Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just You, Me And The Black Ice

Mimi and Shawn get serious. Shawn asks if Mimi is sure. "I am so sure," she says.

Hope works on the computer and says "Gran is going to love, the website we are putting together for Christmas."

Bo comes home. He tells Hope Chelsea and Abby are waiting out the storm over at Bonnie's. Bo takes off his coat and recognizes that all-too-familiar look on Hope's face. Visions of sleeping in the doghouse run through his mind. Hope reminds him he missed Zach's Thanksgiving play. Zach was pretty disappointed when Bo wasn’t there.

Maggie and Mickey are at home. Maggie gets a call. It's Jennifer. She's worried about Jack.

Frankie comes in with tea. "Come on Jack, where are you," asks Jennifer.

Doug and Julie wonder if they should turn back and go home. Julie says they are almost there. She thinks they will be just fine. "Famous last words," says Doug. A cop stops them. They have to stay put until the roads are salted. It's cold but they decide to wait and make their own heat.

Bo is sorry he missed the play, "Sometimes I wish I could clone myself."

Hope says, "I'm not asking you to neglect Chelsea, but I wish you would pay more attention to your sons. Sometimes I think you have forgotten they exist."

Bo flashes back to Shawn and Zach's births. He wishes he could have been there for Chelsea when she was growing up.

Hope is working on the website, www.sluts-and-nuts. She shows Bo her work. Hope shows him a picture of the Fancy Face. Flashback time. Bo goes through more pictures. He finds Shawn and Belle at the last blast. Hope says, "I'll always believe in my heart-of-hearts that she married the wrong guy."

Bo says, "Me too. If Mimi makes Shawn happy, I hope it works out for them."

Mimi is making Shawn very happy at the moment.

Maggie gets off the phone. She tells Mickey Doug and Julie are stuck, "Maybe if the roads are bad, that's why Jennifer hasn't heard from Jack."

Mickey says, "If there is a way to get back to Jennifer, Jack will find it. My dad and Jack didn't always get along. But as long as he knew Jack made her happy, he was OK with their relationship." Flashback to Tom telling Jack he needs professional help.

"You're right says Maggie, your dad was not exactly wild about Jack, but Alice was crazy about him." Flashback – Alice telling Jack not to let Jennifer go.

"Alice gave me some good advice recently," says Maggie, "Not to give up on the man I love. I'm glad I was patient with you."

"It's true," says the Mickster, "We've weathered our share of storms. There will be more to come, I'm sure."

They talk more about Tom and Alice. "There never was a more loving couple," says Maggie.

Frankie says there is nothing Jennifer can do. Tea saves the day. Jennifer tells Frankie about the website, Frankie picks up a picture. Graduation at the fishing shack. He asks if that will wind up on the website. "Yes it will," says Jennifer, "I don't know how I could get through all this without you."

Doug and Julie wait. "This is kind of romantic," says Doug.

"Just you, me and the black ice," says Julie. Doug turns on the radio. 'Till There Was You plays. Flashback to Doug singing. Switch to When A Man Loves A Woman. Julie reminds him Lucas sang that to Sami when he proposed. Julie remembers how Sami and Lucas first met. Flashback city.

Julie says, "Why didn't they know from the get-go they belonged together? It would have saved so much heartache. Poor Sami. She manages to mess up every good thing that comes her way. I think she really loves Lucas and I hope they wind up together." Flashback to Lucas' proposal. Mercifully, no singing. Sometimes Lucas and Sami reminds Julie of her and Doug.

"We’re still together," says Doug, "Lucas and Sami should be so lucky."

Shawn, Mimi, afterglow. "This is so weird, says Mimi. Years ago I never thought this would have happened." Shawn confesses he had a crush on Mimi.

Maggie reminisces about being murdered by the Salem stalker. Ah, fond memories. After that, she started a scrapbook. Flashback to Tom starting the Christmas bulb tradition. Hangin' bulbs, wastin' time.

Jennifer is so glad she and Frankie stayed friends. "That time will always be a part of who I am," says Frankie.

"Me too," says Jennifer, "You know, it definitely was not love at first sight with me and Jack."

