Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Bumbling Idiot At The SPD

Chloe shows up at the Maggie's place to see Phillip. Phillip greets her, "I have something for you that Daniel should not know about."

Chloe flashes back to the romp they had in her apartment, "That won't be the first thing you had for me we don't want Daniel to know about."

Melanie arrives at Daniel and Chloe's apartment and gushes over Parker, "Pretty soon, he'll be Uncle Parker." Uncle... half brother... who knows? On this show it's hard to tell and who can keep track anyway? Daniel wonders if she's trying to get pregnant. Well, we know for sure it won't be a virgin birth. Daniel questions the plan for her and Phillip to have a baby. Melanie gets ticked off.

Stephanie tells Caroline she's not going to blab about Phillip being the father. She says she doesn't want to rock the boat with Nathan.

Sami wraps Christmas presents and broods. Then the brooding turns to throwing things. Rafe comes in as a deadly object flies into the wall beside him. "I like mad," he tells Sami, "It's better than sad." Sami whines and plays 'poor Sami,' she wonders if this will be a hard Christmas for Johnny.

EJ tries to get Johnny's attention. Johnny gets bratty and demands to see his mommy.

Abe shows up at the hospital and finds Lexie and Theo in an examining room. Lexie tells Theo to show Daddy his surprise. It's a book. Theo reads and Abe reels back in shock, "He's reading, at a level higher than me."

Johnny's cruisin' for a bruisin. He sasses EJ who tells him not to use that tone of voice. EJ looks at a family picture Johnny scribbled and says he wishes he was in it. Johnny tears up the picture.

Rafe has a new gig. Again. Now he's Detective Rafe with the SPD. He and Sami continue to bicker about his wretched tree job as he leaves. Sami gets a call. EJ tells her he needs to see her right away.

Daniel bobs and weaves and tries to smooth things over with Melanie. She reminds him she's been married longer than he has, but Daniel wants to make sure she and Phillip are willing to give up the things they have now to devote time to taking care of a baby. Melanie insists she can handle both a baby and her career. Daniel asks, "Why are you in a rush to have a baby?"

Stephanie announces she told Nathan she wants to get married ASAP. Caroline thinks that will bring Kayla back to Salem. Nathan walks in and wants to know what's up.

Abe chuckles about Theo reading the book, but discovers Theo can't remember what he read. Kind of like you will be when you get done reading this blog. Abe congratulates him anyway, as Lexie takes him off, saying she'll be right back.

Sami arrives at DiMeralvania. EJ tells her about Johnny's tantrums, "He wants to see his mother. Maybe I will let you see him, but we need to get a couple things straight first."

Phillip tells Chloe the happiness Daniel and Clhoe have with Parker got to him and Melanie. He pulls out a piece of paper that turns out to be the song Chloe wrote for Joy. When she wrote it she didn't think she might live long enough to see Joy, and Phillip thought maybe Chloe would want to sing it to Parker.

We have a flashback to Phillip having Chloe take her glasses off in high school. No de-bra-ification flashback, though. Chloe reminisces and thanks him for being a part of her life. Hugs.

Lexie comes back in with Abe. They talk about Theo's lack of understanding. Must be hereditary. Abe asks about how Sami is doing. Lexie says she saw Johnny at the DiMera mansion but didn't see Sami, because Sami gave EJ custody. Lexie thinks EJ has leverage over her.

Sami accuses EJ of torturing Johnny by keeping him from his mother. EJ threatens to squeal about Sami shooting him, "Our son needs closure and that is why you are here. You are going to go upstairs and tell him you don't love him any more."

Stephanie tells Nathan her dad is better and he and Kayla have been assigned to Zanzibar. Nathan wants to wait to get married until Patch and Kayla can be there, or until the Cubs win the World Series, whichever is longer.

Will comes in and says she's there to see Gabi.

Abe finds Bo at the station and asks what's going on with Sami and EJ, "It's your duty to find out what happened. If Sami shot EJ you have to bring her in. Do you want to keep your job?"

