Friday, June 23, 2006

A Britney Spears Special With An Elvis Impersonator

A lab technician walks down the hall of the hospital whistling the DOOL theme song as he juggles Belle and Mimi's eggs. Suddenly, he trips and drops them. He looks down at the scrambled mess and says, "Aw, jeez... now, which was which..."

Bo runs into the hospital carrying Hope. They rush her into a room and put her on a bed. Bo asks Hope to squeeze his hand. The nurse can't figure out what might be wrong with her so she goes to get the doctor.

The feckless foursome comes back from the wedding. They decide to order pizza now that the reception is cancelled. I mean, it wouldn't have made sense to let the guests have the food at the reception anyway. The only reasonable thing to do was to have a garbage truck haul all of it away.

Lucas feels bad for Jennifer now that she has two husbands, "I guess there is a bright side for her, though," he says, "One of her husbands isn't me. Still, how is she supposed to deal with this?" Austin asks Sami if she is OK. Lucas insists this isn't about Sami. It's about two people coming back from the dead. Carrie asks how Sami heard about Abe and Lexie. Sami flashes back to her conversation with Lexie. She tells them she ran into Lexie and got an earful. Carrie was hoping to see a fairy tale wedding today. The boys assure the girls they will have their own fairy tale wedding.

Sami has a bright idea, "Why don't we all fly to Vegas tonight and elope?"

"We can't," says Austin, "That would break one of the cardinal rules of DOOL. It would actually move the plot along."

The Devereaux crowd arrives at Jack and Jennifer's house. Jack argues as they suggest he ought to go to the hospital. Patch takes him upstairs to bed.

Kayla assures Frankie things will be OK.

Jo tells Kayla she is sorry about Steve. Kayla understands he might think she is trying to push him into something. She's sorry about Jack. Jo is just glad he gets to say his goodbyes. Jo doesn't see how Jennifer can move on.

Jennifer and Patch drag Jack down the hall. Jack wants to see JJ. Jennifer will bring him home from the sitter, "I won't tell her about you being here, though. I don't want the whole neighborhood rushing over her to see the man who came back from the dead."

"Dead man stalking," says Jack.

Jennifer goes to get something for Jack to wear. Patch says, "I'd let you borrow some of my jimmies but I don't wear any." He takes Jack into the bedroom. They open the door to find the room all decked out and waiting for Frankie and Jennifer.

Max talks to Frankie. He wonders what will happen to Frankie and Jennifer now.

Hope wakes up. Bo tells her she passed out at the church. The nurse went to get the doctor, "If she can't find a doctor, I'm sure Lexie will be available." Patrick walks in. Bo blows a gasket.

Lexie rushes in and starts her exam. She kicks Bo and Patrick out and asks Hope, "Since when did you start traveling with a posse?"

"Since you made it fashionable," says Hope. Hope sits up and finds she is still dizzy. Her symptoms haven't gone away either.

Outside, Bo and Patrick argue. Bo says, "If you are really her friend you will get the hell out of her life."

Lucas' mouth is a runaway train headed straight for Sami. Austin wants to know if Sami is serious about eloping. He reminds her what happened the last time they tried it. Lucas thinks Sami is just panicked because she thinks something will go wrong. Austin tells him to leave her alone. Austin takes Sami aside. He thinks eloping isn't want she wanted. Sami tells Austin, "I know what I want, and what I want is to marry you. Please say yes."

Lexie examines. See Lexie examine. Examine Lexie, examine. She tells Hope this could be a virus, or not... what the hell does she know anyway. Hope says, "I am confused."

Lexie says, "Well, I'm glad something is normal, anyway." Hope tells Lexie Bo and her have been together since they were kids. She thought she knew him. A marriage is supposed to be based on love, trust and honesty. She wonders how it could just fall apart like this. Lexie drags out a dictionary to look up the words "trust" and "honesty."

Patrick insists he isn't going anywhere. Bo says, "Those feelings you have for Hope aren't reciprocal."

"How would you know," says Patrick, "Hope has barely spoken to you since she signed the divorce papers."

"Let me bring you up to date," sneers Bo, "We are working things out."

Max and Frankie argue. Max wonders how Jack feels about all of this.

Jack lies in the gay bed. Jennifer suggests Jack might want to stay in guest room instead. "Of course," says Jack, "What was I thinking?"

Dr. Patch gives Jack his meds. He says he would like a 'sody pop.' Abby takes him to the kitchen.

