Monday, November 21, 2005

Dine And Dash

Shawn and Mimi go at it in front of the Kiriakis apartment. Phillip opens the door, clears his throat and invites them in. Belle goes to get everything ready. Outside, she gives herself a pep talk, "He isn't yours anymore, Belle, and you have to let him go."

Sami comes in with groceries as Austin and Nicole talk business. Sami says she wanted to get some supplies with the storm coming, and also wants to make some chicken soup for Will. Austin says they were worried about her.

"Speak for yourself, "says Nicole. She asks if Sami can make the stuff for Will over at Lucas' place. Sami tells her this is her apartment and she will make it there if she wants to. Austin suggests it would be better for Will if she did it over at Lucas' apartment.

Sami storms out yelling, "I can see when I am not wanted. It's my apartment and I am the one who came up with the Clear Visage account but I can just do it over there and..." SLAM!

"Man," says Nicole, "That woman can be such a dramatic little bitch!"

"Will you stop it," says Austin, "You're way out of line."

Sami trips in the hall. Lucas finds her and asks if she needs some help.

Kate and John are in her living room. Neither of them can sleep. John doesn't understand how Marlena can believe she is married to Alex. He has to find a way to break this hold Alex has on her, "Next, he will work his way right into her bed... like hell."

He grabs his binoculars and starts to look but Kate stop him, "If you do that, you're making a very big mistake."

Alex serves drinks, "A penny for your thoughts. Marlena, a lot has happened tonight. Is there anything you want to talk about?"

She wants to talk about Alex' favorite subject, "I want to talk about you. I know nothing about you. I want to know everything. Tell me about our relationship."

Alex says, "From the moment I sat down next to you at med school, I thought the sun rose and set on you. There wasn't anything we wouldn't do together. When we were finally engaged, that was the best day of my life until our wedding day."

Marlena remembers the wedding night.

"You remember how in love we were, don't you," says Alex.

"I do. The thing is I just can't feel it," says Marlena.

Kate says, "Spying on them won't do any good. Especially if you don't let me watch, too. Alex was – is her husband."

John says, "I can't believe he's married to my wife. Nothing adds up and I'm not gonna stop until I get to the bottom of it."

Marlena keeps having memories but can't feel any emotional connection to them. Alex says this isn't uncommon. The memories will become more clear and she will finally start to remember the love they shared.

"The kiss we shared reinforced that. I felt something then," says Marlena.

"I felt it too," says Alex, "Maybe you feel guilty because you can't remember your past with John."

"I do feel guilty."

"I can't vouch for what your life with John was like," says Alex, "But I can't imagine it was anything close to the life we shared."

Belle tells herself to get a grip. She goes back into the kitchen. Phillip pours the wine. Shawn says it feels like old times. Mimi thinks they've all come a long way. Belle walks away. So much for getting a grip. Phillip goes to help her.

Mimi tells Shawn magnanimous Belle has given them her "blessing."

Belle tells Phillip she is all right. Phillip says, "Just tell me what's wrong."

Austin tells Nicole the company will fail if she and Sami can't get along.

"She hasn't pulled her weight around here," says Nicole.

"I totally disagree," says Austin, "She landed the Clear Visage account."

"That was just dumb luck," insists Nicole, "Scrappy-Doo will never be able to do anything like that again."

"Sami has a lot of heart and that's what it takes to make it in this business," says Austin, "Look what she did tonight. She went out in the storm to get ingredients to make soup for Will and she can't even cook. Who does that?"

"Sami does," says Nicole, "to score sympathy points."

Austin says, "There is obviously a lot of animosity between the two of you, but I am begging you to put it aside for the sake of the company. There is a side to you a lot of people don't get to see, and that is the side I'm appealing to right now."

"If it were anyone but Sami..." says Nicole.

Austin says, "There is a side of Sami a lot of people never get to see either, but it's what I love about her. And it's what Lucas still loves."

Lucas wants to know why Sami went out in the storm. She tells him she needed the ingredients to make Will chicken soup.

"So you did this for Will," asks Lucas.

Sami says, "I love him as much as you do, Lucas."

"I know that," says Lucas, "It's just so unselfish of you. It's not like you at all."

Sami sneers, "I don't have to listen to this."

"I know you'd do anything to help Austin succeed in business, right," asks Lucas.

"That is right," says Sami, "And you're just upset because I won that account fair and square."

"You stole it from me," says Lucas, "Remember that. Always remember that."

