Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A World Class Bottom Feeder

To start with, here's a recap of yesterday's "lost" episode:

Sami comes to see Rafe in his office. Rafe thinks she made up an excuse to come and see him. She tells him she'll be staying with EJ. Rafe flips out and that is the catalyst for their argument du jour. Sami says EJ told him he loves her and deserves another chance. She says she agonized about the decision for weeks, but not nearly as much as the viewers did. Sami gets an eyeful of Rafe's assistant and gets upset because Rafe gets an eyeful of her every day. Rafe asks if Sami loves EJ. "I've made my decision. I just want you to respect it." Sami returns to the DiMera mansion.

Arianna comes to see EJ and fires him because she feels she's a burden to him and he's leaving Salem. EJ says he's not going anywhere. Neither is the plot. Arianna doesn't want to be a distraction or a burden but does everything she can to be a distraction and a burden. And a nuisance. She does, however agree to keep him as her lawyer.

Nicole and Brady discuss his feelings for Arianna. He doesn't feel he can get involved with Nicole right now. He vows to prove Arianna's innocence. Nicole thinks he should back off. She thinks she could put the terrible things behind her if he would just give her a chance. Brady takes the wind out of her sails with the dreaded f-word, "friend."

Hope slips Bo a Mickey. In a strange twist, Maggie accuses Hope of killing her husband. She claims Hope slipped Mickey a Bo. Hope stalls and makes things up while the poison sets in and weirdo music plays in the background. Bo reminds her she is the one who left. She reminds him he's not taking any responsibility in this and just happens to be boinking Carly. Bo wonders if Hope would give their marriage another chance if he broke off with Carly. Hope thinks that over but flames out and insists Bo betrayed her, "Hell hath no fury like a whacked-out vengeful fire-breathing expletive-snorting shrew."

Hopeless goes to see Baker for her BO-nfire supplies. Baker begs her to burn her hairdo along with Bo.

Back at Bo and Hope's house, Hope prepares for the reenactment of the big bang.

Nicole meets EJ at the pier. Nicole tells him his days of threatening her are over. Threats fly. EJ thinks Nicole doesn't want Brady chasing after Arianna, because if he does then he will find out Nicole framed her. Rafe eavesdrops as Nicole talks about a truce.

* * * * *

And, if you aren't asleep yet, here's today's feed:

Hopeless pours gas on Bo's lifeless body. She gets into her sack o' goodies and pulls out a box of matches, "Finally I'll be at peace." She lights a match, holds it in front of her face and contemplates...

Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion. Sami answers and gets huffy. He says they weren't done talking. Sami thinks they were. Rafe says, "You said something about there being a chance..."

Sami says, "I said if I knew we could get back together I'd walk away from EJ in a heartbeat." Rafe kisses her.

Sami wakes up, "It was a dream. Rafe and I are over. Really over."

Nicole and EJ are at the pier. She makes him a deal, "You keep the information you have about Arianna to yourself and I'll do the same with what I know." EJ says they have a deal as Rafe walks up and listens.

Chloe finds Carly at the hospital. She asks if Carly has seen Daniel. Nope. Chloe wants to make sure the paternity test is kept secret. Carly assures her it will. "So I have to wait," says Chloe, "If it even matters."

"What does that mean," says Carly.

"Oh come on," says Chloe, "This is your doing. You held a gun to my head and made me sleep with Phillip."

Hope lets the match go out as Daniel comes to the door.

Nicole assures EJ she can keep a secret. They both leave. Rafe crawls out of the woodwork, "What do you know? It all just fell into my lap. I've been beating my head against the wall for nothing." AHA! That's how he got to be that way!

Hopeless rants about Ciara, Bo and life. She lights another match. Daniel knocks.

Baker is on the phone in the poker dive. Nicole interrupts. She says she has good news, "We are off the hook for setting up Arianna for the muggings. I made EJ an offer he couldn't refuse. I offered to stay away from him. No one will be the wiser."

Sami remembers her dream, "What kind of woman are you? She looks at a picture of EJ and Johnny. The doorbell rings and she answers to find Rafe. Dream come true?

