Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tears And Torment

Bonnie comes to the hospital to hover over Shawn and Mimi while they wait for the procedure, “I'm visiting the mother hen while she waits for her chick to hatch... incubate... whatever. I brought a few things for the little munchkin. HE is going to know his grandma loves him... or her.” Mimi reminds her they don't' even know if the procedure will work.

Shawn chimes in, “No negative thoughts, remember?”

Lexie comes into the room. “Unfortunately,” she says, “Mimi's right.”

Sami stammers. She and EJ introduce themselves. EJ's towel drops. Sami soaks it in as Austin comes out for an uncomfortable moment. He has fixed the shower and all is OK. Lucas and Carrie come out. Austin introduces them to the new naked neighbor.

Carrie asks, “Haven't we met before?”

Bo remembers Hope's words. “Go,” commandeth Hope, “Be ye with them. They are your family.”

He snaps out of it and says, “You are my family, Fancy Face. I only belong with you.”

Hope goes into the house and remembers telling him he can't compare his cavorting with Billie to hers with Patrick. Hope makes the rules.

Jennifer comes in. Hope tells her she is still in love with Bo, “But what good is it. It's not a love I can count on. It's too late. We'll never be together again.

Billie has selected an outfit for the brat to wear to court tomorrow. Big surprise, the little snot doesn't like it. She thinks it would make her look like she is going to a funeral. Billie tells her she has been sulking around since she talked to Frankie yesterday. She asks what's wrong. The brat remembers her conversation with Frankie. The brat don' wanna talk about it. She bumps into Patrick as she storms out.

“Whoa,” says Patrick, “Where's the fire?” The brat leaves.

“What are you doing here,” asks Billie.

Patrick reminds her, “I live here.”

John and Marlena return to the penthouse. Marlena thinks it feels good to be back there. She also thinks it was good to see everyone at Jennifer's. John goes to get tea... the official drink of Salem. Marlena remembers falling down the stairs. John rushes to the phone book to look up the number for 911... She remembers losing the baby and crying in agony, “There goes the record for being the oldest woman ever to give birth!

Roman interrupts, “Marlena, what's wrong.” They hug as John walks in with the tea service.

Lexie cautions Shawn and Mimi not to have those dreaded positive thoughts, “Don't forget,” she says, “There never has been a normal birth in the history of Salem. And the fertility drugs we used weren't as effective as we had hoped.” It's a possibility if Mimi doesn't get pregnant this time, she may not be able to in the future. Who'da thunk it?

EJ asks Carrie if she has been to London recently. “No,” says Carrie, “I have been to other places in Europe. I was in Israel for awhile.”

“Oh,” says the surprised EJ, “When did they move Israel to Europe?

Lucas and Carrie are coming back from the pub. Caroline whipped up one of her famous apple pies for them. They invite everyone over to have some. EJ goes to dress. Carrie swears she knows him from somewhere.

“He doesn't seem to think so,” snorts Lucas. Watch it, boy... you'll get that nose ring yanked.

They all go inside Sami's apartment. Lucas goes straight to the SDB file and picks it up. He asks Austin “What the hell do you think you are doing with this?”

John didn't realize they had company. Roman just had to rush over as soon as he heard the good news that Marlena was back. He says he came in and found Marlena crying. Marlena says she was crying because she remembered this was where she lost Roman's baby.

Jennifer encourages Hope not to give up on Bo. Hope insists it is time for her to move on. “Is this because of what happened between you and Patrick,” asks Jennifer.

Billie asks if this means Patrick is moving back in. “That's the plan,” says Patrick. He offers to have them share the rent again, but Billie says she will look for another place. “There is no hurry,” says Patrick. He hesitates, “Billie, I really don't want you to leave.” Billie wheels around.

Bo stops the brat as she rushes by with a suitcase. He asks what's up with that. She's going on the lam, “Don't try to stop me.”

Mimi asks for a moment alone with Shawn. Bonnie and Lexie leave. Mimi thinks maybe they shouldn't go ahead with this. Shawn tells her if they don't, they will always wonder what might have been. Mimi can't help but think of all the horrible things she has done. Think, yes... speak, no.

Mimi says, “I cannot help it, but God is going to punish me.”

Shawn says, “God does not punish people for making mistakes... the last I heard.” Shawn thinks she is stressed out and her judgment is clouded. That's because it originates in her brain.