"Well," says Sami, "Austin was able to use that fact to secure loans and now we'll be bigger than Titan some day."

"Oh," says Lucas, "So Austin used the CV account to secure loans, huh? It's not like Austin to spread himself financially so thin. He doesn't even have Schnitzel's signature on paper yet. The deal could fall through. If that happens, he'd be in big trouble with his creditors."

"Trouble," says Sami, "He'd be ruined."

John still can't believe Marlena can have feelings for Alex. Kate says she does, even though John doesn't realize it.

Alex has something he has been wanting to give Marlena. He goes to get it. Marlena goes through the album of her and John, "Why can't I remember this? We seem so happy."

Alex brings Marlena a box. She opens it. Pearls. "Oh," she says, "They're lovely."

"Here," says Alex, "Let me put them on you." He slips them around Marlena's neck. Marlena imagines someone putting pearls around her neck and choking her. She goes completely off the deep end screaming.

Phillip wants Belle to tell him what's wrong. She doesn't feel like having people over right now, "I'm upset you lied to me – about your leg. It's been hurting all this time and you didn't even tell me. Just because I have PPD doesn't mean you can keep things from me."

Phillip says, "You are right, and I will never do it again. Plus I don't think dinner is going to last very long. Look at those two. I think they are going to pull the old dine and dash." Phillip finds the picture of Belle and Shawn and asks what it is doing in the garbage. Belle says it fell in there. She takes it from him as he goes off with Shawn and Mimi. Belle looks at the picture. It morphs into a picture of her, Shawn and Claire. She shoves it back into the sack.

Nicole thinks Lucas and Sami were meant for each other. She hopes it works out for them, "We all deserve to be with the person we love. Even Sami. Maybe someday I will find that special person. I don't know how I got sidetracked in the Kiriakis mansion. You want kids, Austin?"

"Yeah, I'd like to have a dozen. I can't wait." Nicole walks off. Austin follows and comforts her.

Sami comes out of Will's room. She got Will to let her put the Vapo-Rub on his chest by standing in front of the TV and threatening to turn off Trilogy Of Terror, his favorite movie. Sami hates the movie, but she knows how Karen Black felt to have a scary creature chasing her around the house, "It's name – Nicole Walker."

"I could say 'I told you so,'" says Lucas.

"Yeah," says Sami, "But don't. It won't last long anyway, because Austin has leased Brandon's old loft and the company is going to move there, and so is he."

Lucas thinks Austin is making some pretty risky moves.

Sami says, "Don't worry about it. Pretty soon our company is going to be five times as big as Titan. Lucas just stands there. Sami says, "What?"

Lucas says, "You're falling for Austin again." Sami stares.

Kate thinks Marlena is falling for Alex. John doesn't buy it. Kate says, "Losing someone you love is always devastating, John."

John says, "You're talking about Roman, right?"

"No," says Kate, "Actually I was talking about losing you."

"Aw, Kate," says John, "What you and I had together... I'm always going to care a great deal about you."

Kate says, "Those feelings never do completely go away, do they? Our situation is similar to Marlena and Alex. She may want to pursue her feelings when she gets her memory back."

John says he is going over to the penthouse. He starts to put on a sock, but doubles over in pain. Kate tries to help. John shouts, "No! No! Don't touch me."

Kate says, "What!"

Marlena freaks. Alex wants to know what is wrong. Marlena wails, "I don't know. Don't come near me. Oh, what is wrong with me?"

Alex says, "Let me help you Marlena. Sit down." He leads her to the couch.

Marlena continues her hysterics, "There were hands and they were putting some pearls on my neck and I couldn't breathe. I didn't see who it was. It was so scary."

"You're safe now," says Alex, "It's all over. You're safe."

Marlena says, "Alex, what is wrong with me. What is happening?"

"I'm not sure," says Alex, "I don’t think this was a memory. I think it's a deep-seated fear. You are starting to have more memories, but you can't bridge the gap between he memories and your actual feelings."

"Thank you for being so good to me. You are so good. And you are so generous," She takes the pearls, "They are so beautiful. Did they belong to someone in your family?"

"They did," says Alex, "She was so special. They belonged to you."

The dinner continues at the Kiriakis. Phillip thinks they should do this more often. Belle gets up to look at Claire. Shawn and Mimi think it's time to go.

The party's over. Shawn and Mimi leave. "What did I tell you," says Phillip, "The two of them couldn't wait to get home."

Belle ain't happy. It's an attack of Post-Party Depression.

