Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Abs Of Steel, Spine Of Jelly

Belle fusses with Claire as Shawn asks if she is ready to go. Frankie and Jen will understand that they missed the wedding but not the reception. She hands Claire off to Shawn who, relates to her. Same mental level. Belle smiles as Shawn talks baby talk.

Mimi bawls, "Shawn and I are never going to have a baby. I'll lose him. When he leaves me Belle will leave you and it will be all my fault."

Phillip insists, "I'm not gonna let that happen."

Steve holds the unconscious Kayla in his arms. Kayla comes to, "Steve... It can't be. You're not really here. You're dead."

"I'm not dead," says Steve.

"You died in my arms," says Kayla, "You're buried right over there."

"I don't know about any of that," says Steve, "You're Kayla, right?"

"Do I look that different," she asks, "Don't you know me?"

"No I'm afraid I don't."

The crowd cheers as Frankie and Jennifer kiss. Jack walks in.

"Jack! ," yells Jennifer. The crowd gasps. Jack stumbles down the aisle. "It can't be," says Jennifer.

Abby runs up and hugs him, "I knew you were alive. I kept telling Mom she should be faithful to you."

"What is going on," yells Jennifer. The crowd sits stunned as Jack staggers toward her. Jack figures things out, "This is your wedding."

"Yes," says Frankie.

"I came in to light a candle and say a prayer," says Jack, "I had no idea, Jennifer." Jennifer faints into Frankie's arms.

Kayla wants to know why Patch doesn't know her. He tells her he has no memory of Steven Johnson. She tells him Stephanie is all grown up. He insists it's not possible that he could be that guy. He is Nick Stockton. He tells her about Jack discovering him, "Jack Devereaux... Do you know him?"

"Jack," gasps Kayla, "Jack's alive?"

Jack asks if Jennifer is all right. Jennifer lectures, "What are you doing standing there? Your car slid off that bridge! They told us no one could have survived that."

"I guess I'm not just anyone," says Jack, "I remember the car in the water. I remember being pulled from the car by some fisherman."

"No," says Jennifer, "That can't be. They contacted every boat on the river that night."

"They must not have contacted the Pearl Fisher," says Jack, "because they said I was the catch of the day. You know, I came back to the house several times to check on you. Even at Christmas."

Jennifer goes off the deep edge, "You came to our home on Christmas and let me believe you were dead!"

The tiresome foursome decides to give them some privacy. They all leave the sanctuary. Lexie follows, "You are going to pay, bitch." Abe follows Dr. Floozy.

Abby tells Jack she said all along he was alive and they belong together. Jack says, "Jennifer doesn’t belong with me any more."

Phillip offers Mimi water. She knows Shawn loves her but she knows how much he wants kids. Phillip tells her she can adopt. She isn't sure Shawn is really OK with that. She speculates about a suddenly single Shawn and Belle. Phillip insists Belle is his wife, Claire is their baby and that cements the relationship.

Mimi thinks, "If she ever finds out Claire is Shawn's baby..." Then she asks, "Are you really sure Belle wouldn't take the easy way out."

"She won't leave me," says Phillip, "I'm gonna make sure of that now." He punches a number into his cell phone, "Hello... This is Phillip Kiriakis. I know what you're thinking..."

Belle is impressed how Shawn calmed Claire down. Shawn can't wait to be a dad. He wants to head out for the reception. Belle insists they can't walk in on the wedding because none of them is dead. She tells him she wishes Phillip and she would have solidified their marriage more before having kids, "Having a baby changes everything in a relationship. You can't imagine how stressful it can be. It was just awful. The world actually stopped revolving around me."

"Mimi and I have some idea of what to expect," says Shawn, "Going through her non-pregnancy has been stressful. She's really beating herself up over the abortion, and given my year with my family, we'd really like to move on with a kid. We want to be like you and Phillip and like my parents used to be."

Belle rambles, "When two people love each other and nothing is gonna come between them, then nothing can keep them apart in the end, right?"

Sami wants to get out of there right away. She asks where the limo is. Lucas says he sent Alice and Will home in the limo. Sami is restless. Austin wants to know what is going on. Everyone gangs up on her. Sami says, "I guess you will find out soon enough anyway. Lexie and Abe's marriage is over. Abe caught Lexie and Tek and bed together. They are getting divorced."

"That's awful," says Carrie.

Lucas sneers, "Since when do you care?"

Sami says, "Abe has practically been an uncle to us. He won't forgive Lexie now. What kind of lies do you suppose she will tell now? No one can trust anything she says now."

Austin touches her chin, "I think I know what's really going on here."

