Monday, May 29, 2006

New Improved Neighbor

Kate, Belle and Phillip are taking pictures of baby Claire. They get a good one, except for the sweat all over her forehead. Phillip mentions that's because they are roasting in there, since the air conditioning has gone out. Kate is proud of Phillip and the medals he got today. Phillip feels sorry for himself. Claire is going to have to explain when she gets older that her daddy is different. She will also have to explain that he only has one leg. Belle assures him Claire will grow up to be everything they want her to be. In Belle's case, a sniveling, whining self-centered moron. Phillip remembers all the things Heather Mills McCartney taught him before Paul dumped her like yesterday's garbage. “Besides,” he says, “I have a plan for my future. And it's pretty ambitions.”

“Good for you,” says Kate.

“I hope you still feel that way when I tell you what it is,” says Phillip.

Mimi asks Shawn when the air conditioning will be fixed. He says the super has ordered the part. She is broiling and wouldn't want to have to go through morning sickness like this. Then she reconsiders, “I take that back... I'd give anything to go through morning sickness no matter what.” She wants to go to the hospital for her procedure. Shawn thinks it's too early, but Mimi is anxious to get going. Then she goes into her screaming-Mimi what-if-it-doesn't-work act.

Sami and Austin speculate about who the new neighbor will be. A little slap and tickle ensues. Meanwhile, Mr. new neighbor signs his lease. The landlord welcomes him to Salem, “It's unlike any other city in the world.”

I've heard about the group insanity,” says our new friend, “But I had to move here anyway.”

The brat opens the door at Jennifer's house and there stands Hope. Hope remembers the brat begging her to believe her that Zack's death was an accident, and telling her Bo gave her permission to drive the car, “I knew it would be hard to come back to Salem, but I never realized it would be this hard.”

Belle is all ears to find out what Phillip's big plans are. He tells them about Shawn's invention. His dad is going to bankroll the invention, “So I'm going to ask Max to be his pit captain and his #2.”

“I know what a pit captain is,” says Kate, “But what's #2?”

I know what #2 is,” says Belle, “It's like when you're walking your dog and...”

Phillip interrupts, “No, honey, it means I'm going to drive. I”m going to be the first amputee to drive on the circuit. This is something I really want to do.” Belle ain't happy. And when Belle ain't happy... ain't nobody happy.

Phillip has written up a proposal. He goes to get it. After he leaves the room, Kate unloads on Belle, “This is all your fault.”

Austin is on the phone, “Let's get on it and ground-floor it.” He hangs up and tells Sami he just got a tip on a product her cousin Shawn designed. He goes to take a shower and then they will discuss it. Sami presses the issue, which leads to more grope and giggle. Mr. New neighbor listens outside the door.

Hope stands at the door at Jennifer's. The brat makes a feeble attempt to tell her she is sorry. Ice-Woman turns and walks away. “I knew it,” whines the brat, “She's never gonna forgive me. And why should she? I killed my own brother.”

Billie and Bo arrive. Oh, this is going to be a fun party.

Jennifer tries to calm Hope down. She tells her she will be OK. Hope tells Jennifer, “I won't be OK until the woman who killed my little boy is a plaything for the bitch-ho'z.”

The brat snivels, “I thought she was on Morgan Island. Now she's here and she will testify against me and make sure I get put away for the best years of my life.”

If these are the best years of your life, maybe you should be put away,” says Frankie.

“Could things get any worse,” asks the brat.

“Yes,” says Frankie, “As soon as Hope realizes it wasn't Bo who sent the email about the divorce.” The brat stares.

Shawn and Mimi smooch. It's not as good as the Sami-Austin stuff but, hey, they're married. Shawn offers Mimi a 'Popsicle' Mimi talks about having the kid and Shawn offers a toast. They clink their Popsicles and munch.

Belle wants to know how it is her fault Phillip wants to drive a racecar. Kate says, “Well, perhaps if you satisfied your husband's needs up in the bedroom, he wouldn't feel the need to prove his manhood by driving on the speedway.” Belle's mouth assumes its standard position – wide open. Belle assures Kate everything is fine with their marriage. Kate reminds Belle she was pining away for Shawn right up until he married Mimi. Belle asks how Kate knew that. “Because the only one you didn't tell was Phillip.”

