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EJ and Sami are in the chambre de la rumpusant. Sami tells him Johnny said he wants to tell the judge he loves his daddy more than his mommy. EJ says Johnny told him the exact opposite. Sami thinks Johnny is confused. It's in his genes. EJ says, "This joint custody thing isn't working out. When we are married..."

Sami cuts him off, "What did you say?"

"It just came out," says EJ.

"You said when we are married," gasps Sami.

EJ asks, "You mean you haven't thought about that?"

Nicole is on the phone asking the bank when she can withdraw the money. She discovers she can withdraw it anytime. She gets off the phone, "Well, now I can plan to live the way a lady should." That was no lady, that was Nicole. She heads out.

Brady recognizes Baker at the pier. Baker bolts. Brady snorts, "SOB!" And the chase is on.

Carly, Bo and Hope are in the living room of Bo and Hope's house. Carly relaxes Bo and asks him what happened when he came home. Hope watches. Bo remembers.

Sami says she hasn't thought about marriage, "We'd be better off laying down on train tracks and seeing what happened."

EJ asks, "Think it through."

Sami hesitates for a nanosecond, "There, I thought it through."

EJ makes a pitch. Sami gasps, "EJ, are you proposing?"

Nicole finds Brady who is huffin' and puffin'. Apparently butterball Baker can outrun buff Brady. Brady tires to catch his breath, "I saw your old partner in crime."

Nicole beats Prevuze to the punch, "Which crime?" She asks who.


Bo turns and gives Hope the look of Satan.

Brady and Nicole have gone inside the pub. Nicole says Baker is dead. Brady insists not. He tells her about Baker running when Brady recognized him. Nicole wonders if Baker might be leaving town. Brady says he hopes not, "Because Baker was in on everything. He hurt Sami just like you did. He was blackmailing you. The guy has to pay. He has to go down."

Stefano shows up at the cop-shop. He finds Abe and Theo. Abe says he is taking Theo to the baseball game and stopped by to check things out. The mayor is a micromanager. Stefano and Abe talk about the attack on Bo. Stefano says Abe will be happy to know the cops called him about it and he came down without any objection and he gave them an alibi. Theo asks what that means. Stef explains what an alibi is. He explains it to Theo, too. He tells Theo to have his mother take him to the DiMera mansion soon and he can play with Giovanni and Sydney, "They are now living with us."

EJ says he isn't proposing. Sami is relieved. "I know you're not ready for marriage," says EJ, "even though you're quickly approaching middle age, but recognize we live here and our children are happier than ever. Especially the unhappy, tantrum-throwing little brat Johnny." He tells Sami he's happy with things if she is, "If we're both comfortable maybe we shouldn't fix what's not broken." Sami thinks that's for the best. EJ continues to press, "If someday we get married, so be it." Sami says she's good with the way things are now. EJ vows, "Just so you know... if I ask you to marry me, you will know."

Vivian finds Victor drinking. She asks if everything is OK. Victor scowls, "For all I know you are the one who tried to kill Bo."

Hope asks if something is wrong. Bo gives Hope the look of death. Carly continues to theraperize. "I smelled gas," says Bo, "I think... I saw..." He turns and gives Hope the Wild-Man from Tajikistan hairy eyeball.

EJ repeats that there will be no mistake when he proposes. He walks over and sits down beside her, "I'll wait until the time is right." He takes her hand, "I'll take your hand, look you in the eye, and I'll be in front of you and I'll look up at you. I'll ask if you'll have me and I'll tell you how much I love you. And how I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together."

Vivian says if she were going to murder someone she would be more efficient. Victor says he knows she has an alibi because he's watching her every move. Vivian is indignant that Victor is watching her, "I made an oath — our wedding vow — to protect your family and to love you. It's true."

Victor shouts, "Bullfeathers! The last time you told the truth Jimmy Carter was in the White House. And there is no room for love in this marriage."

