Friday, October 22, 2010

Unfounded Accusations

Unfortunately, we've lost the DOOL satellite, perhaps permanently. While everyone who uses the feed is continuing to assess the situation, I am, in conjunction with Barb at the Salem Spectator, asking for a Canadian reader, or someone in the US who can receive the Canadian broadcast, to help by recording and uploading the show. That way, our blogs will remain at least a bit ahead in the US. If you think you can help Prevuze and other blogs, please contact me at Thanks.

Will and Arianna stand outside the pub. Will begs her to keep her mouth shut, which is a real stretch for Arianna, even under normal circumstances. EJ interrupts and Arianna runs out into the street.


Carly is with Sister Anne at St. Mary's. Sister Anne beats up on Carly for lying as Kayla walks up. Sister Anne huffs off.

Melanie comes to see Stephanie. They share an uncomfortable moment and then Melanie says she needs a favor.

Gabi is at the Hernandez Hovel telling Sami and Rafe about Will and Arianna being together at the pub.

EJ rushes to Arianna's side as the hit and run car drives off. "Call 911," screams EJ.

"What's the number," asks Will.

Gabi leaves. Sami tries to call Arianna.

Back at the scene of the accident, Bo is with Will and EJ as the paramedics tend to Arianna. Will and EJ report it was a hit and run. EJ nestles next to Arianna and tells her she'll be fine just as soon as they find all her body parts.

"How is she," asks Will.

"Let's put it this way," says EJ, "This would be a good spot to open a pancake shop."

Nathan tells Maxine his shift is over and he's leaving. He asks if Melanie is scheduled and Maxine says not until tomorrow. He makes a call but gets no answer, "So, you're ignoring me. All I want to do is apologize. Fine — I'm done."

Stephanie lets Melanie in. Melanie says if Daniel ever finds out about Chloe cheating it would break his heart, but on the other hand, it would give him that ever-evasive clue. She asks Stephanie never to tell. Stephanie insists she'll never say a word. We all wish that was true. Melanie says Daniel is the father and there are no doubts about that. Stephanie is silent, but then says, "I know it was hard for you to come here."

Melanie says, "I wonder if I've been wrong about you." In the background we hear a faint chorus of Kum Bay Yah.

The paramedics wheel Arianna off. In parts. Sami calls Will. Will tells her about the hit and run. Sami turns and tells Rafe. Rafe takes the phone and Will gives him what little details they have. Rafe stares.

Carly catches Sister Anne in the park. Sister Anne gives her the 'thou shalt not lie' lecture. Carly wants to explain. Translation: Damage control. She tells Sister Anne about Carly's unfaithfulness and says she agreed to help Chloe to get the paternity test in secret, and it turned out to be Daniel's baby. She begs Sister Anne not to tell Daniel. "I see," says Sister Anne, "now you want me to lie too."

"Yes," says Carly, "But you'll still have nine other commandments to fall back on."

Melanie is happy Stephanie was nice about her request. Stephanie agrees they have their issues, but says there would be no good in telling. The girls revel in each other's happiness as Nathan arrives. He immediately goes to work on Stephanie but stops short when he sees Melanie. So much for reveling in happiness.

They wheel Arianna into the hospital. Dr. Walters sees her broken, bleeding body and goes into action.

Rafe arrives and panics, but Lexie pushes him away. Will and EJ follow.

Sister Anne lectures. Kayla watches as Carly says she did what she did for Chloe. Sister Anne says she is quite familiar with the part in the bible about not lying, but can't quite recall where the Bible mentions a specific exemption for covering up for Chloe. Carly begs. Sister Anne stares.

Nathan asks, "How long has she been here."

"Just a few minutes," says Stephanie, "Of course when you're around Melanie for even a few minutes it seems like hours. We were just talking. See... No blood... furniture intact." Stephanie goes into the next room.

Nathan says, "Yes... I knew Chloe's secret, but if you're here to rip me a new one..."

Melanie interrupts, "Your old one will do just fine. I'm just here to tell you I'm sorry."

