Friday, May 26, 2006


Drip, drip, drip. Jack asks the doctor how it looks.

Dr. Butler gives Jack the lowdown, "It's gonna take time to recover. Your immune system needs time to repair itself. I don't know if it will work, but barring other complications you will go home to your wife and family a cured man, and you will know this was all worth it."

Jack drones, "If I have a wife and family to go home to." He isn't feeling sorry for himself, though.

Jennifer and Frankie welcome OMB and Caroline to their Memorial Day party. Memorial Day is the holiday where we gather to remember the days when DOOL had halfway intelligent characters and plots that had some semblance of intelligence. Alas, those days are long past. We go through a bunch of idle chatter which is, however, more meaningful than most dialogue on DOOL.

Maggie says there would have been strawberry pie, but Mickey got his hands on it and it's gone. Alice says, "That doesn't surprise me. I caught Mickey with his hands in the cookie jar many times as a kid. And now, since he is a lawyer, things haven't changed. We establish the fact that Mickey isn't there because he's dropping off a Horton foundation check over at General Hospital.

Alice and OMB think it's wonderful Frankie and Jennifer Rose being engaged. They ask if the lovebirds have set a date. No, but there is no point in waiting.

Phillip, Belle and Claire arrive. Phillip marched in the parade and received honors. OMB gives a tribute to veterans and then we have a moment of silence. Blessed relief, actually.

John tells Marlena how wonderful it is to have her back. Marlena hitches. She isn't sure she wants go into the party.

The brat watches a race. Billie tells her they need to go to the party. The brat don' wan' no stinkin' party. Billie puts her foot down. "It doesn't make any difference," says the little snot, "Hope is with Dad and they will probably make up and I will go to jail and you will lose the only man you ever loved."

Bo comes to the door. He tells Billie Hope didn't come back with him. The brat smirks.

Hope arrives back at her home with Patrick. Zack's things are gone. Despair and hugs. Shawn and Mimi come in. Hope says, "Shawn, baby... I've missed you so much."

Shawn hugs Hope, "I'm glad you're home."

Hope says, "This isn't my home. Not anymore."

Bo says things didn't go well with Hope, but the brat doesn't have to look so happy about it. She insists she's not. She wants to see him happy, but Hope wants her to pay. Bo understands how Hope feels. The brat accuses him of taking Hope's side. She asks if they talked about when Hope first asked him for the divorce.

"Why would you ask that," asks Bo.

The brat flashes back to her evil deeds. She says, "I just wondered if there was some sort of miscommunication."

Bo tells them things are worse than when he first went down there. He found Hope kissing Lockhart, "She doesn't want anything to do with me."

Hope says, "Family is what makes a home. Zack is gone and your dad and I are getting a divorce."

"You still have me," says Shawn.

"No fair piling on," says Hope, "Besides, you got married without me."

Shawn makes excuses. Hope congratulates Mimi.

"It was a beautiful ceremony," says Shawn, "Except for the barroom brawl and the tasteless public display of affection by Bo and Billie outside." Hope flashes back to reading about the wedding.

Shawn drops the baby bomb. Hope is thrilled.

Hope asks Mimi, "When are you due?"

Mimi says, "I'm not pregnant yet, but I'm hoping I will be by tomorrow." Hope is confused.

Dr. butler says, "I know you're in pain, but I am a pain specialist. I have hundreds of DOOL viewers who are my patients. I know you're not thinking clearly, either. I consider that a sign that you are getting back to normal. Your wife will be happy to see you back."

Jack says, "She would have been if I hadn't arranged for her to find true love with somebody else."

MAX WINS THE RACE! The crowd at Jennifer's cheers. Sullen Salem Slut Abby comes downstairs and remembers making burgers with Jack. He wouldn't give her the secret Devereaux recipe because she wouldn't need it unless he wasn't around. They ask the Sulking Slut of Salem to help fix the burgers. She is the only one with the recipe. Abby throws a fit. She reminds Jennifer today isn't just Memorial Day. It is their anniversary, "How could you just forget the day you married dad?"

John tries to convince Marlena to go inside. Marlena says she hasn't been there for her family like she should have been. John insists things weren't her fault "They can't blame you for your behavior."

