Monday, May 22, 2006

A More Enlightened Path

Mimi says she can't take living in fear any more. Shawn deserves to know. Bonnie begs her to stop. Mimi says, "It's like a part of him already knows. Someday he will find out. I have to tell him the truth while I still can."

"Come over here," says Bonnie, "You're gonna stop this. You're not gonna tell him. Unless you want to end up like me with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a dog to keep you warm at night."

Max barks. Bonnie goes over to him and apologizes.

Mimi asks if Bonnie thinks Shawn has a right to be with his baby or at least to know about her.

"Shawn will have a baby with you," says Bonnie, "Claire is fine where she is. End of story."

"Hardly," says Mimi, "We'll drag this out until I'm old and gray. You never understand anything. I need to talk to someone else."

Mimi leaves. Bonnie says, "Come on, Max, we've got work to do."

Sami reads, "That's how karma works. It is the law of balance and justice and reaping what you sow. If one does harmful things one can expect bad luck and misfortune to follow." Sami remembers her conversation with Alex about Lexie. Another deal with the devil.

"Will is right," says Sami, "If I don't change my ways, I will pay. I know what I have to do." She runs out of her apartment.

Bo and Billie drag Zack's things downstairs. Bo thanks her for helping. Billie thinks it's generous of Hope to give Zack's things to charity. She asks, "Bo, are you OK?"

Bo says, "No, I'm not. I miss my son. I miss my wife."

Meanwhile, Hope can't believe Patrick has been working for Alex. Patrick tries to shut her up, but it's like trying to stop a locomotive. "How could you have lied to me," asks Hope.

"I did what had to be done," says Patrick.

John tries to convince the chief Marlena needs his help, "If we don't stop him he will kill her."

Marlena wants to go back and check on John. Alex can't risk losing her. Marlena says, "You know I love John now."

"Loved," he corrects, "...Past tense. Our love is greater than any love you shared with John. Tell me you believe that."

"I don't," says the doofus, "I feel so strongly I do belong with John."

"You are so wrong," says Alex, "I'll have to make sure you never forget." Out comes Mr. Syringe.

Marlena reels, "NO! NO! No more needles!"

"I'm sorry," says Alex, "You leave me no alternative."

Billie knows Bo has lost so much, "I know this is like having to say goodbye to Zack all over again, but maybe this is closure."

"What about Hope," says Bo, "If she doesn’t know about the trial date she won't have closure."

Billie says, "That means seeing our daughter go to jail for a long time. Is that what you want?"

Hope lectures Patrick, "You took advantage of me at the lowest point in my life. I really thought we connected. I thought on some level we really had something."

"We did," says Patrick, "A good time. You can't deny that."

"Of course I deny it," says Hope, "It was all a big game to you. You don't give a damn or you wouldn't have joined Alex."

Patrick says, "Hope, listen to me. You've got it all wrong. I do care about you. More than you'll ever know."

Mimi arrives at the church. Bonnie chases her inside, "You are about to ruin your entire life. Why are you here?"

"It's none of your business," says Mimi, "I have to atone before I have a baby."

"Are you nuts," asks Bonnie, "Do you remember the last chat you had with father Jansen?"

"Yeah," says Mimi, "I lied to a priest."

"You didn't lie," says Bonnie, "He made an assumption."

"Whatever.... I have to make amends."

Sami comes into the church. She lights a candle and prays her standard prayer, "Oh, God I am so sorry. I promise if you help me out of this one, I will never hurt anyone again."

Bonnie walks up behind her, "I heard what you did. Getting Austin to propose. I don't know how you did it, but you've outdone yourself this time."

The chief tells John they have no proof of his claim, "You are the only one on the island threatening violence."

Alex tells Marlena if she screams no one will hear her, "But I can no longer count on my trusty syringe. John is on to me."

"You have become a monster," says Marlena.

"No," says Alex, "Just a man who loves his wife and wants her to remain devoted. No matter what, you still love me don't you?"

"I do," she says, "I don't know why, after all you've done." She twirls her necklace.

"Telling Hope would jeopardize Chelsea's chances," says Bo, "But maybe Frankie can convince the jury and no matter what Hope says they might go easy on her."