Kate kind of softens as Belle assures her she isn't going to leave Phillip for Shawn. “You mean everything to Phillip – you and Claire.”

Belle says, “Claire... You need to kiss your grandma goodbye, BECAUSE SHE'S LEAVING.”

Phillip comes downstairs with his proposal. Belle gives him both barrels. She was so worried about him when he was at war, and now that he is back she doesn't want to lose him. He assures her he isn't going anywhere.

The doorbell rings and Austin answers it. The new neighbor introduces himself as EJ Wells. He comes in and asks to borrow a wrench to fix a leaky shower head. As Austin looks for it, EJ picks up a picture of Sami, “So, is this fetching creature your wife?”

“Fetching creature,” says Austin, “I like that. That's my fiancee, Sami Brady.” EJ raises his eyebrows, indicating he may be from the John Black School of Acting Methodology.

The brat tells Frankie Hope will never find out about the emails because she and Bo aren't talking to each other. Frankie insists they will work things out. She reminds him she is only following his advice as her attorney. Frankie says, “But if you step up to the plate and admit what you have done, they will forgive you. If you don't, things will get a lot worse and you know it.”

Bo wants to talk to Hope and work things out. He thanks Billie for being so understanding and goes off to find her. “Dammit,” says Billie, “Why do I keep sending him straight back into Hope's arms?”

Kate walks up behind her, “That's a good question,” she says.

Hope worries the jury will just give the brat a slap on the wrist, but agrees she has to move on with her life. Jennifer asks about Bo. Hope says, “I hate what has happened, but Bo and I are finished.”

Bo walks into the kitchen and says, “Hope, you know that's not true.” Hope stares.

Phillip insists he isn't going to do anything to get hurt, “Look, I joined the Marines to serve my country. But I also did it for the thrill. And since I'm married to you, I need some way to get a thrill. Belle wants him to do anything but race a car at 180 miles an hour. “Actually,” says Phillip, “It's more like 200. And there's something else I gotta tell you, too.”

Shawn asks if Mimi was serious when she talked about naming their son after Zack, if they have a boy. Of course she was. Shawn believes Zack is watching out for them. He believes God is going to bless them with a baby of their own.

Mimi remembers arguing with Bonnie about Claire, “I don't know, Shawn, maybe it's not meant to be."

Shawn says, "I don't understand."

Mimi says, "After what I have done I don't see how God could bless us with a child."

EJ tells Austin, “Your fiancee is beautiful. Thanks for the wrench.”

Just after EJ leaves, Sami rushes out dripping wet with an emergency. They need the wrench back. Their shower has blown and water is going everywhere. She runs across the hall to get the wrench back. EJ answers the door in a towel and Sami stands there putting on a private wet T-shirt contest.

Billie tells Kate she doesn't need her butting in and telling her to do the wrong thing again. Kate says trying to get Bo and Hope back together is an exercise in futility. Billie says, “It's time I stepped aside and let Bo and Hope find their way back to each other.”

“No,” says Kate, “You can't do that.”

Frankie insists Bo and Hope will figure things out, "Hope will show Bo the email. And then they will trace everything back to you."

Bo tells Hope they have to talk. Jennifer leaves. Hope tells him there is nothing left to talk about. Bo reaches out to her. Hope yanks her arm away, “Get your hands off of me, you liar! Your daughter was willing to let you and Billie throw everything away to save her own skin. Can't you see what little respect your daughter has for you?”

“After the accident, we were all in shock,” says Bo, “I made a terrible mistake. I was trying to take care of that and you at the same time.”

Hope reminds him he didn't tell her about the trial date being moved up when he showed up on Morgan Island. Bo insists he would have told her, but had to protect her from Lockhart.

“Instead of telling me,” says Hope, “you made this big pitch for me to forgive you, knowing if I did, maybe I'd be a little more lenient with your daughter. All you do is lie to me. But now I'm back in Salem and I need justice for my little boy.” She remembers discovering Bo and Billie in the motel room, “I don't even know you any more. How dare you compare what I did with Patrick to what you did with Billie. I only was with Patrick after I filed for the divorce. But you on the other hand... this isn't the first time you've 'slipped up' with Billie... or the second... or the third.”

But who's counting,” says Bo, “I didn't come here to argue. I came here to work things out.”

Hope says, "Are you kidding? How could you ever think we could get back together again, especially after the email you sent me?"

