Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Dried Up Over The Hill Useless Old Crow

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian continues to jab at her former sarcophagizers and claim she has the upper hand, "I think this is what's known as... the last laugh." Brady the Magnificent steps up to take one for the team and reminds Vivian he was the one who stuffed her in there in the first place. Vivian reminds him he can clam up anytime he wants and says she's out to bring them all down anyway. "You won't get away with this," snorts Victor.

"I already have," chirps Vivian.

At the hospital the vigil for Johnny continues. Everyone thinks the whole thing is taking too long. Kind of like a DOOL episode. Sami falls apart as usual and EJ announces Lexie went to check on things. He wants a little chat with Sami before Johnny wakes up.

Inside the O.R. The surgeons fill rubber gloves with water, toss them out the window and watch them break and splatter on the pedestrians below.

Jennifer is visiting the prison disguised as Clark Kent. She's playing mild mannered reporter, too and snooping around. Suddenly...


The warden announces a security breach and says they are in lockdown.

Hope urges Bo to go on without her as the buzzer rages. "We're in this together," says Bo.

EJ wants to strategize. He says he knows this is difficult for Sami and emotionally she's the Wreck of the Hesperus. Will comes in and sees EJ and blows up.

Dr. Kim comes out and gives everyone the look of death.

"What is it," gasps Sami.

"We ran out of rubber gloves," says Dr. Kim.

But he announces the surgery went well. He says it looks like the cancer did not metastasize.

Victor and Brady talk on the phones to their former subordinates as Melanie comes in. Victor suggests hare-kari for the guy who let Vivian get away with this one. Vivian announces she is the new CEO of Titan. Melanie doesn't believe it but they set her straight. Kate and Nicole say Vivian is not their boss and suggest she leave. Vivian then hits them with the fact the Kiriakis mansion is now "Chez Vivian."

Leigh wakes up to the buzzing. The warden comes in and Leigh tells her about being Bo-bonked.

Meanwhile Jen thinks maybe she's gotten in over her head with her little plan.

Hope begs Bo to go on with out her. He picks her up and treks on.

At the hospital, everyone is sooooo happy for the way things turned out. Daniel says they need to wait for the test, but he's an optimist.

"An optimist," repeats Sami, "Just what we need — an eye doctor."

Jen finds Leigh and the warden talking about the escape and offers help. The warden says Jennifer is a new hire with a background in journalism. She asks Jennifer to write up a press release and get it to the press, "Tell them she is a violent offender... just ask her husband, whom she nearly Bo-B-Qued."

Bo and Hope reach some kinds of dingy room, "It's OK," says Bo, "I am (say it with him) here for you."

Turns out, Titan owns the Kiriakis mansion. Vivian squeals, "So... this all belongs to little old me."

Victor says, "I don't know how little you are, but you sure got the other part right."

Vivian pats herself on the back about her coup. Suddenly Nicole starts to leave, but Vivian wants to talk to all of the Sons of Sarcophagy together about the revenge she has in store.

Jennifer is on the job. The warden warns her not to say anything without her approval. Jennifer leaves and Leigh accuses the warden of hiring Jennifer for her looks. The warden asks about the guy who hit Leigh, "He had the cheekbones like K. D. Lang," says Leigh.

Jen comes back in and tells the warden the computers are down. The warden and Leigh fly out.

Daniel tells the crowd they can go in and see Johnny. Inside his room, Johnny has a sporty patch. EJ tells him he knows he can overcome anything.

Vivian continues to chortle as Victor tells her his lawyers will contest everything. Victor says he wants everyone to stay with him so people won't laugh at them for letting Vivian drive them out of his house, "Looks like we will all be roomies."

OK, so Bo and Hope are in a downscale version of the Horton cabin. Probably the same set where the beam fell on Lucas. Bo tells her about what happened during their escape.

Bo assures Hope they are safe for now. Hope is grateful. "How grateful," asks Bo.

"I'll let you sleep with me," says Hope.

"Let's get you back to prison," says Bo.

Rafe asks Daniel about Allie’s condition since some cancers are genetic. Daniel suggests he make an appointment.

Sami tells EJ the hospital says it's OK if she sleeps in Johnny's room. EJ isn't sure that is the best thing to do, "The crisis is over and it's back to normal. Normal means Johnny's life doesn't have you in it."

Melanie wonders if Vivian has thought this through, "Living here with a group of people who love each other, won't you feel like a dried up over the hill useless old crow?"

"Melanie has a permanent place in my heart," smiles Victor. Vivian orders Nicole to stay.

Bo tells Hope stage one of his plan to put the warden in prison is complete. "What's stage two," asks Hope.

"Who the hell knows," says Bo.

Rafe says he's concerned EJ may withhold vital information. Daniel vows to watch out for Johnny and make sure he gets the proper care.

Sami refuses to walk away from Johnny. EJ volunteers to throw her out, but says he promised Johnny she will be there when he wakes up and she will be, "When you talk to him you will be saying goodbye. If you hang around I will pull out the confession and you will never see Johnny or Sydney again."

Vivian suggests Nicole go back into the den and have eggnog with the sarcophagizers. She bellows for Henderson to serve it to the crowd. Vivian pours it on thick (the BS, that is... not the eggnog) and orders them to sing carols. It doesn't go well.

The warden assures Jennifer this has never happened before. Another guard comes in and calls up a shot of Bo on the computer. "The prisoner's husband," says the warden.

Hope shivers. Bo tells her Ciara is with Jugs and Doolie. Hope worries about their situation and tells Bo he can't do this. She suggests leaving her. Bo no can do.

