin.

Roman asks if Marlena talked to Sami. Neither of them did. Marlena asks if he has any leads on the murder. Roman rambles and says they will find out who did it eventually and cautions her to be careful. Marlena insists she will be fine, "Do you think this is a serial killer?"

"No," says Roman, "Besides, you've been too busy with other things."

Marlena also wonders if Sami is in danger. Roman just thinks anyone who was at the wedding should take extra caution. As they talk, The Hand slips a letter into Marlena's mail at the nurses' station.

Roman leaves and Carrie walks up to Marlena. She says she was in the neighborhood and decided to say hi. Marlena asks if she is OK. Carrie scowls. Marlena asks, "Is this about you and Austin?"

Sami and EJ go hot and heavy as he promises he will be there for her. Boy will he be there.

Lucas and Austin talk in the hallway and dis Lexie. Austin wants to know why Sami stopped the wedding. Lucas says because she was nervous. Motormouth prods Austin to go in there and tell her how much she means to him. Austin starts to go in, but hesitates at the door.

Carrie says she feels sorry for Austin. She can't believe Sami left him at the altar, "Sami knows what it's like to be humiliated like that."

Marlena says Sami told her she didn't realize until that moment she didn't want to marry Austin, "Maybe she was just trying to overcome her doubts. You understand that, don't you?"

Carrie says, "All Sami has been able to talk about is Austin. That's why I..."

Marlena interrupts, "Put aside your feelings for Austin?"

Austin turns around. He says he can't pressure Sami. He thinks she needs time to think things through. Lucas blabbers on, "If you leave her alone right now it will be the biggest mistake in your life. The last time she had time to think things through she turned herself into Stan. You can help her."

Sami thinks she hears something outside and brings things to a halt with EJ, "It might be the guy who delivered the note." EJ goes into action. He flings open the door and sees Austin and Lucas standing there, "Oh, I thought you were someone else."

Austin asks a very, very good question, "What are you doing in there with your shirt off?"

Sami hears what is going on and gasps, "Austin!" She stares at the note.

Carrie says she knows how hard it was for Sami to turn her life around. Marlena asks, "What about your own happiness?"

Carrie says she didn't want to take happiness away from Sami, so she chose Lucas. She has something more to say, but hesitates, "I can't say it here."

Marlena drags her outside and persuades her to spill it. Carrie tells her about the DNA results, "And now I can't have children at all. What was I thinking? All I could think about was having a baby."

"Even being able to think about only one thing is a stretch for you," says Marlena, "It's biological. It's just part of the hard drive."

"I feel closer to you than I do my own mother," says Carrie, "I know what it's like to be loved by someone who is not your own flesh and blood. I made myself believe I was pregnant and that's why I married Lucas."

Marlena gets the idea, "It isn't over with you and Austin is it?" Carrie shakes heir head.

Sami is frantic. She rushes around cleaning things up and stuffs the note under some clothes (and there are plenty of them lying around) on the couch. Meanwhile EJ says he was about to take a shower in his apartment when he heard Sami screaming. He threw on some trousers and came over and checked her out. He also asked why she was screaming. Sami runs out into the hall and tells Austin about her nightmare. Austin isn't surprised she had nightmares after yesterday.

This is a dream come true for Lucas. Yet another opportunity to unleash verbal tonnage on hapless human beings. He gives them both barrels, "I can't help but get the feeling you're putting the moves on my brother's fiancée here."

Sami tells him to mind his own business, "Don't you ever get tired of being suspicious?"

"What I never get tired of is the sound of my own voice," says Lucas, "I call 'em like I see 'em, Sami."

Sami snorts, "And by the way, he's not my fiancée any more, Lucas."

Austin jumps in. He wants to talk to Sami alone. They go inside Sami's apartment. Austin says, "We need to talk."

"OK," says Sami, "but I want you to know it's over. I'm never going to marry you."

Carrie says she does love Lucas but it's not working, "At night when we are in bed I can't help wishing it was Austin. And when we make love I try not to fanaticize about Austin. And, now and then, they aren't fantasies..."

"You can't fool your subconscious," says Marlena.

Carrie says, "Everything you said yesterday... you were right. Now I'm afraid I will break Lucas' heart. But even you said I wouldn't be doing him any favors if I stayed in the marriage. I think Sami walking away from Austin is a sign from God."

"God's not real big on breaking marriage vows," says Marlena, "I believe that God gives us miracles but it's dangerous to interpret others' actions as a sign from God."

Carrie says she was wrong not to tell Austin the truth. Now she feels like she has a chance to make it right.