Vivian says, "I get it. This is about Maggie Horton, isn't it?"

"I saw Ciara," says Bo, "At Victor's. Don't know what we talked about. Important. Don't know what happened. Hope... it was about Hope."

Sami releases her hand, "Well I'm glad you're not proposing because we're not ready."

"Right," says EJ, "We should wait and see." He goes back to the chair of rejection. "We wouldn't want to act solely on our feelings, would we? We should wait until we are positive."

"Why were you talking about this," asks Sami. She leaves.

Brady wonders why Nicole is shaking. She says because the whole thing is scary. Brady insists Baker has no leverage and can't hurt anyone. Nicole gets a call. Baker booms, "Hey sweetcheeks, we got a problem."

Hope asks, "What a bout me? Why were you talking about me?"

"You were gone," stammers Bo, "Only Ciara..." Bo says he thinks he left after talking to Ciara and came home. Carly asks if he had anything to eat or drink. Bo seems to remember, "I think..."

Hope cuts him off...


"What's the matter," asks Carly. Hope says it's too much stress for Bo. She answers the knock at the door to find Caroline. Caroline comes in, looks at Hope and then looks at Carly. She marvels at the scientific miracle, "Matter and anti-matter occupying the same space and there hasn't been an explosion big enough to annihilate the earth. What are you both doing here?"

Then Caroline looks at catatonic Bo, "Are you all right?"

Nicole talks on the phone, "Jane, I can't talk right now."

Baker says, "Your boytoy saw me."

"I know," says Nicole.

"Don't tell me," says Baker, "He's with you right now."

"Yeah," says Nicole, "Just do what I told you to do." She gets off the phone and looks at Brady, "That woman is a pea brain."

"She must be the smartest woman in Salem," says Brady, "But I don't recall a Jane. Is she new at the station?"

"And soon to be out the door," says Nicole, "I have to go deal with this." Nicole scoots.

Brady sits alone, "I don't like this." He follows. Maybe he'll have better luck catching Nicole than he did with Baker.

Vivian taunts, "Maggie shut you down, didn't she?" He refuses to talk to Vivian about Mags. "That means yes," says Vivian, "So obviously the widow Horton is smarter than I thought. Victor reminds her their marriage is a business arrangement and storms out.

Bo insists he's fine. Carly says he remembered a few things. Caroline wonders if this is the time to interrogate him. Bo says this was his idea. Caroline gets upset and runs out. Bo asks, "What is up with her?"

Hope says she's upset because no one let her know Bo was in the hospital. Hope says she has to go and make sure Ciara has everything for her camping trip. She asks Carly to have no more sessions unless she's present. She leaves. Carly tells Bo she's scared because someone is still out there. Bo wants to go to the station. Carly refuses to let him leave.

Caroline works at the bar in the pub. Dejected Sami comes in. Caroline jokes, "What's EJ done now? Did he ask you to marry him or something?" Sami stares. Caroline backs off, "I was kidding... you didn't say yes, did you?"

"I didn't say anything," says Sami, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do."

"Yes, I know how to shut up. I just don't know when." - Chloe Lane

Stefano finds EJ looking at a picture of himself, Sami and the kids, "That's a beautiful family, if we could erase the blonde in the middle."

EJ breaks the news, "Samantha has agreed to live here permanently."

Stefano is one step ahead of him, "I knew she would after I saw the advertisement for the townhouse. Samantha Brady is easy to figure out — Whatever it takes to live rent free."

EJ disagrees, "She is choosing to live here because of the children."

"She is choosing to live here because she is a child," says Stefano.

"Whatever you say," says EJ, "Oh... there is one small thing I would like to mention. I intend on marrying her."

Bo argues with Carly, "I love you, and I will call." He leaves.

Exasperated Carly sighs, "Fine! If he won't listen to me maybe he'll listen to someone else." She leaves.

Baker calls Hope.

