Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Morticia and Gomez

EJ stares at Johnny's hairy-eyeball photo and contemplates. The doorbell rings. EJ answers and finds Nicole standing there holding a couple of bags which, if my math is correct, makes three bags altogether. Nicole informs him she has moved out of the Kiriakis mansion and is ready to move into the DiMera mansion.

"You seem to have more mansions at your disposal than Bernie Madoff," says EJ, "At any rate, take your bags out to the guest house. Take your suitcases, too." He tells her he's distracted with his son and doesn't have time to listen to the adventures she had moving out.

Nicole asks, "EJ, is something wrong with Johnny?"

Steamin, stewin' Lexie shows up at the Hernandez Hovel and screams for Sami. Since Sami isn't there, she turns her wrath on Rafe, 'You tell that destructive little bitch to go to hell."

Maggie is babysitting Parker. Victor arrives.

Adrienne shows up at the hospital and finds Nathan. Nathan says Stephanie probably wanted her to come there so Stephanie should fess up. Adrienne flashes back to Stephanie telling her the paternity tests were switched and Phillip is the father. "I'm glad she told you," says Adrienne, "But you're not mad."

"When you're talking about a person, the word is insane, not mad," says Nathan.

Melanie flashes back to telling Nathan she heard him say he loved her. Stephanie is with her wondering how Nathan feels about getting married.

Phillip and Daniel are at the dock. Daniel manhandles Phillip wanting him to own up to what he did. Suddenly...


Lexie rants about Sami and tells Rafe she's crossed the line. Rafe crosses the room and says they need her help with Johnny, "I think there may be something wrong."

EJ says he's just trying to help Johnny adjust to life without his mom and all the babysitters he's gotten to know. He senses Nicole is keeping something from him.

A couple of dockworkers break up the fight as Daniel accuses Phillip of cheating on Melanie.

Nicole tells EJ she hasn't completely cut ties with Brady. Especially the ties they have in the bedroom. She says this has to do with Vivian, "We played a little prank on her to neutralize her. Brady and I are broken up right now, but we still have to meet. Sometimes we'll even have our clothes on when we meet."

EJ forbids it. He also forbids her to see Sydney, "Either accept that or our deal is off."

Rafe shows Lexie the pictures and asks about the white spot. "I'm no photographer," says Lexie. No doctor, either.

Nathan says Stephanie has moved up the wedding date. Adrienne thinks Stephanie is lucky to have a man like him. Actually she's lucky to have any man.

Stephanie wants to know what Melanie is making up. Melanie tells her Nathan confessed something to her about the woman he actually loves.

Daniel insists he knows the truth. What we know is he needs sedation.

Stephanie wonders if Melanie is insinuating Nathan loves her. Melanie says no, he loves Stephanie. "Of course he does," says Stephanie, "see the rock on my finger?."

"It matches the rocks in your head," says Melanie, "Nathan is going to give up everything for you. Starting with a pleasant and happy life."

Adrienne and Nathan walk in. Melanie says she isn't feeling well and leaves to see if she can get off early. Nathan asks Stephanie what that was all about.

Maggie tells Victor she's babysitting. "I've fantasized about baby sitters on occasion," says Victor, "maybe we can work on some of those fantasies." He picks up Parker and tells him he'll teach him about the financial world, "Your mother finally got something right."

Dr. Daniel blows his stack and threatens to tell Melanie. Phillip leaves and the stevedores let Daniel go. They leave and Chloe asks what's going on. "Phillip cheated on my daughter," says Daniel, "and I will make him pay."

Nicole reminds EJ she's agreed to all his humiliating demands. He says he still doesn't trust her and until he does he's limiting her access to Sydney. He sends her up to see her and asks her to let him know if Johnny is awake.

Lexie looks at the pictures and says she will need to see Johnny in person. She says she has to take the pictures to EJ. Rafe will tag along.

Stephanie tells Nathan Melanie was just being weird, and brushes their conversation off. Nathan leaves. Adrienne and Stephanie talk wedding. Adrienne thinks Stephanie has to blab about Parker's parentage. Stephanie no-can-do because Caroline will get hurt, "She switched the results."

Phillip is at the hospital looking for Melanie. Nathan sees him and asks what happened, "I'm a doctor. I should look at those wounds."

"NO," says Phillip, "Don't touch my junk."