Phillip tells Belle he has decided to underwrite Max' racing team, “You and I have something Max and Shawn lack.”

Intelligence,” asks Belle.

No,” says Phillip, “I said you and I. We have money.”

Then how come we live in this dump with no air-conditioning,” asks Belle. Phillip walks off. Belle says, “I don't have a good feeling about this.”

Mimi tells Shawn God won't bless them because she had an abortion. He reminds her that God forgives. Mimi remembers her conversation with Father Jansen. Shawn assures her everything will work out. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Phillip. He asks to talk to Shawn alone. Mimi goes over to obsess with Belle.

“I have a business proposition for you,” says Phillip, “One that we are both going to like.” Phillip lays it out for Shawn. Shawn says he will talk it over with Max. Phillip emphasizes his offer is 100% contingent on him driving, “I want to prove an amputee can live in the fast lane.”

He can also die in the fast lane,” says Shawn.

Mimi and Belle chit-chat. More chit than chat Mimi hopes things work out. Belle tries to encourage her. If things don't work out this time she and Shawn can keep trying until Phillip gets killed racing and Belle horns in.

Sami and EJ introduce themselves. She tells him she needs the wrench. He turns to go get it and his towel falls. “You are certainly an improvement over the last neighbor,” says Sami. Austin comes out. Sami snorts a little giggle and takes another look.


The brat tells Frankie, “I am sure Bo and Hope will talk, but I'm not saying anything about the email until after I'm exonerated.” Frankie asks if the Brat loves Bo.

“You know I do.”

“Actions speak louder than words,” says Frankie.

Not for the women in Salem,” says the brat, “Do you know how scared I am.”

“Whatever you decide to do, I will do my best to defend you. After that, I'll appeal. The clock is ticking. You need to start working your way out of this. The first order of business – give your dad and Hope their lives back.”

“I am sorry but I can't do that.”

Bo wants to know what Hope is talking about. They argue about emails until Hope declares the whole thing a waste of time. Bo wants to talk to a counselor or Marlena and work things out. Hope says it's too late. She storms out. Bo chases.

Kate works on Billie, “Why do you always play the loser in life? Bo is your soul mate. Don't let the spark die.”

Billie sees the brat storming out. She runs after her and asks what is wrong. The brat speeds off like a one-legged race driver. Frankie tells Billie he tried to talk to her but she didn't listen. “Now it's my turn,” says Billie. Kate says she is going home – she has had enough of this.

Jennifer comes down and goes into the kitchen to check on Bo and Hope. Like Mother Hubbard, she finds the kitchen empty.

Bo and Hope run into Billie and the brat. Billie and Chelsea leave when they see the lovebirds. “Go,” says Hope, “Be with them. They're your family now, Brady.” She leaves. FF Bo.


Mimi says, “I cannot help it, but God is going to punish me.” Shawn says, “God does not punish people for making mistakes.”

Hope kneels at Zack's grave. She cries in Bo's arms.

Patrick asks, “Do you want to give this situation another shot, or what?” Billie smiles, “I'll think about it.”

Sami asks, “How did you know I like lemonade in my beer?” EJ says, “Just a lucky guess.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah really, Philip's "differentness" isn't because of his leg! And why would anyone go to Marlena for marriage counseling?
Thanks for another great Prevuze!

6:17 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I loved Kate's observation that she knew Belle pined for Shawn right up to Shimi's marriage because the "only one you didn't tell was Phillip." HAHAHAHAHA

Had a good chuckle over #2 and the John Black acting method.

I could only shake my head at the unbelievable idea that Phil, who has never even raced a go-kart, thinks he can get on "the circuit" and race with the big boys. They would eat him alive.

And that's only slightly less ridiculous than Austin & Co., who I thought bought a beauty products company, is now going to be manufacturing and selling Shawn's turbo charger! Now that's diversifying your product line. HAHAHA

10:52 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

It took me a long time to get to Prevuze today but it was well worth it!

I think Prevuze has hit on the DOOL writers plan...keep ol' Phil on the circuit until his contract expires or he wants out (whichever comes first) and have a spectacular crash.

I LOL over Paul dumping Heather, Max in his cuuuute outfit, Belle knowing what #2 is and many other Prevuisms today.

Prevuze is "Number One"! :D

5:59 PM  

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