She remembers Jack giving her an assignment at the paper. "If you hurry and get it done, you may still make cheerleading practice," says Jack.

Jennifer says, "No one ever drove me as crazy as Jack Devereaux and no one ever made me as happy as he did. I was so young when I met him. I thought we would have so many years together." Wedding flashback. She doesn't know what she will do without him, "How do I go on without Jack?" Frankie can find a way.

Mimi tells Shawn he doesn't have to say stuff like that. He reminds her he kissed her before he ever kissed Belle. Flashback to Paris.

Mimi says, "I was crushing on you all through high school, even when you were my best friend's boyfriend. I never acted on it, obviously. I just can't believe I'm getting my wish. What about you though? I need you to be honest with me. If you could trade places with Phillip right now, would you?" OK, Shawn, we know you're kind of slow, but this would be a good time to say "NO!"

Hope says if she and Bo were too protective their kids would never learn to be on their own. They remember when Hope's dad caught them in bed when they were 18. Bo says, "It's a good thing your dad didn't have a gun that night or I would have lost something important." Flashback to their wedding.

Doug wakes Julie, "They are about to open the road." Doug wants to know if they are putting pictures of Marlena and John on the website,

"Just because she can't remember us," says Julie, "doesn't mean we won't remember her. Marlena and John. What a love story! Remember when she came back to John after being with Stefano for such a long time?" Flashback to the comeback.

Doug says, "If Marlena could remember who I was, I would talk to her about who she loves."

"There is another woman who is pretty desperate about John right now," says Julie.

"Dear Kate," says Doug.

Kate asks how John's back is doing. John says, "My back is doing better. It's my heart that needs some work."

"Mine, too," says Kate, "Look – our granddaughter, she's going to be OK." John goes to check on Claire. Kate can't take the waiting. She sneaks into Claire's medical record, "OMG, this can't be true!"

Bo says Alice will love the website,

Doug and Julie arrive at Maggie and Mickey's. Maggie and Julie go through the photos. They have forty years of photos. Julie wonders if the website,, will depress Alice. Maggie says, "The forty years are in our hearts." Pan to the hourglass on the table.

Shawn and Mimi go for seconds.

Kate rummages. She swipes a document from the medical record and copies it.

Alex wants Marlena to let him take her home. Marlena is worried about Belle and Claire. Alex assures her the hospital can take care of them. Marlena still doesn't want to leave, "I'm sure of that, and I'm sure of something else too. I know whom I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Lexie says to Phillip and Belle, "I wish I had better news."

Belle cries, "She's going to die, isn't she?"

Jennifer tries to phone Jack again. Jack's cell phone floats beside Jack at the bottom of the river. Both are cold and dead.


Kristian Alfonso is glad we could be there to share the magical memories of the first forty years of Days Of Our Lives. She invites us to visit the website,

Marlena tells John, "I have something to tell you. It's very important." John asks, "Is it good news or not?"

Kate says, "Please God, let me be wrong because if it's true it's going to destroy them."

Shawn says, "There is something I want to say to you." Mimi says, "If you're going to tell me you love me, don't."

Jennifer tells Abby, "Now I can't get Frankie either."

Frankie runs across the icy road, "Someone went off the bridge. Oh, God, no!"


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Just had to take a turkey-stuffing break to read about the other turkeys over in Salem.

Prevuze's droll commentary is alway welcome and each web-site name was more inspired than the next. LOLOLOL

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

5:53 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I had an observation about yesterday's episode - - it has to be in the middle of the night by now. Yet Nicole hung up the phone after talking to the bank about their loan. I'm sure MY bank is open all night, especially during an ice storm, isn't yours?? HAHAHAHHAHAHA

Every picture made me LOL today. And the website names are inspired. I think Prevuze should rename it's site to Prevuze-Is-A-Hoot.Com!! :)

Thanks for starting my Thanksgiving out in a great way.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never posted a comment before, but I LOVE your daily blog, rock! I'm always laughing out loud, thanks!

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I have watched DOOl since day one and i really am dissappointed with the way things have been going!! OH WELL!! I guess things and times are a changing !! I just love your Prevuze Blog. Keep up the good Work!!
J.D. in Mo.

9:45 PM  

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