Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Shawn works on Belle's car, "I think I see your problem. And I see what's wrong with your car, too.

"Is it bad?"

"I can fix it," says Shawn, "Are you sure you want to hang out?"

"Yeah," says Belle, "I can hand you tools."

"OK," says Shawn, "I'll take a ratchet." Belle's eyes glaze over. Shawn gives her a few hints, "Stainless steel... about this long..."

"Oh, yeah a ratchet." She hands it to him.

Belle thinks of the time she helped him fix his bike. Now they are adults, using the term loosely. Belle thinks it's a miracle what Mimi is going through. Shawn always wanted to have a baby with the woman he loved. Mimi walks in and overhears.

Jennifer stammers around about being engaged, "You knew Frankie and I were getting closer."

Abby about has a stroke, "CLOSER? Yeah. Like finding him in bed with you. You couldn't even wait one year after Dad died. So much for grieving. I am disgusted and embarrassed by this. If you go through with this I'm moving out!"

The brat rants about Bo and Billie getting back together, "I was so close to keeping them apart!"

That got Billie's attention, "WHAT?"

The brat backpedals, "I mean... at the motel."

"It sounds like you've done something since then," says Billie, "What did you do? Tell me right now!"

Marlena feels like she's lost so much time. John says the bottom line is she has her memory back and Alex is dead. He assures her she is safe. Hugs. John says, "I'm gonna hold you like this for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Patrick and Hope kiss as you-know-who comes up. Bo goes ballistic, "Lockhart, get the hell off of my wife!"

Billie presses. The brat remembers the emails. She claims what she's done is to pray that Bo and Hope's marriage would fall apart, "If wanting your parents together is a sin, I guess I'm a sinner. My prayers were almost answered. Now Hope's coming back and I will be sent to prison. If they get back together it's over for me. Hope's gonna get her claws into Bo for good this time, and you're never gonna be with him again."

Hope tells Bo to cool his jets. She explains what Patrick was doing. Patrick saved everyone. Bo shakes his head.

John asks Marlena to promise she will never leave him again. He can live without her, but there is an emptiness. He still loves her. Likewise. Blah, blah, blah. Marlena wishes Hope and Bo could get back together.

Bo insists Patrick is a dangerous killer. Hope could be his next victim. Patrick can prove he wasn't in Chicago when the crime was committed. Bo wants to know how Patrick knows what crime he's talking about. Bo asks if Patrick has ever been married, stuck by a woman in sickness and health. Patrick says no. Bo tells Patrick he had a good marriage until Patrick stuck his nose in. Bo begs Hope – He doesn't want to throw their marriage away. Hope stares.

Mimi listens as Shawn and Belle jabber. Shawn thinks Mimi will be a great mom, but he wishes he hadn't told her he wanted a boy. He wouldn't mind having a daughter, but thinks he would be overprotective.

Belle remembers dating him, "I had the best boyfriend a girl could ever have."

Shawn asks, "Did I know him?"

"Very funny," says Belle, "Losing you is the biggest regret of my life."

Mimi huffs.

Jennifer lectures Abby. She won't let her move out. Frankie gets a call and goes into the next room to take it. Abby asks what if Jack comes back. Jennifer insists that will not happen. She hopes Abby doesn't move out. She has loved Frankie for more than half he life.

Abby goes for the jugular, "Even when you were with Dad?"

"That's not what this is about," says Jennifer.

Abby keeps it up, "I have a father. I don't need another one." She storms out.

Frankie tells Jennifer the call was about a website. He goes to the computer and looks at the Sluts of Salem blog. He headline says, "Child Killer Kisses Victim's Uncle."

Abby decides this is worth coming back to see.

"This doesn't help the case," says Frankie. He leaves to go tell Billie and Chelsea the good news.

Abby stares at the computer and drops her jaw as she sees a picture of her and Josh kissing on the Sluts of Salem blog. Kissing... what is this world coming to?

Billie surfs to the Sluts site. "Why does this keep happening to me," asks the brat.

Billie goes berserk. This doesn't help her defense. The brat thinks there is no point because she will go to jail anyway. Billie tells Frankie Bo is on his way down to the island to bring Hope back. Frankie takes the brat aside and warns her Bo and Hope may now find out she sabotaged their marriage, "Your dad won't defend you then."

Marlena and John join Bo and Hope. Bo and John go off to talk. Marlena advises Hope to forgive Bo. She can't... all Bo can think about now is his new family. Hope goes off to talk to Patrick. Patrick insists she belongs with Bo. Hope thinks it was a huge mistake to call Bo. She's sorry she mistrusted Patrick.

Bo tells John about the trial date change. Hope doesn't know about it yet. Bo thinks he has an obligation to the brat, but Hope wants to send her to prison, "Hope has moved on with Lockhart. But I need her." John tells Bo he has to be straight with Hope... He can't lie.

Hope comes up and, of course, overhears. "What are you lying about now," she asks.

Bo says, "There's something I gotta tell you, Fancy Face, it's part of the reason I'm here."