Shawn and Mimi kiss their way across to their apartment.

Austin wants to know if he said something or what made Nicole so sad. "When you said you wanted kids," says Nicole, "it reminded me of something. How I can't have any."

"Of course you can have kids," says Austin, "You'll find the right guy."

Nicole cries, "I wish that were true. It's never going to happen. I physically can't have kids. When you left last time a lot happened. Someone hired a hit man to kill Victor. When they tried to shoot him, I got hit instead and now I can't have kids."

"I am so sorry."

Nicole says, "That's life. Right? Mine, anyway. I thought I would make such a good mom." She morphs into Joan Crawford.

Austin grabs at straws, "You can still have foster kids or adopt."

"Raising a family is tough and the only way I would do it is if I had someone to share the responsibilities. Someone like you," says Nicole.

Sami insists there is nothing between her and Austin. Lucas says there is, "And the way you are falling for him so quickly tells me you were never in love with me at all."

"ME," shouts Sami, "How about me walking in on you about to have sex with some floozy," asks Sami.

Lucas says, "Austin isn't as smart as you think he is. The sooner you find that out the better off you will be."

Sami can't find the recipe. She goes to Lucas' computer to look it up. She finds email from Sophie. "I'm so glad we talked Lulu into getting Schnitzel to change his mind."

Lucas walks out. Sami shouts, "Lucas, you unbelievable bastard! How could you do this to us?"

Belle and Phillip clean up. He hugs her. Belle is distant.

Mimi and Shawn romp in their apartment. He carries her into the bedroom and flops her onto the bed. Things get hot.

"You stole that Clear Visage account from us," yells Sami.

"I'd like to think I took it back," says Lucas.

Sami says, "Austin spent money thinking we had that income. I'm not gonna let you get away with this. "

"I already have."

"We'll see about that, " She storms out.

Austin tells Nicole she will meet the man of her dreams and have a family. Sami rushes in. She tells Austin about Lucas stealing the CV account back. Lucas comes in. Austin picks up the lease papers and stares, "We're ruined."

John can barely move. Kate wants to call Lexie. John doesn't want her to. She suggests painkillers. "I'm not going down that road again," he vows. He takes off his shirt. Kate tries massage. John says, "Thank God. I don't know what I would do without you, Kate."

"Wow," says Marlena, "These were mine?"

Yes," says Alex, "They were my wedding gift to you. Try putting them on again."

The doors blow open. This startles Marlena. "The storm must be getting worse," says Alex. He takes a spyglass and checks out the radio tower, which he says looks like it is about to collapse. Then he swings the spyglass around to check out Kate and John. Kate takes off her robe. "I don't believe it," says Alex.

Marlena asks, "Don't' believe what?"

"I don't think you want to know," says Alex.

"Of course I want to know," says Marlena. She takes the telescope and soaks it in. Kate and John. Together again. FF.


"This is my worst nightmare and I don't understand how you can be so calm," says Belle. Phillip says, "Because both of us can't fall apart." Belle tells him, "If anything happens to our daughter, our life together is over."

John hugs Kate, "We're not gonna lose our granddaughter."

Shawn asks, "What is it?" Mimi says, "Do you smell something burning?"

Jack screams as he allegedly drives off a bridge.


Anonymous Nicky said...

I guess that cumbersome, tight-fitting robe got in the way of Kate's massage.

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Ally said...

Oh yeah, she just HAD to take her robe off to give him a massage! *rolls eyes*

1:35 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

They also have to do the massage dead center in the window that Alex/Doc can see them in. Not the bedroom. Yeah, right.

I howled the minute I brought Prevuze up - Shawn's contribution to the stained glass window was hilarious. Ditto the "hysterical" picture and Frankie's "do".

What's with Phil pulling the Shelle picture out of the trash and pushing it in Belle's face? If I'd been him I'd just have assumed Belle had moved on and thrown the picture away, and been thrilled to leave it at that!

Unless there are some miracle pregnancies coming (and I won't rule anything out on this soap), with Nicole and Meems both being barren there aren't many young female characters available to give birth to the next, DAZED generation. HAHAHAHA

2:33 PM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I had to wait for the pictures and they sure were worth it! Loved the replacement stained glass of Jr.'s. HAHAHAHA

As well as hysterical Marlena. Yup, Psychiatrist of the Year going bonkers.

Took me too long to get to Prevuze today,it was well worth the wait!! :)

7:04 PM  

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