Daniel says he overheard Stephanie talking about Phillip cheating. Chloe tries to steer him away from what he heard and makes excuses. Daniel says he saw guilt in Phillip's eye, "It was written all over his fake face." Chloe backs him off and insists he never tell anyone.

Nicole and Sydney color. Sydney teaches her to use crayons. Nicole tells EJ Johnny was napping when she was upstairs. Rafe and Lexie show up. EJ starts to blow, but Lexie tells him Johnny could be sick. EJ says he's not falling for Rafe's pathetic little charade and she shouldn't either.

Nicole joins the happy clan. Lexie suggests Rafe leave. He does. Lexie comes inside as EJ insists Rafe is lying. Lexie tells Nicole to beat it.

Parker has puked on Victor's coat. Maggie cleans it up. "That's OK," says Victor, "I've been spit up on before." He finds Daniel's baptism gown, "I can still picture him in this thing. It's just like the one he was wearing last week." Maggie says she finds what he did to Vivian reprehensible, but likes the way he stands up for family. They talk about who is living at the Kiriakis mansion and when he brings up Kate, Maggie blows a gasket.

"Morticia and Gomez are no longer together," says Victor. Maggie isn't surprised at the Stef 'n Ho breakup, "You and Kate... under the same roof... again."

Nathan wonders why Phillip wants to find Melanie. Phillip wonders why it's any of Nathan's business.

Melanie hits Maggie's place and yells for Phillip. He's not there, "I need you right now," whines Melanie.

Chloe thinks Daniel is overreacting. She defends Phillip and tells Daniel to stay out of it. Daniel says if Phillip is screwing around on Melanie, it's a lie and he won't allow his daughter to live like that, even though that's pretty much the way she was conceived in the first place.

Chloe reminds Daniel that Melanie loves Phillip. No, Daniel ain't buyin' what Chloe is sellin'. "It was just one time," blurts Chloe.

"How would you know that," asks Daniel.

"Because I know Phillip," says Clhoe. Daniel insists Phillip is scum and needs to end the marriage, "I'd do the same thing."

The nurse finds Phillip and tells him Melanie is gone. She gives him her cell phone and Phillip says he'll deliver it to her. Phillip tells Nathan to mind his own business and focus on Stephanie. He leaves.

Stephanie says if she tells the truth Caroline will go to jail, "I have to protect her." Adrienne says Daniel, Chloe and Phillip deserve to know the truth. Stephanie warns, "If you betray my trust again, I will have nothing to do with you."

Maggie acts like she doesn't care if Victor is living with Kate, "I believe you were about to leave. Victor goes. Maggie tries to tell herself she doesn't care.

Outside, Victor says, "She definitely cares."

Nicole stands outside the DiMera mansion and starts to call Brady as Rafe walks up.

Lexie shows EJ the moat in Johnny's eye and asks to examine him.

Adrienne and Stephanie... we've heard it all before. Stephanie turns the whining up to a level that Adrienne can't help but agree to keep quiet. Enter Nathan... exit Adrienne. "You seem out of sorts," says Stephanie.

"I've got plenty of sorts," says Nathan, "but I'm short on intelligent fiancées."

Phillip knocks at Chloe and Daniel's place. Maggie wonders why he's so upset.

Chloe pours out her love for Daniel and tells him he's making a terrible mistake, "You don’t know the whole story." Daniel apologizes for ranting, "It's not like you did anything wrong."

"You condone it," asks Clhoe. Daniel tells her he's off to have it out with Phillip, but promises he won't lay a hand on him. He leaves to get his shotgun before seeing Phillip. "If he finds out the truth I'll lose him forever," whines Chloe.

Nicole tells Rafe he's not wanted there and insists she'd do anything for Sydney, "If Sami were willing to do that, things would be different. The only reason EJ cut Sami off from her kids is you."

Johnny runs into the rumpus room and greets Lexie, who examines his eyes.

Nathan tells Stephanie about Phillip's fight, "I think it had to do with Melanie." Stephanie says she doesn't want to get involved. Smooches ensue.

Maggie wants to know what happened to Phillip's face. "Don't worry," says Phillip, with me, faces are a dime a dozen." He leaves. Maggie wonders.

Chloe finds Phillip in the hall and tells him Daniel is gunnin' for him.

Daniel shows up at Maggie's place. Melanie wonders what's with the face.

Rafe prays, "God, please let Johnny be OK."

