Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cat Got Your Tongue? Frog In Your Throat? Bird In Your Brain?

Bo returns to the cabin with the load of pine cones, berries and a dead raccoon he has collected for dinner. He sees Hope with the phone and nearly goes into cardiac arrest, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I told you not to do anything stupid."

"I'm watching old Bope scenes on YouTube," says Hope, "I can't believe how young I was when we first met. I weighed a bit more, too."

"Yeah," says Bo, "But with that weight came a rockin' set of honkers. What happened to that great set of headlights, anyway?"

"I switched from floodlights to LEDs," says Hope.

Roman and Rafe are at the cop-shop as the warden comes in and accuses Roman of being involved in the breakout.

Vivian shows Nicole the naughty pictures of her romp with Brady and threatens.

Brady calls, "Nicole I was doing some thinking..."

Maggie overhears, "When you start thinking is when the trouble starts. Why are you calling Nicole? I thought you broke up. What's going on?"

Stefano comes into Johnny's room and asks EJ to tell him everything. EJ tells. He also says he blames Samantha.

Chloe sits in the pub finishing wrapping presents. She's already farmed Parker out to Adrienne, who figures it might be best to let Daniel and Phillip think Daniel is the father.

Carly finds Daniel at the hospital. Daniel updates her on Johnny and wonders why she's not with Bo. Carly falls apart. Quick-minded Daniel senses something is wrong the instant Carly has her nervous breakdown.

Hope struggles and tells Bo she was going to call Ciara. She says he could still save himself by abandoning her. Tempting as that is Bo says, "You're wrong. You and I are gonna go through this together."

Vivian says, "Oh, the tangled web we weave, when Vivian Alamain we choose to peeve..." Nicole claims it's just an on and off thing with her and Brady. Vivian says she knows about Nicole's arrangement with EJ, that she has to dump Brady, "Wait till the DiMeras hear about this. What? Cat got your tongue? Frog in your throat? Bird in your brain?"

EJ rants about Sami's role in all this, "She did this to him."

Stefano doesn't get it, "You mean she did it by witchcraft?" EJ says no, but everything Sami touches turns to mud. She touched EJ, didn't she? "Never again will she see her children. If that makes me look heartless, I don't care."

"If makes you look like Satan himself," says Stefano.

Daniel says something to Carly most people won't dare say, "Talk to me." she doesn't. He drags her off.

Roman defends himself and says he's searching for Bo. Rafe tries to mitigate, "There must be a mistake."

The warden snorts, "Mistake? Are you stupid or just dumb?"

Rafe thinks it over, "Yes."

The warden shows them pictures of the escape. Rafe can't believe Bo did this, "That's a pretty sophisticated thing for him to pull off."

The warden wants results and she tells Roman she's calling the shots, "I will have my prisoner tonight."

Hope says she had a weak moment so she tried to call Ciara. Bo says he had a weak moment and helped Hope escape.

Brady tells Maggie what Vivian did. He says Victor and the Howelettes are all still living at the mansion and hoping they can get Vivian to court and get her evicted. Maggie rants that none of them are safe. Brady chuckles and says he knows Maggie is concerned about Victor. Maggie gets defensive about that.

Vivian is on the phone as Gus comes in. He says he found out where EJ is.

Nicole arrives at the DiMera mansion yelling for EJ. Mary tells her something terrible has happened.

Johnny stirs. Stefano tries to get EJ to leave for a minute to clear his mind. The part Sami didn't blow out, anyway. Finally, EJ kisses Johnny and leaves with Stefano.

Daniel and Carly arrive back at his place. Daniel pays Adrienne $2.50 for her five hours of babysitting and the generous guy gives her a $.50 cent tip. Adrienne leaves and a bulletin comes across the radio about Bo and Hope's breakout. Dr. Sherlock recognizes the fact that this news doesn't surprise Carly.

Roman says he's going to work with the warden. She says the state police won't help Roman because he'll pass information along to Bo, "You're out, Roman." She stomps out. Roman says he needs to talk to Rafe.

Adrienne finds Chloe at the pub. Chloe talks about what a great dad Daniel is and the blood drains from Adrienne’s face.

Carly says she knew Bo had to help Hope. She starts to leave, but Daniel encourages her to stay. He wonders why Bo did this. Carly says Bo knew he had to act. Daniel assumes when Bo gets the situation fixed he'll come home to Carly. To tell her goodbye.

Hope says she knows she's made mistakes and she apologizes. Bo apologizes for breathing, and says they need to focus on the job ahead of them. Getting to the point where they can stand each other.

Nicole calls Brady from the hospital. She leaves a message and finds EJ. She offers any assistance she can give. Vivian bustles up and introduces herself. She says she has to talk to him about the despicable wretch standing next to him —Nicole.

Adrienne claims nothing is wrong. A waitress comes up and announces the news about the breakout.

Bo serves tea and tells Hope they have to expose the warden, "Until then we concentrate on lying low and get this job done. Can do that?"

"Lying... yes," says Hope, "I don’t know about the 'low' part."

Carly says she loves Bo but doesn't think he's coming home to her, "I must be the first time that ever happened right? But I kept secrets from Bo, too."

Brady tells Maggie Vivian wants all the Sons of Sarcophagy to suffer.

Nicole tells Vivian to scram, but Vivian sidesteps her and tells EJ she's aware of his arrangement with Nicole and she has lied to him. "Is she faking another pregnancy," asks EJ.

Kate has sworn off cut-rate beauty treatments. She thought she was getting Botox, but it was Boroxo - a cross between Borax and Drano.

Stefano is in alone with Johnny, "Why... why..."

Because... because...