Lexie walks up and says, "If anyone is to blame, it's me."

Dr. Butler orders Jack to get some rest. Jack asks what day it is.

"Memorial day," says Dr. Butler.

"It can't be," says Jack, "You're not on the golf course. But if it is, I'd like a burger and beer."

"Not today," says Dr. Butler, "But I can see you have fond memories." Jack talks about the Devereaux burgers. And today would have been his wedding anniversary. Of course, since Memorial Day is on a different date every year... Oh, let's not nitpick.

"It still is, Jack," says the doc, "You are still married."

Jennifer yells at Abby, "How could you say such a thing?"

Frankie steps in to defend Jennifer, "Your mom realizes today is their anniversary. She was in tears all night."

Abby takes the opening and skewers him, "Yeah, and you would know because you share her bed!" Like most lawyers, Frankie just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

Alice tells Abby, "Your mother loved Jack very much but we can't spend all the Days Of Our Lives in mourning." Maggie talks about those we have lost, "Those who have died and not yet returned as well as those who have gone to other soap operas."

Abby knows this is what Jack wanted, but she misses him. She's sorry. I guess that makes her the Sorry Sullen Salem Slut. Frankie and Caroline leave to work on the Brady burgers. Abby stops them. She will help. This is what Jack would have wanted.

Jennifer asks Alice if all teens are this difficult.

Alice can't believe it, "Are you forgetting Tom and I raised you? Compared to you, Abby is an absolute angel."

Lexie reminds John and Marlena she is the one who recommended Alex.

"You didn't know he was a lunatic," says John.

"I should have," says Lexie, "Since everyone else on this show is."

Abe announces the charges against John for Lois' death have been dropped. Flashback to Alex bribing Lexie. Lexie says she is glad that monster is dead. Abe says they haven't found the body. Marlena panics, "Is it possible he isn't dead. He'll just come after us all over again."

"Preposterous," snorts John, "How could someone come back from the dead? "

Billie tells Chelsea to stop asking Bo about Hope. She sends the brat to the party so she can ask Bo about Hope.

Bo says, "Lockhart turned out to be some sort of a hero on the island. John came down to save Marlena. Lockhart was working with the police. I don't trust that SOB. But at least Marlena and John are together again."

"At least someone got a happy ending," says Billie.

"Yeah," says Bo, "Unlike Hope and me. According to her we're finished."

Bonnie comes in wearing a Betsy Ross outfit. She asks Hope, "How does it feel to know your son is going to be a daddy? OMG! Speaking of sons..." Big reunion with Patrick.

Mimi and Shawn 'splain IVF. Everyone is soooo happy the egg got fertilized.

"The hospital has been wonderful," says Mimi, "They even named the baby for us – Zygote."

Shawn tells Hope about meeting the bartender and learning about IVF.

Bonnie hauls Patrick into the kitchen and asks about him and Hope. Patrick insists he met Hope by coincidence at his bungalow on Morgan Island.

"You never told me about a bungalow on Morgan Island," says Bonnie. Then she imagines the possibilities with Patrick and Hope.

John assures Marlena Alex will not be coming back, "Right now he's probably giving some poor shark indigestion." Marlena agrees to go inside. John assures her things will be all right.

Inside, Belle greets them, "Where is Alex?"

"No longer a problem," snarls Mr. Macho, "Your mom is back with us for good." Tears of joy. Phillip comes in and joins the reunion. They re-introduce Claire to Marlena. Phillip makes the handoff to Marlena. Claire ain't happy. John says, "I need a beer. Unless, of course, you have anything stronger."

Belle assures Marlena she is happy and tells her about Shawn and Mimi's IVF thing, "Claire has brought Phillip and I so much closer together. Everything is wonderful, especially now that you are back."

Doorbell. Brat. She tells Abby she's in a party mood because things didn't go well with Bo and Hope. She wants to go out with Abby. Frankie comes out and says he doesn't think that is a good idea. Jennifer chimes in, "You don't need to be going anywhere after appearing in Sluts of Salem. Can you imagine if your father had seen those pictures of you?"

