Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Fish Are Passive

Sami is at the bar with Caroline. Caroline says she won't try to change Sami's mind about marrying EJ. Sami does what she can to talk Caroline into it.

EJ is on the phone, "I want it to be a total surprise."

Rafe is with his partner Whatshisface. They talk about the case and then suddenly, Rafe sees something important on his computer, "WOW! Prevuze wants to be my friend on Facebook!"

"I was friends with Prevuze on Facebook," says Whatshisface, "But got unfriended for sending all that Farmville crap."

Nicole pulls a disc out of her bag and remembers going to the locker and getting it... one step ahead of Rafe. She was a little slow that day. Usually she's a mile ahead of him. She gets a phone call and thinks it's Baker, "What? Are you in jail?" Oops. It's not Baker. It's Fay."

Bo is with Theo at the cop-shop. Theo tells him Ciara's mommy had wallets, "They were her treasures." Abe comes in and Bo says he's worried about Hope.

Carly talks about Hope's roller-coaster behavior. Vivian walks up and accuses Carly of trying to murder Bo. Carly sneers, "Vivian, grownups are talking here."

Vivian keeps it up. She hits pay-dirt about Hope when she observes, "There are women who see their man around another woman and simply kill them."

Bo tells Abe about the wallets. Abe says he already knows. Bo says Ciara got them from Hope. Bo wants a private conversation with Abe, so he sends Theo to draw pictures. Abe gets jealous and wants a coloring book, too. "OK," says Bo, "I'm not gonna freak out. I'm sure there is a logical explanation." He decides to talk to Ciara.

Vivian rambles on about Carly's shenanigans. Carly cuts her off, "That's enough! Stop it! Stop it!"

Sami goes on begging Caroline to make her important life-changing decisions for her like adolescents often do. (My apologies for insulting adolescents everywhere) Caroline gets frustrated. Sami pulls out the whinerator, "Grandma, I'm confused."

"You're not just confused," says Caroline, "You parked your head and forgot where you left it. You certainly didn't sound confused when you said you loved Rafe."

"That's the problem," says Sami, "When I'm not confused is when it really confuses me."

Caroline asks, "Do you love EJ?" Sami hangs her head. Caroline is about ready to head for the nearest cliff just to end the pain. She'll have to stand behind a lot of viewers. She blurts, "If you don't love him tell him you don't want to marry him and then please God we can talk about something else?"

"Not if the blonde bimbo is involved in the conversation," says God.

Rafe sees an address he remembers. Marshal Dillon heads for Dodge. He tells his man Chester to hold down the fort.

Faye wants to know why someone got arrested. Nicole says she's working with at-risk teens and hangs up. She calls someone — guess who — and says they need to meet.

Carly suggests Vivian get out of town. Hope backs her up, "Get away before I do something I shouldn't."

Vivian tells hope, "If you trust her you could wind up with a knife in your belly." She leaves. Hope says she knows Carly didn't try to hurt Bo, "I know you have an alibi, but the way Vivian described the perp... it felt right."

Hope and Carly take it to the den. Hope serves tea and they seem to have declared a truce. Hope says she thinks Carly killing Lawrence was self defense, but what happened to Bo was nothing like that. Carly says Lawrence was cruel, but Bo isn't, "Or maybe you have a different view."

"Yes," says Hope, "I see everything from above him while I'm flying around on my broom. But Bo didn't... deliberately set out to hurt me."

"But he did hurt you," says Carly.

Bo is with Twinkie the cop turned babysitter at Ciara's camp. She says Ciara seems really happy with all the kids. Bo pays her. The Twinkster says, "You could have given this directly to my landlord. I'm a little behind."

"There's nothin' little about your..." Bo cuts himself off and says he will try to make sure she gets more hours at the station. Twinkie leaves and Ciara comes up. Bo asks about Ciara's mommy and her treasures.

Obstinate Ciara yells, "I won't talk about it and you can't make me!"

Nervous Doc Baker sits in his apartment, "I can't live like this." He flashes back to his call to Nicole and then to his last conversation with Hope. "You can't go. She needs you. Sigh."

Nicole meets EJ at the pier, "I want you to do something for me but you can't ask what."

EJ looks that statement up in the Guy Manual, "We have no idea what it means except that you are definitely talking to a woman."

Rafe wants off the wait-list so he can get on a plane that is already overbooked, "I'm a federal agent!"

"Thank God I'm Canadian," says the operator, "because I just hate to see the federal government waste good money." J. Edgar Loser gets exactly what he had before he played the 'federal agent' card — a morning flight.