"Have we met," asks God.

Lexie sends Johnny to the kitchen and gives EJ her patented look o' death, "He's not OK."


Jennifer tells Bo, "If there is a way to get Hope out, I will find it."

Sami whines, "What are you talking about, Will? Is something wrong with my son?"

Clhoe says, "Daniel is not the only one who knows." Phillip asks, "What are you talking about?"

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Anonymous Leslie said...

EJ answers and finds Nicole standing there holding a couple of bags which, if my math is correct, makes three bags altogether.

Prevuze, your math is spot on!



LOL!!! Ralph Kramden would be proud!

Adrienne thinks Stephanie is lucky to have a man like him. Actually she's lucky to have any man.


"Nathan is going to give up everything for you. Starting with a pleasant and happy life."

You think? Stephanie is pathetic, and this whole storyline is ridiculous. If Stephanie, Nathan, and Melanie were shipped off to Bora Bora, nobody would miss them.

"I should look at those wounds."

"NO," says Phillip, "Don't touch my junk."

Daniel must have kicked Phillip in the gonads too.

She says she has to take the pictures to EJ. Rafe will tag along.

Why the hell does Rafe need to go back to the DiMera mansion with Lexie? Oh, that’s right. It’s just another stupid plot point. Rafe gets to run into Nicole, so she can tell him off. If Rafe didn’t have EJ for a foil, he would have no reason to exist in Salem. Sigh.

Nathan wonders why Phillip wants to find Melanie. Phillip wonders why it's any of Nathan's business.

Amen to that.

Stephanie warns, "If you betray my trust again, I will have nothing to do with you."

Adrienne shouldn’t feel threatened. She ought to be tossing confetti.

There was a lot of running around in the episode but not much plot movement. Oh that’s right. It’s only December. When’s the next sweeps month? Is it February? I think it’s time for the ‘kerchief and settling down for a long winter’s nap. Not even high-def can keep me from nodding off.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Stephanie is lucky to have a man like him. Actually she's lucky to have any man. One of the truest Prevuisms ever posted. And during her scenes with Adrienne I spent most of the time trying to remember how Adrienne is even related to her. Talk about bringing in characters from the fringe.

LOL over "NO," says Phillip, "Don't touch my junk." Am I the only one losing track of who- knows-what-and-how-much in this who's the daddy storyline? Am I losing it or Is it just that I don't care anymore? :P

According to the previews we're going to be subjected in today's to a rerun of the Jennifer/Bo scenes with her swearing she'll get Hope out of prison. Other than stand around saying that have we seen her actually doing anything toward that goal?

Thanks for the update, Prevuze. I look forward to reading what you have in store for us this afternoon.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Other than watching the scenes of Daniel foaming at the mouth with a way-over-the-top reaction to something he has no facts about and the sweet scenes between Victor & Maggie this was a useless episode.

There was no reason for Rafe to go back to EJ's. Like Leslie said, it gave him the story-line op of running into Nicole, but it was also just waving a red flag at EJ so we got to hear the "you're up to something" speeches again.

Melanie almost telling Stephanie what Nathan said, like that was going to happen.

Adrienne telling everyone the truth, like that was going to happen. (She's Stephanie's aunt, but what connection does she have with any of the other folks involved that makes her so gung-ho about sticking her nose into the mess?)

Did anyone else catch this foreshadowing?
Melanie says she isn't feeling well...

24-48 hours ago Mellip decided to have a baby. Is the Salem time-warp working overtime? Is she pregnant already? And, far enough along that morning sickness is kicking in? So, about the time the baby-daddy secret hits the fan we'll find out Melanie is pregnant with Philip's baby? Oh, the angst. Oh, the drama. Oh, the dilemma. Oh, we'd better keep our barf bags ready.

The episode was the pits, but Prevuze was priceless. I especially liked Daniel's concern about losing his town horn dog status. Don't worry Dan. Until Philip has slept with Melanie's mother & grandmother your title is safe.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Judith said...

The degree of indignation/fury at Philip and Chloe' extramarital indiscretion is astounding considering the sources. Weren't Chloe and Lucas engaged when Daniel dipped his wick? Wasn't Carly married when she and Daniel "met" at a conference and made Melanie? Melanie should be the most sympathetic as she can never make up her damned mind about to which man she should be married. And Stephanie's stupid vacillations simply astound me.

7:49 AM  

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