Wednesday, December 08, 2010

His Usual Menschy Self

Stefano sits at his desk in the rumpus room as he talks on the phone. Apparently his orders have been carried out, whatever they are, and Kate will soon find out how ugly life can be when she crosses the great Stefano D.

Meanwhile, a priest, a rabbi, two bums and a dog walk into a bar. Oh... you've heard that one. Never mind. Anyway, Kate is also there. The bartender walks up to Kate, "What's a girl like you doing in a nice place like this?"

Kate orders, "I'll have a Hasbeen Ho."

"What's that," asks the bartender.

"It's a Harvey Will-banger with a Geritol chaser," says Kate.

"I'm sorry," says the bartender, "I've been instructed not to serve you. In fact, no place is going to serve you." Kate flames out, has her own personal apocalypse and stomps out.

Brady and Victor are in the Kiriakis den. Brady suggests putting a little arsenic in the drinks they are having to build a tolerance. Victor says Vivian wouldn't use arsenic, "It works too fast. Don't worry... I'll take care of Vivian."

Gus and Vivian are outside the pub. He hands her an envelope and Vivian chortles about total destruction.

Johnny squeals with delight as Sami and Rafe walk up. He wiggles away from EJ and runs to her, "Mommy... I miss you and I love you." Johnny begs to go with her, but EJ reminds Sami of the rules.

Brady thinks Victor sounds pretty serious, "Do I see an endless journey in Vivian's future? You know the sarcophagus is still available." Victor thinks Brady has had too many drinks. "What," asks Brady, "Since when is sixteen martinis too many?" Victor thinks Vivian will wait to make her move until they lower their guard. He wants a confab with Phillip and Nicole to talk about her. Brady wonders why he left out Kate and if they can depend on her.

Kate is back at the DiMera mansion wondering if Stefano is playing games by canceling her credit cards, "As if I didn't have my own money! I used your cards because I enjoyed being your wife."

Stefano consults the Guy Manual to see if that's true, "See the chapter entitled, 'That's what they all say.'"

"You used my credit cards because you enjoyed using my money," says Stefano. Kate says it's over and storms out just like she did the last several times she said it was over.

Rafe settles Johnny down and tells him it's a special FBI plan to have him go with his daddy. Even Johnny isn't stupid enough to buy that but Sami backs Rafe up as Johnny screams for her to take him with her. Sami drags him over to EJ as Johnny clamps onto her leg. EJ takes the screaming, wiggling kid and leaves. Sami falls apart and apologizes to Allie. "Why are you telling me you're sorry," asks Allie.

"Because Johnny gets to live an a mansion and unless Rafe or I get a job, you'll be living in the street next month."

Back at the Hernandez Hovel Rafe tries to console Sami with a kiss, but Sami isn't interested.

Nicole is with EJ in the rumpus room reminding him Sydney cried all the way home. EJ says Sydney and Johnny will get over it. "OK," says Nicole, "Father knows best." She says she has to go and EJ assumes she's running to Brady, so he tells her to go say goodbye to Sydney for the last time. Nicole wonders why he has to act this way. "My acting is fine," says EJ, "They don't exactly require Shakespearean thespians on this show." He thinks Nicole hasn't thought things through, primarily because that would require thought. He says if Samantha gets access to Sydney, Nicole doesn't.

Stefano joins Kate in the atrium. Kate rants about the revenge Stefano is exacting on her. Stefano says he's the one who should be upset, "You are the reason Samantha shot my son." Kate runs through a litany of everything EJ did to cause that and it's back to the same old Stef 'n Ho argument we've heard over and over.

"I'm not going to change... not even for you," yells Kate.

EJ repeats what he said about Nicole being out if Sami gets access to Sydney. He also reminds her Sydney is getting to know Nicole again and that makes EJ the nice guy for allowing that. Nicole wonders if that's true, why he's making her choose between Sydney and Brady. EJ grouses at her and it's... you guessed it... no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Rafe is upset over what Sami just had to go through, "You don't have to keep it bottled up inside. I am (say it with him) here for you."

Speaking of bottles, Brady rants about dealing with Vivian. Victor wants to talk about Nicole. Brady says Nicole will do whatever he says.

Vivian chuckles and says Kate will sink in her own little hell. Gus is happy to see her thrilled and wonders what to do about Nicole. Vivian thinks she'll suffer when she sees Brady fall apart.