Caroline thinks Sami doesn't seem happy. The great paradox is the only time Sami is happy is when she's unhappy. "I don't know if Rafe knows I exist."

Caroline says Rafe has a job to do, "To marry EJ as a consolation prize... that's no fair. If you'll excuse me, I have to go add the salmonella to tomorrow's chowdah."

Pub Guarantee: "We will gladly replace any inedible meal with food of of equal quality."

Sami turns to leave the pub and bumps into — guess who — Rafe.

Bo tires to convince Ciara to tell him about the treasures. Mentally, he's out of his league. He tells her he knows the treasures are wallets. He apologizes for not believing her before, "I think your mommy might need my help."

Ciara negotiates, "If I help you will you promise you and Mommy won't get divorced?"

Hope asks if Carly knew she was going to kill Lawrence before she butchered him. Carly evades. Hope says whoever tried to kill Bo had a plan. Carly says her killing Lawrence wasn't premeditated. Hope asks if she has regrets. Carly stares.

EJ tells Nicole, "Don't push me, all right?"

"All right," says Nicole, "But only because there is no cliff around here." Nicole reminds him he could be headed for prison. EJ says he's not giving her any more money. Nicole don' wan' no stinkin' money, "I need Marco for a while."

Rafe and Sami share an uncomfortable moment. They yammer about Johnny and the fingerprint machine. Rafe sends his love to the kids and tells Sami, "I miss you, too." He invites her to stay for coffee.

Sami is overjoyed, "That would be great, I... uh... have something to tell you. It's about me and EJ." They find a table. Sami stammers. She finally starts to tell him but Rafe gets a call and leaves to take it. Sami grits her teeth, "Some things never change."

EJ agrees to have Marco meet Nicole at her place. Nicole gives him a nasty 'thank you' and strolls off. EJ makes a call, "I'm ready. Bring it to the pier."

Baker packs. He remembers Hope telling him where her husband lived and that he left her, "He traded me in for a newer model."

"Things will get worse," says Baker, "A lot worse."

Carly says she was desperate and had to protect her daughter, so she sliced and diced. She thinks that saved her life and her daughter's.

Rafe comes back to the table. Sami stews like tomorrow's chowdah. Rafe asks what she was going to tell him. Sami hesitates and reminds him he's too busy for her and couldn't even silence his phone. Rafe whines, "Oh, give me a break." Perhaps Rafe should silence himself.

Sami 'splodes, "I will! A permanent one! Your calls are more important than anything else. I don't want to be part of your case load."

"Tell me what you do want," asks the blind man.

Carly says she still needs to find a justification for what she did, "But in the end, here in Salem we can rationalize any action, no matter how despicable." Hope thinks what Carly did was brave, "You're a regular Joan of Arc the way you carved the bowels out of an unarmed man." She tells Carly she needs some sleep. Carly leaves.

Rafe doesn't know when to quit, "Part of my case load... what does that mean?"

Rafe is lucky she doesn't have Carly's knife handy, "For one thing I would like to be more important than that call! His phone rings. Defiant Rafe answers. At least he controls himself and doesn't stick his tongue out at her. "Fantastic," screams Sami. Rafe tells her he has to go. "A pleasure," she yells, "I can't wait to do this again."

Brainiac has a great comeback, "Give my best to EJ and your other DiMera roomies."

Sami nukes...


Outside, Rafe mumbles to himself, "I'm not saying anything to her until I find out what Nicole has on EJ." I see. So he'll find out about the time the weather report in hell calls for a hard freeze. He walks off. He actually kind of waddles. It's hard to walk with your head up your...

Bo says he can't say what will happen with him and Hope, but needs Ciara to tell him the truth. She tells him the treasures were wallets. He asks if she got them from Mommy.

Mother Hubbard Hope digs for her pills but but the cupboard, a.k.a her purse, is bare. She finally finds one, "Oh, thank God! I'll call the doctor first thing in the morning." She swills the pill.

Ciara tells Bo her mommy had the wallets under her bed, but now they are gone. Bo hugs her and says he believes her, "Do you know who the wallets belonged to?"

Carly finds Vivian at the pub. She demands, "Never pull Hope into our crap again! She has been through too much."

"What Hope has been through," says Vivian, "is you doing her husband."

Carly threatens, "If you don't back off Victor and I will throw you out of town on your bony little ass!"

Baker waffles, "Leaving is the only sensible thing to do. Guess I'm stickin' around until tomorrow."