Brady catches Nicole at the pier. He says when he told her about Baker she jumped out of her skin and he wants to know what's going on. "OK," says Nicole, "you may as well know... This is about Baker."

Hope doesn't understand, "I'm sorry... who is this?"

Baker says, "I just want you to know some SOB spotted me."

Hope asks, "Who are you calling?" Baker disconnects. "Hello?"

The doorbell rings. Hope turns and answers it to find Carly, "I need a favor. It's about Bo. I know you still care about him."

Sami says, "I know you will say I don't have a brain and I'm an idiot."

"Certainly not," says Caroline, "That would be an insult to brainless idiots everywhere. But why do you look so unhappy?"

"Because I don't know what to do," whines the thirtysomething with the maturity of a zerosomething, "EJ is so good to me and my kids, but I'm still in love with Rafe."

Out in the audience, the Safes stop just short of biting down on their cyanide capsules.

Stefano rants about Sami, "Nobody in his right mind would willingly walk into hell. Why would you marry this viper?" He spews Italian. EJ says his mind is made up.

Stefano gives up, "May God have mercy on your soul."

Hope snorts, "I care, eh? So now you're telling me how I feel?"

Carly asks Hope to speak to Bo, "He thinks rest is for sissies."

"Bo's no sissy," says Hope, "No sissy could stand to be married to me for all those years."

"I can't get through to him," says Carly. Hope says she will try even though Bo doesn't listen any more.

Bo arrives at the station and greets Theo and Abe. Abe wonders why Bo is out of the hospital. Bo insists he's fine. Abe says they're going to take in the Generals game, "They're playing the Cougars from Ohio."

"A women's team," asks Bo. He tells Theo he carries a ticket from a World Series game around with him and gets in his wallet to find it. It's not there. Another day, another crisis. Abe gets a call and leaves to take it, sticking Bo with the kid.


Bo asks, "Ciara's treasures are wallets?"

Caroline says if Sami is still in love with Rafe she doesn't know why she's thinking about marriage. Because Sami is about one wave short of a shipwreck. Sami says it's because she has no future with Rafe and wants what's best for her kids. She says there is a connection between her and EJ, too. Caroline wonders if Sami will get over Rafe. Sami guesses she has to eventually and thinks it will be different with EJ this time. "So marry him," shouts Caroline. Caroline doesn't exactly have both oars in the water, either.

Nicole continues to lie about 'Jane' and says the phone call didn't have anything to do with Baker. Brady wants to know why Nicole was so upset, then. She says knowing Baker was in town just got to her. She hopes Baker left town. Brady hopes the cops get him. Nicole says she wants that too and leaves. Brady stares.

Carly doesn't get it, "One minute you're trashing my relationship with Bo and the next you're telling me we're OK." Vivian finds them.

Theo says, "Treasures from Mommy are wallets!"

Bo asks, "Ciara's mommy?"


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok explain to me guys why Sami is in love with Rafe ? And if it is the case why they can't be together, nothing prevent them to be together so what ?
I thought actually that Sami loved Rafe because he was "there for her" and was a hero all last year but Ej is also "there for her" now so she should be as much in love with him no ? I don't see the logic in the writer's mind..ok ok i shouldn't even try to find some logic...lollll

4:50 AM  
Anonymous Kiren said...

"Out in the audience, the Safes stop just short of biting down on their cyanide capsules."

God damn it Sami! We were so close! You couldn't just keep your trap shut for another second!

I agree with anonymous.... obviously.

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This storytelling doesn't make any sense : so Sami could chose to be with the bad boy/mobster type in order to have a stable life for her kids..but all this baby-switch began because she thought the exact opposite and now the guy she is in love with (so in this case she should be with him) is the nice (for the writers lol) stable guy but she can't be with for some reason (but we don't what are these powerful with him whereas she hooked up with him at first because he could give a stable life for her children (remember fake adoption papers the first night they had sex..) this story makes no sense at all and Sami's motivations/feelings are all over the place..this writing destroys her character..sigh..

