Thursday, June 22, 2006

One Whacked Out Burg

Shawn, Mimi, Phillip and Belle are on their field trip to the hospital. Shawn thinks Frankie and Jennifer will understand why they weren't at the wedding.

Phillip asks, "So who's ready to harvest some eggs?"

They are all ready to partake in a miracle of modern medicine. Mimi asks, "Do you know what would be a real miracle of modern medicine? If these two guys could have the kids instead of us."

"And," says Phillip, "if the four of us could get working brains."

"I hope it works for me this time," says Mimi, "The last thing I need is for Shawn to have another baby with another woman again." The weak little bulb in her brain just grows dimmer by the minute.

Shawn asks, "What are you talking about?"

Mimi bangs herself in the head with her purse. The bulb goes out.

Lucas assures everyone Carrie is OK. Just a little morning sickness. Carrie is worried about 'showing' at her own wedding. Lucas wants the wedding to go smooth, not like this one where dead people keep barging in. Austin thinks they both have had some strange weddings. Lucas wonders why Austin changed his mind about Sami.

Lexie confronts Sami. Sami swears she didn't do anything. Lexie accuses her and Sami denies writing the note. Now it's Lexie's turn to ruin Sami's life, "Payback's a bitch, isn't it."

Jack tells Jennifer he loves her. She doesn't want him to die alone. He tells her he isn't there by himself. He came with Steve. Jo can't believe it. Both of her sons have come back to her. It's raining cats, dogs and dead people.

The brat says, "This is all my fault."

Everyone wonders where Kayla is. Actually, she's out working on Steve, trying to get him to stay. Steve doesn't want to. Kayla plants a big kiss on him.

The wedding crowd mills around. Abby hugs the brat, "I'm so glad my dad is back."

The brat tells her about the crank call this morning and apologizes for not saying anything. Abby asks, "Chelsea, How could you not tell me?"

Jack fills people in on the hospital thing. He tells them about the DNA tests, and that Steve has no memory. OMB wonders if Kayla might have seen Steve outside.

Patch pulls away. The kiss was good and he went with it, but still doesn't remember. He doesn't know how any man could forget a woman like her. Neither one of them has a clue what happened to him. Patch says, "I can't give you false hope that things are ever gonna be the way they used to be."

Shawn wonders what Mimi is talking about. She stammers and says he will have to try to make a baby with another surrogate if this doesn't work. Dr. Randall Jaynes comes in and borrows the wives.

Austin insists people can change. He thinks Lucas has. He asks him to give Sami a break. He insists he will have kids and a life with Sami.

"You think Sami the schemer has transformed into Sami the saint," asks Lucas, "I feel sorry for you. I hope your wedding doesn't blow up like last time.

Lexie rants. Sami has ruined her life. Never mind that she is the one who slept with Tek. Sami swears she didn't tell Abe. Lexie says it doesn't matter because now she is free to tell Carrie the truth. Sami says the truth won't come out. She will make sure Lexie doesn't tell anyone anything.

Lexie tells her to knock off the empty threats. Even Sami's daddy won't be able to save her once this comes out. Will won't give her a second chance either. No one will forgive her for playing God with Carrie's life.

Patch and Kayla have the same conversation they had before. He insists he isn't a family man. He only came back here to help Jack. He wonders how they could make something out of this if he doesn't remember anything. Kayla says the kiss told her everything she needs to know. He is the love of her life.

Jo rushes up and hugs him. Half the wedding party follows. Jo is disappointed Patch doesn't recognize her. Patch apologizes for breaking up the wedding. He recognizes Jennifer and Abby from the pictures in the locket. Introductions all around. Frankie tells him if it weren't for him, Max and he wouldn't have a family. He used to call them Franklin and Maxwell.

"And I was Beauregard," says Bo, "We've known each other since the merchant marine. We had some difficult times but ended up being best friends. We've all missed you."

Hope tells him she's Bo's wife, choking as she says "wife." She promises he will feel their love in time. He says she has no idea what he feels like. "Actually," says Hope, "I do, and I did once find the way back to the man I love. It was almost destiny."

Patch turns to Jack, "Man this is one whacked out burg you live in here."

Jennifer and Kayla go off together and talk about what has happened. Jennifer says they have to live for the moment now. Kayla worries Patch won't want her. Jennifer tells her to ask Steve about his past.

Austin wants to know what Lucas is up to. Lucas just thinks Austin should watch his back. With Sami there is always a twist. He reminds him about the paternity mix-up over Will. Lucas says he wants both Austin and Sami both to be happy but it may not be possible as a couple. He points out the way she looks at EJ. Austin says, "She's not dead. She can look."

Lucas asks, "If Carrie didn't pick me, would you even consider making Sami your wife?"

Lexie says Sami has an infant mentality. She has destroyed lives. Now it's Sami's turn to have her life destroyed.

Phillip paces. He wonders what is taking so long, "My God, it's been five minutes." There were a few years when Phillip was terrified he would get a girl pregnant. Now he is worried that won't happen.

Shawn asks, "Wouldn't it be weird if out of the four of us, Belle and I were the only ones who could make babies?"