Marco comes to Nicole's hovel. Nicole hands him a picture, "I want you to pay this guy a visit."

Sami walks up to the pier. She stops and nearly chokes when she finds Dork-J fishing and wearing a doofus cap with lures stuck in it. Sami's choking turns into a laughing fit. EJ, looking for all the world like Mortimer Snerd with a fishing pole, says he thought this would be fun to do together. He has brought Sami a pole, "I don't have any bait so I'm using foie gras for bait."

"And for brains," says Sami. Sami takes his dunce cap off.

EJ says he wants to show her he can be a regular kind of... dork, "Oh, look, you have a bite."

"That's one more bite than you have clues," says Sami. She looks out at her line, "I don't have a bite. When the fish bites, you know... like you get a tug on the line."

"Some fish are passive," says EJ, "Reel it in." Sami reels. EJ grabs the hook and takes a ring off of it. He takes a knee. Sami whimpers.

Vivian keeps taunting Carly who leaves, "Leave Daniel alone."

Vivian watches her go, "Hmmm.. I must've touched a nerve." Vivian leaves.

Ciara says the wallets belonged to Uncle Roman, Uncle Justin and Uncle Abe.

Bo asks, "You're absolutely sure?"

Ciara is sure, "Why did Mommy have them?"

Bo dunno, "But I'm gonna find out."

Hope sleeps. Hope wakes, "That's refreshing. Thank you Carly. It helped me more than I can say." She gets up.

Nicole gives Marco the address, "Do whatever it is you do."

"It helps to know the guys name," says Marco.

"Baker," says Nicole, "Dr. Richard Baker."

Fay gets up to go back to work. She bumps into Rafe, "Hello Fay. I have a few questions... about your daughter." He flashes his FBI card.

EJ puts the ring on Sami's finger. Sami says, "I thought you said we would wait."

"I was going to," says EJ, "and then when you asked to come and live in the mansion with me I realized something had changed. Something I never allowed myself to hope would happen. I love you. I've always loved you. I could never fully describe the place you hold in my heart. I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives loving you and our children so I am asking you to let me love you. Will you marry me?


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Anonymous Frustrated in Salem said...

AAAHHHHH!!!!!!! A beautiful proposal ruined completely by the fact that 30 minutes earlier she told Caroline that she is still in love with the Rafester. Still, we have never heard from Sami's own lips to EJ's ears that she loves him-and still he chooses to propose. Crazy? YUP!!!!! Only Days!!!!!

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"Do you love EJ?" ...Yes, of course Sami loves EJ. She's not confused about the future, just sad about the past. She doesn't want to be with Rafe! She wants to be with EJ. But she's sorry that things didn't work out better for Rafe. For 2 people who used to love each other so much, they wasted so much time being angry and vengeful with one another. Here's some Rafe history that's going through her mind lately...the Rafe that Sami knew was a decent guy. Up to the time Rafe was 16, he lived a good life. When he turned 16, his mother divorced his father. Rafe adored his mother, and he was her golden child. They had always been a close family, so it came as a shock to him when their mother left the family. He felt abandoned because she was more than just his mother, she was his best friend. Sami got to know Rafe's mom well. She was a beautiful person, on the inside and out. She was warm, funny and emmotional. Rafe also felt bad for his father, who fell apart after their mother left. But he also blamed his mother for leaving. He was so angry with her that he didn’t speak to her for almost 10 years. That’s when his life fell into shambles. His father was not much of a parent, he worked long hours, probably as a coping mechanism for dealing with his wife leaving him and the kids. Rafe, his brother and sister felt neglected, and their family life fell apart. When Rafe got into drugs his father would send him to some island resort to “clear his head”. What he needed was his family and some good old fashioned parenting. When Sami met him he was sober and doing well. He found in Sami friendship and love, the kind he once shared with his mother, and he found a new purpose in life. Years later, immagine what it must have felt like to lose the second woman he loved. Talk about abandonment issues. Rafe is very sensitive. Whatever his did after they split, he did out of hurt and anger. I’m not making excuses for him, but this is where compassion for another human being really comes in handy...

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Berg said...

I agree completely with frustrated. This is not the scenario I was hoping for. Sami has never told EJ she loves him and she just basically told Caroline she still love good ole Rafester aka Starfish. It's puke worthy to me. I don't get it either. I want Sami to be with EJ because she loves him and not have EJ as a runner up. But then again, I remind myself this is a soap and I should not be emotionally vested. Damn you writers, damn you all!!!!!!!!! Solient Green is people!