"What if they don't," asks Billie, "It's more likely they will side with Hope."

Bo says, "If I keep this from her..."

Billie interrupts, "You think it will ruin any chance of getting back with her, and that's a chance you are not willing to take. You think you can take her away from Patrick."

"How dare you say that to me," says Hope, "I was weak and you exploited it."

Patrick says, "Hope, this is my fault. In time you will understand. But right now there is something I have to do and it can't wait." He leaves.

Marlena doesn't understand why she feels this way knowing what she knows. It makes no sense.

"It makes perfect sense," says Alex, "Deep down you know you still love me. Once you get your senses back you will realize John's feelings are a sick obsession. He is still stalking you."

"No," insists Marlena, "You're wrong. He's worried about me. He doesn't want you to hurt me."

"And I haven't," says Alex.

"I don't know what you call shooting me full of drugs," says Marlena.

"John would call it recreation," says Alex, "I did that because I love you. I want you to myself. But if I can't have you, be sure nobody else ever will."

Mimi tells father Jansen it's been awhile since her last confession.

The father asks, "Did you want to take this to the confessional?"

"No," says Mimi, "I just need some advice. Shawn and I are trying to start a family. It turns out I'm an excellent candidate for IVF. It's kind of a gift from God."

"It's great how things worked out," says Father Jansen, "Because you told Shawn about Claire, God has blessed you."

"There is something you don't know," says Mimi, "I never told Shawn the truth. I lied and let you think I had. He still doesn't know. I meant to tell him but I couldn't do it."

Father Jansen is disappointed, "I thought you had chosen a more enlightened path."

"I deserve to go to hell for lying to a man of God," says Mimi.

Father Jansen says, "God forgives sin, but in your case, he gets a little tired of having to repeat himself. It's not my place to judge you, but in the eyes of God you and Shawn are not husband and wife."


Sami tells Bonnie Austin proposed because he loves her. Bonnie thinks she needs the confessional more than Mimi.

Sami asks, "Mimi is in confession right now? What has she done this time?"

John admits he threatened Alex, "But only because he is a danger to her." He says the chief should call the Salem PD or the ISA, "They will back me up."

"Maybe I will," says the chief. He tells the other officer as he leaves, "Don't let him get away."

John drones, "I hope it's not too late when I find you, Doc."

Alex wanted to do this a different way. Marlena begs him not to hurt her. He asks if they have a chance to be together. Marlena says something about a snowball in hell, "Not with all I know. Not with all you've done to me and John."

"I can't lose you to him," says Alex, "You have given me no choice. You have to die."

Bo admits he loves Hope even if she is with Patrick. Billie realizes that. She can't believe she was with Patrick herself. She made a mistake. Bo insists it won't last. "I didn't mean to lead you on," he says.

"Don't apologize," says Billie, "You will always be crazy about Hope. I get it. I'm just worried about you. I'm afraid you may be getting your hopes up over something that will never happen. She may never take you back."

Hope asks John what is going on. John knows Alex would harm Marlena. Hope asks him to let the police handle it, "In the meantime I will find proof he's been drugging her and they will extradite him back to Salem."

"That will never happen," says the chief as he returns, "Your story checked out, Mr. Black, but you are to steer clear of Alex and Marlena."

"What are you talking about," snarls John.

"Neither Commissioner Carver nor Specter have any proof," he says.

"I'm telling you," says John, "Her life is at stake on your island."

"You don't want to cross me on my territory," he says, "Leave them alone." The cops leave.

"I'm sorry, chief," says John, "Hope, cover for me."

Hope warns him, "You aren't in the US. I don't know what will happen if you commit a crime."

"Alex is capable of anything," says John.

Alex drops the syringe. Marlena struggles and falls. Alex says, "Don't make me hurt you any more than I already have." Marlena remembers Alex getting rough on their honeymoon, and Lois showing her the pictures. "It's true," whimpers Marlena, "You did that to me and you killed Lois."

"I had to," says Alex, "And now I have to kill you." They struggle. Marlena screams.

Mimi is in agony, "You're telling me my marriage is not valid?"

"No," says Father Jansen, "It's not. You have to tell Shawn the truth."

"He'll hate me just like Rex did."