Jennifer tells Jack she prayed so hard he would be alive after the accident, "After you were gone, I would wake up and my pillow case would be soaked with tears. I begged God to bring you back to me and now you're here."

"And now I'm here," repeats Jack.

Austin isn't sure he wants to elope, I don't want a Britney Spears special with an Elvis impersonator acting as Justice of the Peace."

Sami begs. All her weddings end in disaster, "And look what happened today."

Carrie says, "Jack and Steve coming back isn't exactly something going wrong."

"It is if you're Frankie," says Sami.

Austin doesn't want to stress her. He just wants to think about her being his wife.

"So you'll elope with me," asks Sami.

"No," says Austin, "I won't."

Jo goes to call Vern. Abby and Patch come downstairs. Patch and Kayla have a staredown. She asks if he remembers something.

Abby tells Frankie Jennifer and Jack are in the bedroom alone. Max wants Frankie to check on her. Frankie says Jennifer is not legally his wife. He won't go up. They need some time alone. He says Jennifer will come down when she is ready.

Jack says he was just trying to protect Jennifer by not coming back after the accident. She asks if he drove off the bridge on purpose. No. She lectures him for pulling this stunt. He thinks it was a mistake to come back. Jennifer tells him his mistake was leaving in the first place, "What am I supposed to do now?"

"Let me die."

Lexie cries. She tells Hope she's sorry about being so unprofessional but her patients ought to be used to it by now. Hope insists she is her friend and wants to know what is wrong. Lexie says, "You said a marriage is built on love, trust and honesty and that's why mine is over. I've been having an affair with Tek Kramer. Abe knows about us and wants a divorce."

Hope asks, "Do you love Tek?"

"I love Abe," says Dr. Floozy, "But I betrayed him. It hurts so much."

"The same way Bo's betrayal hurt me," says Hope.

"But you have a choice," says Lexie, "You can work things out."

"How can I do that," asks Hope, "Bo's betrayal goes deeper than sex. He tampered with that evidence. I wish I didn't love him. How do I stop loving someone I've loved for over 20 years?" Hugs.

Bo and Hope's reconciliation is news to Patrick. He wonders if it would be news to Hope too. Bo tells him to get a life.

PatchNickSteve says he doesn't remember anything. He just thinks Kayla is so pretty. If he was married to her he was one lucky man. She tells him he is a lucky man.

Jo leaves. Patch says he gave up trying to find out about his past years ago, "But now that I'm here, all those questions are coming back... and I need answers."

Jack rationalizes. He wanted their memories of him to be the lovable little dolt he used to be. It was his pride that convinced him he didn't want to be seen this way. He still thinks getting Jennifer and Frankie together was a good thing. He knows Jennifer and Frankie love each other. He doesn't want to leave her or anyone else, "I'm afraid of dying. I'm afraid to even tell you that. It's not like I don't believe in God and heaven."

Jennifer says, "I know that there is a heaven where you and I will be together for all the Days Of Our Afterlives."

"I love you and I always will," says Jack, "I want you to do one thing for me. It will make these last days easier for me if I can see you happy. Today is your wedding day. And you are so beautiful in that dress. Frankie's a good man. Never forget me, but love him. Let him love you. Raise our children in a house full of that love. If you can do that then maybe I'll get... I won't be so scared. Maybe I'll find that peace that your grandma and grandpa Tom used to tell me about. Can you do that for me?"

"I will try my best," says Jennifer, "You must be so tired."

"Yeah," says Jack, "This dying stuff sure takes it out of you." She leaves him and tells him to get some rest.

Lexie and Hope hug. She asks if Hope wants to lose Bo. She wants her to forgive him the way she wants Abe to forgive her. Hope isn't sure. Lexie doesn't think Zack would want them to break up, "Unless this isn't about Zack..." She brings up Patrick. She asks Hope if she loves Patrick. Hope says he is wonderful, warm, loving and supportive. But she is leaving Bo because he betrayed her. Hope knows she can trust Patrick, but not Bo.

Patrick says if he was in Bo's position he would probably be threatening any man who got close to his wife. If Bo and Hope get back together Patrick says he will stay out of the way. He loves Hope enough to walk away if she wants Bo.

Bo's cell phone rings. He is immediately arrested for having his cell phone on inside the hospital.

Lexie comes out and tells Patrick he can go in and see Hope. Hope and Patrick stare at each other.

