Thursday, December 16, 2010

Out Of Sight... Out Of Mind

Lexie is with EJ in DiMerica. He begs her to tell him nothing is wrong with Johnny. Lexie, alas and alack, can't tell him that; instead she gives him the bad news, "There is something in his eye. It's some sort of a spot."

"Dammit, Lexie," snorts EJ, "I wish you would stop overwhelming me with medical jargon."

Lexie decides Johnny should see a specialist.

Outside, Rafe gets a call from Sami. He tells her he's doing well, but psycho... uh... psychic Sami figures something is wrong.

Chloe gets back to her place and tells Phillip Daniel is looking for him and knows he cheated on Melanie, "I can't let you take the fall. We're going down together."

"That's how we got into this mess," says Phillip.

Daniel blasts into Maggie's place looking for Phillip. Melanie sees his face and asks what they were fighting about. "You," says Daniel.

Hope contemplates a picture of Ciara as the warden and a cop walk in. The warden taunts as Hope wonders what they're going to do. Hope figures they will "get rid" of her.

Jennifer joins Bo in his office. He shows her Hope's letter. Jennifer reads and Bo 'splains Hope's problems have come back without the pills. Jennifer vows to help her.

Will and Gabi are together "studying" on the park bench. Studying each other. They try to stay positive in light of what they know about Johnny.

Rafe brushes Sami off and says he may have something to report on EJ soon. They hang up. Allie comes out and Sami helps her empty her school backpack. Allie tells her they're all supposed to bring cookies to school. Sami decides it's time to make cookies.


Lexie makes the call to an ophthalmologist. EJ wonders why things are so urgent.

"We've got to get him to some kind of competent doctor," says Lexie.

The warden figures now that Bo has read Hope's letter he realizes she's a danger to herself and others. Hope thinks Bo won't believe her. "I don't know," says the warden, "Out of sight... out of mind."

"Oh, believe me," insists Hope, "It doesn't have to be out of sight to be out of Bo's mind."

Bo shows Jennifer the way Hope spelled Ciara, "With two r's."

"Rciara," says Jennifer, "That's a funny name."

Gabi thinks Will has been through a lot lately, and says it helps her to focus on things other than Arianna sometimes, "So it helps if I can (say it with her) be there for you." Will moves in for some closer 'being there.'

Allie tells Sami that Johnny wasn't at school today.

Lexie calls the specialist as Johnny comes in munching a cookie. She makes the appointment and just like NOT in real life, the specialist can see Johnny right away.

Maggie comes out into the hall with Clhoe and Phillip. She passes through to take Parker outside. Daniel and Phillip go into her apartment and Phillip says Chloe can't say a word about their little tryst. He reminds her Daniel thinks he had the affair with Bambi Toolose and says that's how things should stay. Chloe thinks Daniel will be able to put two and two together and figure things out.

Melanie figures this is about Titan. She won't let Daniel get a word in and he finally backs off as Melanie rambles on.

Will and Gabi arrive at the Hernandez Hovel. Will calls for Sami and finds she's not there. Unfortunately Sami comes back before they can attack each other and wonders what they are talking about.

Johnny brats around as Lexie and EJ try to get him to agree to go to the doctor. EJ tries bribing him with a lollipop, but Johnny wants his mommy instead.

Hope tells the warden Bo won't forget about her. Hey, no one has forgotten Jimmy Hoffa either, but he's still missing. The warden talks about the pills Hope used to take and then tells her to eat. The warden leaves and Hope figures they're trying to poison her.

Bo and Jennifer speculate about Hope's letter. He says he found out several young, healthy women with no families have died there lately. Bo thinks something is fishy and also thinks the warden made Hope write the letter. If Bo were any more intelligent, they'd have to water him. "What's our plan," asks Jennifer.

Will says what he and Gabi were talking about is about Christmas and it's a secret. Sami asks about the photos Gabi took at the wedding. Will and Gabi stammer around.

Lexie opens the door on the way out and they find Rafe. Johnny calls for Mommy as Lexie fills Rafe in. Rafe says he'll go get Mommy for him.

Melanie praises Phillip. Daniel continues trying to butt in but when Melanie's mouth gets going it's hopeless, "I'm actually the one who hurt Phillip."

Maggie comes back with wailin' Parker. Mama Chloe goes into action.

Rafe promises Sami will meet Johnny at the hospital. EJ sends Lexie off with Johnny and tells Rafe to butt out. He says Sami has no right to any contact with Johnny and he'll take care of the eye situation. EJ leaves. Rafe goes inside and steals the silverware.

Will tells Sami Gabi printed the photos and Will noticed something strange — everyone looked happy. Gabi says it was a reflection in Johnny's eye that was in every shot. Will says Rafe asked them not to say anything to Sami because Sami has a tendency to panic... uh... has gone through so much.

True to form, Sami panics.