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


No seriously they are destroying her in order to create some angst for Safe, it is awful just awful so now she is some needy teenager who will take Ej as a consolation prize because Rafe has a JOB ???!!! WTF !
Come on Sami is an iconic character created 17 years ago and you destroy her for some ex-passion is not fun not fun at all...

Why why can't we have a BUSINESS proposal where Sami would be finally more independent, would have a job..whereas a marriage proposal who will be a disaster anyway since she loves another guy and there is a nasty secret between them..ok these writers hate Ejami, get it but why do they hate Sami Brady like that ??!!!
I love (well loved..) Ejami but i reallu hope she says NO because in these conditions it is ridiculous..she didn't even said a ONE "I love you" to him in 4 freaking years !!! I just give up..and if this show is cancelled don't be surprised !
p.s : if i was Ali Sweeney i would be furious how they write the character i play for more than 17 is insulting IMO.

Voilà for my rant but it was needed.

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They manage to write a proposal for Ej and Sami only to destroy it by all the backstory around..nice writers, is certainly the best way to draw more viewers...

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting your recap prevuze and adding prevuze II so early!

Loved that EJ still loves Sami enough to keep putting his heart on his sleeve. I cant wait for her to wake up and realise how much she has loved EJ all along.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Kiren said...

I'm really surprised that the writers expect us to believe she would refuse to marry the sexy brit over the hairy beast.

I'm glad to see Sami says no, it just wouldn't have worked out. These writers are so confusing, why would EJ set himself up to propose right after Sami was so adamant that she was not ready? When he does propose, I don't want any interlopers involved.

I'd actually wanna see Sami try to propose to EJ, in the end EJ would end up proposing with the ring he'd always kept with him ;) but you'd understand how much Sami wanted to be with him.

Thanks so much for posting, can't wait to watch the scenes this afternoon!

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read Alison Sweeney's interview or comments about this "proposal" event and it is funny because what she said is really not what's going on-screen or in the dialogue.. She said Sami is torn like her mother Marlena or her sister Carrie were before with Roman/John and Austin/Mike, she also said Sami doesn't know what to do because she doesn't want to string along these two guys like her mother/sister did with their own triangle because Sami doesn't want to make suffer one of the guys..(actually it seems a pretty mature thing but little problem..we don't see that on-screen at all).
Otherwise always in this interview she just said that Sami has feelings for Rafe too whereas on-screen we have a Sami who says she is in love with Rafe pretty clearly and just says there is something there with Ej, she doesn't even speak about feelings...
The actress also raves about the proposal scene : calls it romantic..well ok..with Sami just saying she is in love with Rafe and Caroline calling a marriage with Ej a consolation prize..i don't see what is romantic..
So i find it seems in this interview that the actress is out of touch with the "real" writing of her character's storyline or maybe even her character..if it is the case i understand her it is all over the place, nothing make sense in this story...

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicole should be the one Marco has to "take care of" ! Come on..and why Ej did not talk about it with Stefano, why Stefano did not "take care" of the Nicole problem already..Nicole as the dangerous, powerful blackmailer against the Dimera is a freaking joke !
Anna was taking cared of so why not Nicole..why ? Is she like Rafe..she has superpowers ?! Writers be ashamed really be ashamed !

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really...why doesn't EJ just kill Nicole?

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"WOW! Prevuze wants to be my friend on Facebook!"

"I was friends with Prevuze on Facebook," says Whatshisface, "But got unfriended for sending all that Farmville crap."

Good to know. I certainly would never want to be unfriended by Prevuze. The indignity of it all. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Bo tells Abe about the wallets. Abe says he already knows.

OK boys, it’s time to buy a vowel and get this puzzle solved. Hope’s inner circle is swarming with law enforcement officers and physicians. By this time, someone should have noticed all the red flags flying around Hope.

EJ looks that statement up in the Guy Manual, "We have no idea what it means except that you are definitely talking to a woman."

The ref puts her hands on her hips and issues the author/authors of the Guy Manual a game misconduct. A fine will also be forthcoming. If I had to guess, it will be in the neighborhood of $5,000,000.

Nicole don' wan' no stinkin' money, "I need Marco for a while."

Does this have anything to do with an elevator?

Brainiac has a great comeback, "Give my best to EJ and your other DiMera roomies."

It would appear that the Guy Manual is not on Rafe’s iPad.

