Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Headless Horseman

Shawn and Mimi romp. Mimi says, "Shawn..."

Shawn says, "If you don't' want to do this..."

"Things wouldn't have gotten this far if I didn't want to do this," says Mimi, "I want to make love to you now."

Phillip and Belle are all kissy-kissy. Phillip says it was the greatest night ever. Belle agrees. Phillip asks if Belle is feeling better. She smiles, "Yes."

Phillip says, "Then we have so many reasons to celebrate." He celebrates by taking her to the couch and pulling her top off.

Claire cries. Belle goes to get her. "Miss Claire," she coos, "What's wrong?" Belle calls Phillip over. They both get that OMG look on their faces.

Jennifer encourages Jack to go up and rest. She is preparing the big meal. "My last supper," says Jack.

"I am not giving up and you can't either," says Jennifer, "Christmas is right around the corner and that is a time for miracles."

"I'll do my darndest to hang around for that," says Jack, "I love you and always will."

Geisha Kate continues John's massage. John says it's really helping.

It's really helping all right. It's helping Marlena to make up her mind as she watches through the telescope. "Oh," she says, "I don't believe it. I'm just a little confused. John was saying he was in love with me. He wanted me to come back to him, and that was just tonight. Now he turns to Kate."

Alex suggests, "If John thinks he lost you..."

"But so quickly," asks Marlena.

"Maybe he realizes you and I really do belong together," says Alex.

Marlena looks again. She chastises herself for being a voyeur.

Kate turns the massage into something more. John says no. Kate backs off. She tells John she knows he loves Marlena. "I don't know what I would do without you," says John.

Alex tells Marlena he's sorry she had to see that. Marlena doesn't get it. She wonders if John is toying with her. Alex resorts to the Salem town motto, "I will be there for you."

Belle says, "Claire is burning up. We should go to the hospital." Phillip goes into action. He calls Kate and tells her what is going on. He wants Kate to call Lexie and tell her they are on the way. Belle calls Marlena and sets up the big meeting in the hospital. Alex offers to drive her.

Marlena says, "You are so good to me."

"Because I love you," says Alex.

Shawn stops things so he can light candles. Mimi doesn't need candles. Shawn confesses he's a little nervous. "Join the club," says Mimi, "We've both been through a lot. If Belle and Phillip weren't together, you and she probably would be."

"I don't think Belle and I were meant to be together," says Shawn, "I don't want to lose our friendship by taking this to the next level."

"Shawn," says Mimi, "I want us to be more than friends." Shawn goes for more, but the phone rings. He picks up, "Mom... you could not have called at a worse time. Yes I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Jack and Jennifer's... Yeah, I'll stop by. I'll be with Mimi." He hangs up, turns off the phone and chucks it across the room.

The computer beeps. Mimi says, "In the frontier days they didn't have technology so that's why they had big families." She tells Shawn he'd better see what the message is.

Shawn goes to the computer, "It's Gran. She wants to make sure I'm not out in the storm."

Mimi waits, "I'm starting to think this isn't meant to be."

Jennifer tells Jack Abby is at Chelsea's. She plans the Thanksgiving dinner. Jack says everything will be perfect because they will all be together. Jennifer has forgotten the cornucopia. She wants it because it's traditional. Jack again promises things will be perfect. Jennifer decides what's important is they will all be together. She goes to check on Jack Junior, leaving Jack alone so he can mess things up. Jack makes a phone call, "This Jack Devereaux. You have to do me a big favor."

Jennifer comes down to find Jack gone. She looks through the house for him. Jennifer wonders.

Jack drives through the storm. He has flowers beside him in the car.

Lexie meets Phillip and Belle at the hospital. She goes in to examine Claire. Phillip comforts Belle. The Big Four arrive. Belle and Phillip pray. Kate asks how Claire is doing. Belle tells Marlena she feels like this is her fault; she has totally neglected Belle. Marlena tries to help. We all gather 'round and support Belle. Forget Claire.

Lexie comes out with the bad news. She says Claire is very ill. Belle goes off the deep end, "Don't let my baby die."

Shawn and Mimi are back in bed. Shawn is out of the mood. He remembers he has something for Mimi. He runs out of the room and brings her a vase full of flowers. Mimi thinks it's really sweet. Mimi throws her scarf over the lamp for mood lighting. They try again and struggle with knots and zippers. His zipper gets caught in her knot.

Jennifer looks for Jack. She discovers the car missing. She turns on the radio to get the latest horrible road conditions, "Please God, get him home safely."

Jack mumbles, "This is crazy but you wanted Thanksgiving to be perfect. It's our last one together so..." the car skids. Jack struggles. He thinks he should turn back but decides he has come this far so he has to go on.

Lexie has started Claire on an IV, "She has an infection. Dr. Posely will be here soon. We are doing everything we can for Claire."

Lexie leaves. Belle freaks, "Everyone but me is doing everything they can!" Phillip assures her Claire will get better. He tries to get her to compose herself. To dream the impossible dream...