Rafe asks Will what happened, "How many times did Mom tell us not to play in the street?" Sami arrives. Rafe says he saw Arianna and things looked really bad. Gabi calls and Rafe asks her to come to the hospital, "It's your sister. She was run over."

Gabi gasps, "How many times did Mom tell us not to play in the street?"

Sami asks Will what happened. He says he was trying to talk Arianna out of blabbing to EJ and she ran. "See," says Sami, "I've always told you not to play in the street. Mothers know these things. I was also right about that B-B gun and shooting your eye out." Will wants to blame himself since he was arguing with Arianna when it happened but Sami tells him it's not his fault.

Will snorts, "There was just the two of us, who else is there to blame?"

Sami, of course. Sami tells him about Arianna recording their conversation. Will wonders if Arianna got the recording to EJ. Sami figures not, or she would be under arrest. Will tells her EJ was there when it happened. Sami asks why EJ isn't at the hospital. "He is," says Will, "He's in a room with Bo." Sami rushes away like she's been shot from a cannon.

Bo questions EJ, who says Arianna said she had something to show him. Sami and Will walk in. EJ tells Bo he came up on Will and Arianna outside the pub and they were arguing. "What was the argument about," asks Bo.

EJ looks at Will, "Ask him."

Carly continues to beg. Sister Anne continues to lecture. Carly gives up, apologizes again and leaves

Kayla comes up to Sister Anne and says she needs to talk to her.

Melanie tells Nathan she shouldn't have gotten so angry at him, "I wasn't angry, I was hurt. I figured if you cared about me you wouldn't let me walk around being so clueless."

"No one could care about you that much," says Nathan. Melanie realizes he was just trying to protect her and now she's doing the same thing for her dad. "You're not going to tell anyone are you?"

"No," says Nathan, "I'll never hurt you."

Stephanie comes back out, "Everything OK?"

Sami walks toward EJ, "How dare you make unfounded accusations about my son!" EJ jumps down her throat. Bo separates them.

EJ wants to know why Will was arguing with Arianna. Bo says he just wants the facts. "I've told you everything I know," says EJ.

Maxine interrupts and says they're taking Arianna to surgery. Everyone rushes out.

Gabi is with Rafe. Lexie walks up and gives the Salem MD look of death. She says the surgery went well and Arianna is recovering, "Dr. Walters and I are cautiously optimistic." When Salem Hospital doctors are cautiously optimistic, it's time to start filling out the death certificate.

Everyone wants to see Arianna, but Lexie restricts visitation to family members, "We have to keep the combined IQ in the room as low as possible."

EJ suggests Bo put an officer outside Arianna's door to protect her from Sami and Will. Bo growls back at him and asks Will and Sami to come with him. As they walk off, EJ stops Will, "She will get better and when she does, she will tell me everything."

Rafe, Gabi and Lexie are with Arianna. Lexie leaves as Rafe and Gabi tell Arianna they love her.

Bo asks Sami about her fight with Arianna. Sami flashes back to Arianna showing her the recording and the ensuing catfight. She tells Bo it's personal. Fights usually are. Bo asks Will about his argument with Arianna. Sami butts in but Bo shuts her up, "Let him speak for himself."

"I'm sorry," says Sami, "I forgot he's not one of my personalities."

"You people wouldn't exist if I weren't bi-polar." -Sami Brady, overheard talking to herself

Will says Sami told her about the fight and he couldn't let it go when he saw Arianna, "I stuck up for my mom. Arianna got upset and ran off." Bo wonders if Arianna will give him the same story when she wakes up. Will doesn't answer.

"I'm finished," says Bo. He leaves.

Sami says she's sorry Will had to lie for him. "Thank God Arianna will be all right," says Will. Sami says she hopes no one finds the camera with the confession.

Officer Perkins comes in with Arianna's purse. Bo tells her to give it to the head nurse. Sami and Will watch and plot. EJ comes in and watches them watching Perkins.

Bo asks to talk to Arianna. Lexie tells him to come back later. EJ pulls Lexie away to talk to her.