He actually kind of waddles. It's hard to walk with your head up your...


EJ grabs the hook and takes a ring off of it. He takes a knee.

Loss of down!!

Will you marry me?


Wow!! Cliffhanger Friday is Prevuze’s Thursday edition. Since Sami stresses over choosing a pair of socks, I wonder if she will call Caroline for advice on accepting EJ’s proposal. Consolation prize indeed! Hey Sami!! Sam Bowie was picked before Michael Jordan, and that worked out really well – for the Bulls, but not so much for the Trail Blazers. OK – I threw that one in for Prevuze. It’s a slam dunk Sami – say “yes” to EJ!!

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the proposal and I want EJ to get what he wants and hopes for !!

Hated the circumstances!!It was too soon.

Sami loves EJ and she just needs to admit it.All she has ever wanted is right there in her face begging her to let him give it to her. EJ is your answer Sami and you need to wise up or it'll be too late!!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous angelsorceress said...

Seems the Rafester's not the only one walkin' around with his head up his ass...
Geez, Sami, wake the hell UP! If that proposal doesn't turn your knees into rubber, check your pulse cuz you're dead!
Bo also appears to have his head buried somewhere. The Salem PD makes the Keystone Kops look like MI5, for crying out loud!

I hereby promise to bake you a batch of Keebler elf ass-kickin' pecan shortbreads if you can clip that pier scene for our Prevuze II viewing pleasure today...!

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Luci said...

Ugh, I just dont understand why they are having EJ rush into a proposal when it took MONTHS to get her to want to live there. WTF?

And where is the love for Rafe coming from? They broke up ages ago (in soaps time), so I just dont get it.

Ugh. I guess trying to make sense of a Days plot will drive me to insanity!

7:09 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Wow, I haven't even had my coffee yet and 14 comments on Prevuze. EJami/Safe angst gets 'em every time.

"I was friends with Prevuze on Facebook," says Whatshisface, "But got unfriended for sending all that Farmville crap."

Prevuze shows us how to add a little editorializing with the snark. Amen, Prevuze!

He decides to talk to Ciara.

Something the great detective should have done the first time Ciara talked about treasures under Hope's bed. Like, “What are the treasures, Ciara?”

She finally finds one.

She doesn't wonder where the rest of the pills went?

Waddling Rafe, the innocent bystander in the pub, VicViv's merger were LMAO funny. And Bulldog! I hadn't even noticed the actual birthdate on Chad's certificate. YOU should work for the FBI.

”What Hope has been through," says Vivian, "is you doing her husband."

She may be a psychopathic, but Vivian nailed that in one.

As always, Prevuze nails them all. Thank YOU!

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed the first proposal better. I thought from the SOD article she says yes BUT the preview for Monday has her saying she will not marry EJ when she has feeling for YKW. UGH!!!
The proposal was too early, but I started to think they would give EJAMI a couple weeks of happiness before SAFE. Everyone says to be patient and Sami will have a AHA moment but I think they are alienating and frustrating all the fanbases. I am not liking Sami at all, only hung on to watch EJ with Sami, but with all this Rafe pimping I don't see this happening. DOOL will be next on the chopping block!

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, I have no sympathy for 'there should be no secrets, but don't ask about Emily' Rafe.
Second, I think if Sami *really* wanted Rafe she'd go after him. (Like the poster the other day said Sami would do with Austin.)
And third, I think they are trying to show her confliction between what she 'thinks' a relationship is (Rafe goes well especially with her cop dad) and what her heart wants, but her mind still says, "No, I can't love a DiMera"
A step back from both just might be a smart move for Sami right now.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the proposal, one of the most romantic ever, hated the circumstances surrounding it. I just don't get this sami loves rafe stuff, I don't see it. How could she still be mooning over this guy when he is constantly a jerk to her. I've waited 4 years for ejami, I don't know how much more I can wait.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These writers have done a hatchet job with this so called triangle, in order to be in a real triangle both men would have to actually be fighting for the woman’s love. In this case the only person that I see fighting for Sami’s love is EJ, he has done everything in his power to always put Samantha first if they are in a middle of something and he has to leave he always ask her if that is OK. When you love someone you show them how much you love them you don’t treat them like they are child in need of saving. As an Ejami fan it hurts my heart that these writers don’t recognized the magic, the chemistry, the fire that Ejami exude every time they are in a scene together. The time that they took to try and pair these two with other characters have not proven to be fruitful. What kills me with Daytime writers instead of calling it quits on a failed storyline they do their best to force us into believe that it is brilliant writing.