Sami is in shock. EJ is in his element. The viewers are in a daze. Johnny wakes. EJ tells him he looks like a pirate. Sami says she has brought him a story to read. EJ suggests reading it instead so Mommy can go home. Sami tells Johnny she’ll be back and loves him. She hugs him and leaves. EJ then hugs the unenthusiastic little guy. Sami watches as EJ starts to read.

EJ wants Daniel to keep Johnny in the hospital and out of the DiMera mansion as long as possible. Sami comes out and falls apart.

Melanie leaves the happy party. Phillip follows and suggests they not stay there. Instead, Melanie wants to stay and torture Vivian. Well, if Melanie's around, it's pretty easy to torture people.

"Wanna go make out," asks Melanie. Phillip does. Speaking of torture...

Vivian goes out. Kate suggests the next time Vivian goes into a coffin she really needs to be dead first. Victor agrees.

Vivian finds Nicole outside. After Nicole insists she hates being in the same room as Brady, Vivian shows her the naughty pictures the creep took of them at the DiMera mansion.

EJ strokes Johnny's head and wishes he had a whole brain, too.

Sami and Rafe arrive back at the Hernandez Hovel. Sami can't believe what EJ has forced her to do. Rafe assures her they will figure this out.

The warden orders Bo's name added to the APB, "His life is now over."

Back at the cabin, Bo decides to go outside and see what's out there. You know, like trees and stuff. Hope grabs her cell phone.

Over in the corner, Lucas moans, "Help... get this beam off of me!"


Vivian says to Nicole, "Oh, the tangled web we weave!"

The warden tells Roman, "I will have my prisoner back tonight."

Bo tells Hope, "You and I are gonna go through this together."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you prevuze!!
Why didn' TPTB just have Bo give Hope a fake death drug, and he could wheel her out on a cart and then revive her and they both could just waltz out the door.
Any word about the Christmas ornaments yet for this year, or are they going to just skip over Christmas?

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"An optimist," repeats Sami, "Just what we need — an eye doctor."...LOL! Loving the almost blonde joke!

"Wanna go make out," asks Melanie. Phillip does. Speaking of torture...Uhhh, yeah! Let's keep Phelanie's private moments "private"...watching those two "make out" is not my cup of tea!

"EJ strokes Johnny's head and wishes he head a whole brain, too"...OMG, LOL funny!

Thanks for the great recap Prevuze!

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Anonymous - I think my magazine said the Horton ornament ceremony is scheduled for Friday.

So what was Jennifer's big plan? To hand Hope a cake with a file in it?

If Leigh just woke up as the warden was announcing the lockdown how'd the warden know Hope was out of her cell? If they saw Ho and Dope why weren't they stopped? I guess I couldn't piece all of that together from what I was reading there. Oh, shoot. I probably won't be able to piece it together after I watch it either! HAHAHAHA

Rafe asks Daniel about Allie's condition since some cancers are genetic. I'm surprised they actually thought of the poor forgotten child. Anyway, they should then check Will. And Sydney, too, in case it's from the DiMera side not the Bradys.

Bo tells Hope, "You and I are gonna go through this together." And I have a feeling the viewers are gonna hurl together.

I'm so glad to see Prevuze is still being visited by the ghost of Christmas snark. LOL over the
Mellip being together being torture and the Sons of Sarcophagy. Thank you for brightening my mid-week afternoon, Prevuze! :D

1:36 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

"Cheekbones like K.D. Lang", hahaha, never heard Bo described like that before!

8:38 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

hahahaha, "a patridge in a pear tree...." bum, bum, bum! I freaking love Vivian!

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Everyone thinks the whole thing is taking too long. Kind of like a DOOL episode.

…or a Daze day. That incredibly attractive blue flannel plaid dress that Sami has been wearing is getting quite the workout. Sami is starting to dress like she shops at Farm and Fleet.

Jennifer is visiting the prison disguised as Clark Kent.

What was that all about?! Since Jen is a new hire, Leigh and the warden didn’t use an awful lot of discretion discussing the prison break in front of her. The writers made sure Jen got every clue she needed.

"An optimist," repeats Sami, "Just what we need — an eye doctor."

LOL!!! Thank goodness Prevuze can find some humor in this horrific storyline.

Melanie wonders if Vivian has thought this through, "Living here with a group of people who love each other.”

When Melanie finds out that Phillip is Parker’s father, I’m thinking her tune is going to be changing pretty quickly.

Rafe says he's concerned EJ may withhold vital information.

Why would he do that? Rafe is a class A sh*t disturber.

Over in the corner, Lucas moans, "Help... get this beam off of me!"

An excellent Prevuze homage to Christmas past! LOL!!!

After reading Ken Corday’s 2011 previews, I’m going to need a lot of cocktails and heavy doses of Prevuze to get through the next few months. Bring on the Prozac and all hail to Prevuze!!!!

6:02 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Sitting here, sipping my white chocolate raspberry laced coffee, enjoying Prevuze recap of the swill I watched yesterday.

The entire jail break was unbelievable - from Bo waltzing into solitary to Bope stumbling out with nary a security check point to get through.

And don't get me started about the way a prisoner (Leigh) talks to guards and the warden without anyone raising an eyebrow. Or the way Leigh & the warden talk about things in front of strangers.

Well, I guess I did get started. I'll stop now and just praise Prevuze's usual spot-on snark.
Most have already be mentioned, but I will congratulate Prevuze on another great phrase, Bo-bonked. LOL

Until later, folks!

8:35 AM  

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