Bo tells Officer Perkins to call if Arianna wakes up. He asks Sami and Will to call if they have anything to add to their statements. Sami flashes back to the argument again. After Bo goes, she and Will concoct a scheme to get the recorder.

Will goes up to Maxine. He says he's on the cross country team at school hurt his ankle. Maxine goes for an ice pack. Will follows. Sami becomes a purse snatcher. Perkins walks up and asks what she's doing.

Melanie leaves. Nathan tells Stephanie he feels bad for hurting Melanie, "You probably don't think much of me right now."

"I think you are great," says Stephanie, "Everything is cool."

Kayla and Sister Anne sit on the park bench. Kayla senses Sister Anne is upset. Sister Anne says she is, but can't go into it. She asks Kayla to reschedule for tomorrow, and leaves. Kayla flashes back to talking to Stephanie about the paternity test. She wonders, "Maybe a tech didn't change the results and Carly did, and Daniel isn't really the father."

EJ tells Lexie Arianna had information for him and thinks it will tell him if Will or Sami shot him. Lexie says she'll clear a visit with Arianna for him.

Gabi leaves to call their mom, "She's really going to be mad when she finds out Arianna was playing in the street."

Rafe flashes back to hearing Arianna and Sami argue. He turns to Arianna, "For a while there I thought we would lose you. I was worried I wouldn't get a chance to tell you I love you. Hang in there." Arianna hangs. By a thread.

Sami tells the cop she's the almost-sister-in-law and was going to hang on to Arianna's purse. Maxine comes up and says the hospital is responsible for it. Sami gives the purse back.

Carly runs into Bo outside the pub. Bo tells her about the hit and run. He tells her about Sami and Will arguing with Arianna, "They're covering for each other about something. I'm not sure what."

"Sometimes you have to do things like that for family," says Carly.

Sami tells Will somehow to try to get in the purse and see if the camera is there, "I'll go to the pub to see if the camera was left at the scene of the accident." Rafe interrupts and says there is no change in Arianna's condition. Sami says she's going to the pub to check on the kids. If that doesn't tip people of that she's up to something I don't know what would. Dr. Walters says he wants to talk to Rafe. EJ watches and stares.

Dr. Walters tells Rafe Arianna Will be in a lot of pain and they need to make sure she stays quiet until she stabilizes, "It would probably be a good idea to postpone her rematch with Sami."

EJ sneaks into Arianna's room. He asks if she can hear him. Arianna half opens her eyes. EJ says she gave them all a scare. Arianna mumbles, "I have to tell you... something..."

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Anonymous Betyar said...

First to comment...yay! So much ridiculousness on today's show, I don't know where to start...

"Let's put it this way," says EJ, "This would be a good spot to open a pancake shop."...or a burger joint!!! OK, that sounds gross...BUT, but if Salem is ever in danger of being outsourced to India(the US outsourcing capital and cannibalistic hotspot of the world)...anything's possible.

"Rafe stares."...he does his best acting that way! and EJ rants...lately that's all EJ's capable of doing! Doesn't it seem that this eppi went into testosterone overload? So, from the previews, we have a man catfight comming up! Rafe, the super trained FBI guy can't fight worth shit(we've all seen him in action in the safehouse)...and EJ, well he's British...let's see...I read a newspaper article recently claiming that Londoners have replaced the pint glasses in their Pubs with plastic ones. Turns out the Brits are quite the brawlers of western Europe...London police estimated injuries from glass related fights to be around 100,000 cases annually. Wha'da thought that the Brits(whom I always thougt of as being polite and docile) like to smash their brains out with the best of Chinese glassware!

"It's your sister. She was run over."...out of respect for the injured, I won't touch that one...but my thought have a mind of their own!

"There was just the two of us, who else is there to blame?"...I's say Sami and Will are in the clear. If anyone's to blame it would be EJ. To ask the poor girl to rat out her brother might not be the best move on his part...perhaps EJ's brain hasn't fully recovered from the bullet whole damage. I might consider giving him a break from blame this one time...