Stefano says he knew what Kate was when he married her, but also knew after she was his wife he would get it for free. Kate says they do have issues, but not all of them are because of her. Stefano agrees. Kate says he's been a good husband and also says she has been happy with him. Stefano says he's been happy too. Despite all this hunky doryness, Kate thinks they need to compromise, "Can you meet me halfway?"

"I love you... but no," says Stefano, "I will never change." Looks like it's a 'rock and hard place' kind of day for Stef 'n Ho.

Sami says she doesn't want to keep things bottled up, but she's worried about what EJ might do, and they don't have a choice, "I will find a way to fix this."

Rafe whines, "Get off my case, Sami. The Christmas tree isn't that crooked." Rafe says he wants to handle things. I know what you're thinking, but I didn't say a word...

Nicole says all she ever wanted was to have love and a family. A foam rubber family, apparently. she wonders if EJ is still out to punish her for that, "After what you did to Sami and Johnny today you must have no heart at all."

Back to Victor and Brady. "I don't want to be judgmental," says Victor, "But Nicole is always out for herself." Did you ever notice whenever people start a sentence saying they don't want to be judgmental, they immediately become judgmental? Vic wonders if Brady can get Nicole on board. Brady assures him he can.

Kate says she's always tried to be loyal. "Except when it didn't suit you," says Stefano. Kate wonders if he can forgive her. Stefano ain' sure.

Kate blubbers, "I can't live like this. For you revenge is like an addiction, so I guess it is best to let go."

"I'll have one of the maids pack your things," says Stefano, "Where should I have them sent?"

"Salem Inn," says Kate, "I always get a lot of business there." She caresses his cheek and says she wishes things could have gone differently. So does Stefano. Kate leaves. Stefano sits on the bench and sighs.

Vivian walks up to him and chatters about losing a bracelet at his place. Stefano remembers she wasn't out there in the garden yesterday. She asks if something is troubling him.

Victor finds Kate at the pier. He says he's left several messages because Vivian is out there, "She won't rest until we're all roasting in her particular brand of hell." He thinks Kate seems rattled and asks if she's having marital problems, "Stefano's not being his usual menschy self?"

EJ claims he's on top of the world. Nicole says he's become a Stefano-clone. Then she wonders if he's not even a little worse than Stefano. She asks why EJ hates Brady so much, "Because he helped me keep my secret? Because he was (say it with her) there for me after you threw me out?"

EJ says why he hates Brady isn't important, "Either Sydney goes or Brady goes."

Sami panics and wonders how Rafe is going to handle EJ. "You think I'm gonna pop the guy," asks Rafe, "I'm not gonna do something stupid, like I usually do, but I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'll take care of him." Translation: look for doing something stupid to reach new heights. Rafe says they will get through this because he loves Sami. Sami loves Rafe, too, and the lovebirds part as they kibitz about Rafe's poor job on the Christmas tree. Sami just can't let it go.

Vivian says she heard Stefano order Kate's things sent to the Salem Inn and wonders what that's about.

Kate tells Victor why Stefano has a bug up his butt and says she left him because they can't work things out. Victor chuckles and says he knew they couldn't stay married very long, "As long as you're not living with Stefano, would you like to move into the Kiriakis mansion?" A girl can't have access to too many mansions, you know.

Nicole says she's made her decision, "Brady's out." EJ tells her she's made a wise choice. Nicole snort, "Go to hell." She turns and stomps out.

"I'm already there," says EJ.

Sami discovers the laughing penguin and realizes it's Johnny's, but is interrupted from her brood-mood as Allie screams. Sami rushes for Allie's room.

Vivian says she hopes Stefano's marital problems aren't because of her. Stefano tells her to scram and leaves. Vivian calls Gus and tells him about her conversation with Stefano, "There is trouble in DiMerasville."

Kate thinks Victor is joking. Victor swears he's not. He tries to impress on her how serious Vivian is. Kate worries about when Stefano finds out she's back living under Victor's roof. "Making him crazy is an added bonus," says Victor. Kate agrees to move in.

Nicole comes into the Kiriakis den and asks Brady to fix her a drink. "Sure," says Brady, "What would you like?"

"I heard about this new drink called a Hasbeen Ho..."

Brady defends her, "A has-been ho? No way. You're definitely not a has-been."