Mimi continues to listen as Belle and Shawn talk about what would have happened if they had stayed together. Shawn doesn't blame his mom for wanting a divorce but it still hurts. At least he and Belle agree about divorce. Shawn is glad he and Mimi have a strong relationship. He says he could trust her with his life. Mimi stares.

Abby and Jennifer argue about the website. Abby tells Jennifer, "Don't act like I'm doing something wrong after I caught you in bed with Frankie!"

Billie lectures. The brat is grounded! Billie says she has to take some responsibility for her actions. The brat storms out. Billie tells Frankie Chelsea is her own worst enemy, which is the same thing Billie's mom said about her. Frankie tells her if Hope testifies, the brat will probably do time. Billie bawls. Chelsea listens.

The group goes off to give Bo and Hope some privacy. Bo tells her he never meant to lie. Things have changed. They can't go back. But the one thing that hasn't changed is his love for her. He wants to know if she loves him and wants to work things out. Hope stares.

Abby calls Jennifer a hypocrite. Jennifer insists she loved Jack with all her heart and soul. Abby strikes a low blow, "If I had a camera I would have taken a picture of you and your stud muffin and posted it on that blog."

Jennifer says, "You owe it to yourself to behave like a lady."

"Like you did," says Abby, "I heard how wild you were as a kid. It's time for me to start getting some experience with the opposite sex."

Jennifer asks, "And just how far are you planning to go?"

Shawn and Belle ramble on. Shawn thinks he's so lucky to be with Mimi. He's glad Belle stayed the course with Phillip. Belle says she still loves Shawn, but she also loves Phillip. She thinks she can love two people at once. But she is committed to her marriage and Claire. If she had it to do over again she would have waited for Shawn, "Love is a complicated thing."

Mimi remembers Bonnie telling her about the barn scene.

Belle promises not to go on and on. Too late. "I was a virgin when I started dating Phillip and I regret not having that kind of thing with you – Not having your child."

Mimi reacts. She tips over a pile of tires. Busted.

"How long have you been standing there," asks Shawn.

Mimi claims she just got there. Shawn thinks she's acting strange. She says she is just psyched about motherhood, but remembers father Jansen's ominous words – that their marriage is null and void. She tells Shawn she's nervous about the IVF thing. Shawn suggests they call the hospital for the test results.

Abby wants to know what it's like to be with a man, "I wanna have sex, just like you do. You know, it's kind of like... monkey see, monkey do, monkey sex. And maybe I'll have a baby. I'd be a much better mom than you are." She storms out.

Chelsea thinks things aren't going well. She's going to jail and her mom will end up alone.

Frankie asks if Billie is OK. "No," says Billie, "Chelsea my be a pain in the butt, but she doesn't deserve to go to jail. She won't learn compassion behind bars. She will come out with no hope and no future. Then there is the little matter about how much I love Bo. I keep doing the same thing over and over. He will go back to Hope and I will be alone... again."

Patrick decides to leave. He's going back to the hotel to check out. He just wants Hope to be happy. After Patrick goes, John tells Marlena he agrees. He's all for Bo and Hope getting back together. Marlena thanks him for not giving up on her. Hugs.


John says, "If Bo and Hope are gonna make a go of it, he has to come clean to her."

Bo tells Hope he treasures their relationship. He's nothing without her. He asks her forgiveness. He wants her to let go of her anger toward the brat, "All I'm asking is a chance... for us... a chance for what we meant to each other and can still mean to each other." FF Hope.


Mimi says to Shawn, "Look, our baby." Kiss.

Frankie tells Jennifer, "If you want to postpone the wedding it's OK."

Sami says, "I just think you should get retested, Lexie." Lexie says, "And I know why. OMG, Sami!"

Hope unloads on Bo, "How dare you stand here and say you love me... that we should trust each other and once again you're lying to me and keeping secrets." She gives him a shove.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a snoozer today, J&M are together, that's great..but MAN I can't wait until Mimi gets hers! Great Prevuze, at least THIS is entertainment!

7:06 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Talk about yo-yos, how many times have they had Abby change from angelic to jerky? Jennifer should tell her not to let the door hit her on the way out.

The most preposterous statement of the episode is Bo telling Patrick he had a good marriage until he showed up. I guess the umpteen times Hope said "It's over" and "I never want to see you again" didn't register. In the previews Hope gives him a shove - if we're lucky he's standing on the same cliff as Alex. HAHAHAHA

Loved the pictures, excellent Prevuze as always! :)

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The headline should have said "Child Killer Kisses Victim's Uncle (Who is Also Her Own Uncle)."

12:18 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Boy, Anonymous was right about this being a potential snoozer. Only Prevuze astute and witty comments kept me awake through the story. HAHAHA

Has anyone noticed that the Sluts Of Salem could be viewed as SOS?? Are the writers trying to tell us something? The actors? Perhaps someone is trying a small protest against Reilly's delicate plot handling.

Great Prevuze!

1:49 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

SOS - Are they not also both VIRGIN Sluts? Now that's a good trick.

2:22 PM  

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