"Not if I have to DO my job," says Bo.

Rafe arrives at the Kiriakis mansion, "I'm signing onto the SPD. It's not official yet, so before I sign on I want to offer you a deal." Victor wonders what that says about Rafe's devotion to the law. Rafe says they both have a common enemy. Common enemy, yes. Common sense, no. "It's EJ — I want that SOB out of my wife's life," says Rafe.

Sami insists telling Johnny she doesn't love him will destroy him. EJ thinks it will make it easier for Johnny to move on with his life. "You're holding all the cards," says Sami, "But I can still stand here and tell you to go to hell."

She storms out and Bo calls telling her to get down to the station.

Melanie says she wants to give her child all the things she never had when she was growing up (HA! As if she grew up). Daniel reminds her she said she loved Nathan and a baby won't solve that problem. Chloe comes in.

Stephanie doesn't want to wait until Patch and Kayla can be there for the wedding.

Will wants to talk about last night. Gabi says she thinks they got caught up in things. Will thinks they didn't get caught up in enough things.

Bo thinks Abe’s attitude has to do with reelection. Abe threatens to fire him and Roman if they don't do the right thing, which would be for them to quit.

Victor says there is something about Rafe he likes. Probably the fact he can outsmart him anytime he wants. Rafe says when he brings EJ down, he'll let Victor take the news to Stefano.

EJ is back with Johnny telling him his mommy doesn't want to see him.

Sami reminds Abe of some of the things he's done and he didn't resign. She goes overboard talking about how Lexie cheated on him, "Stay the hell out of our lives."

Phillip arrives at Daniel and Chloe's place. He peeks at his brother-in-law/son/bastard.whatever.

Gabi doesn't want Will to think she's one of those girls who comes on to every guy. Will consults the Guy Manual for the proper response and comes up with, "What's wrong with girls like that?" Gabi drags out pictures she took and Will zones out as he looks at them, "Did you see this?"

Bo backs Sami off, "Since the SPD is hiring Rafe, Abe needs your assurance no one will come forward and accuse Rafe with being an accessory to attempted murder." Sami assures him they won't. Abe leaves and Bo follows.

Sami calls EJ and says she'll come over and say whatever he wants her to say to Johnny, but he has to do something in return.

Lexie reads Theo's book and cries. Dr. Ben walks in and senses something is wrong. "How could you tell," asks Lexie.

"When I saw you about to slit your wrists," says Dr. Walters.

Gabi wonders if they should show the pictures to Sami. Will says Sami is freaked out enough and they should take the pictures to Rafe.

Rafe shows up at the cop-shop and Bo asks where Sami is. Rafe dunno. Since he's clueless Bo decides that qualifies him for the job.

Sami's deal is EJ can't stop Rafe from getting the job at the SPD. EJ says, "Why should I care if there is another bumbling idiot at the SPD?"

Johnny comes in and Sami gives him the bad news. EJ says Sami is there to say goodbye. Sami backs him up as Johnny squeals and squirms. She breaks his heart and says she doesn't love him. She pushes him away and gives the high-sign. EJ picks Johnny up and Johnny returns the secret Cap'n Whiz Bang Secret Code sign to Sami.

Lexie and Dr. Ben talk about Theo. Lexie says she thought Theo made a breakthrough, but the news isn't as good as she thought. Ben is supportive, "If you ever need to unload, I'm (say it with her) there for you." Hugs. Abe walks in and sees the pair clamped together.

Stephanie and Caroline are at the hospital. Caroline finds Stephanie calling Adrienne about the wedding and worries because Patch and Kayla can't be there. Stephanie agrees this isn't an idea situation, but thinks things will be OK, "What's right is subjective." Translation: the end justifies the means, there are no absolutes and do as I say, not as I do. She picks up a megaphone, turns toward Daniel and says, "No one ever needs to know Phillip cheated on Melanie."

Daniel apparently overhears and stares.

Will and Gabi show the mystery pictures to Rafe.

EJ kicks Sami out. Johnny and Sami share the hi-sign as she goes. EJ hells Johnny he's a brave boy. Johnny says he's fine.

