Friday, December 17, 2010

Mother And Child Reunion

Bo tells one of his officers he's off on a trip. Julie comes into the cop-shop with Ciara and wants to know where he's off to.

Melanie is back with Chloe in her apartment wondering if Parker is picking up on Chloe's tension. She thinks Chloe is blaming herself for everything, the fact that everything is her fault notwithstanding.

Daniel and Phillip are at the pier. Phillip admits to an affair with Bambi Toolose. He says he didn't want to break Melanie's heart, but also didn't want to pass up a chance for a roll in the hay with Bambi.

Stephanie tells Nathan about a church upstate they could consider for their wedding. She also asks about honeymoon plans. Nathan says she won't like what he has to say.

EJ figures Johnny's hairy eyeball is one of Samantha’s plots, so she can get back with Johnny.

Phillip says, "I'm disgusted with myself for doing it."

"Doing what," asks Daniel.

"Doing Bambi."

Sami and EJ argue until Sami can't take it any more.


"You are a sick SOB, EJ!"

Melanie says even though Daniel and Phillip got into a fight it's not the end of the world. Carly shows up and shares huggies with Melanie. Chloe says she has to go run an errand and asks the suckers... uh... built in babysitters to watch the Parkster.

Phillip drones, "If I could only take it back. I was drunk when I romped with Bambi." Daniel isn't full of forgiveness. He's full of lectures. He's full of...

Phillip says he thought something was going on with Melanie and Nathan, "I made one mistake." He begs Daniel not to tell Melanie.

"You want me to lie to my daughter," asks Daniel. Phillip swears he'll spend the rest of his life making it up to her.


Bo instructs one of his officers, "We want to get rid of my daughter, so why don't you show her around the station. I'm sure there are a lot of things here she'll be interested in. Start with the interrogation room and show her the different types of rubber hose we use. After that, take her down and show her the iron maidens. I think she'd love to see the red carpet we have running down the hallway for the times we let prisoners escape and... oh, dang... too bad there aren't any executions scheduled for today. But that doesn't matter because even without them, a police station is just a Disneyland for a kid."

Once they're out of the room, Julie unloads and wants to know what prompted Bo's decision to leave. Bo says the investigation he's working on is the reason he's going. Julie is willing to baby sit Ciara and so the deal is set.

EJ brings up that old thing about Sami trying to blow his brains out. They come to blows and Rafe steps in and breaks it up, blaming EJ all the way.

Nathan says Johns Hopkins called again and want him to reconsider the fellowship.

"John who," asks Stephanie. Stephanie is all for it and ready and willing to locate. Nathan gets a call and leaves. Caroline the eavesdropper overhears and joins Stephanie. Caroline thinks maybe it's for the best if Stephanie and Nathan leave town. So does everyone else in Salem. They both think Melanie makes them nervous and Stephanie vows to get herself out of town with Nathan.

Phillip whines about making just one mistake. Daniel reminds him of the mistake he and Carly made... Melanie... everybody's mistake. He asks if Bambi knows it's over. Phillip says he'll have her transferred to Europe and says again it was only a one time thing.

"Isn't that another way of calling it a one-night-stand," asks Daniel, "I want you to leave Melanie and move on."

Melanie thinks Chloe is overreacting and blaming herself for Daniel and Phillip's fight. Melanie says she's not upset about it and she's sure they will work it out. She says she's getting her happily ever after and wants that for Carly, too. Carly isn't sure that will happen.

Julie looks at Bo the way a snake looks at you before it strikes. She thinks Bo is acting like he'll be gone a long time.

Rafe lectures EJ for his cruelty. Dr. Kim interrupts. Sami gasps, "What did you find out?"

"I found out Johnny wiggles a lot," says Dr. Kim.

Ciara is back in Bo's office looking at the wrapped box. Bo urges her to open it, but Ciara wants to wait until Mommy is there. Hope it won't spoil in 20 years.

Carly says Bo is going through a lot of pain right now. "Did Hope get out of jail," asks Melanie. She says Chloe will never be her favorite person but she's trying to see the good in her, "That's why I've asked for a microscope for Christmas."

Caroline and Melanie agree to stay quiet about the switcheroo. Caroline says she's worried about Kayla. Stephanie thinks Kayla will come to her senses. That would be a lot easier if she had any.

Dr. Kim says he has no definitive answer on what's wrong with Johnny. He suggests Sami go see her son. She and Rafe walk off as EJ stews.

Inside the only patient room in the hospital, Sami and Johnny have the proverbial mother and child reunion.

Phillip says he's not leaving Melanie. Daniel isn't sure that's Phillip's decision to make.

