Friday, November 25, 2005

Rip My Heart Out And Take It With You

Pan across clothes scattered around the room. Mimi says, "Shawn, I just want to say one thing. That was absolutely wonderful."

"Yes it was," says Casanova, "Especially considering the way the night started out." Smooch.

Mimi asks, "Are you ready for an instant replay?"

"I'm sorry," says Shawn, "But the next show is in ten minutes." Shawn gets up to get a glass of water. Mimi grabs for a magazine but drops it. A picture of Belle and Shawn falls out. Mimi picks it up and contemplates what was and what might still be.

Lexie is with Phillip and Belle. She tells them, "Claire appears to be more comfortable. Her temperature has dropped a little."

"Any idea of what kind of infection it is," asks Phillip.

Lexie says, "We're still waiting for the lab tests to come back. We also had to do a spinal tap."

Belle freaks because she let them put Claire through that without being there. Lexie promises to let Belle know when they find out something. Lexie leaves. Phillip hugs poor Belle.

"I can't believe this. I have to find out if it's true," thinks Kate, "If it is... No, I just can't go there." Phillip sees her and asks what she has in her hand.

Lexie updates John. John wonders what they will have to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Lexie apologizes for recommending Alex. John tells Lexie about Alex and Marlena being married.

Lexie says, "You've gotta be kidding!"

"Am I laughing," asks John, "Now she wants a future with Alex. I'm not accepting it. She really hasn't made up her mind. If North thinks I'm going to roll over and go away he doesn’t know what he is up against."

Marlena tells Alex she is sorry, one of the Romans has to get hurt, but she has made her decision. Alex thinks this means Marlena hasn't chosen him. He suggests she go tell John the news.

Jennifer wishes she hadn't been so upset about the decorations. Then Jack wouldn't have gone out. Frankie assures her Jack will be OK. A car pulls up and Jennifer runs to the door. It's Abby. She came home to help get ready for the party. Chelsea drove her. Jennifer freaks. Abby says the road conditions are getting better. They didn't take the dreaded River Bridge, though.

Pan to the cold and ice-covered
River Bridge
. Jack is in his car. Sinking...

Mimi studies the picture. Shawn comes back. He takes the picture from her. She tells him she found it in the car magazine. He said he took the magazine out because there is a car in there he is working on at the garage.

"You don't' have to explain," says Mimi.

"Belle is my friend," says Shawn, "There is no future with us. Do you believe me?"

"I do," she says, "Before things go any further with us, I have to make a confession."

Jennifer tells Abby Jack went out on his own. She suggests they start decorating while they are waiting for him. Abby says, "You're not fooling me, Mom. You're just as worried as I am."

Jack gasps for air, "OK, God, I’m supposed to die of an incurable disease. You're mad I tried to take my own life. I promise I won't do that again. You didn't have Billie revive me for this. I have to be there for my family on Thanksgiving. Do you hear me?"

Kate says the papers are from work. Mommie Dearest counsels Belle on motherhood. Belle goes in to see Claire. Phillip tells Kate he doesn’t know what he will do if something happens to Claire, "That little girl bonds the two of us like I've never felt before."

"Listen to me," says Kate, "Belle will be fine because you are there for her."

"I hope so," says Phillip, "Those two girls are my life." Phillip goes in to join Belle and Claire.

John asks Kate how Belle and Claire are doing. Kate says, "They are scared. So am I. I'm just glad they have each other. I don't know what Phillip would do without Belle."

John says, "I don't think Belle has been able to count on her parents like she should. They should be together. She and Shawn are over now. So Belle can move on." Kate goes to make some phone calls.

Magnanimous Alex encourages Marlena to go tell John her decision. Marlena walks over to John. She tells him she's worried about the baby, then says, "I have something to tell you. It's very important."

John asks, "Is it good news or not?" Of course it's not good news, but John is on DOOL, so he doesn't get to watch DOOL and doesn't know there is never any good news.

Kate sneaks into an office. She prays, "Please God, let me be wrong, because if it's true, it's going to destroy them." Kate praying to be wrong about something – there's a switch. Come to think of it, Kate praying – That's a switch, too.

Mimi says, "I went over to see Belle a while ago and told her we were going on a date and she acted possessive. So I asked her if she was still in love with you. She gave us her blessing. I just wanted to make sure she wasn't going to stand in our way of getting closer. I know what happened with Rex was my fault, but I didn't want to put myself in a position where that would happen again. She has a baby now, but what if Phillip and her don't wind up staying together? I know we are both committed to a serious relationship, but Belle told me she still has feelings for you. She also told me the only man she really loves is Phillip."

Shawn says, "That's the way it should be."

"I hope they work out," says Mimi, "I hope we work out, too. Which is why I have one question to ask you, are you still in love with Belle?"

Frankie tries to call Jack again. Jennifer tries to be encouraging. Frankie can't get through. Jaws music plays.

Jack tells himself not to panic, "Open the window. Wait for the water pressure to equalize and then swim to the surface."

Alex tells Lexie he wants to apologize for blackmailing her. He says he would never have followed through on that. He was desperate thinking she would dig into his past, "Unfortunately most of Marlena's past is still blank to her. And now, I think I've lost her."

"You never had her in the first place," snorts Lexie.

"I'm sure John has told you we were married," says Alex.

Lexie asks, "If you loved her so much why didn't you come forward years ago?"

"As I explained to John," says Alex, "I just didn't want to disrupt her life."

"This is such an incredible story," says Lexie.

"You are part of it," says Alex, "You are the one who asked me to treat Marlena. I had to come because I felt I was the only one who could help her. Her case is unique and difficult. That's why I used the tools I did. She is getting her memory back. I just can't believe she has chosen John."

