Monday, October 18, 2010

The Golden Boy

Unfortunately, we've lost the DOOL satellite, perhaps permanently. While everyone who uses the feed is continuing to assess the situation, I am, in conjunction with Barb at the Salem Spectator, asking for a Canadian reader, or someone in the US who can receive the Canadian broadcast, to help by recording and uploading the show. That way, our blogs will remain at least a bit ahead in the US. If you think you can help Prevuze and other blogs, please contact me at Thanks.

EJ paces in the rumpus room and looks at pictures of his kids. He flashes back to Mt. Sami-tubo's eruption at the wedding. "I will pay you back," says EJ.

Bo calls Caroline to tell her he and Carly are at the pub as Ciara walks up. Ciara is morose. Bo is obtuse.

A guard brings Hope into the infirmary as the warden and her Bitch-ho' pal give Hope strange looks.

Rafe and Sami wake up. Domestic Rafe has taken the kids to preschool and put Sydney down for her nap. He serves Sami breakfast in bed. Sami tells him he's an amazing cook. Rafe thinks that might be a new career opportunity. That revs up Sami's whinegine. Rafe suggests taking advantage of the quiet time after she is done with breakfast. Sami tosses her fork, "I'm done." Unfortunately Sami handles a fork about as well as she handles a gun. Rafe pulls the fork out of his derriere.

Arianna calls EJ. EJ is frantic to know what she had to tell him. Arianna flashes back to overhearing Sami shot EJ.

Rafe and Sami. Soft porn abounds.

Ciara isn't feeling well. Carly leaves. God forbid she should take care of someone who is sick. Bo says he knows what's wrong. Because he reads females so well.

The warden tells Hope they were talking about her.

Sami and Rafe smooch around. Side note. Sami looks like she put her face under a broiler set on high-nuke.

EJ wants to know what Arianna meant by saying she would help him get his kids back. Arianna says she can't talk about it over the phone.

Bo figures Ciara is worried about going to school because of the bully. Ciara begs him not to make her go. She'll go tomorrow if she can see Mommy today, "I'll help her take those Bitch-ho'z down."

The warden tells Hope others were planning an attack on her because she's a cop. Hope thanks the warden and Leigh for having her back. Hope says how sorry she is about April's death. She asks if the docs know why she died.

Baby-cry-us interruptus. Doorbell interruptus. Rafe goes to answer. Sami gets an eyeful as he heads for the door. Rafe opens the door to find Arianna. She squeals. Rafe apologizes and says next time he'll dress first. Sami comes out and we share an uncomfortable moment. Sami says she thinks Arianna is acting weird.

The warden says she has no details on April's death, but knows it was appendicitis. Apparently, a diagnosis doesn't count as details. Hope wonders why they got to her too late. She offers to help the warden with an investigation. The warden declines. Her office calls and she leaves.

Outside, the warden talks to Bo. He asks to bring Ciara in to visit Hope. The warden OK’s it.

Dr. Walters and Nathan talk football. EJ-us interruptus. EJ reminds the snippy and laconic Dr. Walters his family built a good part of the hospital. Not too impressive since it only has one patient room. EJ leaves and goes into an exam room. Ejamis rush up from the audience and volunteer to examine him.

Sami leaves Rafe and Arianna alone to talk.

A guard brings Hope to the visiting area. Ciara runs up and jumps into her arms. It's a mother and child reunion as Bo follows.

Carly and Dr. Walters tell EJ he's fit as a fiddle. A fiddle with only half a brain. The docs leave.

Outside, Sami bops into the waiting area with Sydney, who's just been there for a checkup. They find Lexie and share a little visit. Sami gets a call from Caroline. They get cut off, however. Lexie volunteers to watch Sydney while Sami runs off to find a better cell connection. EJ rushes up and snarfs Sydney away from Lexie.

Arianna beats around the bush with a bunch of I love you's and telling Rafe he's the best brother, "This is going to hurt but I have to tell you... It was Sami. It was Sami who shot EJ."