Carly agrees Chloe's infidelity should be kept a secret. Melanie agrees Chloe deserves a second two-hundredth chance. She says she knows Carly and Bo will get through their troubles together. And then Bo will go back to Hope.

Bo lies and says Hope is sick and can't come home for Christmas. He tells Ciara the present is from Mommy, who wants Ciara to open it now. Ciara opens and finds a necklace. Ciara says she loves it. She asks Bo to put it on. Bo puts it on and asks her how it looks on him.

Johnny says he wants to go home with Sami. EJ stands in the back of the room and simmers.

Daniel softens and says he doesn't want to hurt Melanie. He decides to keep his mouth shut. He points two fingers toward his eyes, "But I... will be watching..." He points two fingers toward Phillip's eyes, "You."

Daniel says others know. Stephanie for one. Phillip says he’ll talk to Stephanie. Daniel tells him he damn well better take care of it. Daniel leaves. Phillip whips out his cell phone.

Carly says keeping this secret may be why she is pulling away from Bo a little bit. Melanie says she wants to start a family so Carly can be a good influence on her kids. A murderess who carved her husband up with a dull butcher knife always is the best role model for kids.

EJ says he wants a word with Sami. Johnny begs her not to go. Rafe steps in and offers to show Johnny some magic if he lets Sami go. Johnny agrees. Rafe shows him some real magic and pulls a brain cell out of his head.

Outside Sami tells EJ to make it quick. EJ wants to be civil. Sami isn't sure he is able to do that. EJ says he has noticed Johnny needs her, "It was wrong of me to accuse you of doing this. I'm feeling guilty about all our fighting. Without that we might have noticed this a long time ago." Sami agrees and says they can't fight any more. EJ agrees to put Johnny first.

Phillip leaves a message for Stephanie. Chloe finds him there and he tells her everything with Daniel is OK... or not.

Nathan gets off the phone with Adrienne and tells Stephanie she's feeling a little dizzy. It runs in the family. Nathan leaves as Daniel comes in. He walks up to Stephanie, "I'm just gonna come out with this. I heard you tell Caroline Phillip cheated on Melanie. I talked to Phillip about it and he told me everything."

Bo says Hope wanted Ciara to have this so she will think of her parents. Ciara says she would rather have her mommy's wallet collection instead. Bo tells her he has to leave for a while and she'll be with Jugs and Doolie for Christmas, "If you get lonely let that necklace remind you Mommy and Daddy love you enough to abandon you on the biggest holiday of the year."

Rafe turns a penny into a dime. Johnny is amazed, "Can you turn it into a million dollars?"

Sami comes back and Johnny says he doesn't want any more doctors, "They don't call this hospital the pre-mortuary for nothing."

Sami assures him, "I promise I will (say it with her) be there for you." She gives him the high sign and explains what it means as EJ watches.

Carly comes in with Bo and wonders what he wants to talk to her about. Bo clams up.

Nathan gets to Adrienne’s place but hears crying across the hall. He knocks and Melanie answers holding Parker. She says he was crying a little and explains Chloe and Daniel are gone. Nathan slows her down and says she will make an amazing mother. Define 'amazing.'

Phillip tells Chloe Daniel agreed to keep things a secret. Chloe is relieved, but Daniel says he has to make sure Stephanie doesn't blab.

Stephanie, meanwhile, is blabbing, "Phillip told you everything?"

"He opened up," says Daniel, "But I want you to keep quiet about it. Understood?"

"My grandmother and I won't say a word," says Stephanie, "Trust me." Translation: as far as you can throw her...

Out in the waiting area EJ asks about the secret hand signals, "I knew I couldn't trust you. Get out... both of you. You will never see Johnny again." They go at each other's throats, but Dr Kim comes up with bad news.


Carly asks Bo, "This has to do with Hope, doesn't it?"

Hope asks the warden, "Just tell me... what are you going to do?"

Sami shrieks, "NO! This is not happening!"

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Anonymous Betyar said...

"Carly says Bo is going through a lot of pain right now. "Did Hope get out of jail," asks Melanie"...LOL! It's a good thing Hope's still in prison, otherwise it would be all sorts of pain for the 2 fornicators...

"Melanie agrees Chloe deserves a second two-hundredth chance"...that's about the right count, give or take a dozen!

"Rafe shows him some real magic and pulls a brain cell out of his head."...a brain cell, huh? Must be the one he uses to show off his "advenced algebra" skills...

"If you get lonely let that necklace remind you Mommy and Daddy love you enough to abandon you on the biggest holiday of the year."...I see Bo's also found a way to use his one working brain cell. Poor Ciara! to be stuck with a parent like him...painful!

So, let's recap...EJ doesn't want Sami anywhere near their son...then he apologizes and admits her son needs her...and within 10 minutes of air time, he recants and decides she will never see Johnny again...hmmmm! the word bipolar comes to mind. Looks like Johhny and Ciara share the same fate...idiots for fathers!

