Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Operation Lead Balloon

The happy group finishes the pie. Sami questions EJ. This was the first apartment he looked at. He got a good vibe when he saw it. He heard a great jazz record playing when he first came in to look at it. Sami suddenly loves jazz. Lucas is skeptical about that. Sami gives EJ a tour of her CDs.

Lucas asks Carrie if Sami isn't just a little too interested in EJ. Carrie says, "With Sami, the thrill is in the pursuit. Now that she has her hooks into Austin she may not be interested any more." Sami suggests a night on the town.

Phillip and Belle cuddle on the couch. They laugh about listening for Claire even through she isn't there – Marlena is watching her. They want to make tonight extra special. He kisses her. Belle says, "Phillip, I know what you're trying to do and it's not going to work."

Shawn gets the family home – Mimi and the implant. He makes her sit down. She worries that the procedure might not work. "There is something I was gonna tell you," she says, "but the way you kiss me... I need a favor. Just say yes."

Max brings the brat flowers for luck. She doesn't think they will help much. She's pretty worried. He tries to get her to think positive. She says she can only do that if Bo convinces Hope to go easy on her. Max checks the weather report in hell, finds out there are no frost warnings, and figures he'd better think of something else.

Bo and Hope kiss at the grave. Hope can't do this. She starts to leave. Bo stops her, "You and I belong together. I know you feel that."

Shawn says, "Yes! What did I just agree to?"

"Getting the air conditioning fixed," says Mimi. Shawn says he has tried. Mimi suggests going out. He says he will fix something there. Mimi is restless and convinces him to go out. "Read my lips," says Mimi, "Lexie said it was OK."

Shawn says, "But we all know, if your lips are moving, you are lying." He suggests Chez Rouge. Mimi thinks that's a budget buster. She suggests a few other non-nutritious places. Shawn vetoes them. Mimi tells him eventually she will have cravings. No problem... he has filled the freezer with low fat ginger swirl ice cream.

Belle tells Phillip taking her out won't make her any happier about him being a racecar driver. They argue about Phillip's choice of careers. "This is important to me," says Phillip, "I want to prove nothing stops an amputee."

"You lost your leg, not your head," says Belle, "You could run the Salem marathon and win."

"That's already been done," says Phillip.

"What if you crash," she asks, "I can't handle that."

"That's not going to happen," he plays the 'Shawn' card, "Plus I will be part of Shawn's business. It will be just like the old days. Let me take you to dinner and we can talk."

"I'm down for the dinner part," says Belle, "But nothing will make me happy about this."

They hear Shawn and Mimi cavorting in the hallway. They check it out and Shawn tells them about the implant. Happy happy.

Max suggests taking the brat to dinner.

"What," she asks, "Like the condemned woman's last meal? My mom doesn't want me to go anywhere."

"I'll take you someplace nice."

"My God," she whines, "This is going to be like my last night of freedom."

Bo works on Hope, "There is an empty space inside me, besides the one in my head. I wish it would go away but I know it won't. I'll take the blame for everything – just please don't tell me we have to live apart all the Days Of Our Lives. Let's go get something to eat and talk. There is one thing I do know. Zack loved us. If he could whisper in your ear right now, he would say he wants Mommy and Daddy to be together."

Sami suggests places they could go. And guess where it's going to be. EJ goes to change.

Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Phillip arrive. Maggie will send over a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly to celebrate. Mimi asks for a few moments alone with Belle. The guys go for beers. Belle says, "This will be one of the best times of your life."

Mimi asks, "Will you have the morning sickness for me."

"No," says Belle, "But I'll have the PPD." She says she has looked into her crystal ball and it said everything will go well for Mimi. She can borrow her maternity clothes. Mimi thanks Belle for being there for her. Clink.

The feckless foursome arrives with EJ. Sami tells Maggie he is their new neighbor. EJ looks over at Belle and Mimi. He asks if that is Belle Black Kiriakis. Sami wonders how he knows that. "I saw a photo once. You guys are half sisters aren't you? I saw her profile on a fundraising brochure. Why is it all of the beautiful women in Salem are taken?"

Austin interrupts, "I don't think there is an answer to that."

Sami introduces Mimi and Belle to EJ. Shawn and Phillip come up. More introductions.

EJ says, "One of my favorite opera characters is named Mimi. She was an outrageous flirt."

"What a coincidence," says Mimi, "I'm an outrageous liar."

Carrie asks Mimi about the pregnancy. They salute each other's pregnancy. EJ goes to the bar. The boys join him.

Lucas tells Shawn the turbo will make them a lot of money. Austin asks for time alone with Shawn.

EJ brings Sami her favorite drink.

Max asks if the brat is all right. "No not really," she says.

Max asks, "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing in particular," she drones, "I'm just trying to remember tonight. I may never get to see another night like this again. I may never even see you again."

"Of course you will," says Max, "Even if..."

"I go to jail," she says, "We might never be able to be alone together again. You will get married and I'll get old in jail.

Max says, "I'd do anything to make you feel better right now."

The brat asks, "Aannyytthhiinngg?"

Max says, "Name it."

The little snot says, "Get rid of Hope Brady."

Bo tells Hope Zack would want them to be together. Hope doesn't want him using their son as a tool to manipulate her. She kneels, "Hey sweetheart – I brought you some tulips. Remember the yellow tulips you helped me plant last fall. He was so excited to see them. The yellow ones are just starting to come up." Tears.

Bo begs, "Let me take care of you, Hope. Let's get out of here."

"OK," she agrees, "But I'm doing this for Zack."

Sami asks EJ how he likes Salem. "I like the view from this chair very much," he says, "I hope Austin knows how lucky he is."