Chloe and Carly go off to talk in private. Chloe tells her about the wedding delay and why. Carly gasps, "Lies on top of lies!" Chloe tells her Father Matt is back and Daniel knows she's lying again.

Carly blames herself, "This is because of me."

In a rare moment of lucidity, Chloe gets a clue, "I'm the one who slept with someone else."

Daniel knocks but the door to Bo and Hope's house swings open. He discovers Bo. Cancel the Salem High homecoming bonfire. Dan smells gas, "What the hell?" Hopeless watches from the next room with her gun pointed toward the ceiling. She fires. Across the room, a picture of Kayla explodes into a million pieces.

Sami lets Rafe in. He asks if EJ is there. Sami says he's at a meeting. "Who is he with," says Rafe. Inquiring vacuums want to know.

Sami says, "He was going to see the investigator in charge of Arianna's case." Rafe says he saw him with Nicole and they were talking about keeping a secret.

Carly says she doesn't want to cause more misery, but she's too young to die. She says if the baby is Daniel's, she will forget about the whole thing, until her next snit with Chloe. "It may be too late," says Chloe, "Things are out of hand. Even if the baby is Daniel's he may not want to be with me any more." Perhaps Daniel, unlike Bo, finally woke up.

Nicole says EJ will keep quiet because she can be persuasive. Baker thinks she has something on him. Nicole insists he doesn't. "Except that you agreed to the deal," says Baker.

"Right...," says Nicole, "So I guess I'll just have to settle for the satisfaction of watching EJ trap Sami into a life with a world class bottom feeder." Baker says he'd love to chew the fat with Nicole but has to go. Nicole asks if he's expecting his mystery partner in crime.

"I don't know after tonight," says Baker.

Nicole feigns concern, "Oh... did you two have a falling out? No more fun bashing strangers in the park?"

"I was trying to protect her," snorts Baker.

"Don't tell me there is a heart under that cynical hide of yours," says Nicole, "I'm gonna miss you. This is it. Take care." She leaves.

Baker wonders, "Hope, where are you and what are you up to now."

Daniel tries to revive Bo. Sirens wail in the background Hopeless ducks behind a door.

Chloe's new BFF Carly says she changed her mind about the situation when she found out Vivian was involved, "How do I help you?"

Chloe dunno. She wonders if she and Daniel are meant to be together, "I doubted him."

Maxine finds them and says they require Carly in the ER, "The patient in there might live and we can't have that since the hospital is full." Carly leaves.

Chloe zones out, "I did this. There has to be a way to keep it from getting worse." There is. Talk to Hope and see if she has some gas and matches left.

Sami doesn't believe Rafe. He assures her he knows what he heard. Sami defends EJ. Rafe wonders why she's covering for him, "You want EJ to be a better man, but clearly he is not."

Sami wonders if Rafe is saying EJ and Nicole are back together, "Why are you telling me about this?"

"I care."

"But not enough to make me a part of your life," says Sami, "Well EJ does."

Daniel barks orders at the paramedics. Roman investigates, "Burned matches on the floor, the room smells like gasoline... Bo appears to have been drugged... I think someone might have been trying to harm him." The man is a forensic genius. They wheel Bo out. Roman asks Daniel if Bo will make it.

"It depends on if I got here in time," says Daniel.

Hopeless watches the (ahem) drama, "You weren't supposed to die from the drug, but I guess it'll have to happen that way."

Rafe says he just didn't want to screw things up for Sami. Sami insists she's fine and he didn't, "You're relieved of your duty. Go back to figuring out what corsage to get Tiffany for her prom."

Rafe defends himself, "There is nothing between us."

Sami goes in for the kill, "There is noting between you and me either." Rafe tells her if she wants to screw up her life she can and it's fine with him. He leaves. Sami huffs.

Chloe meets Father Matt at the pier. He lectures her about lying. Chloe tells him she's pregnant. "Thank God there are only ten commandments for you to break," says Father Matt. Chloe wants to know if Father Matt will continue to keep her confidence.

Hopeless meets Baker. She says she's shocked he's still there. She lectures him, "You tipped off Bo's brother."

"Someone had to save you from yourself, Duchess," says Baker, "You off your husband and you're going away for a long time. I helped you with some of those muggings. I think you're a nice lady who's been pushed too far. I'm not standing around while you go down for killing your ex."