Lexie tells EJ this isn't a good idea. EJ tells her to take a flying leap as Sami comes up and screams, "EJ, keep your hands off my daughter."

The guard clears his throat and Hope tells Ciara they are breaking the rules. Hope asks why she's not in school. Bo 'splains she didn't want to go. Hope asks why not.

Dr. Walters counsels a woman whose husband has just died. He says her husband's death will help someone else live... as long as that person's doctor isn't at Salem Hospital. Nathan comes in and says Mrs. Dixon wants to see Dr. Walters. He leaves, giving Nathan and Carly a chance to chat. Translation: bicker like a couple of second graders on the playground.

Lexie tries to referee as EJ refuses to give up Sydney, "EJ... put the baby down and back away slowly." Lexie finally gets Sydney and EJ and Sami argue over him touching the baby.

Rafe feigns surprise and asks how Arianna knows Sami shot EJ. Arianna tells him. "You heard what you wanted to hear," says Rafe, "There is no confession there. Not even close." Arianna objects and says Rafe needs to face what happened.

Bo tells why Ciara is out of school. Hope asks if she's enjoying school. Ciara is unenthusiastic and asks if Hope has friends in the slammer. Hope doesn't. "Oh, no," asks Ciara, "Do you have a bully, too?" Hope says she can handle things and she can accept the help and kindness of others.

Sami flashes back to the shooting and tells EJ she's protecting her daughter from him. They snipe, gripe and swipe at each other as they argue about who is the most vile scumbag.

Rafe reminds Arianna he was with Sami all night when EJ was shot. Arianna says she doesn't know what to believe. "EJ is an evil SOB says Rafe. He's an unfeeling, uncaring sociopath. And you're defending him."

"I know what I heard," says Arianna.

Rafe tosses accusations, "EJ has a magic spell on you."

"Well Sami has a magic spell on you," says Arianna.

"What's that supposed to mean," asks Rafe.

"I believe the common term is... PW'd," says Arianna. She accuses him of lying and turns to leave but stops and tells him she figures he already knew Sami shot EJ.

"Advanced Algebra is 10% inspiration, 99% hard work." -Rafe Hernandez

Carly flashes back to asking Chloe if she slept with Nathan. Then she tells him to stay away from Melanie. Nathan agrees. Dr. Walters interruptus. Nathan leaves. Dr. Walters invites Carly to coffee, but she declines, saying she's already involved. She leaves.

Ciara tells Hope about her dancing debut. Hope says she's sorry she missed it. Even mothers lie to their kids sometimes.

Lexie brings Sydney back to Sami. EJ goes to kiss Sydney goodbye and Sami practically breaks Sydney's neck yanking her away. Sami leaves.

Arianna asks Rafe if he's known this whole time. "Let it go," says Rafe, "Sami has kids who depend on her." Arianna reminds him EJ is a father, too. That sends Rafe off on a tirade. He tells Arianna the information she has given him can't leave this room.

"So you admit it," asks Arianna, "You're telling me to lie for Sami?"

"No," says Rafe, "I'm asking you to be an accessory after the fact."

The guard announces visiting time is up. Ciara says she doesn't want to go, but hope encourages her to go with Bo. Ciara says she wants to be with Hope all the time.

The warden asks Leigh if Hope asked any more questions about April. "If she does," says the warden, "We can't have that."

Lexie starts to lecture EJ but gets a call. He tells her he'll be fine, "But I'm going to get my children back... whatever it takes. Arianna will help me."

Rafe says he's asking Arianna to curb her suspicions about Sami, not to lie. Arianna thinks he's playing games, "You've always been the golden boy. Why are you doing this? What has Sami done to you?"

Sami comes in, "Go on, Rafe. Tell her."

Rafe tells.

"Man," says Arianna, "No wonder you're so PW'd."

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Blogger Applecheeks said...

Same day or not, loved the Prevuisms like: EJ reminds the docs his family built a good portion of the hospital. Not too impressive since it only has one patient room. Not to mention, "Advanced Algebra is 10% inspiration, 99% hard work." -Rafe Hernandez.

And LOL at the Austin & Santino picture. Prevuze – a fashionista – who knew?

