Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sheeeee's Baaaaacckkk

Hope lies lifeless on the bed in her cell as a guard brings her dinner. Hope looks at him and manages a weak, "Bo! You're a guard here! OMG, I didn't think the hiring standards at the prison could get any lower!"

Bo looks at her smashed face, "You've never looked so good. Max Factor?"

Hope can barely speak, "Yes... And Merle Norman..."

"I see," says Bo, "So you used two brands of makeup for this new look."

"No," says Hope, "Those are the two thugs who came in here and beat me to a pulp."

"I am (say it with him) here for you," says Bo, "everything is going to be OK."

Victor is on the phone griping about a Swiss company buying Titan stock when Maggie comes in. She brings some of Phillip and Melanie's stuff and Victor says he thinks she came to see him, in spite of her protestations.

Maggie asks, "Victor, how do I put this? Stuff it!"

Outside, Vivian says, "Victor, this is going to be a Christmas you'll never forget."

Meanwhile, Brady and Nicole rumpus in the rumpus room. Outside, a creep takes their pictures. All nekkid and everything. The guy outside does a double take, "That's Misty Circle! I only recognize her with her clothes off."

Rafe is at the hospital telling Will what's going on with Johnny. EJ and Sami are inside with Johnny.

Johnny wants to know when he can go home. Sami does something she's really good at as a mother... she lies. EJ joins in, holds his hand and says, "I have something scary to tell you... I might let you go live with your mommy after all." He tells Johnny he will lose his eye.

"When do I get it back," asks naïve Johnny.

Bo comforts Hope who resembles Jerry Cooney after his Muhammad Ali fight.

Daniel and Chloe talk about how complicated life can be. He rages over his son-in-law's Phil-andering. Lexie calls and tells him about Johnny's surgery.

Sami explains the operation. "Sounds better than a sharp stick in the eye," says Johnny. He panics, though when he figures out they can't ever put his eye back, "Dang! Just when 3-D movies were getting really good!"

Hope tells Bo how all this happened, "The warden is behind all this." Bo tries to get her up. Hope squeals that she can't do it, "The warden is killing people." Bo vows to stop her and helps Hope get up.

Meanwhile Brady and Nicole wrap up the rumpusing. Brady gets a text saying Victor wants him at the Kiriakis mansion right now. He scoots as Mary comes in. Nicole straightens things up and Mary announces she's going back to Sydney. Then Nicole gets a text from Victor asking her to come to the mansion, too.

Daniel tells Lexie he'll be there right away, "Hang in there."

"The situation's bad, but I'm not suicidal," says Lexie.

Daniel hangs up and tells Chloe what's up with Johnny. He leaves to go work miracles. Chloe tells Parker he's lucky he has the best daddy(s) in the world.

Rafe tells Lexie he doesn't know how much Sami can take.

Johnny wails, "I don't want them to take my eye." Mommy and Daddy try to comfort him. Since Johnny needs their support so much, EJ and Sami go off to talk. EJ says he wants time alone with him. Sami doesn't think that will work out and refuses to leave Johnny. Johnny, the only adult in the room, screams, "STOP FIGHTING!"

Sami goes back to him and apologizes for acting like a child. She tells him he won't feel a thing during the operation, "Afterward, however, it will feel like someone ripped your eye out." He asks if there will be a hole where his eye was. The parents tell him yes, but he'll get a patch and a pretend eye and be well on his way to being just like Phillip Kiriakis, Salem’s bionic man.

Victor tells Maggie he has to get used to the fact she's too good for him. She reminds him he left a woman in a coffin to die. Kate happens by and listens as they continue to argue. She pops in and smoochies Victor just to get under Maggie's skin. She insinuates she and Victor are going to Paris together. Maggie huffs out.

Phillip joins the crowd, saying he got Victor's text. Kate says she got one too as Victor denies he has sent any texts. Outside, Vivian talks about her brilliant plan to spoof Victor's text number.

Bo and Hope struggle to get out of the jail cell. Hope rambles and tries to convince Bo she isn't crazy.

Brady has joined everyone in the Kiriakis den, and then Nicole comes in. Victor finally figures Vivian is doing this, "What the hell is she up to?"

Bo insists he loves Hope, believes her and says they've got to get out of there.

Sami tells Johnny he'll have super powers with his good eye, "You'll even be able to see thorough all my BS. Love can fix anything."

Johnny gets it, "So it can fix my eye, right?"

Dr. Daniel is in with Johnny and has given him a sedative. Concerned EJ and Sami watch as Daniel tries to give him a pep talk. Everyone shares the love as Johnny goes to sleep and they wheel him down the last mile.

Rafe comes in to find the tearful duo. Sami hugs him and practically drowns him in the process.

EJ leaves the room and broods.

Maggie goes to visit Clhoe. She asks about Daniel and Phillip's fight. Chloe bobs and weaves like Hope should have done in her fight with Leigh.