John tells Kate Phillip is being strong for Belle, "They will make it through this," he says, "It's hard to see them go through this but it will make them stronger in the long run. We're just going to have to put our faith in the doctors." John hugs Kate, "We're not gonna lose our granddaughter." Marlena and Alex watch the tender scene.

Blubbering Belle frets, "This is my worst nightmare and I don't understand how you can be so calm!"

Phillip says, "Because both of us can't be a sniveling basket case."

Belle screams, "If anything happens to our daughter, our life together is over!"

Phillip thinks, "Well, at least something good would come out of it."

Belle apologizes for the remark. Phillip says It's OK. Belle whines, "I don't know what I would do without you. You're the only reason I haven't totally lost my mind." Too late.

Alex moderates the uncomfortable foursome. He goes to talk doc-to-doc with the people taking care of Claire. Marlena wishes she could get her memory back and help. "You're helping just by being here," says John.

Kate goes for coffee. John asks Marlena about the pearls. Marlena tells John they were a wedding present from Alex. "It'd be nice if you could remember when we were married," says John.

What Marlena remembers is watching John and Kate romp earlier that evening. "You told me you always told the truth," says Marlena.

"Yep," says Honest John.

"And you said you wanted to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together," she says.

"That's right."

Marlena continues, "And you told me you love Kate."

John clarifies, "Only as a friend."

"Well," says Marlena, "That's it, huh? Nothing more?"

John insists, "There is nothing romantic going on between us. Have you decided whom you want to be with? Have you made your decision?" Marlena stares.

Jennifer dusts off the cornucopia and flashes back to a happier Thanksgiving, with Jack making fun of it. The phone rings. Jack tells her he's in Ogden. He went out to get the flowers for the dinner. Jennifer wants him home. He says got the flowers and vegetables but doesn’t have the cornucopia. Jennifer says she found theirs. She wants him home NOW. Jack turns up the music, "They're playing our song on the radio."

You can say you love me
And I'll believe that's true
Trusting you is easy
'Cause I believe in you

Jennifer tells him to be careful. Jack assures her he will. He can't wait to get back home to her, "It will be the best Thanksgiving ever." Translation: Worst Thanksgiving ever. They express their undying love and hang up. "Oh gosh, I am not gonna lose you," says Jennifer.

Shawn struggles with the zipper. "One wrong move," he says, "And I could be out of commission for weeks."

"That would be very bad," says Mimi. Yeah, but that's how long we're going to drag this out anyway.

Mimi is distracted. Shawn asks, "What is it?" Mimi says, "Do you smell something burning?"

It's the scarf Mimi put over the lamp. Shawn says, "This is definitely not our night. You and I are going to happen but..."

"This is a sign we should wait," says Mimi.

They agree to get some sleep and see each other in the morning. They get up. More kissing. Back to the bed. No distractions. Shawn and Mimi once again attempt to do the horizontal Shimi.

Kate says she can't take the waiting. She goes to the desk and picks up Claire's medical record. Shock and awe, "NO! That can't be true!"

John tells Marlena Belle would feel better if she knew her parents were back together. Alex comes back. He didn't learn anything.

Phillip tells Belle, "We just have to stay strong."

Belle whines, "I've never been so terrified."

Lexie comes out and says, "I wish I had better news..."

Jennifer waits.

Jack cleans the windshield as he drives, "I feel like Ichabod Crane." More like the headless horseman if you ask me. "There is the bridge. Once I get over it I will be OK." SWERVE! SKID! SPIN! Over the river and through the woods and off the bridge we go...


Hope says, "I'll always believe in my heart-of-hearts that she married the wrong guy." Bo says, "Me too."

Belle cries, "She's going to die, isn't she?"

Mimi asks Shawn, "You wouldn't trade places with Phillip right now, would you."

"How do I go on without Jack," wails Jennifer. Frankie hugs her.

Marlena tells Alex again, "I know whom I want to spend the rest of my life with."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Alex/Marlena, John/Kate, Philip/Belle can all race to the hospital with absolutely no problems in this ice storm, but Jack's venture out means certain disaster....typical DAZED storyline.

Well, if Kate's one glance at Claire's medical chart tells her that the baby can't be Philip's then I have to wonder again at Lexi's intelligence. She's been all three's physician, looks like she would have picked up on the fact that Claire couldn't be Phil's child (if this, indeed, where the plot is going).

LOL at Mimi's observation about the lack of technology during frontier times. How true, how true.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I LOL over the first picture - we all know this is the real reason for Belle's hysterics.

And come on!! THIS is how Kate gives a massage?!? HAHAHAHAHA

So is Kate supposedly seeing Claire's blood type and putting two and two together? Puhleeze. Of course this IS Daze where they always conveeeeniently see such info and automatically know what blood types mean.

Thanks! Great Prevuze today!!

9:23 AM  

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