What I’m seeing on screen is that Samantha is falling for EJ all over again the love that she feels for EJ is greater than anything else that she has felt in the past but is too scared to face it so she runs away. If Sami was not in love with EJ there is no way in hell she would be living with him at the “Dimera Mansion” even for her kids or as she has told herself in the past if …. I would walk away from EJ well every time “if” happened girlfriend chose staying with EJ. Her subconscious is very clear as to the man she loves EJ it is just that her reality has not caught up with her inner feelings.

In closing as an Ejami fan I am tired of the BS and the failed substitutes the viewers want EJAMI, the fan base grows each time they are on screen because and that is due to the actors protracting the characters. If the lines that they’re saying was actually what we were seeing on screen God help us all we would need mental help. The actors that have been playing these characters longer than these fools have been writing the lines know the characters better than they do and have done them justice even with the horrid writing.


7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the video for Prevuze II so early and for including the proposal.

So we're supposed to believe Sami still loves Rafe? I don't see it.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

My HUH? moment today: Nicole is using Marco to get rid of Baker, either by not so gently escorting him out of town or bumping him off. Whatever, it doesn't occur to her that HIS boss EJ is gonna ask him what Nicole had him do? And thereby realize Baker is the one he saw at the mugging? DUH!

Egads, another junior high EJami scene. I actually like those because it gives me an opportunity to zap.

And I LOL over "But got unfriended for sending all that Farmville crap." I thought it was just me! I actually did unfriend a friend for that reason. It was just a silly nuisance. HA

Great picture of the poor slob in the pub - anyone who goes there is bound to get an earfull.

Excellent Prevuze and it's almost Friday folks. Thanks! :D

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Caligirl said...

Thanks Prevuze for giving us the proposal and posting it so early. It is much appreciated!

I think Sami will say YES when the time is right. She just needs to realize and come to terms with the fact that she has been in love with EJ all along. I believe this will happen.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Sparlingo said...

I have been reading Prevuze every weekday for years, and always content myself to just read the comments and mentally assent to what is being said without having to add my $0.0193 (my Canadian 2 cents).


Okay, I can't help being an Ejami fan, for one thing. I love Sami (though the powers that be seem content to ruin the character for me day in and day out), and EJ is a wonderfully twisted/conflicted character with a strong personality. And I think they are a great match.

Who the heck thought that now was the time for a proposal? And *why* do they insist on Sami "loving" Rafe? Rafe is just some over-involved nosy FBI agent who wants to fix everything without any concept of unconditional love. And he is so b-o-r-i-n-g to boot.

The proposal itself was beautiful. James Scott and Allison Sweeney must have been aching to ad lib a different ending.

Despite everything, I still watch (or read, as the case may be). And despite everything, I still love Sami. They have been dragging her character in the mud for too long!!

P.S. Are there people out there that honestly think the Hernadez family is interesting?

9:07 AM  
Anonymous BD Fan said...

WOW Sami, if you don't say Yes, I will!!! Actually, it is too early for them to get married, Sami hasn't admitted to herself that she is in love with EJ yet, but it is just a matter of time. How she can even consider Ralph/Rafe (whatever) when she has the perfect speciman of man in love with her, I'll never know. Bad writing!!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Days Gurl said...

I must have watched that clip 10 times! God my poor EJ is a beautiful man!! Wake up Sami!!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me prevuze the Sami's picture is horrible..was it intentional...? wink

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze, you rock like nobody's business, clipping the pier scene (althought I wanted to strangle Samanther) and getting it posted so early! THANK YOU!!!

(That said, I'd like to knock a few writers' heads together. Just sayin'.)

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After that proposal I have converted to the Ejami section. Used to be against it but wow are they meant for each other! What needs to happen is for EJ to come clean about the Sydnapping. If he doesn't do that, it is going to blow up in his face! Then Sami will never forgive him. You can tell he really regrets it. But EJ loves Sami just the way she is and does not want to change her. On the other hand, Rafe's love is conditional and mostly physical.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watch these episodes and either scream, pull my hair out, get a headache from the shear confusion of it all or cry. Then I come to prevuze which I just found a couple days ago and read the episode write up and laugh so hard at the added comments that I end up feeling better. Thanks prevuze! James Scott did a great job and I loved the proposals but hated the SL surrounding it, just left me with one of those headaches. Having endured 4 years in hopes that Ejami would finally come together I am beyond frusterated with the writing these past 2 weeks.

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