Friday, November 18, 2005

Wrong Color - Red

Billie tries CPR on Jack, "Jack, come back to us." No good. Poor Jack sleeps with the fishes. Billie whimpers as Jack lies in a crumpled mass. Jack moves toward the light.

Bright light surrounds Jack. "Hey," he says, "I did it. I killed myself. I'm dead. To conquer death you only have to die. The question is, am I headed to hell?" Thunder and lightning roar.

Sophie and Lucas arrive at his apartment. Sophie says, "I see Will is gone. I'm starting to get suspicious about you. This is the second time I've spent the night and Will hasn't been here. What do you do, call ahead and tell him you're bringing someone home?"

"Someone," says Lucas, "That's funny. You're actually the only one I've had here in a while."

"Now," says Sophie, "it's time to warm you up. I feel like celebrating."

"I can't believe we blackmailed Lulu," says Lucas, "When Austin finds out..."

"That is such a turn on, isn't it," asks Sophie.

"I agree," says Lucas.

Austin tells Sami she is the reason they beat Titan. He picks her up and whirls her around. Nicole says it's time to get back to business and start worrying about moving. Austin says, "Moving into the new office would have been a huge risk just a few hours ago."

Sami wants to make sure they aren't overextending.

"It is a done deal," says Austin.

Sami feels like no one is listening to her. She walks out into the hall and bumps into Will. Will ain't in a good mood, "Leave me alone!"

Marlena wants to talk to Alex alone. John takes him aside and tells him, "I don't believe your cock and bull story."

Kate tells Marlena she has to make a decision. "You can't keep these two men hanging on like this, or me, for that matter."

"You're right," says Marlena, "I do have to make a decision."

"I won't take advantage of Marlena in her condition. I've waited too many years waiting for this to happen," say Alex.

"This is all so strange," says John, "With everything that's happened, that Marlena never mentioned you to anyone before now."

Alex says, "There is one thing I realized when I came here. Her children are grown. She is at a crossroad. She doesn't know which man she loves."

John says, "So this is your big opportunity to reclaim her. You won't succeed in selling your pack of lies to my wife."

Kate tells Marlena Alex sounded convincing. Marlena wants to talk to him one more time. Kate tells Marlena John will be heartbroken if she chooses Alex. "He has feelings for you," says Marlena, "Maybe John could find happiness with you again." Translation: If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

Nicole finds another takeover candidate on the Internet. She thinks they have to move fast. Austin says it will be tough to compete with Titan. Nicole tells Austin, "It's worth the risk to go for the gold ring."

Austin says, "You mean the brass ring. Unless you're talking about a wedding band." Nicole stares.

Sophie and Lucas are half-dressed. "Success is such an aphrodisiac," says Lucas.

Sophie tells him, "You are a force to be reckoned with and I can't wait to climb on board."

Will was going to spend the night at Arthur's, but doesn’t feel well. Sami wants to take his temperature. Will doesn't need her help. She talks him into letting her help him. He gives her the key to the apartment. Sami opens the door and walks into the love nest, "SCREAM!"

The ice storm rages. Jennifer and Frankie decide they have to stay put. Of course, her cell phone batteries are dead. And, guess what, Frankie can't get a signal. Yep, this is DOOL all right. They wait. Jennifer smiles when a familiar song comes on. They reminisce.

"Do you remember Mrs. Fullette, our teacher," says Jennifer, "She was a widow. Her husband was killed in Korea. She loved him so much. It's been ten years since I saw her. She was retired and very sad. She said she made such a big mistake. She never wanted to be with anyone else so she lived a lonely life. I wonder if that will happen to me. I can't even believe I'm talking about my husband like this – like he's already gone."

Billie tries to revive Jack. Jack stands in limbo. He sees lots of red. "Oh man," he says, "Wrong color – red – way wrong color." In the distance he hears Billie crying.

Jack stirs. "Oh Jack thank God you're alive," says Billie. Jack comes to. Billie says, "I think God is really mad at you. You tried to commit suicide. Now I'm gonna make you regret what you did."