EJ comes back out of his apartment putting on a shirt and tells Lucas he was getting a little chilly. Lucas can't believe his luck – another opportunity to mouth off, "Given how much time you spend with your shirt off, I don't blame you for being a little chilly."

EJ tells him, "Sami and I are just friends and I have no intention of changing that, in the next five minutes."

Lucas is on a roll, "Sounds like a line to me. Not a good line, either."

EJ assures him, "I am a man of my word. It means a lot to me. There are a lot of good people who can vouch for that."

"I don't care who you get to vouch for your character," says Lucas, "I don't trust you."

Austin says maybe he can't change Sami's mind but at least he deserves to be heard. He doesn't believe what she said, "It sounded logical in a weird Sami sort of way, but I think something happened to change your mind. I want to know what it was." Sami looks at the note sticking out on the couch.

Carrie is torn. "Sami leaving Austin at the altar might be a chance for Austin and I to be together, but I took vows with Lucas. Sacred vows. Vows I feel so strongly about that I want to shout about it from the... uh... rooftop. Maybe the right thing is for me to stay with Lucas." Marlena says she will just hurt Lucas more if she stays married to him. Carrie doesn't want to hurt Lucas.

Marlena tells her she has to do what is right for her, "Every action has a reaction. So does every inaction, and there is certainly a lot of that on this show. I am behind you 100%." Carrie thanks her and says she has to find Lucas. She has to find the courage to follow through with this.

Lucas says EJ can gain his trust by staying away from Sami. EJ accuses Lucas of being jealous.

Sami coughs and asks Austin to get her some water. She stuffs the letter farther down in the couch as Austin goes to the kitchen. He sees the food sitting there and asks who made it. Sami is defensive, "Hey, just because I can't cook doesn't mean..."

Austin ain't messin' around, "WHO MADE THE FOOD, SAMI?"

Sami realizes she's busted, "EJ."

Austin raises his eyebrows, "He had enough time to make you breakfast but not to put his shirt on? He's interested in being more than just your friend."

Sami yells, "I am not in love with him and he is not the reason I didn't marry you yesterday. I can't marry you because of Carrie." KABOOM!

Nurse Anna hands Marlena her mail. "Quite a pile," says Marlena. She looks at the letter from The Hand and opens it. She starts to read as Roman comes back. Marlena stares in shock.

"You look like you got bad news," says Roman.

Lucas insists he isn't jealous. He is protective of Sami because they share a child. EJ smirks. Lucas says, "Wipe that grin off your face. I am happily married."

Just then Carrie walks up and Lucas asks her to tell EJ how happy they are. Big silence.

Sami says she saw Carrie during the ceremony. She thought for a minute Carrie was happy for her, "But then I could see she was looking at Austin and she was crying because she was losing the man she loves. I didn't say anything yesterday because Lucas is involved. You are entitled to know the truth. I can't marry you because you and Carrie are in love."

Marlena says, "It's not bad news at all. In fact, it's good news. It's from Jeffrey Taylor, the Commissioner of Health and Human Affairs in New Jersey. He wants me to go to Trenton and set up the same kind of women's empowerment group I have set up here. But I don't want to be away from my family that long." Roman asks how long that would be, "Maybe a month and a half," says Marlena. Roman thinks this is a great opportunity.

Lucas tells Carrie EJ thinks he's jealous of his relationship with Sami, "That isn't true." He assures EJ neither he nor Carrie wants to be with anyone else. Lucas has to go meet with Shawn and Max to discuss plans for the Salem GP. He tells EJ, "Remember what I said, all right?"

Carrie says she's glad she missed all that and starts to leave. EJ says, "You never did answer when Lucas asked you to tell me how happy you are in your marriage."

Carrie says, "Didn't I?"

EJ says, "No, you didn't, sweetheart."


Austin insists it isn't true. He still wants to marry Sami. He is grateful for her helping build ARC. Sami says that doesn't matter. The truth is his heart belongs to Carrie. Other body parts too. She tried to pretend it wasn't happening. He proposed to her because Carrie wasn't available. Austin says, "I wouldn't break our marriage vows. Carrie's marriage vows are a different matter, though."

Sami says, I stand too much to lose by marrying you – My dignity. What would it say if I was willing to marry someone who loves someone else?"

"It would say you, Phillip and Mimi have a lot in common," says Austin.

"I can't settle for being a second choice," says Sami, "I deserve to be with a man who thinks of me as his first choice, who loves me as much as I love him. If I can't have that, I would rather have us spend the Days Of Our Lives alone. I love you, Austin; it has taken me a long time but I have learned you can't make someone love you more than they do."