Tek comes up to Lexie. She freaks because he followed her. She claims she will feel better when she tells the world about Sami. But she can't blab now because Jack is still dying and needs her, "I might as well use my medical license while I still have it."

Abe comes up to them, "You two can't stay away from each other, not even in a house of God. He clinches his fist.

Bo says, "Jack is proof that miracles do happen. Us getting together is also possible. Let's go talk."

"We can't leave now," says Hope, "They will need us."

As Bo and Hope go to sit down, the brat says, "Why don't you two just shut up and get divorced already?"

Max thinks this is one of the worst things that could have happened. The brat thinks it is the best possible thing for Abby, "If the Bensons came back... I mean... she's just lucky. Most people don't get to experience this type of miracle over and over again."

Abby sets Jack straight, "Daddy, you're confused. Of course Mom belongs with you."

"No," says Jack, "This is why I stayed away, so your mom and Frankie would marry. I'm still gonna die. I only have a couple of days left."

"DOOL days or regular days," asks Abby.

"DOOL days," says Jack.

"You've got plenty of time, then," says Abby.

Jack says, "I just came back to say goodbye to the people I love."

Kayla is shocked, "Jack's alive?"

"Not for long," says Patch, "He's still terminal. The doctor and I tried everything to convince him to come back to his family. He didn't want them to have to mourn again. Then he found out I was his brother and decided I should reconnect. I thought you were in LA, so finding you was the last thing I expected. I told him I wouldn't come unless he came with me. Jack showed me a picture of you. I said, 'What a beautiful woman,' but that was it. I don't know you."

"I cannot believe this."

"So uh, these Brady's," says Patch, "They're your family?"

"And they love you and I love you," says Kayla, "I know this sounds trite but when you died a huge part of me died too. I have never moved on. I kept dreaming you would come back. It's crazy. And now Jack is back but Jennifer has married Frankie."

"That might not be an issue," says Steve, "Jack isn't doing so well. He came back to say goodbye."

Kayla says, "That's not fair for Jennifer to lose him again. I'm not gonna do that. I won't let you go." She throws herself at him.

Steve backs off, shakes his head and says, "It's not gonna work." Baaawwwlll.

Sami claims she is upset for Lexie. Austin thinks there is more to it. Lucas continues to be a jerk. Austin tells him to shut up. Austin tells Sami he knows she is concerned about Theo and Jennifer; and she is still not over her parents divorce. Sami is so glad he knows her so well.

Belle says her parent's love brought them back together. That's what she meant when she was babbling.

Phillip says he called Dr. Jaynes. He has a magic procedure while can harvest eggs better than Dr. Ross. Mimi doesn't know how to thank Phillip. Phillip says, "I was born into a lot of money and I like to share it. I just would never want to use it for something frivolous like better housing for my family. You'll find out soon enough having a baby with the one you love is the ultimate bond."

Mimi thinks maybe Dr. Jaynes can help Phillip, too.

Phillip says, "Yeah, apparently there is a procedure where they take one sperm and inject it into an egg. Maybe Claire will have a little brother or sister."

Mimi says, "Phillip... there is a problem."

Kayla asks, "You don't want me?"

"I don't know you," says Patch.

Kayla pulls out her billfold and shows him pictures. She insists they are a family. Patch thinks this is a lot to have to adjust to. He doesn't know if he wants this. He doesn't want to hurt her or anyone else. But what if he never remembers anything. Kayla says they will help him. "What if this new life is a life I don't want," he asks.

Abe sneers, "I'm only speaking the truth. That's something neither of you is very familiar with." He turns to Tek, "I can't fire you for having an affair with my wife, but if you do one thing wrong on the job I can and will. Don't you even think of touching her again or you'll be a dead man."

Hope can't believe Jennifer will lose Jack again.

Max transitions from Jack's problems to his own, "I want to be with a woman who only wants to be with one man and his groupies."

Jo thinks God wouldn't bring her son to her just to take him away. Abby insists they will find Jack a specialist. He thinks there is nothing anyone can do. He wants them to move on, "You were moving on and I walked back in. Now, if I stay, all you can do is watch me die. I'm glad you and Frankie got married. My plan actually worked! I mean... you did finish the ceremony, didn't you? I didn't walk in too soon did I?"

"No," says Jennifer, "We are husband and wife and husband."

The great barrister steps in. "Our marriage is null and void," says Frankie.

Jack sighs, "Well, I guess I always did have lousy timing."


Phillip asks, "What do you mean there is still a problem?"

Mimi whines, "Lexie said I can't carry the baby to term. And after the disaster we had with the last surrogate..."