Father Jansen asks, "You'd rather live a lie? Is that the marriage you want?"

Sami wants to know what Mimi is doing in confession. Bonnie says, "Mimi is my good little Catholic girl."

"Do you expect me to believe Mimi comes to church to confess at this hour," asks Sami

"What about you, Sami," asks Bonnie, "What brings you to old St. Luke's at this hour?"

"I don't have to tell you anything," says Sami, "Who do you think you are?" Sami stomps off.

Bonnie turns, "Someone who knows you have a secret."

Mimi comes out and tells Bonnie she has to tell the truth.

Marlena and Alex continue their struggle. John runs up and saves her. Mr. ISA cold cocks Alex. Marlena falls crying into his arms, "I think I have feelings for him still. I don't get it."

John looks down, "This pendant, what is it?"

"Alex gave it to me," says Marlena.

"That explains everything," says John. He rips it off and tosses it.

Marlena gasps and breaks down. She looks up at John, "It's you... it's you... you are the one I love."

"I love you baby," whispers John. Kiss.

Alex comes to and sees the gun. He reaches for it.

"Father Jansen says my marriage is invalid," says Mimi, "My life is over."

"Bull," says Bonnie, "Nothing is over. You are still legally Shawn's wife. Father Jansen can't say anything because what you told him is confidential. Life is hard, and if you want happiness you'd better look out for number one."

Mimi whines, "Mom, I can't go on like this. It's tearing me apart. How can I do this to the man I love?"

Bonnie says, "Shush. Just don't think about it."

"Not thinking is my forte," says Mimi, "But I have to get out of here. I have to be by myself."

Bonnie begs, "Just promise you will call me before you make a definite decision."

Mimi says, "I can't promise that." Bonnie leaves. Mimi prays, "God, I don't know what to do. Will you please help me?"

Sami confesses, "Hi Father... I know it's been a long time since my last confession. I need to talk to you about something. Karma. If someone does something awful...."

"You would pay for it in kind," says Father Jansen, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

Hope says to herself, "I hope you don't do anything you'll regret, John. Like I have." For inspiration, she repeats the Salem town motto, "How could I have been so stupid?" She dials.

Bo says, "Hope might not give me another chance, but at least I'll know I did the right thing."

Billie says, "If you want to tell her, you gotta do what you gotta do."

"Thank you for understanding," says Bo, "I know you are terrified about Chelsea. So am I."

"Hopefully things will work out," says Billie. They pack up the boxes and carry them to the car. The phone rings in the empty room. The sadder-but-wiser girl leaves a message, "I am on Morgan Island. Patrick isn't who he says she is."

Bo walks in and lunges for the phone, "HOPE! I'M HERE!" Dial tone. "Dammit," says Bo.

John and Marlena kiss. Alex goes for the pistol.

Marlena sees Alex and squeals, "John!"

John growls, "Give it up North. It's over."

PrevuzeAlex looks up from the ground and says, "Now I can kill both of you." Both men dive for the gun. Two hands. One gun. FF.


Mimi says, "Sami, I don't like you. Why do you even care?" Sami says, "Clearly you have some big, juicy secret. Maybe we could help each other."

Bo says, "Hope called. She's in danger from Lockhart." Billie says, "Bo!"

Jennifer says, "Frankie and I are getting married." Maggie and Alice gasp and smile.

Jack lies in his hospital bed and says, "I know I arranged for Frankie and you to fall in love but, by God, you're my wife, and those are my kids. Dammit, I'm coming home."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL at the Salem "motto", or, as Max the Dog says, not the sharpest twigs in the forest. That goes for the DOOL writers as well.

A good Monday morning laugh, Prevuze. Too bad the actual show isn't as amusing.

6:20 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

OMG! How appropriate is the Salem town motto?!?? HAHAHAHAHA

And as stupid as that Marlena is, is anyone else rooting for Alex about now? Or hoping Dr. Kervorkian finds Jack?

Excellent Prevuze today, love the pictures, too!

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God why are they doing this to us with this Jack thing again???

11:00 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

God why are they doing this to us with this Jack thing again??? I think they're just pulling old scripts out of the drawer and think we won't notice. They're wrong.

11:30 AM  

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