Austin tells Lucas the SDB file is none of his business. Lucas wants to know if Austin is trying to get a little bit of the action on Shawn's turbo engine.

“What if I am?”

“You are wasting your time,” says Lucas, “Shawn has already made a deal with Victor.”

“I hear it's not a done-deal,” says Austin.

“Shawn is his grandson. It's pretty much done. I guess Titan's won another round, haven't we?” Sami comes out and interrupts the high-powered discussion.

EJ comes to the door and hones right in on the SDB file. Austin tells him it's just a business deal. “Yeah,” says EJ, “It's Shawn Brady's new turbo engine.” Everyone is eager to find out how EJ knows about that.

“I shoulda seen this one coming,” sneers John.

“Why,” asks Marlena.

It's a superspy thing,” says John, “You wouldn't understand.”

Marlena apologizes for losing the baby. Roman tells her not to blame herself. She isn't sure she can put it behind her.

Hope insists this situation has nothing to do with Patrick. “You were intimate with him,” says Jennifer.

“But I'm not in love with him,” says Hope.

So you're just a tramp,” asks Jennifer.

“He helped me through a difficult time. I do have feelings for him, but they are not love,” says Hope, “Not the kind of love Bo has for Billie.”

“What are you talking about,” asks Jennifer, “I just saw him. He's miserable.”

That's probably because I'm back,” says Hope, “That's not my problem.”

“That sounds so cold.”

Hope says, “If you think that sounds cold, try this: I didn't come back here for Bo. I came back to make sure his daughter goes to jail for killing my son.”

Bo tells the brat running away won't solve anything, “Your family will be there for you tomorrow. There will be someone else looking out for you tomorrow, too.”

“You mean Max?”

“No. I mean your little brother Zack,” says Bo, “And let's hope he does a lot better job for you than you did for him. He loved his big sister. And I'm going to tell that to the courtroom, OK?”

“OK,” she says, “And be sure to let me know how the trial goes. I'll be in Albuquerque.”

Patrick says he and Billie can “coexist.” He tells her, “There is a part of me that will love you for all the Days Of Our Lives, so do you want to give this living situation another shot or what?”

“I'll think about it,” says Billie.

Bo and the brat walk in and interrupt the tender moment. Bo grits his teeth, “What the hell?”

Mimi's procedure is over. Lexie gives her instructions and takes Shawn outside to talk. Bonnie tells her she is proud of her.

“I don't know what you have to be proud of,” says Mimi, “Without that abortion, Shawn and I wouldn't be going down this road.”

“Right,” says Bonnie, “You and Rex would be going down the road together. But the abortion was my fault. I told you to have it. With your genes and Shawn's, you will have the most beautiful baby in the world. Dumb as a rock, but beautiful.”

Mimi is distant. Bonnie asks what is wrong. Mimi says, “I was thinking about something you said. You once said all the Lockhart women are cursed. Did you really mean that?”

EJ says he read about the turbo thingie on Max Brady's blog. He's a big racing fan. Monte Carlo is practically his second home. He rubs shoulders with the jet-set but decided to move into a dumpy apartment as some sort of anthropological experiment. He came to Salem to set up a business. He thought Salem would be a saner choice than new York or LA.

Lucas beats Prevuze to the punch, “SANER? I don't know about that.”

Sami asks what kind of business he's planning on setting up. When he knows them better, he will tell them. She asks for personal details. He's single and planning on staying that way. Went to Oxford and has done some import/export work.

The boys go to fix the drinks. Sami takes Carrie aside and says, “HE IS SO HOT! I wish I had a girlfriend I could set him up with!”

“Who are you trying to kid,” asks Carrie, “You are so into him!”

Marlena can't move on until she comes to grips with loosing the child. She needs some time to recover. She wanted the baby. She and Roman talk about the time they were held captive in the castle. “We were so desperate to be with the people we loved,” says Marlena, “that we hopped into the sack together.” She wins the understatement of the year award when she says, “That pregnancy was not planned.” She thinks it proves that good things do come out of bad situations, though. John comforts her as she bawls and Roman watches.

Jennifer knows Bo hurt Hope, but she also knows Hope can find it in her heart to forgive him. They are interrupted by the doorbell. A delivery man stands there with flowers for Hope. Jennifer tells her they are from Bo and asks what the card says. “That he loves me,” says Hope.

“What are you going to do,” asks Jennifer.

“I know exactly what I am going to do,” says Hope.