Phillip says, "After we met Holly, I realized there was a need for top of the line surrogates in Salem. So I got the Kiriakis family involved. We set up a program." He calls up a picture on his cell phone, "And there she is... you are looking at the ideal candidate. She doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and she's on call to meet with you and Shawn."

Mimi is elated, "I don't deserve this."

"Yes," says Phillip, "You and Shawn both do. Why shouldn't I do everything in my power to help you?"

"It's just so much."

"You deserve to be as happy as Belle and I are," says Phillip.

Shawn thinks things should be good between Belle and Phillip. They wouldn't bring a baby into the world without being sure. Shawn says he and Mimi are just like Phillip and Belle – they can't wait to have a kid.

Carrie confides in Austin, "Things with Lucas and me are too rushed. It's not that I am not happy. It's just that Lucas is such a jerk. I don't want Sami to get her heart broken again. Do you really love her?" Austin insists he does. "But she's not the love of your life," says Carrie.

Lucas thinks maybe Sami is nervous about her own wedding. He delights in detailing her catastrophic wedding history. She insists things will work out.

Belle has to get Claire down to the babysitter. Phillip and Mimi come in. Phillip announces they are going to the hospital instead of the wedding reception. Soon the baby factories of Salem will all be back in business. Mimi tells Shawn he won't believe what Phillip has done for them.

Austin tells Carrie, "You chose Lucas over me. I had to accept that. This is what you wanted, right?"

Carrie sighs, "Yeah. You do love Sami, don't you?"

"Yes," says Austin, "Just in a different way."

Lucas accuses Sami of being defensive and desperate. Sami insists he doesn't know anything about her. She walks off and says, "All of our lives will be destroyed if I can't keep Lexie's big mouth shut. She goes over and sits beside Austin.

Abe tells Tek to get out and stay away from Lexie. Tek takes a hike. Abe turns to Lexie, "You know your boyfriend may have abs of steel, but he has a spine of jelly. You have nobody to blame but yourself. You will hear from my lawyer."

Hope has to stay for Jennifer and Jack. Bo insists they need each other.

Jennifer wants Jack to stay with them. She thinks he really wants that, too, or he wouldn't have come back.

Jack says, "That's not the only reason I came back. I came with someone. Jo, I should have told you this before, but I came with Steve." Jo freaks. Jack says, "He's alive and well and right out there."

Kayla asks Patch how he knows this isn't the life he wants if he doesn't remember it.

"How do I know it is the life I want if I don't remember it," says Patch.

She pulls him in and kisses him.


Patch says, "I can't give you false hope that things are ever gonna be the way they used to be."

Austin says to Lucas, "If Carrie chose me... boom. I'd ask her to marry me. And then she'd be pregnant with my baby right now." Sami watches in the background.

Mimi lies in a hospital bed and asks, "Why can't I be lucky like Belle?"

Hope sniffs a rose and faints. Bo picks her up, "Fancy Face?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kayla, Jen and Hope all faint in the same episode? That's pretty hilarious.

3:55 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Good observation. Three faints, two comebacks from the dead and a death threat. Just another episode.

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so I'm really confused. Phillip says that after meeting Holly he and the Kiriakis family decided to set up a surrogate program in Salem...Didn't he just meet Holly the night before at the party at the pub??? When did all this transpire??

Did Reilly write this entire episode--all of the dialogue sounds so juvenile...

5:26 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

The previous commentor took the words right out of my mouth - when did Philip have time to set up a surrogate program and actually find one for Shimi? And Mimi just had a miscarriage one day ago. They wouldn't be able to harvest any eggs from her for a month or two.

Fab pictures (Pectopaloosa!) today and really LMAO at the cause of Lucas's stiff neck. HAHAHAHA

In DOOL time Jack does have plenty of time with his family. Heck, he will probably last long enough to hold his own Jack Jr.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I loved Lucas' stiff neck and DOOL time vs. real time. But what made me almost do a spit-take with my coffee was Phil saying "I know what you're thinking" into the phone. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Belle said it's so stressful having a baby - yeah, for the grandparents, friends and others who have to babysit her most of the time.

GREAT Prevuze today! Every time I hear a phone I'll be thinking what Phil said..... :D

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This show gets more and more ridiculous and predictable every day. so sad that such an awesome soap has become a joke. thanks jer for nothing.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep...Hope's pregnant....

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for Prevuze...
I actually prefer just reading this rather than watching the lame show anymore. It saves me an hour that used to be wasted on DOOL. Now I can just read what ridiculous shit happened in a couple minutes

2:21 PM  

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