Outside, Sami says goodbye to Johnny, "This isn't over, EJ. Not by a long-shot."


Nathan tells Melanie, "We've gotta get past this selfish attraction so no one else gets hurt."

Nicole screams at Brady. "You bastard! You lied to me!"

Rafe tells EJ, "Just look at the pictures and tell me what you see!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only reason I'm able to sit through this Johnny trash is because I've seen certain spoilers that elude to EJ and Sami growing the eff up and putting their kids first for a change....I agree with others, they should really change the title of this show to "Pimp My Rafe". Everyone in Salem gets a turn being thrown under the bus to build this unpopular character up.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are sure right in that Ejami banner. EJ has turned into satan and their ruining the show by doing that.

11:28 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Since it's Monday and I have a long meeting night I decided to splurge and read Prevuze this afternoon. Glad I did. I loved the EJami picture. It pretty much echoed what I'd been thinking.

Melanie's picture had me LOL. Heck, someone in SALEM has to step up and have a legitimate baby. When you think about it, precious few have been born over the last 20 years or so.

Theo can't remember what he read. Kind of like you will be when you get done reading this blog.

Ooooo, that hits a little too close to home. I must confess it’s why I have to make notes as I read Prevuze in order to comment later. LOLOL

Keep up the good work. I appreciate your sacrifice in watching this drivel for we, the faithful!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Oh my, lol. That EJ-Satan thing was just too funny, lol.

I just gotta say though, Sami, what a witch! I don't care if she DOES have a 'secret code' with Johnny. That poor little boy is going to be so mixed up by the end of this fiasco. Not to mention, EJ must be an idiot to not realize that was a 'sign' and not a goodbye-wave. Not that I'm surprised, Nicole did fool him into thinking she was pregnant with a pillow. (Only slightly better than Rafe/Luis being fooled by a sack-of-sugar for 9 mos).

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJ says, "Why should I care if there is another bumbling idiot at the SPD?"

EJ said that, not Prevuze?

could these plot lines get any more boring?

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Daniel asks, "Why are you in a rush to have a baby?"...Phillip's already deprived of a pair of legs...perhaps, if he had a pair of kids, he'd feel more "complete"?? Much like the theory of why some guys who are challenged in one department always feel the need to drive flashy sport cars...

"It's EJ — I want that SOB out of my wife's life," says Rafe...Where's are they going with this??? EJ is NOT in Sami's life. Actually, EJ's making it harder for himself by keeping Johnny away from his mother. If he shared custody of the kids with Sami, things would be more peaceful betweeen them all, and they'd all be able to "move on" with their lives...

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Since I have so little to look forward to (Prevuze, coffee…..that’s it), I saved yesterday’s posting to read this morning.

Did anyone else who’s been watching DOOL long enough to remember Phloe’s teen past have a bit of a “HUH?” moment when they were reminiscing so fondly over their past? As I remember, Phillip led the group of bullies who tormented ugly Chloe – climaxing with a ‘Carrie’-like moment at the Last Blast dance when they dumped a bucket of something on her head and posted it to the internet. Or at least that was their plan. But Chloe took off her glasses (that’s all it took), and suddenly superficial Phillip fell for her beauty. I hardly call that a great romance.

And did anyone else also have a shudder thinking they’re about to recycle the numerous scripts of Abe being jealous of Lexie and another man?

I definitely aroused the suspicion of my coworkers by LOL over Uncle… half brother… who knows? as well as ”He’s reading, at a level higher than me.” Great pictures, too!

Thanks, Prevuze, for making my day! :D

8:43 AM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

Loved the Rafe/Will pic.
It's pretty obvious that the SPD has very low requirements. You must be related to/sleeping with Sami Brady to get a job on the force.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

Forgot to add that I totally agree with Anonymous #1. Now Victor has to be subjected to pimping Rafe. He's already ruined my favorite female character, why not ruin my favorite male character (that's still on the show) while you're at it?

9:32 AM  

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