Daniel and Maxine are in Bo's room. Carly runs in, sees Bo in the bed and panics. Daniel explains it's an overdose. Carly takes panic to new levels, "Just save him. FOR GOD'S SAKE, CALL A DOCTOR!"

Sami looks at the picture again as EJ comes in. He asks if everything is OK. Sami lies and asks about his meeting. He says it didn't go well. She asks whom it was with. He lies. He also says the evidence against Arianna is circumstantial. Sami says he was gone too long for a meeting that pretty much yielded the same information as before. He tells her he bumped into Nicole. Sami gives him that look women give men when there is no lethal weapon handy.

Rafe walks into the pub, stomps up to the bar and orders a bourbon. He asks the bartender, "You know that thing about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome being the definition of insanity? Today I finally got sane." Nicole comes in. She sits at a table and Rafe stares at her.

Hopeless tells Baker she thought he was the one man on her side. He insists he is. "That's what you all say," she yells, "Someone got to the DA."

Baker tries to calm the waters, "Honey..."

Hopeless screams, "Don't 'honey' me. You called Roman — the brother of my ex. Then the cops show up. It all goes to hell because of you."

"That's right," agrees Baker, "because of me. But this isn't funny any more."

Hopeless orders, "You stay out of this."

Baker says, "Let me help you."

Hopeless asks, "What, you think I'm too weak?" She smacks him and leaves, "I'm going to finish what I started."

Dan and Carly monitor Bo. "Bo didn't do this to himself," says Daniel, "The room smelled like gasoline and there were burned matches on the floor." The man is a forensic genius. Bo flatlines. That does it — Carly panics again. Daniel grabs her as she flails around and tells her she has to trust him. He orders her out. Maxine pushes her out the door. Carly watches through the blinds as they attempt to resuscitate Bo.

Sami reacts to EJ telling her he saw Nicole, "What were you looking under rocks for?"

"I've got to find all my women somewhere," says EJ. He tells her he found Nicole at the pier. He says Nicole told him she wants to make things right between he two of them. He says he didn't buy it, "I went along with what she was saying and don't think she has anything." Sami thinks Nicole is up to something.

Rafe watches as Nicole rants into her phone, "We had a deal and I won't let you out of it! My lease says I get a parking spot. Have that car towed or there will be hell to pay!"

Rafe declines a refill on the bourbon, and tells the bartender, "But I could use a favor."

Father Matt asks if Daniel knows about the pregnancy. Chloe tells him he does and assumes it's his. "I see," says Father Matt, "So you want to delay the wedding because you don't want to enter into the sacrament of marriage under those conditions."

"Marriage is a sacred thing," asks Chloe, "Who knew? But the fact is Carly says she will tell if the baby isn't Daniel's, and she doesn't know the other man is her and Daniel's son-in-law."

"The people in Sodom and Gomorrah were amateurs compared to you," says Father Matt, "I don't know what to say."

"You can say what I do," says Chloe, "You can ask what I was thinking. I'm not worthy."

"That kind of thinking got you into this mess," says Father Matt, "You are a child of God. Even He makes mistakes. You're worth it. You know, Daniel could find out the truth from someone else."

Chloe whines, "If I lose him I don't think I could go on."

"Then we've got to find a way for you to lose him."

Daniel comes out. Carly rushes up for news. Daniel tells her, "Bo is stable. At death's door, but stable." Hopeless watches.

Carly wonders who could have done this to him, "I almost lost him." Daniel has her sit. Hopeless leaves.

EJ says he thinks Nicole's life is boring. Sami reminds him Nicole has a glamorous TV job. "It's in Salem," says EJ, "Not Hollywood or Baghdad or even Podunk." He thinks Nicole knows she has gone too far and won't give them any trouble, "Trust me."

Sami whines, "I hear every member of my family telling me not to, but now it seems right."

EJ smiles, "You have no idea how happy that makes me."

Irma Farkle who coincidentally happens to be from Podunk and also a staunch Ejami stands up in the audience and screams, "And you have no idea how happy that makes me."

Sami tells him she talked to Marlena, who asked if she could sell the townhouse, "I told her that would be OK with me."