Phillip calls and leaves a message for Melanie. Vivian pops in, "Sheeee's baaaackkkk."

Hope tells Bo he'll wind up in prison if he helps her, "Prison," repeats Bo, "That wouldn't be as bad as being married to you." Leigh comes in and Bo starts roughing Hope up.

Sami and Rafe come out into the waiting area. Sami turns it into the panicking area. Rafe tries to calm her down, but he'd have better luck trying to stop the earth from turning. EJ steps up, "We are not going to lose Johnny."

Bo tells Leigh he's there to give Hope dinner. Leigh wonders if she's seen Bo somewhere before.

Vivian taunts, "We're all going to have a nice little chat. It's the end of the line for all of you, because now you're mine... all mine!"

Chloe tells Mags about Johnny, "He has eye cancer."

"Mother of God," screams Maggie.

"No," says Chloe, "She's OK. It's Johnny that's sick." Maggie says she's worried about what this will do to EJ.

EJ and Rafe get into it. Rafe tires to mitigate things, but the guys get macho and Sami has to separate them. Lexie comes out and says the operation is getting started and they all have to grow up.

In the O.R., The team of doctors get started. Ben and Daniel are there, too.

Pacing and phone conversations fill the waiting area. Sami calls Roman and tells him what's happening. Lexie suggests EJ call Stefano. EJ doesn't' think it would do any good, "Unless we could buy off the surgeons."

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Kate tells Vivian, "You know what was great about you being trapped in that sarcophagus? You being trapped in the sarcophagus." Vivian taunts until Victor orders her out.

"Is that any way to talk to your boss," asks Vivian, "I own Titan lock, stock and barrel."

Leigh starts to go for the head guard. Bo grabs her and then Hope comes up from behind and slams her dinner tray into Leigh's head...


"I enjoyed that," says Hope, "I really did."

"You always enjoy it when you do it to me, too," says Bo.

They cover the unconscious Leigh and skedaddle.

Vivian taunts and throws a pile of papers at Victor, "Read it and weep. I'm now the majority stockholder. You were so busy chasing down Maggie no one was watching the store."

Lexie goes to check on the operation. Sami worries that things are taking too long, "How long can it take to remove an eye. I know from experience you can scratch someone's eyes out in minutes." Sami falls apart. Rafe comforts. EJ watches.

In the O.R. We pan in on Johnny and his new patch. Daniel asks, "Has the cancer spread?"

"I don't know," says Ben, "Lets go find a doctor to ask."


Vivian squeals, "This all belongs to little old me."

Jennifer says, "This could be too dangerous!"

EJ asks, "Please, what's going on with our son?"

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Anonymous NeeNee said...

Delectable snark, as usual, Prevuze!

Now, the obvious character strategy should be dictated by the storyline: who but Patch can be brought in to counsel little Johnny about losing his eye???

Nah . . . that would make too much sense. However, we can bring Kayla in for any little meltdown Steponme happens to have. Sheesh!

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I’ve just put a big red ‘X’ on the calendar for today. It’s the first day in ages Daze did something I didn’t see coming.

Love the Vivian takeover idea (let’s hope she bought the majority in DiMera Enterprises while she was at it.) For once a more realistic revenge plot than burying someone alive or a brain chip and something someone like Vivian would actually do.

I figured it was probably Vivian or Gus taking pictures of Bricole (hey, folks – ever heard of those things called curtains?

Maggie says she’s worried about what this will do to EJ. Why? Is there a friendship there I’ve forgotten about? Looks like she’d be more concerned about Sami.

”Dang! Just when 3-D movies were getting really good!” Groaner, Prevuze! But I LOL over that as well as Abe donating his eyeballs. Once again Prevuze’ memory astounds. I’d forgotten all about that, too.

Thanks for the great recap and pictures today! :D

12:16 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I'm with Bulldog - I forgot about Abe getting Zach's eyes. Bulldog apparently has sharper eyesight than me as well. I didn't catch Johnny flashing that Vulcan hand signal.

I've seen pics of Johnny wearing the black patch and he's adorable. But I imagine they'll get him into his "fake" eye pretty quickly. Stephen Nichols has talked about how uncomfortable it is wearing, and trying to act, in the patch. I don't believe the little actor playing Johnny will tolerate it for too long.

What I can't wait to see is how long the writers will wait before they totally ignore the fact that Johnny has only one eye. They'll have him doing something (like being a fighter pilot) that a one-eyed individual could never do.

Vivian's taken over Titan which gets back at Victor, Philip, and to some extent Brady. I'm with Bulldog in that Gus got the pics of Brady/Nicole doing the nasty in the middle of the Dimera rumpus room. That will get Nicole & Brady. But I wonder what she has planned for Kate?

Great recap, Prevuze. I saved the snark to get me through this one, last, long day before the holiday vacation.

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Can Prevuze or any of it's readers explain to me how Kate can even walk around with those FIFTY necklaces she's wearing? She's got more bling on than Mr. T!

7:59 AM  

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