Belle and Mimi have been harvested together. Oh the bonding! Think of the mix-ups that will be possible. Belle is hoping PPD won't hit her again. Mimi encourages her. Belle stares.

Jo tells Patch she gave him up for adoption when he was little. She did it so he could have a better life. He was grown when she found him and he didn't know her then either. She vows never to lose him again.

Kayla wonders if Patch loves someone else. Jennifer says Steve was the great love of Kayla's life, just like Jack is hers.

Jack tells Frankie he would have stayed away if he had known today was the wedding. Frankie tells him to stop. He's glad Jack is back. Jack thanks him for taking care of his family. He hopes this little detour doesn't change his mind. Frankie doesn't know what to say. Jack has a spell. He doesn't want his family to see him like this.

Hope wanders. She sits down and Bo hands her a rose. Roses were in her wedding bouquet. She remembers. He thinks what she said to Steve was touching. He asks if she believes that. She believed it then, but doesn't know what to believe now.

Bo says, "Our love brought you back to me. It gave us Shawn and Zack and every good thing that has happened for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Hope flashes back to their wedding. She gives him her life and love for eternity. Except for a few unfortunate detours. Bo pledges his troth. Same sappy dialogue, different wedding.

Bo asks for another chance. Hope stares.

Lexie tells Sami she has had this coming for years. Sami reminds her she is a doctor and should have compassion. Lexie claims she does, for patients and stray dogs (Tek being in the latter category), but not for someone who has done what Sami has done. No one will ever forgive her.

Frankie runs up and tells Lexie Jack needs her.

Austin says he loves Carrie and wants her to be happy. If that means having her marry Lucas, that is OK with him. But then he says, "If Carrie chose me... boom. I'd ask her to marry me. And then she'd be pregnant with my baby right now." Sami listens in the background.

Shawn insists Mimi is his future. He can handle it if they have to adopt. Even if the IVF works out, they would still like to adopt some day.

Dr. Jaynes comes into the girls' room with news. Mimi asks if things went well. The grim doctor says, "I'm afraid there was a complication."

The boys knock and ask if they can come in. The doctor says he knows they are all close so they can share the news. HIPA regulations be damned. "First of all," he says, "we got a wad of eggs from Belle big enough to repopulate Chernobyl, but we only got one egg from Mimi." He cautions Mimi to be patient.

The doctor leaves. Mimi whines, "Why can't I be lucky like Belle?"

Sami listens as Lucas laments the fact that they can't clone Carrie, even though that would be a cruel trick to play on the rest of the world. He doesn't think Sami will ever make Austin happy. Lucas leaves to get back to Carrie. Sami bawls.

Lexie tends to Jack as his family supports him. Lexie wants him to go to the hospital. Jack swears he will never go to the hospital again. He wants to go home. Jennifer says that's OK if that's what Jack wants. Abby wants more than that. She wants him to get better. She wants miracles. Jack says it's a miracle that they are together.

Patch says he will go with them. Kayla offers to come too, but Patch says no.

They leave. Frankie sits with Kayla, "It looks like nobody gets a happy ending," she says.

"Chernobyl does," says Frankie.

Hope sniffs the rose. She says flowers are delicate but they survive all kinds of storms. Her eyes roll back into her head and she faints. Bo picks her up, "Fancy Face?" He tells her the legend of the woman and the rose. She had never heard of this newfangled thing called birth control and got pregnant on a one night stand.


FF on the rose and Hope's limp hand.


Sami tells Austin, "I know what I want, and what I want is to marry you. Please say yes."

Patch tells Kayla, "Now that I'm here, all those questions are coming back... and I need answers."

Frankie says to Jennifer, "I gotta ask... what does all this mean... for us?"

Hope lies in bed and says, "We need to talk – about our future." Patrick says, "It does sound serious." Pan in on Bo.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Jack would have stayed away if he had known it was Frankifer's wedding??? So why did he throw open the doors and stagger right into the big fat middle of the wedding once he did realize what was going on?! Give me strength!

LOL at Tec's "favor" to Abe----Ouch!

Mimi the Dim Bulb. I think that's giving her too much credit.

A cheery, funny Prevuze on a cloudy, rainy day. Thanks!

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really laugh when those comments about dead people coming back to life. Perhaps, Grandma Hortons dead husband will come back and dicipline and spank the residents of Saleem. It's about time they behaved themselves!

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was one of the funniest Prevue's ever. I laughed so hard at pretty much every comment and picture. My favourite had to "Oh the bonding! Think of the mix-ups that will be possible." Thanks for the laugh!

8:22 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Prevuze has gained Celeste's fortune telling powers!

It correctly sees the mixup of the harvested eggs. It wisely asks how is Bo going to feel about Patrick Jr.

It's given us the hilarious legend of the woman and the rose.

Prevuze once again knew exactly how to make our Daze! :D

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm sure Frankie's real happy about Jack coming back....PLEASE

11:41 AM  
Anonymous froggy said...

froggy really liked your prevuze because elle missed the show today

thank you prevuze and we love it!


2:22 PM  

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