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Lord is EJ ever an ass. And you all say SAMI has mood swings, well she's got nothing on him these days. What a selfish basxtard!

I'd like to see an actual truce, and for Sami and Rafe to move into the Dimera mansion!

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with all these people off the show or out of town, at least it should be a short holiday show this year. Three people can unpack all the balls. Or in the case of so many men on the show, pack them away.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Lali said...

I see in the spoilers that Johnny has to have his eye removed! This storyline upsets me very much. What kind of people write this stuff? This would be a stupid storyline for one of the adults, but to put a child in this storyline is assinine and heartless. Please, writers, leave the children alone!!

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

LOL over your comment, Anon #2!

I haven’t watched yesterday’s show yet so thank goodness I had Prevuze to ward off the DTs.

Lucky Jugs and Doolie getting to babysit over the holidays. You should’ve stayed on your cruise ship, folks.

I read in the soap magazines Ho and Dope go on the run over the holidays. I wish they’d have the classic movie scene of them running thru the streams with the bloodhounds hot on their trail. HAHAHA

I thought I’d create a list for myself as a handy reference of who knows what regarding the baby storyline. (It probably also qualifies as someone needing to get a life):

Caroline, Kayla and Steponme know Phloe slept together and Parker is Phillip’s.
Phloe know they slept together but belive the baby is Daniel’s.
Carly, Melanie, Nathan and Nicole know Chloe slept with someone but don’t know who and thinks the baby is Daniel’s.
Daniel knows Phillip slept with someone but thinks it was Bambi.
Father Matt knows Phloe slept together but I’m not sure what he knows about Parker. By this time he’s washed his hands of the whole town and fled to someplace else.

Please feel free, everyone, to add or correct what I’ve missed. I didn't think Carly had revealed any of it to Bo(?)

Loved Bo’s instructions to the officer and Carly says Bo is going through a lot of pain right now. “Did Hope get out of jail,” asks Melanie. Thanks, Prevuze, and happy weekend everyone. :D

7:21 AM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

I hate almost all the storylines these days. Only bright spot (for me) is the Victor/Maggie pairing.

When all these trysts/indiscretions hit the fan, I predict it will shake out like this:

* Bo and Hope back together
* Dan and Chloe split
* Dan and Carly get together
* Phillip and Melanie split
* Phillip and Chloe reactivate their romance that began in high school
* Stephanie and Nathan split
* Nathan and Melanie get together
* Odd-woman-out Stephanie leaves town
* Brady and Nicole split
* Nicole goes back to EJ
* Nicole's sis Taylor comes on the scene, flirts with Brady (which infuriates Nicole), and ends up taking EJ away from Nicole
* Jennifer has some kind of relationship with Dr. Ben who ends up being a bad guy
* Jack swoops in from London to save the day and the couple re-align
* Abby rolls into town and takes Will away from Gabby
* Gabby starts a thing with Chad Petersen-Woods-Dimera
* Will rescues Gabby from a Chad situation and the pair get back together
* Chad winds up with Abby, to the dismay of her parents.
* EJ presses charges against Samantha who winds up doing prison time
* Carrie comes back to town as Sami's kids' mother substitute. While interacting with Johnny & Sydney, she spends time with EJ and falls for him. Taylor becomes odd woman out.
* Rafe exposes EJ to Carrie who then falls for Rafe, much to Sami's chagrin, who rages at her sister from behind bars
* Lucas returns to Salem, Sami gets out of the pokey and the two rekindle their old relationship. This, in turn, irks Carrie who tries to remind Lucas of Sami's fickleness
* In the midst of a Sami/Lucas marriage attempt, Rafe swoops in and snatches Sami, leaving Carrie with no one. She and Lucas recycle old scripts, and leave town together because the DOOL budget could only support the two actors for six months

10:36 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

What fabulous comments everyone!! Bulldog's list of who know what; NeeNee's analysis of the upcoming storylines - all good.

When I got to the bottom of Friday's recap I realized I hadn't even read Thursday's yet. Last two days have been a non-stop whirl of holiday-getting-ready stuff. Wish I lived in Salem where gifts are bought & wrapped, trees & decorations are completed, meals prepared without anyone doing any actual work on them!

Late as I am, most of the great prevuisms have been mentioned. I did have one other note:

He points two fingers toward his eyes, "But I... will be watching..." He points two fingers toward Phillip's eyes, "You."

That was EXACTLY what I did while I was watching the show and heard Daniel's warning. Must have seen too many of those "Little Fockers" movie promos. LOLOL

Thanks for the mid-weekend laughs, Prevuze

5:58 PM  

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