Friday, December 24, 2010

See You Around, Scrooge

We open up at Bo and Hope's sugar shack where our intrepid hero and heroine go catatonic after hearing a noise outside. "Do you think we were followed," asks Hope.

"No," says Bo, "and the snow has covered our tracks."

"Good," says Hope, "So 19th century fur trappers can't find us, but what about those helicopters with floodlights hovering overhead?"

"Nag, nag, nag," whines Bo as he gets up to leave, "All right, if it'll make you happy, I'll go out and check."

As Bo opens the door Hope calls to him, "Sweet-ums..."

"Yes, dear."

"Don't forget to take out the trash."

"Things never change," says Bo as he heads into the unknown.

Outside, Bo points his pistol, "Stop right there!"

Rafe calls Daniel and asks where Carly is. Carly stands behind Daniel.

We pan through the decorations at the Horton House.

Christmas riddle: What is the main characteristic of the Horton bulbs? Answer: They are all dim.

Jen talks to Alice's empty chair about the loneliness of the Holiday. Well, if you walk around talking to empty chairs, you'll probably be pretty lonely. Doug and Julie blast in to merry things up.

Phillip and Melanie are in the bedroom together. Shockingly, there are no Internet cameras around. Phillip provides the mistletoe and Melanie responds.

Nathan and Stephanie are at the pub. He's ready for Baltimore. Stephanie is ready to pout and brood.

Brady walks up and sees Nicole and EJ at Johnny's window. He makes a scene but EJ tells him he and Nicole are there together.

Daniel tells Rafe Carly is there, but can't come to the cop-shop. Rafe wants her statement. Carly takes the phone and Rafe tells her they have to find Bo and Hope before the state troopers do.

Leigh is with the warden. The warden tells her the troopers are closing in.

Outside the sugar shack...


Phillip says he's sorry their first Christmas isn't so great. Maybe he should spend it with Chloe instead. He swears Vivian will soon be out on her butt. Melanie figures out something fun to do.

Stephanie has told Nathan about Bo and Hope's escape. She says Baltimore is out of the question, "Maybe we could just take a quick trip to Maryland instead."

Brady and Nicole fire up the arguing until EJ steps in and tells Brady to scram. He tells him Johnny has cancer. Brady tells him he's sorry to hear that and EJ leaves. Nicole tells Brady there is more and they have to talk, but later. It's so important they might even have to have their clothes on when they have the conversation.

Nicole goes in with EJ and says she's sorry he had to deal with Brady.

Jen and Julie hang bulbs and talk about all the family that isn't there. They decide they will make it through. "I've been thinking," says Jen.

"That could really spoil Christmas," says Julie.

they talk about the despair of Bo and Hope being on the run at Christmas. Julie thinks she should have figured out what they were going to do. Ciara walks in and announces Bo and Hope will surprise them by coming home for Christmas.

Daniel counsels Carly about her statement. Carly tries to be upbeat. Daniel wonders why Bo did what he did. Carly defends him as Rafe and Chloe walk in. Carly tells Rafe. "I'm gonna tell you everything I know — under one condition..."

Carly wants Rafe to do whatever he can to help Bo. Rafe agrees.

The warden tells Leigh their little side business has to be put on hold. If Hope comes back they will arrange for a suicide, "If she goes back with Bo, we won't have to do anything to arrange Bo's suicide."

Bo walks in as brilliant Hope prepares to whack him. She swings and misses. Bo says the noise she heard was him falling on his butt. That's why there is a big bump on his head, "At least I didn't shoot myself in the foot."

"If I were there I would have shot Kayla," says Hope. She's glad he's OK, though.

Phillip and Melanie bask in the afterglow and exchange I love you's. Phillip suggests staying in bed for Christmas. He turns on the radio for music, but


They listen to the news about Bo and Hope.

Carly meets Rafe at the pier. He tells her Roman stepped down and he's in charge of the SPD. Carly says Bo kept her out of his plan because he knew she'd be questioned about it. She tells Rafe there were women dying in the prison, Hope reported it and that's what was causing all her trouble there. She also says Hope misspelled Ciara's name in the letter and that was the code that triggered Bo's actions.

Back at the sugar shack, Bo continues to play nursemaid. Hope goes in to change into something more revealing and Bo has to resist running out. Hope comes out in a football jersey and Bo remembers them romping at the Orange Bowl. That's something the 50,000 in attendance will never forget, either. Hope says even if they can prove what Leigh and the warden did, she'll still have to go back to prison.

Nicole wonders why EJ acts like that with Brady. EJ reminds her they are there to care for Johnny, not bicker. Nicole asks to step in and lay some tender loving care on Johnny herself. As she rambles about how her heart is broken, Stefano walks in and grumps on her, "I don't believe a word you say."

Julie bursts Ciara's balloon. She also tells her Bo and Hope might not be back for Christmas. Ciara says all she wants for Christmas is for her mommy and daddy to come home. Doug has her sit to watch TV and...


Phillip rushes into the pub and finds Stephanie. They mention the Bo and Hope debacle and Phillip sees the brochures, "Are you and Nathan leaving town?"