"Did she tell you that," asks Lexie.

"Not in so many words," says Alex, "But that's what she is telling him right now. I'll be leaving Salem soon."

Belle and Phillip interrupt John and Marlena. Marlena encourages Belle, because it's all about Belle.

"Thank you," whines Belle, "You and Kate have been so encouraging." Belle and Phillip go back in to see Claire.

John asks Marlena about her choice. She pulls away from him, "John, the man I have chosen to be with is Alex." John drops into a fetal position.

Kate finds a computer, "Good, they didn't log off." How coonnvveenniieenntt. She types... "OMG, NO!"

Shawn tells Mimi, "I have always been honest with you. A small part of me will always love Belle just like a small part of you will always love Rex and just like a small part of me just made love to you. But both of us are ready to move on."

"Thank you," says Mimi, "I just had to know if what we shared tonight was special. I don't have much experience. Rex is the only other one I have been with, and I didn't know how to handle it."

"I don't have much experience either."

Mimi says, "Can you just forget I asked? I remember when I fell in love with you in high school. I practiced writing 'Mrs. Shawn Brady' in my notebook."

Shawn asks, "You did that?"

"OMG," says Mimi, "I can't believe I said that. I've been hurt, and nothing this wonderful has ever happened to me before and..."

Shawn has her take a deep breath. He says this was not casual for him. It meant a lot, "There is something I want to say to you."

Mimi says, "If you're going to tell me you love me, don't." Translation: Tell me you love me.

Frankie speculates about Jack. Maybe he pulled over. He goes to look for Jack despite the protests of the hysterical women. Jennifer tries to be encouraging.

Jack struggles in the car.

Lexie says, "You came, you saw and you couldn't conquer, so you are leaving Salem. Perhaps I misjudged you. Sorry for what you are going through."

"Lexie," says Alex, "If I may give you some advice, I think you should deal with your feelings for Tek. Have you been avoiding him because you don't want to see him any more or because you don't want to make a decision?"

John can't believe Marlena has chosen Alex, "The reality is you are the mother of my child and you know we belong together. When we took that carriage ride and danced on the terrace you felt it in your heart. If you are walking away from me you might as well RIP MY HEART OUT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU. I am asking you to reconsider."

Kate comes out into the hallway and asks to talk to a doctor.

The guy she is talking to says, "I believe Dr. Carver is right down the hall."

"No," says Kate, "I don't think we should bother her right now."

"Well," he says, "I am a med student."

Close enough. Kate asks about blood types. The med student 'splains things to her. The whooshing sound you hear is all that information going right over Kate's head.

Kate says, "So... if the father was O+ and the mother A- then their child could be AB-, right.

Dr. Nosey asks, "Why do you want to know?" Kate stares.

If Mimi doesn't want Shawn to say he loves her he wants to know where she is going with this. Mimi says, "I want you to tell me you love me someday, but just not when I've been asking about it. Do you want me to explain why?"

Shawn reels in terror, "OH, GOD, PLEASE, NO!"

Kate tells the med student she has to settle a bet. He says, "The scenario you mention is impossible. An A blood type and an O blood type together cannot produce an AB child. Hope you didn't have a lot riding on the bet. Better luck next time." He leaves.

And Kate says it out loud, making it official, "So Belle's baby is not Phillip's."

"Hello Claire, it's daddy," says poor Phillip, "Mommy and I are here and we aren't going anywhere."

"We love you Claire more than you ever will know. Daddy and I will be here always," says Belle.

Lexie says there is no question of whom she wants to be with – Abe. He's the one Lexie loves. Alex says, "And I love Marlena. Sometimes things don't work out." He apologizes again, "My love for Marlena, I am afraid, will never be fulfilled."

Marlena says, "For all the reasons you mentioned, those are the reasons I can't be with you. I have to choose the person with whom I first pledged to spend all the Days Of Our Lives. And that is Alex." John gives her his zombie stare.

Jennifer frets. She dials her cell phone and says, "Now I can't get Frankie either."

Abby says, "I'm not that worried about Frankie, but dad is sick."

Frankie runs across the icy road, "Someone went off the bridge. Oh, God, no! It looks like Jack has gone off the deep end again." Frankie tries his cell phone.

Jack prays, "I'm sorry I tried to commit suicide. I'll take the pills and die a slow death..."

Fade to Thanksgiving past. Jack stands with Jennifer and Abby and says, "Thank you, God, for giving me this wonderful life. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."

Jack coughs. Jack sinks.


Bo says, "Let's get those wet suits out. I'm going in."

Jennifer yells, "Frankie, where is he?" Frankie stares.

Sami tells Austin, "Getting involved with Nicole could spell disaster." Nicole says, "You're wrong, Sami. I have exactly what we need to get back in the game."

Marlena yells at John, "You and I are done!" Belle walks up and screams, "NO! Tell me this isn't happening."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

So many LOL moments today: the picture captions (Mimi's awful hat,, Alice's lament); blood type information "whooshing" over Kate's head; last, and apparently least, that small part of Shawn making love to Mimi.

Great Prevuze!

5:42 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Applecheeks expressed my comments exactly - especially the "small part of Jr. that made love to Mimi". HAHAHAHAHA

Wouldn't it be great if Alex left town, Squints, totally fed up with Marlena left, too. And Pard would hook up with Bonnie so Marlena would be left with nobody instead of three men panting after her? OK OK, I know it's not gonna happen but Christmas is coming and one can only wish. HA

Excellent Prevuze today!

7:51 AM  

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