Melanie says a while back she and Nathan were kissing goodbye, Phillip saw it and it hurt him. She says Phillip blamed himself. He shoved Melanie's lips right into Nathan's face. Melanie says she needs Daniel and Phillip to be OK with each other.

Chloe bounces Parker. "I can put him down for you," offers Maggie.

"I think euthanasia is a little drastic," says Chloe.

Maggie leaves. Phillip and Chloe argue about who should tell whom what. Daniel calls and tells Phillip he's with Melanie.

Bo says, "There is no plan... plans are for wimps." Jen wonders if Carly is part of the forthcoming plan. Bo says Carly has always known Hope would be a big part of his life and reminds her he doesn't know what's going on at the prison.

Jennifer says, "If there is a way to get Hope out, I will find it."

Sami blathers and sniffles. Allie calls. Sami runs in to help her, but tells Will the conversation will continue. Rafe returns. Will tells him they spilled the beans about Johnny's eye. Sami comes back and Rafe sends the kids off. Sami throws a fit. Rafe says he didn't want her to worry and they need to go see Johnny now. They leave. Face sucking sounds come from the other room.

The doctor examines Johnny. EJ takes him aside and the doc says there is something abnormal, but he can't make a diagnosis without further tests. He says he will have to examine Johnny under general anesthesia. Rafe signs the consent form.

Hope sticks a picture of Ciara on her wall. The guard comes in, asks why she didn't eat and tells her she can't have personal items in the cell. She yanks down Ciara's picture and wads it up. Hope calls as she leaves, then breaks down.

Phillip tells Chloe Daniel wants to meet him at the pier. Chloe wants to come with him. Phillip says he can fix this himself and orders Chloe to stay put. Translation: Chloe will probably beat him to the pier.

Phillip leaves and Maggie comes out. She wonders where Phillip went. Chloe says he had to go and asks Maggie to stay there and babysit as she heads out.

Johnny calls for Mommy. Lexie says she'll be there and tries to distract him. Then Lexie grabs him and they walk the last mile together. Sami rushes in wanting to know where Johnny is.

Hope prays and begs God for a Christmas miracle, "Help Bo understand my message. BBBBAAAWWWWWLLLL."

"It would be a Christmas miracle if Bo understood anything," says God.

Bo tells Jen he'll contact her when he knows something. Jennifer may never hear from Bo again. She leaves. Outside, she says, "Sorry Bo... I can't sit and do nothing."

Inside, Bo looks at a wrapped box and a picture of Hope and Ciara, "I'll help you, Fancy Face."

Chloe knocks. Melanie answers. Melanie invites her in and Chloe says she's looking for Daniel. Melanie tells Chloe Daniel is upset with Phillip and they got in a fight, "I'm so upset I can't even drink my coffee."

Chloe wonders if that means Melanie might be pregnant. Melanie thinks that would be great and everything will be fine once Daniel and Phillip stop trying to kill each other.

Daniel shows up at the dock and tells Phillip it's no use denying he cheated, "Are you gonna admit it?"

"It happened," says Phillip, "I never meant to hurt anyone. I'm sorry I lied. If you want the truth, here it is..."

EJ tells Sami Johnny is undergoing tests. He's vague about what's going on. "You're a SOB," says Sami.

"Wait," epiphanizes EJ, "You saw him at the house. You wanted a way to get back into his life. You did this, didn't you?"


Stephanie tells Caroline, "It'll be a disaster for everyone involved... a total disaster."

Phillip whines at Daniel, "I made one mistake."

Sami screams, "You're a sick SOB, EJ!"

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Anonymous Scolly said...

I noticed the loud ocean wave sound in yesterday’s when two people were sitting on the pier yapping. Now I can’t even remember who it was, perhaps I was too distracted over the water sound. To the list of what California production crews don’t know we can add “any other water sound other than the Pacific Ocean” right below “what people in the Midwest have to wear in the winter”.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Hope prays and begs God for a Christmas miracle, “Help Bo understand my message.” Sorry, he’s the Salem PD Commish. Don’t think so.

Rafe brushes Sami off and says he may have something to report on EJ soon. Sorry, he’s an ex-FBI agent soon-to-be Salem PD cop. Don’t think so.

Lexie is with EJ in DiMerica. He begs her to tell him nothing is wrong with Johnny. Sorry, she’s the head doctor of Salem University Hospital. Don’t think so.

Chloe thinks Daniel will be able to put two and two together and figure things out. Sorry, he’s a big-shot doctor at Salem University Hospital. Don’t think so.

Jennifer says, “If there is a way to get Hope out, I will find it.” Sorry, she’s a Salem resident. Don’t think so.

Well now that I’ve cleared all of that up, I loved the JenBo picture and “Oh, believe me,” insists Hope, “It doesn’t have to be out of sight to be out of Bo’s mind.”

Great recap today, Prevuze! It sure helps get through a long afternoon. Happy almost TGIF everyone.

12:32 PM  

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