EJ asks, "So, do you know where you will live?"

"Funny you ask," says Sami, "I was hoping the kids and I could stay here. With you." EJ smiles. Sami smiles. Ejamis smile. Safe's... not so much.

Pete clears the table and spills wine on Nicole's white top. He apologizes and invites her to the kitchen to help her clean it up. She goes off with him. Rafe jumps into action. He goes over to Nicole's table and looks at her cell phone, "Hmmm... She hasn't called EJ since she left the pier." He tears into her purse and pulls out some papers, "This will tell me where she lives." He rushes out.

Father Matt thinks Chloe should tell Daniel everything. She asks if he thinks Daniel will understand. Father Matt says he knows Daniel loves her, "You don't want my advice, you want me to promise I'll keep quiet — and I will. I just hope you tell him the truth and I'll pray for you."

"Pray Daniel forgives me."

Roman comes into the hospital. Daniel tells him Bo is stable, "We flew Chelsea in for another pancreas transplant."

Roman speculates, "I think someone wanted to burn Bo alive." The man is a forensic genius.

Carly whines, "What kind of person would do something that awful to Bo?"

"I don't know," says Roman, "In most cases where the man has dumped his wife and moved in with some slut, it's almost a certainty the wife would do something like that, however I have no idea where to look."

Hopeless walks into Bo's room, "Surprised to see me? I know the hospital pretty well, so it was easy to find you, especially since the place only has one room. The best part is there is there's no one in the room next to you. It's like I'm meant to be here." She checks him out, "Still unconscious. Good, but not good enough."

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Anonymous Betyar said...

"I care."..."But not enough to make me a part of your life," says Sami...I guess that's what hurts the most, and it has messed Sami up for years...that she had given up EVERYTHING for Rafe, and when she needed him the most, he couldn't do it for her. Rafe has emmotionally manipulated Sami from day one...Sami told EJ that she's "mentally strong, but emmotionally weak" because she trusts EJ and knows he wouldn't use this information against her. But Rafe does...he always has. If Sami has faults, one of them is that she cares too much...but she's wiser than Rafe, and she knows exactly what he's trying to do. She's letting him do it because she wants him to think that he has the upper hand on her. When the time is right, she's gonna turn the tables on him and beat him at his own game...Trust me!

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami's behaviour and dialogue doesn't make any sense : if she wants to be with Rafe why can't they be together ?! I don't understand, they don't have obstacles so what ?!
So now she wants to be with Ej for the sake of their kids but she started this baby-switch story for the exact opposite reason !! lol
Before that she wanted to be with Rafe because he was the hero, because he was there for actually she is just with a guy because of what he can do for her..whaou it is not loving someone Sami !! This storyline doesn't do any favors to her characters and it buggs me because she is or favorite character...sigh..

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Ej... and above all my poor poor poor little Ejami heart..if Sami really only loves Rafe she has to be with Rafe..this pairing will destroy the character of Sami even more but i don't want her to be with Ej if she loves another guy..she doesn't have to be with a man for the sake of her kids but because she loves the man..Ej liar as he is ,deserves better.. writers what are you doing to my favorite pairing ?! hein ? Yes i know what you are destroy any potential they could have little by little..but seriously they really think that when Rafe and Sami will be again together it will be interesting for the viewers ?! Seriously ? In my case i will not know since i stop to watch..enough is enough...After all True Blood is waiting for will miss you Ej and Sami..ah well c'est la vie..

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Hopeless pours gas on Bo's lifeless body.

I can think of quite a few worthless bodies that Hopeless can also barbeque.

"Oh come on," says Chloe, "This is your doing. You held a gun to my head and made me sleep with Phillip."

That scenario might actually have some entertainment value. At this time, I feel it is my duty to keep all the faithful Prevuzites up to date on a bit of a spoiler. According to Jay Kenneth Johnson, this whole mess could take a year to resolve. That thought is scarier than Hopeless throwing a match on a pumped full of pills Bo. Geez!

“I've been beating my head against the wall for nothing." AHA! That's how he got to be that way!

…so it turns out the tiny stain on the wall is Rafe’s grey matter.