Austin says they will eliminate the stress of a wedding by hiring a wedding planner. Sami thinks they are too expensive. She thinks they should throw any extra money they have into the Austin Reed & Co. black hole. Austin wants to hold out for the wedding Sami dreams of. Carrie backs him up. Sami says good wedding planners are usually booked in advance and she wants to get married now.

Motormouth steps in, "What's really going on? Why are you in such a rush to marry Austin?"

Austin says, "I'm a hell of a catch – can you blame her?"

Lucas insists something is going on. He grills Sami. Carrie thinks they should go. Lucas stops her, "I know exactly why you're in such a rush. You wanna tell Austin or should I?"

Patrick sits down. Bo comes back and hears them talking. Hope is glad Patrick is there, "We need to talk – about our future."

Patrick says, "It does sound serious." Bo stares.

Abby goes into Jack's room. She tells him she is glad he is back. She brought "Peter Rabbit." He used to read it to her when she was sick. She vows his family will be there for him.

Kayla says she will tell Patch anything he wants to know. She has a question, though, "What really happened the day you supposedly died?"

Jennifer goes outside to see Frankie. He asks about Jack. Resting. Jennifer tells him she is sorry. He stops her and says he is happy Jack and Steve are alive. He wishes their timing had been better, though. He knows Jack doesn't have a lot of time. Him being here alive has to have reopened emotions in Jennifer, "I gotta ask... what does all this mean... for us?"


Triple FF... Jack, Jennifer, Frankie.


Lexie stands in Sami's apartment with Sami, Austin, Carrie and Lucas looking on. She tells them, "I've been waiting a long time for this. You'll want to hear what I have to say."

Bo yells, "I'm going through hell right now, Shawn. You might try to understand that." Shawn says, "I know exactly how it feels to lose the love of your life. Believe me, I know how that feels." Flash over to Mimi.

Frankie hugs Jennifer and says, "You need anything, I am here. You know that, right?" Jack hangs out the window and sighs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Kayla interact one on one with Jack at *all*?

This all sounds so tepid.

Stop the pimping already Jack! Even when Jack was pushing Jennifer away from him for so long, he never pimped her on someone else. He did tell her to marry Emilio and have lots of curly haired babies, but he didn't mean it, and he did do whatever he could to interfere in that relationship.

I loved how he used to call Frankie 'Francoise' even though he knew it would bug him.

I want Jack-with-depth back. Enough of Jack-lite. He doesn't have to be a bad guy - I just want the guy who married Jennifer in '91 to still be in there somewhere.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The motor mouth coment was so funny. That is Lucas to a T.
I also loved the picture of Jen and Frankie at the end. All that talking and moving of seats during the wedding drove me crazy.

5:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tek should have never messed with Abe's sleep number bed. That will get 'em every time...

5:08 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Did Kayla interact one on one with Jack at *all*?"

No, he didn't.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Bulldog's picture was so right on!!
Too bad the opening scenario Prevuze paints won't really happen. That, at least, would be a little original. Wonder how much longer Reilly's hand is going to be in this show??

Loved the snide comment about moving the plot along. Yeah, we wouldn't want that would we?

Rather than Austin constantly telling Lucas to quit bugging Sami, why don't he and Sami stop hanging with Carcas 24/7?

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not watching this episode today. Boring! Rielly is the worst soap opera writer ever!! What this with every thing ending in the phrase, "All the Days of Our Lives". It is tedious and it drives me nuts, already! Aug!!!!!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should all pettition NBC never to allow Rielly to write for another show again!!!!! Who agrees?

6:43 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I LOL over Abe's sleep number and the comment if no real doctor was available there's Lexi.

But I totally lost it when I got to Lucas' runaway train mouth. HAHAHAHAHAHA What is his problem?? Get off Sami's case already!

Fortunately the magazines are saying Reilly is off of Daze soon so maybe we'll be getting some relief.

In the meantime, there's always Prevuze - better than the real show! :D

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reilly has indeed been given a long overdue boot in the ass. It's been confirmed by several of the actors themselves (Reckell, Nichols, and Fath) and his replacement is Emmy-winning writer Hogan Sheffer (formerly of ATWT). Apparently, Sheffer's stuff will start in a couple of months.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Jack lays down on the gay bed." I assume that's day bed, but either way, that was funny to me.

10:24 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I assume that's day bed..."

No, the bed actually looked pretty gay to me.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those who think this will be a boring episode couldn't be more wrong. The scenes between Jack and Jennifer are very well written and extremely touching. The dialogue is poignant and MA and MR do an excellent job with it.

1:34 AM  

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