Shawn says he has a verbal agreement with Titan. Austin wants a chance to pitch to him. Titan is a fat cat. Austin Reed & Co. is hungry. Translation: Titan has the money to bankroll Shawn. Austin is on a shoestring. Austin says, "I can reach YOUR demographic. And ree-tards have a lot of money these days. Before you sign with Titan, I want to be in the running." He asks for the opportunity to make a formal pitch. Sami walks up and agrees. Bad timing.

Shawn says, "No, I’m going to sign with Titan. I could never work with Sami."

Bo and Hope run into the bushes and change into their eveningwear. They arrive at Chez Rouge. Hope goes on but Maggie tells Bo she will put together a special romantic menu. Bo joins Hope and says, "You're not going to regret coming out with me tonight."

Speaking of regrets... Max and the brat walk in. Max chuckles, "I thought you were serious about getting rid of Hope."

"I saw my dad's car," she says, "Do you think he and Hope are here? OMG THEY ARE!" They argue about getting Bo and Billie together. The brat says, "Maybe I should just skip the trial and go straight to prison. What Hope wants, Hope gets."

Maggie delivers oysters. Bo reaches for Hope's hand. She yanks it away.

Phillip tells Lucas his brilliant racing idea.

Shawn says, "I could never work with Stan. I will never forgive you for what you did." EJ listens as Shawn walks away and Sami apologizes to Austin. Austin forgives her. Sami says, "Austin, I don't deserve you." EJ smirks.

Shawn sees Bo and Hope.

Mimi comes up and tells him that it's a good thing that they are together. Shawn says he doesn't trust Bo. He thinks he is trying to convince Hope to go easy on the brat. They go up to the table and give them the good news – Mimi has an implant.

"Just one," asks Hope, "I thought your breasts were the same size."

Shawn asks Bo what he is doing there with Hope. Mimi drags him away before he can cause any trouble.

Bo and Hope giggle about Shawn being a father. "I can remember changing his diapers," says Hope, "In fact, I still have to wash that last load." Bo tells her they will be very important in the baby's life.

"Don't push it," snorts Hope, "We're just here to talk."

Bo smiles, "As long as we're talking, things are good."

Austin says he won't give up. He asks Sami to give him some time alone to think and make some notes. Sami decides to walk home. She kisses him and leaves. EJ watches and takes off after her.

Mimi and Shawn decide to go home.

Belle stares into space. Phillip comes up kisses her and says she is jealous of Mimi. He knows Belle wants another baby. She agrees. Hugs.

Shawn Belle Phillip and Mimi leave.

Carrie goes to say goodnight to Austin, "I'm sorry we're on opposite sides, but business is business."

"I'm not giving up," says Austin.

"You never were a quitter," says Carrie, "So... are you and Sami OK?"

Austin assures her, "Oh, yeah, she just wanted to walk home, you know." Austin's phone rings. He says he has to go take it. He leaves.

Lucas comes up. Carrie wonders where EJ has gone. Lucas says, "No doubt he will find some beautiful woman to take him home."

Outside, Sami cries and watches Lucas and Carrie go by. EJ comes up to her and offers a hankie. "You shouldn't hang out with me," says Sami, "I ruin everything I touch. No one will let me change."

"I think you are hanging with the wrong people," says EJ, "Not many women look beautiful when they cry. I just want to see what you look like when you are happy. I hope I'll be seeing a lot of you, Sami."

Max suggests, "Rather than worrying about it, you should just go ask Hope what she is going to say at the trial." The brat takes his advice and goes in to talk to Hope.

Max looks over and sees Sami and EJ, "OMG! If he's in town, I'm a dead man!"

Bo says he will do anything to get hope back. The brat comes up behind them. FF Hope. Operation Lead Balloon begins.



Belle says, "Claire deserves to grow up with her own father." Phillip says, "And she will." Mimi says, "No, she won't."

Sami asks, "What's your real story, EJ, and how come you know so much about me?"

The brat tells Max, "I want to have at least one special memory of you and I together before they send me away. Make love to me."

Bo says, "I'll never give up on you." Hope says, "You have to."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if mimis lips are moving she is lying - you got that one right.

4:48 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL at Shawn's "next great invention" and the Brady/Horton law firm moto.

So, Mimi's going to borrow Belle's maternity clothes. You mean those two outfits Belle wore for a couple of weeks between the time she found out she was preggers and when she had the baby?? HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze and pics!

6:15 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Ha! Marlena's been back in town, what - one day? And already she's stuck babysitting.

The way EJ has zeroed in on Sami I wonder if he's been hired by Kate to break up her and Austin.

I LOL over the empty space in Bo's head and Shawn's next big invention. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thanks! Excellent Prevuze as always. :D

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! Your right. The more Lucas is with Carrie the more he turns into pee wee. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

10:25 AM  
Blogger FROG said...

I've figured out who EJ is! He's Baby DJ who never really died. After Stefano kidnapped him and took him to England he just changed the kid's name one letter down the alphabet.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Yeah! Imagine the triple angst when it's discovered Sami's involved with her long-thought-dead half brother.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

ROFLMAO!! You're right, Bulldog. EJ even looks a little like Don Craig. I heard rumours they are going to bring the actor back, maybe as Mickey. He should come back as Craig and then Marlena will have three men fighting for her. HAHAHAHA

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shawn's "wheel" is hilarious! Peewee's just lame.

Love your prevuze!

10:58 PM  
Anonymous days fan said...

"Bo and Hope run into the bushes and change into their eveningwear."

Ha! I thought that too.

Really funny site you have here.

I love the way you call Chelsea "the brat."

4:57 PM  

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