Rafe says he saw him with Nicole and they were talking about keeping a secret.

Why is Rafe compromising the Sydnapping case by discussing his suspicions with Sami? Doesn’t the knucklehead remember Sami lives in the same house as EJ, and they might talk to each other? Duh! Instead of comporting himself like a competent FBI employee, he’s acting like a grade school tattletale.

“I think someone might have been trying to harm him." The man is a forensic genius.

Roman has developed Rafeitis. To get a clue, evidence has to hit him right smack dab in the forehead. There's nothing like stating the obvious.

Sami gives him that look women give men when there is no lethal weapon handy.

Hmmm – could Prevuze be channeling one of life’s experiences?

Pete clears the table and spills wine on Nicole's white top. He apologizes and invites her to the kitchen to help her clean it up.

As if!!!! Someone like Nicole would be yelling at poor Pete and demanding that the restaurant pay her dry cleaning bill.

He tears into her purse and pulls out some papers, "This will tell me where she lives."

First, how convenient, and, second, why hasn’t anyone in the restaurant called 911? After trying to stop him, I would have told Nicole some jerk had been rifling through her purse. By the way, isn’t Rafe Mr. FBI? Don’t you think he should have been able to get Nicole’s address using other means that are borderline legal?

That’s how Phillip carried Melanie up the stairs – a pogo stick attachment. It makes sense to me. Ok the closing photo has got to have some esoteric meaning that I’m too dull to understand. Someone please help!!!

Welcome back Prevuze, and happy hump day!!!!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psycho, Leslie...Norman Bates.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Anonymous said...
Psycho, Leslie...Norman Bates.

Thanks Anonymous - I'm embarassed to admit that I have never seen that movie.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Here's a HUH?! moment:
"You keep the information you have about Arianna to yourself,…

What information? I thought we established he didn’t have any information.

Daniel tries to revive Bo. Sirens wail in the background.

Dan just walked in the door. Did he call 911 off-camera? Is it the random patrolling ambulance once more to the rescue? Are the EMTs clarivoyant? Inquiring minds….

And my OFPS! moment:

Chloe meets Father Matt at the pier. He lectures her about lying. Chloe tells him she's pregnant…[and] wants to know if Father Matt will continue to keep her confidence..

He won’t betray the sanctity of the confessional so why in the WORLD would she tell him even more damaging information? In public?

Loved the pictures. Poor Chad. Doesn't he know that matricide is when you get rid of your old mattress? Huh? No? OK, nevermind.

First thing I did seeing the last picture - LMAO. Second thing - knowing I'll be hearing skreek skreek skreek skreek in my head all day. HA

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Well I had two HUH? moments in this one - the first one you mentioned, Applecheeks. Nicole has it on tape that EJ has no information so that's just idiotic. Second, what woman goes off in a public place and leaves her open purse on a table?

Perhaps there was a third HUH? with this from Betyar: it has messed Sami up for years...that she had given up EVERYTHING for Rafe... What did she give up for Rafe? More like she gave everything up for EJ when she decided to go into hiding to keep her pregnancy from him because she despised him and the rest of the DiMeras so much. I haven't seen her giving anything up for Rafe.

I truly almost choked on my breakfast cookie with Burned matches on the floor, the room smells like gasoline...Bo appears to have been drugged...I think someone might have been trying to harm him." The man is a forensic genius. HAHAHAHA THAT'S what I'll be chuckling about all day. I wonder if (can't think of his real name at the moment, sorry) the guy playing Pard cringes at them making him such a dim bulb?

Great pictures - loved the Psycho reference, so appropriate for Salem - and the picture of Kayla exploding into a million pieces.

Great Prevuze today, so glad our prayers to the satellite gods were answered! PD

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So in Salem...gas fumes don't ignite from a lit flame? Interesting. I'm pretty sure that in every other place on earth, gas fumes explode when exposed to a lit match.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

OK, wait a minute here. Inspector extraordinaire comes in. Sees a man doused in gasoline, matches all about. Auhh, what then? We all leave? How about inspecting the house which still contains Hopeless? How about fingerprinting the matches or the gas container? How about cordoning off the 'suspicious looking' site. COME ON!!!!

1:49 PM  

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