"You deserve to have it all," says Austin, "I'm sorry it can't be me." Sami wants to be just friends. Austin is OK with that. He still loves her.

"I know," says Sami, "Just not the way I want to be loved." He gives her a little Austin peck on the cheek. Hugs. Austin leaves as Sami weeps. She completely breaks down after the door closes.

Austin runs into Carrie and EJ in the hall. Carrie asks how things went with Sami. A totally dazed Austin tells her things went much better than he expected. Carrie asks if that means the wedding is back on. "We need to talk," says Austin, "Alone." EJ stares as they walk away.

Marlena isn't sure she will accept. Roman encourages her to do it, "It's a no-brainer, so you're perfect for the job."

"So much has happened," says Marlena, "I've been gone for so long."

Roman says, "You said yourself how many thousands of women these empowerment groups can help. When you were sick, other doctors took care of your patients. They can do that again. Listen to me, OK? What kind of a message is that going to give your daughters if you don't do this?"

"That I love them enough to give up an opportunity like this and stay with them instead of running off to New Jersey," asks Marlena. But, alas, she knows he's right. She supposes she could set things up and not be away from her children. She decides to accept. Hugs.

EJ goes back into Sami's apartment. Sami says she convinced Austin to walk away and never look back. She told him the truth – not about the threats, but that she can't marry him because he and Carrie are still in love. EJ thinks that was brave of her.

"Or stupid," says Sami, "But I actually feel better."

"That's what happens when you stop lying to yourself."

Sami cries, "Well, I met half of the blackmailer's demands but now what am I supposed to do? How can I give up my son?"

Austin and Carrie come up to the roof. Austin says, "I love you and you love me. It's about time we got back together the way it was meant to be." FF Carrie.

Tomorrow morning Prevuze will have a special Saturday edition featuring a report and pictures from our superspies who attended the Boston DOOL event last weekend with Matt Ashford, Austin Peck, Judi Evans and others. Don't miss it.


Lucas says to Kate, "You got all tense when John mentioned that officer's death, and you can't wait to get away from me. What gives?"

Marlena asks Sami and EJ, "Is something going on that I should know about?"

Austin tells Carrie, "If this was my last day on earth I would want to spend it with you. So the only question is, do you want to spend it with me?"

Patch says, "I can see I'm going to have to stay on my toes with you." Billie says, "It sounds like you have something to hide. Do you?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami is a very confused woman right now. Its her wedding day and she walked away from it. She still loves Lucas but she's ready to hop into bed with EJ. What did he put in that tea anyway.

6:03 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

"First thing is to question Eve as soon as she comes back from the dead." ROFL!

Prevuze continues to amaze me with his descriptions of Lucas's blabbermouth. For example, "continues to unload his verbal tonnage on hapless human beings." Great stuff.

Trenton should feel honored. A month and a half in Trenton is about a month and a half longer than Marlena has spent in Salem with her own practice in the last 3-4 years. HAHAHA

6:28 AM  
Anonymous powerspunch said...

Loved the picture of Belle in her if only these were brains tee-shirt!
Your blog is fantastic...I've quit watching the show except in fast forward. Your blog is much more fun!
The writers need to bring a Steve & Kayla storyline front and center and be done with the rest of this Mimi/Shawn/Belle/Phillip and Lexie/Abe/Tek stuff

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Questioning Eve when she comes back from the dead!! Love it!!

Sami getting an Austin peck on the cheek! LOL

Why should it take Marlena a month and a half to set up a group in Trenton, when she did it in a nano-second in Salem?

6:52 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

The DOOL writers must have plenty of spare time since they just recycle old scripts. They took the "It's a sign from God we're meant to be together" scripts from Belle and gave them to Carrie and the "I don't want to be second choice" scripts from Mimi and gave them to Sami.

I loved the Belle's brain picture but totally lost it over the cut-rate wedding photographer and Lucas' verbal tonnage. HAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze and pictures as always! :D

7:58 AM  
Anonymous billyjill said...

The coming back from the dead one is just truly classic, hilarious!

9:04 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Questioning Eve as soon as she's back from the dead...TOOOO funny, but, unfortunately, too true! That picture of Belle was great too.

Looking forward to a Saturday morning post!

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve and Billie? Excuse me while I choke.

I like Billie well enough, but does she HAVE to get involved with Steve? Why does she never spend time with available guys? First she's Bo and Hope's obstacle, and now she'll be Steve and Kayla's?

Kayla does not deserve to lose Steve after all these years. And to Billie...Ewww...Sorry.

9:19 AM  

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