"No," says Nathan, "I'll never hurt you."...I wouldn't trust him, if I were you Mel. Nate turned out to be pretty good at hurting himself, hanging around with the likes of Step-on-me...I wonder when the baby daddy s/l will start with them?

"EJ jumps down her throat"...I wouldn't go there if I were you EJ! Not a good idea to start playing the blame game without knowing all the facts...

Loved, LOVED! the bipolar Sami quote, Prevuze! I'd hate to admit it, but you've nailed Sami on the head! :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

Alright I just have to say, I usually don't comment on LH's "assets" but seeing that pic of her under the sheet, that's ALL you can see!, lmao. Theresa certainly never looked like that.

And best Prevuzism of the day:
Sami says she's going to the pub to check on the kids. If that doesn't tip people of that she's up to something I don't know what would.

Although this was wayy up there too:

"I'm sorry," says Sami, "I forgot he's not one of my personalities."

I have to say thanks to Prevuze for keeping me laughing even when DOOL is killing off my fave female character on the show, and unfortunately, perhaps the smartest one.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, coming from someone who only reads Prevuze and doesn't actually get to watch the show, i need to ask - has Arianna become a better actress, or is it just because she has a better storyline (re: involving EJ)??? Months ago when she was with Brady everyone was posting about what a terrible actress she was and was campaiging to get her off the show, but now everyone is having a love-in for her......can anyone fill me in?

Anyone else tired of EJ's self righteous? Probably not, I think i'm one of the only ones that just don't get the facination of him.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean "doesn't" get the facination of EJ.....

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KatieR said
"Alright I just have to say, I usually don't comment on LH's "assets" but seeing that pic of her under the sheet, that's ALL you can see!, lmao. Theresa certainly never looked like that."

LOL! I had to look twice but it appears to be her hands, if it is her "assets"...they are too low on her body! LOL!

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Anon- you definitely aren't the only one puzzled by the fascination with EJ. Every time he's on I want to just tell him to shut up.

Now, anyone who can't predict what's next definitely flunks DOOL 101. Arianna will wheeze out something stupid like repeating what she just said:"I have to tell you...something.." when she could just say if nothing else: "Purse..Recorder...Sami..Confession." Argh!!

I wish Carly would've gone off on Sister Anne after demanding she get to the hospital like it was a big emergency just because she was ticked off. We could've had a Carly/Nun CATFIGHT!

"I was also right about that B-B gun and shooting your eye out." Prevuze, are you getting us ready for A Christmas Story? HA

Loved bi-polar Sami and "I figured if you cared about me you wouldn't let me walk around being so clueless." "No one could care about you that much"

Excellent Prevuze and it's Friday afternoon. Yay! :D

2:01 PM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

Arianna's visitors are restricted to family, huh? When did Salem U Hospital get so strict with their visitation rules? I mean, everyone was allowed in EJ's room (same room, of course) without regard to who they were. Maybe Prevuze's idea of keeping the IQ level as low as possible is on target. I say they could fit Sami, Bo, and Roman in and still not break double digits.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Very late to the comment column, but had to add something about the picture of Dr. Walters calling for super glue and duct tape. If only he'd used that on EJ the guy wouldn't have to go around holding his brains in as Bulldog so aptly put it in yesterday's picture. LOL

Love the recap, whenever it's posted.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

To the first Anonymous, I started watching again b/c of LH so the reason I like her has to do with her acting alone. As for everyone else, I do believe it's that the storyline has improved. It's just the storyline she was involved in before w/Brady, nobody cared about. Not to mention many weren't too happy with the threesome Passions reunion. I was happy (which is why I'm watching DOOL again) but others, not so much happy.

That time w/Brady and Ari did annoy me however; it was obvious pandering to the Passions audience. It's like the writers presumed that simply by throwing the two of them in bed together every other day without a backstory would bring in the Passions viewers. First, it had been 2 yrs since it was on NBC, and second, Brady&Ari were not Ethan&Theresa. It's like the writers think all fans are stupid or something.

6:49 AM  

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