Sami makes a quick exit from the apartment, slams the door and won't let Will inside. Lucas runs out. Austin and Nicole come running form Sami's apartment. What an interesting group.

Austin says, "I've really missed you, Will. Maybe we could get together and hang out sometime."

"I'd like that," says Will.

Sami opens Lucas' apartment door, covers her eyes, and tells Sophie she has to leave.

Will goes into the apartment. He yells, "Wow, Sophie! You're hot!" Sami freaks and runs into the apartment. Will says, "Juuusssttt kiiddddiinngg..."

Austin and Nicole have to get back to work. Austin tells Lucas, "Anytime you want to get back in the game, I'm up for the challenge." Ooooo. The gauntlet has been thrown.

Sami comes out and tells Lucas, "You need to tell your guest to get lost."

Back at Sami's apartment, Nicole and Austin talk. Austin says he forgot how much he missed Will. Nicole says Sami lied about Will's paternity to trap Austin.

Austin says, "Hey, you're still fishing about the mystery woman, aren't you? I don't blame you for being curious, though."

"I want to know, and I want to know now," says Nicole.

"All right," says Austin.

The ice storm gets worse. John doesn't think it would be a good idea to leave in this kind of weather. Alex takes John aside, "You can come up with excuses for not leaving but you need to accept Marlena's future is with me."

"If I find you have been dishonest with my wife," says John, "I'm going to stick that psychiatric toy, that talisman, down your throat."

Alex says, "If Marlena is the woman I think she is, she will be true to her first love – me."

John goes over and asks Marlena to reconsider. Marlena stares.

Jack moans. Billie finds ipecac, so she doesn't have to take Jack to hospital. Billie says, "Suicide is wrong, Jack. Don't do this to your family. Do you want to go to hell? That's where you will go if you do this."

"If God wants to curse and damn me some more he doesn't have to," says Jack, "He's already done a good job of that."

"Jennifer wants to be with you," says Billie, "Abby wants every minute she can have with you. Do you want to miss out on the first time Jack Junior says DADDY?"

Jack tells Billie he can't even dull the pain anymore. This is what his family will see from now on. He doesn't want them to remember him this way. He screams, "You have ruined it all!"

Frank and Jen. Together again. Jack says, "Mrs. Fullette's life didn't turn out as bad as you think. A few years ago I bumped into her and Coach Olsen. They were on their honeymoon. Want to know something else? I'm not making this up. They had been high school sweethearts. She was his prom date." What a coincidence!. Cue up Stand by me and flashback to Jack and Jennifer at the prom.

Jennifer can't believe coach Olsen had waited for her all that time. Frankie says this proves good things can happen after a tragedy. Jennifer doesn't think anything like that could happen for her. Frankie stares.

John tells Marlena not to make this mistake with Alex. Marlena says, "It's my only chance of being whole, the only way I have of getting my memory back."

"If anything goes wrong, I will be there," says John, "As you remember more, maybe you can remember the love we shared."

"I do remember that," says Marlena.

Austin says, "I'll tell you about this woman. She's not impatient or pushy."

"Well, that rules out Sami," says the impatient and pushy Nicole.

Austin continues, "She doesn't put her agenda above other people. I'm not going to tell you who she is until the company is off the ground."

Nicole accepts it and tells him to sign the loan papers.

Austin says, "I think you're a great sport." Translation: LOSER!

Nicole says, "And I want you to know I'm not doing this under the premise you're not yanking my chain and I'm gonna be the one. You know what would be great, if Lucas forgave Sami and they got back together. I know you wouldn't stand in the way of the three of them being a family."

"Let's hope that never happens," says Austin, "Sami could switch and start telling Lucas our plans."

"We are better off when Sami is working for the enemy," says Nicole, "With just the two of us, the future is ours."

Sophie tells Lucas goodbye, She'll take a rain (ice storm) check. Sami soaks it in.