"Well, he didn't," says Abby, "And he never will. I'd appreciate it if you didn't use Dad's memory to try and manipulate me into staying in your house and having no life."

Dr. Butler tells Jack to get some rest. He leaves. Jack contemplates his hand, and remembers grilling it while talking to Frankie. He looks at the locket, "That's how it all started. Next thing I knew I was dying and pushing them back together again. What right do I have to just pop in there and tell him to go away? Can I really do that to Jennifer?"

Patrick tells Bonnie he wasn't there to take advantage of any opportunity. Bonnie pries, "You became more than just her friend."

"Yeah," says Patrick, "Something happened, but not the way you think."

Bonnie is ecstatic, "I knew it! I'm so happy for you. How perfect is this? Mimi gets hitched to a Brady-Horton with Kiriakis dough, and meanwhile you hook yourself up with yet another Horton due to come into big bucks! This is like a dream come true."

Patrick insists it's not like that, "Besides... Hope and Bo will probably work things out."

Hope says she had Zack's things given to the foundation. Bonnie comes out and suggests they all go to Jennifer's. Hope isn't ready for a party. Shawn insists she go. Hope agrees. Max goes dressed as Uncle Sam. Max the dog is in some kind of costume, too. Hope hangs behind and hugs a picture.

Bo tells Billie about talking with Hope on the island. He didn't tell Hope about the trial date right away, "I tried to tell her we had more important things to talk about. So I didn't fly home with her on John's jet."

Billie gasps, "You mean she's here?"

Bo says, "She's here and just itching to testify at Chelsea's trial."


Jack vows, "I do want to live. I hope that I'm cured. But as much as I love Jennifer can I really ask her or expect her to give up Frankie after I pushed them together? She still thinks I'm dead. Maybe it's better if I stay that way."

Jennifer insists she isn't using Jack to manipulate Abby.

"He would want me to be happy," says Abby.

"He would want your mother to be happy, too," says Frankie.

Maggie takes Claire upstairs. John thanks Phillip for taking care of Belle. Phillip is glad John and Marlena are back together.

"I hope we are," says John.

Belle tells Marlena she is happy she is back with John. Marlena is distant, "I remembered what caused my amnesia. I lost a baby. Roman's baby."

"What are you saying," asks Belle.

Marlena says, "When I realized how complicated my past was, not to mention how checkered it was, I realized how complicated my future would be."

Bo and Billie suddenly realize Chelsea is on the way to Jennifer's house and so is Hope. They bolt like dogs hearing the dinner bell.

Abby and the brat plot to get away. Doorbell. Hope... Child killer... Uh-Oh. FF.


Mimi says, "Maybe it's not meant to be." Shawn says, "I don't understand." Mimi says, "After what I have done I don't see how God could bless us with a child."

A half naked guy stands at Sami's door, "I'm EJ." Sami says, "I'm Sami." Half naked Austin watches. Sami snorts a little laugh.

Frankie tells the brat, "Hope will show Bo the email. And then they will trace everything back to you."

Hope says, "How could you ever think we could get back together again, especially after the email you sent me?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO at the Maggie and Jack junior picture!

5:53 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...


I also loved the Jack Jr. picture and Bo's award of the year.

Apparently the DOOL writers don't realize we've caught on to the fact they took Chloe's should-I-tell-Brady-I'm-still-alive scripts and just changed it to Jack's should-I-tell-Jennifer-I'm-still-alive scripts.

Great Prevuze, a wonderful beginning to a holiday weekend!! :D

7:37 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Fabulous Prevuze, and thanks for the mention. Poor Jack Jr could also have been giving an opinion of the plot he's stuck in. Or, maybe he just found out his loser of a father, who has abandoned his family 3 times, is back to make it a record 4. HAHAHAHA

LOL at:
- Sorry Sullen Sulky Salem Sluts
- Memorial Day on different dates (keep in mind, Salem exists in another dimension where time is warped and so are the plots)
- Remembering those who died and "not yet returned or gone on to other soaps" (LOLOLOLOLOL)
- Zygote Brady

And Squints reassuring Doc that everything will be fine....if that isn't a harbinger of doom I don't know what is!

9:16 AM  

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