"I don't know, is Baltimore out of town?"

Carly says it's hard to realize it's over with Bo, "Hope was his first real love. He'll do anything for her."

Hope worries that they are sitting ducks. Bo, however, has a plan.

Stephanie tells Phillip about Nathan's fellowship. Phillip thinks that's great and congratulates Nathan as he walks up. Phillip leaves.

Melanie arrives at Daniel and Chloe's place. They tell her Carly is staying with them and they all discuss Bo and Hope's escape. Daniel gets a call and leaves. Melanie thanks Chloe for letting Carly stay there, "It'll be really Christmasy with her, you and me here. You know... Ho, Ho, Ho."

Stefano lectures Nicole about her lies. EJ asks for a word with Stefano in private. Nicole scoots, "See you around, Scrooge."

Stefano reminds EJ Nicole is the enemy. EJ claims Nicole is the solution. He says the kids love her. Stefano doesn't want her around. EJ tells him with Nicole around he'll have all the help he needs, "Samanther is out!"

Brady tells Nicole he didn't like it when he saw her arms around EJ. Nicole tells Brady about the pictures Vivian took of them, and then shows him.

Brady says they have to make sure Vivian can't use the pix, "I'll find a way to clean this up. Meanwhile, I'll hang on to these naked pictures of you..."

Johnny wakes and that stops Stefano and EJ's argument. Nicole walks in and cheers Johnny up.

Doug, Julie and Jennifer aren't having as much luck with Ciara, but Ciara remains optimistic that Bo and Hope will come home.

Bo has found an old crank-up short wave radio. Since Hope is with him, that makes two old-cranks in the cabin. He says it has a police band and they'll be able to use it to see if there is any police activity in the area. He helps Hope into bed and encourages her to get some sleep.

Chloe says she's in love with her new family. Carly walks in. Chloe takes out the trash and Melanie asks Carly about her conversation with Rafe. Carly fights to keep from breaking down. She loses the battle.

Out in the hall Phillip runs into Chloe and she tells him Carly is staying with them. Phillip can't believe Bo would do this. He also tells her he talked to Stephanie and Nathan, "The last thing they're thinking about is us. In fact, they usually aren’t capable of thinking about anything."

Brady looks at the naked shots. And looks... and looks... and looks. He swears he won't let Vivian get away with this.

Nicole performs magic tricks for Johnny. She pulls a quarter from behind his ear and Johnny says he wants more. Nicole asks Stefano for a $50 bill. He gives it to her and Nicole makes it disappear by putting it into her purse. Johnny laughs. Stefano doesn't. EJ, however, seems somewhat amused.

Melanie insists nothing will ever come between her and Daniel and Chloe. Translation: You can kiss that family goodbye. Outside, Phillip tells Chloe Nathan and Stephanie are moving to Baltimore.

Back in the pub Nathan and Stephanie discuss whether they should move. They decide to do it. Nathan gives her a box with a crab jewel in it in commemoration of the condition he now has from sleeping with her.

The warden calls Rafe and tells him the State Police are handling the search. Rafe tells her the SPD is conducting its own investigation. The warden suggests he can call her in a couple weeks. Rafe hangs up, "Well, that woman is hiding something."

Ciara thinks Bo is off helping Santa bring Mommy home to her. She leaves for a cookie. Jennifer wonders what they can do. Doug is upbeat and quotes Alice, "Never underestimate the magic of Christmas."

Bo comes back into the sugar shack and covers Hope, "I'm gonna get you home so you can see your daughter, Fancy Face. Goodnight."


Nathan tells Maggie, "I've decided to leave Salem."

EJ tells Lexie, "I am the only parent that Johnny needs."

Sami tells Will and Gabi, "I am not gonna rest until I get Sydney and Johnny back here."

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Anonymous Betyar said...

Well, If Samanther is out, so am I! So sick of waiting for an enjoyable s/l on this show! I'm just gonna enjoy my Christmas and forget all this awful nonsense they're trying to shove down our throats! I hope all my fellow Prevuzites have a great Holiday! And thanks for all the laughs and snark you always provide for us Prevuze. Marry Christmas to all of you at the Prevuze compound!

7:51 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Another great recap. My mind is still trying to wrap around the fact that Roman put RAFE in charge of the SPD. So I loved the picture about that.

PS. Word verification - person

Now that breakfast is over and Prevuze has been read, it's time for this person to go see what Santa may have left for me.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Nathan tells Maggie, "I've decided to leave Salem." Please don't lead us on and give us false hope, writers. Especially at Christmas.

LOL over the two old cranks in the cabin and Ho Ho Ho

Since I'm two episodes behind in my DOOL viewing I needed Prevuze to get me thru after a very busy and enjoyable Christmas. So thanks, Prevuze! And a Merry rest of Christmas and weekend to everyone. Ho Ho Ho!

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

I am with you Betyar.

I am glad Bo and Hope are gonna get their happily ever after but I am beyond angry that Ej and Sami never even got a beginning.

8:02 AM  

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