Sami freaks – Will's fever is 102. He tells Sami to stop babying him. She says she will, after she gets him chicken soup.

Lucas says he knows what to do, "I'll just feed him a little bit – chicken soup, ginger ale and crackers."

"Yeah," says Sami, "Just... like... we... used... to... do."

Sami picks up some papers. Lucas grabs at them and says, "You have no business touching that." Sami grabs the papers back, reads them and gives Lucas a look.

"After loving Jack for so many years," says Jennifer, "I would never expect to find love like that again."

"Jack will always have a special place in your heart," says Frankie, "I think when Mrs. Fullette figured out she didn't have to replace her husband she could move on."

"Sure," says Jennifer, "Thirty years later." I see Jennifer flunked history.

Frankie says, "Coach Olsen gave me advice. He told me to never give up hope."

Jennifer says, "I agree. I pray for a miracle with Jack. What was that about – coach Olsen telling you not to give up hope? What did he mean by that?"

Frankie lies, "I don't remember."

The salt truck arrives. Frankie starts the car, "I'm not as good a driver as my brother, but I'll get you home." They drive off with the salt truck as an escort.

Jack tells Billie she can't tell Jennifer what he did tonight.

Billie says, "Oh yeah, but it would be OK if she walked in and found you dead on the floor? All right. I won't tell. I'm dong it for Jennifer. If she ever found out I don't think she would forgive you. I don't want her to go through that kind of pain."

"I just don't want to worry her any more," says Jack. He collapses.

Jennifer comes in, "Jack, what is happening?"

Jack says he stubbed his toe. Billie hides the ipecac. Jennifer tells Jack Abby is at Chelsea's. Frankie sees Billie hiding the meds. Billie tells Frankie she got to him just in time, "He's in horrible pain."

Jack is so glad to see Jennifer. Jennifer says, "You say that like you thought you'd never see me again."

Lucas tells Sami the documents are none of her business. He's not ready to show her yet, "I want everyone to be surprised."

Nicole thinks they got a lot done tonight, "Loans, contracts, pressuring you about your mystery woman like some high school girl. I can't wait for your company to be a huge success and for you to announce the woman you came back for. And it had better be me."

Kate tells Alex he'd better not be playing mind games with Marlena.

"She is my wife," says Alex, "When we are together we will live happily for all the Days Of Our Lives. Don't miss this opportunity to be with the man you love."

"I need to be honest John," says Marlena, "I don't recall the deep bond I had with you."

John asks, "And you remember this bond of love you had with Alex?"

"I do," says Marlena, "I remember the deep feeling of love for him." FF Alex.


"If it were anyone but Sami..." says Nicole. Austin says, "There is a side of Sami a lot of people never get to see either, but it's what I love about her."

Sami says, "What?" Lucas says, "You're falling for Austin again."

Marlena freaks. It's a no-holds-barred conniption.

John writhes in pain, "No! No! Don't touch me." Kate says, "What!"


Anonymous Nicky said...

Is that the last we see of Sophie? Looks like Lucas is stranded on second.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Has anyone kept count how many days it's been that Marlena WASN'T going to keep everyone in suspense?

Squints writhing in pain - maybe to compete with Marlena he's suddenly having "Hysterical Drug Withdrawal". HAHAHAHAHA

Yeah, they can't get a phone signal in Salem but they can when they're deep in the jungle looking for Stefano.

Excellent Prevuze. Great pictures as always!

7:20 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

HA! Bulldog stole my observation about their cell phone coverage in Salem.

I got a snork out of Lucas' statement that Sophie was the first one he'd had to the apartment "for a while". What? The whole day since his marriage to Sami was over?

Loved the pictures, especially Jack in red, Mimi about to grab Adonis and particularly the caption with Jennifer in the car. Isn't it the truth?!

BTW - Jen has to be the DENSEST woman on the planet. She can never see when men are panting so hard for her they are practically drooling on her!

11:23 AM  

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