Vivian pulls out the pictures of Nicole and Brady, but EJ stops her and tells her his son just came out of surgery. Vivian didn't know. She clears her throat and sulks off. EJ tells Nicole to keep her trouble with Vivian away from his family. Nicole agrees and asks how Johnny is. EJ snorts, "Do me a favor... go away."

Brady calls Nicole and gets her voicemail, but somehow figures she's at the hospital and heads in that direction.

Roman tells Rafe he can't do his job so Rafe has to be the acting commander, after one day on the job, and jumping over all the other cops' seniority. Yep, this one will go to the union rep. Roman gets uncomfortable as he nearly begs Rafe to take the job.

Carly says she has done the same kind of things to Bo... and Daniel... she beats herself up. Daniel beats up on her for beating herself up. Carly continues her self flagellation and then falls apart and into Daniel's arms as Chloe comes in.

Daniel and Carly unwrap themselves from each other. Chloe wonders how Bo could do this. Parker cries and Daniel runs to take care of him. Carly tells Chloe not to get mad at Bo. "I know what you should do," says Clhoe.

Vivian is back at the Kiriakis mansion with Gus. He asks if her trip went according to plan.

EJ gives Nicole the brush off, but she begs him to wait and listen. She insists she loves Johnny, too, and gives a heart string tugging speech about how she knows this is tearing EJ up inside, "Cut Sami off, but not me. Please... how is he doing?"

"He's sleeping," whispers EJ, "They think the got all the cancer." EJ looks into the window and points out Johnny has love up to his eyeballs.

Rafe takes the job. Unemployed yesterday, commander today. Roman suggests they need to find Bo and Hope before anyone else does.

Leigh and the warden reconnoiter and discuss Hope's escape. "The best thing would be for Hope not to talk ever," says Warden Jane, "I talked to my friends at the State Police and they are all involved. I gave them my 'escapee needs to be an example' speech. If they find Bo and Hope they will kill them."

Bo figures the warden will go to the state Police. Suddenly they both think they hear a noise outside and gasp in unison.

Clhoe tires to convince Carly to spend the night with her and Daniel. Carly resists, but Daniel comes in and Clhoe makes the announcement. Daniel begs Carly to stay. Carly says yes. It's not the first time Carly has given in to Daniel's begging.

Vivian tells Gus she has a lot of evidence she can use against Nicole.

Brady comes into the hospital and sees EJ and Nicole arm-in-arm. He wonders what that's all about.

As we close, we remind you that today, December 23, is an important and solemn occasion in the chain of gluttony and avarice otherwise known as "The Holidays." There are those among us who celebrate this time of year according to the principles of their faith. But, dear readers, we cannot forget our neighbors who do not subscribe to those values. We must include and be tolerant of the people who, like those in Salem, are devoid of any shred of moral fiber, compassion, belief system, depth of character and, indeed, worth as a human being. Christmas Eve, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, the solemn moments of reflection the new year brings... none of these are theirs. Today... today is their day. Today, let us celebrate with the morally bankrupt, spiritually void and valueless dregs of our society... Festivus!


Carly tells Rafe. "I'm gonna tell you everything I know — under one condition..."

Bo points his pistol, "Stop right there!"

EJ tells Stefano, "I need help looking after my children and Samanther is out!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope going green....changing her floodlights to LED's. Hysterical. Thanks for the Festivus clip, too.
Merry Christmas

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

It's heck when Christmas festivities get in the way of DOOL misery. HA Fortunately better late than never and I got to enjoy Prevuze with my coffee this morning.

OK, I've seen what's coming. Anyone else? When Bo goes (inexplicably) back to Hope about the same time Daniel finds out the big Parker secret Cardan (Danly?) will turn to each other. The only upside of that I can see is it would mean the big secret is finally OUT.

I can't believe St. Hope finally admitted perhaps she made some mistakes. Well hello! How about starting the whole breakup by having a tantrum over not actually getting your way in the Ciara kidnapping. Never thought she'd admit that at all.

And O. M. G.!!!!!! Pard offering Rafe the commander job??!! Well, why not. This IS Salem, where disgraced and fired Lexie showed up the next day as hospital Chief of Staff. Unbelievable.

Loved the Pard pic and after one day on the job, and jumping over all the other cops' seniority. Yep, this one will go to the union rep.

Thank you, Prevuze, for the holiday cheer. Sometimes we need the insanity of Daze and Prevuze to help us thru the stress of the season. Happy Christmas Eve Day everyone.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I, too, am taking a break from Christmas to join in the angst of DAYS and the snark of Prevuze this morning.

I agree, Bulldog, it's inevitable. Bo goes back to Hope. And when the baby-daddy truth comes out, Daniel dumps Chloe. Cardain turn to each other. Unfortunately, by that time Carly is pregnant with Bo's kid.

Meanwhile Stephanie loses Nathan and Philip loses Melanie. Chloe/Philip give it a try, as do Mel & Nathan, but by that time Melanie's pregnant by Philip.

If they really want to go for the hat trick, Stephanie (who stopped her birth control pills once she & Nathan were engaged) can also be carrying HIS kid.

Let's hope all of that is just my nightmare vision of what will happen.

What did happen this morning were several guffaws generated by Prevuze wit. One that wasn't mentioned yet:

The warden snorts, "Mistake? Are you stupid or just dumb?"

Rafe thinks it over, "Yes.

Been a while since Prevuze has gotten a good Rafe snark in.

Happy Christmas Eve to all who celebrate that holiday! For everyone else - enjoy whatever holiday you choose.

P.S. I noticed yesterday that EJ must be a fanatical Festivus devotee. Although, he was taking the whole "Airing of Grievances" a little over the top. ;-)

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for watching DAYS so I don't have to! You've given me a lot of chuckles over the past year. Keep up the good work!

10:58 AM  

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