Billie shoves Bo outside before he nukes. They argue about Patrick. Billie says she will move out after the trial. Bo can't have them live with him. He's living on the boat. Bo goes for a walk to clear his head. It will be a short walk.

Patrick tells the brat he really hopes everything works out for her. She thaws a bit and thanks him.

Lexie wants Shawn to keep Mimi calm, “If she experiences any medical problems, call Dr. Ross, because I am likely to do more harm than good.

Bonnie says, “If I said the Lockhart women are cursed, I was probably just ticked off at some dumb ass man. If there really was a curse, do you think you'd have reeled in a catch like Shawn Brady?”

Mimi says, “OMG. We really are cursed.”

The girls just go nuts about EJ. They are, of course, not the least bit interested in him.

The boys serve the drinks. They all toast new neighbors and new friends. Sami tastes her beer and asks, “How did you know I like lemonade in my beer?”

EJ says, “Just a lucky guess. Cheers.”

Marlena giggle-cries and apologizes for falling apart. John thinks she needs some sleep right now. Roman agrees and leaves. Marlena thanks John. John thanks Marlena. Thank-you-paloosa.

Roman stands outside looking like a lost puppy. He remembers Marlena telling him the baby was his.

Billie comes back inside and the brat goes to her room. Billie asks what they were talking about. Patrick tells her he was just wishing her luck, “I don't want anything bad to happen to you or your daughter. You have to know that by now.” He turns and leaves.


Hope visits Zack's grave. Tears and torment. She looks up as Bo approaches. He puts his arm around her. Hugs. Kisses. Fade.


Bo says, “Zack loved us. If he could whisper in your ear right now, he would say he wants Mommy and Daddy to be together.”

Max says, “I'd do anything to make you feel better right now.” The brat asks, “Anything?” Max says, “Name it.” The little snot says, “Get rid of Hope Brady.”

Carrie asks, “Are you and Sami OK?” Austin assures her, “Oh, yeah, she just wanted to walk home, you know.”

The great new actor EJ mumbles something inaudible to Sami.


Blogger Bulldog said...

Ho and Dope dancing around the e-mail issue is about as preposterous as her never bringing up seeing him with Billie at the motel.

I thought Salem was supposed to be some small midwest town. Now not only are they close to the ocean they have a huge racetrack close enough that "Max will be right home after the race"?

I LOL over Mimi being cursed by reeling in Shawn and I loved all of the pictures. HAHAHAHA Excellent Prevuze as always!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah right, God never punishes anyone for their sins. So why is there a Hell? The only thing the DOOL writers are worse on than their scripts is their bad theology.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Prevuze helped get me through this long, long day. But I'm late in posting a comment.

Loved it as usual.

I do think Prevuze should give EJ a little break on the "mumble" criticism. Actually, MOST of the actors mumble. It's just that since they just give the same speeches over and over and over, the audience KNOWS what they are saying by heart. We just don't recognize the fact that the mumble. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

7:11 PM  
Anonymous hellbent@dool.2006.someones_preggies said...

Hi all, :) here you are grander than ever, and it's ez you just SCROOL the dool until the end of the day it SEZ it is, then you read the one you want, the one you just finished watching.P er i meant scroll

i reflected yesterday which is like two days ago prevuze time at least that if i had kept count from the 10,000th ep which was i believe not too long ago then ep wise i'd be up on it. now was that ten thousandth ep this PAST feb 21 or the one before? hmm...sorta lulls ya into a days huh:P?

now i know i had a feeling alex north was coming thru that door so clumsily left open by john (thru which roman entered) and tho i am sure you all discussed, its sure he has a chance not to be dead

hehe, wow, how much summer vacation will philip get after his big car crash? man, these peeps here havent been fooling around huh.

hey bulldog check out some of the big out the back window downtown city scenes from the past ten months...looks like a major metro area there with 2-5 million pop:D
wow and for a small town crowd feel like we get from the gang of dool, thats somethin huh?

wow it has been some realtime since marlena and roman were doing it on the island...(serial stalker) yeah thats right i had a good one today, i leave you with:
when they released the smoke out of that pipe at the top of the wall when mar and romanowski were chained to the bed, ultimately it was stefano's seed which was sown in marmar, not, romans, he passed out before anything happened, ya capische:P? (then dr marlena of course did tumble down the stairs ruining another brilliant stefano plot

always good to see you all, wheres the fourth poster han
ging at,

11:54 AM  

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