Nicole tells him about her arrangement with EJ, "I have to stop seeing you if I want to keep seeing Sydney."

"That SOB," says Brady, "Every time he tries to control you I'm the fall guy. No more. You're not going anywhere." Hugs. So instead of being the fall guy this time, Brady will just settle for EJ's hand-me-downs... And Granddad's, too, but that's a different story.

EJ sits with Johnny. Johnny asks why his mommy hates him. EJ says, "I love you and that's what's important. And I'm the one with money, and that's even more important."

Sami carries Allie out and tries to console her after her nightmare, "I will never leave you."

Allie sees right through that one, "But you left Johnny." OUCH! I guess it's just a bit too much for Sami to outsmart a toddler. Nonetheless, Sami swears she will fix things.


Hope wrestles with a guard, "Listen to me... I'm being set up."

Nicole tells Brady, "You're talking about faking this breakup."

Will says to Sami, "Please tell me you're not thinking about going back there."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I can't take much more of the Poor Wittle Sami show....Alison Sweeney's tear ducts have to be dried up by now! I'm still rooting for EJ in this nightmare of a storyline. And once again Rafe provides the audience with the best cardboard cutout impression known to man.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"You used my credit cards because you enjoyed using my money," says which Kate should have replied: I used the credit cards you would have enjoyed spending at Ho's R Us...

"Making him crazy is an added bonus," says Victor. Kate agrees to move in...Good move Kate! It's good to have friends (even the ones who were former clients.)

"So instead of being the fall guy this time, Brady will just settle for EJ's hand-me-downs... And Granddad's, too, but that's a different story."...LOL! For a guys who's into drinking his life away, a hand-me-down-Ho is just as good as a Hasbeen-Ho on the rocks...

Love the Bo-Vic pic! Vic being Bo's father is proof that evolution CAN go in reverse...

Happy hump day everyone!

5:03 PM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

The question is not if Rafe is going to do something stupid to "make things right" in the Sami/EJ debacle, but exactly how stupid it will be.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Mr. Nice Guy took a temporary leave of absence when EJ took Sami’s kids from her. He pretty much went from absentee Nice Guy to heartless soulless SOB when he just stood there & let Johnny scream his little head off for his mommy.

Watching the show last night I did love Rafe telling Sami not to “handle” anything since every time she tries she just makes things worse. I also came away from watching that scene with a whole new category of reaction to DOOL - "Say What?!"

That's what came out of my mouth when Rafe told Sami he should be the one to "handle" EJ because, "Every time I've gone up against EJ, I've won." What Rafe wins is the Re-writing History Award Of The Year.

That was followed by yet another Say What?! during Victor’s conversation with Kate on the pier, “I'd never throw you to the wolves.”

I seem to recall Victor doing just that a few years ago. Throwing Kate out, taking all her money. She had to work in the diner with Faye for months to squeeze by.

Prevuze always surprises us with new talents. Today – bartending. Hasbeen Ho, a Harveywallbanger with a Geritol chaser. And OUCH! I guess it's just a bit too much for Sami to outsmart a toddler also made me laugh.

Thanks for my morning snark!

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Judith said...

Did Rafe really say "You think I'm gonna pop the guy, I'm not gonna do something stupid!"

If it was stupid enough for Sami, it should be stupid enough for Rafe. Just as long as one of them is stupid enough to do it right!

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Late to the comments altho I was probably the first one to read it yesterday. And I wouldn't have gotten thru the afternoon without it, Prevuze.

Unfortunately Applecheeks stole my main WTH point - about Victor "Not throwing Kate to the wolves". Not only did he toss her out with no money he tormented her as she toiled as a waitress in a diner. With blood running down her legs, no less, a storyline they instantly dropped and never mentioned again. Maybe it's still happening. HAHAHAHA Anyway, talk about rewriting history.

And I keep thinking about this, too: "Because Johnny gets to live in a mansion and unless Rafe or I get a job, you'll be living in the street next month." What are these people doing for money?? Are Pard and Caroline supporting them? You'd think they could at least have Sami working at the pub or something.

LOL over the Vicbo picture and They kibitz about Rafe's poor job on the Christmas tree. Sami just can't let it go. Did they really discuss the tree? I zapped thru all of their scenes so I don't know.

Thanks for the laughs, Prevuze, and I'm looking forward to today's episode! :D PS: Happy ALMOST TGIF.

8:06 AM  

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