11:38 AM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

'EJ reminds the docs his family built a good portion of the hospital. Not too impressive since it only has one patient room.'

Fits right in with the Salem Memorial Park Bench--of which there also appears to be just one.

Cost-cutting is a bitch.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

Here's hoping Ari nails Rafe to the wall along with Sami before she croaks. Sami ought to be used to be nailed by a Hernandez by now, anyway.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"Unfortunately Sami handles a fork about as well as she handles a gun. Rafe pulls the fork out of his derriere."...LOL!!! life with Sami might prove to be dangerous to a guy's health...what's a little bullet or fork wound, or a guy being subjected to a buffet of Sami histrionics every day!?

"Rafe apologizes and says next time he'll dress first."...No need for apologies Rafe!!! A half-nekkid math whiz with a buff body is something us ladies tend to enjoy!

"EJ, keep your hands off my daughter."...We could say that Sami's having a blond moment...or that the DOOL writers suck...Take your pick! What's the harm in EJ holding Sydney? I thought Sami always encouraged her kids to spend as much time as possible with their father. I don't understand what they're doing to Sami's character...that's not something Sami would ever say to her childrens' father. I hate this s/l! It's just ridiculous!

As much as I enjoy Sami/EJ confrontations, because they're the 2 actors with the best chemistry on DOOL, I'm not a fan of hipocritical EJ from today's show! OH, so now everything is Sami's fault! It's her fault that HE SCREWED UP when he kidnapping Sydney...Every time EJ messes up his life, he's always blaming Sami. Grow up EJ!

Sorry to hear about the lost Sattelite Prevuze! I'm praying that you get a good Canadian viewer to help you out! It's very frustrating for all of us (:-

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

EJ blames everything on Sami, that's okay, Sami blames everything on EJ.

I think I have figured out the problem with the repetitive writing. Bargain basement writers found at Alzheimers R Us.

It wasn't that long ago the writers had EJ say that he didn't blame Sami if she shot him, cuz he deserved it.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

lol, it took me a while to figure out what PW'd meant (okay, 5 mins) but it's totally true. And is it written into their contracts that Sami and Rafe have to be in bed together at least 3 times a week?? Not even Daniel and Chloe come close! And Caroline might as well adopt those kids. Something tells me Rafe and Sami wouldn't even notice for a decade or two...

And I wish I could help, unfortunately I'm not in Canada! :( But I'll post to twitter, hopefully someone else is and is willing to help

1:00 PM  
Anonymous KatieR said...

And when does the Ari-Sami smackdown take place?? I totally wanna see Ari smack the crap outta Sami (hopefully).

word verification: imizine; i think i could do something with this, but i'm too tired to right now

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Shelley Keddy said...

Check your email, can't promise much but I clipped for you today. Hope you find a permanent one.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

On your post show Tweets on Twitter you asked if anyone else noticed Sydney being SORAS'd. I haven't seen today's yet (so your post is still all new to me, Prevuze) but my soap magazine showed new little girls playing Sydney so she has been aged. At least they didn't do what they did when they SORAS'd Belle, who was about Sydney's age when she showed up two weeks later looking about 25.

And I was surprised at EJ stating his family built a good portion of the hospital since I thought it was practically brick for brick by the beloved Hortons.

LOL over this:Sami looks like she put her face under a broiler set on high-nuke. HAHAHAHA Now I GOTTA see this! And I also liked He says her husband's death will help someone else long as that person's doctor isn't at Salem Hospital.

Really late to Prevuze today but well worth it. Thanks! :D

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, didn't you post months ago that the satellite was going to be moved or shut down? It took longer, so I thought we had dodged a bullet, but apparently the bullet ricocheted and hit us anyways.....

I remember the arguments for you to keep going and how you basically said it took the 'pre' out of Prevuze - but if someone can get you the feed in time for you to post it the morning it airs, is that pre enough for you?

I hope it will at least work out that way - I'm about as addicted to Prevuze as I am my morning coffee and would feel quite depressed if I had to let you go.

6:48 AM  

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