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Frustrated in Salem said...

ALL of the above. Truly, there is no reason Sami cannot be with the FBI Neanderthal-except the fact that she would be bored to death-same as this viewer. Please, who wouldn't choose sexy bad-boy EJ over Rafe. And why she continues to moon over some guy who dumped her months ago is beyond me-it truly does make her look like a teenager.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading this site everyday, it is lots of fun, but I see no reason for profanity here.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

EJ and Sami are in the chambre de la rumpusant.

Voila – Prevuze does snarky French!!!!

"Well, now I can plan to live the way a lady should." That was no lady, that was Nicole.

You think? Nicole is going to need a personal shopper.

EJ makes a pitch. Sami gasps, "EJ, are you proposing?"

The pragmatist in me says “isn’t this a little too soon?”, but the romantic says, “it’s about time”. The realist says “this is just a dopey soap opera”.

Apparently butterball Baker can outrun buff Brady.

…and the cynic in me is LMAO!

He hurt Sami just like you did.

If Brady really feels that way, why does he want to date Nicole? Oh, yeah, this is just a dopey soap opera.

He turns and gives Hope the Wild-Man from Tajikistan hairy eyeball.


Vivian says if she were going to murder someone she would be more efficient.

Like the job she’s doing on Carly?

Baker booms, "Hey sweetcheeks, we got a problem."

LOL!!!! I will definitely be watching this episode.

"She is choosing to live here because she is a child," says Stefano.

Stefano reads Prevuze.

Let’s face it. Sami is relationship challenged. While Rafe appears to be a stable guy, he keeps shunning Sami because she’s anything but. I thought that Sami is supposed to be whip smart and resourceful, so I’m not sure why she continues to moon over someone who continually berates and rejects her. It makes her seem weak, pathetic, and needy. A strong female character should be none of those things. Oh, well, DOOL is just a dopey soap opera.

I loved all the photos and especially the one in which EJ is ogling Sami’s amazing assets. Happy hump day everyone!!!

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"Apparently butterball Baker can outrun buff Brady"...yeah! I really believe that! But then again Brady hasn't been hitting the sack with Ari, so he must be out of shape! lol!!! On the other hand, Baked must have joined Bally's "60 days to a healtier you" challenge! It's possible people!

"Bo turns and gives Hope the look of Satan"...I woudn't go there Beauregard! Since your little Carbo tryst I have no sympathy for you...Hope can do an Elin Woods move on you faster than you can say "fancy face"!

LOL over the pic with Nicole saying "he has to go down? how am I supposed to get him into an elevator?"...Baker's IQ must be a bit higher than EJ's was in 08. Since Baker seems to have the hots for Hope, Nicole would have to unwillingly drag him into one!

"Victor shouts, 'Bullfeathers! The last time you told the truth Jimmy Carter was in the White House.'"...I beg to differ...for Vivian it was probably the Truman presidency.

Baker booms, "Hey sweetcheeks, we got a problem."...I'm liking this new Baker hot to trot attitude, and this thing he's got for Hope!It's kind of sexy! I think they should go for it! Give Bo a run for his money...

"That's a beautiful family, if we could erase the blonde in the middle."...Aaaugh! Stefy, the blonde would be the kids' mother...Sami & EJ + 3 make a family! What a biggott!

"They're playing the Cougars from Ohio."...EJ, you are too much! You are sooooo in trouble!!!

Thanks Prevuze for the hilarious recap!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami could be going after Rafe like she went after Austin.....who was also smart enough to want to stay away from her! :)

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

I just wanna say I don't know, haven't been shown why Sami would be interested in Rafe the caveman?

The writers have really done a number on Sami to prop Rafe.

How disgusting is that?

Soon my only connection to DAYS will be this blog. Corday can't ruin that.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Bo turns and gives Hope the look of Satan. While I chuckled at the image I don't think for a second this BOzo's going to remember anything until November sweeps (at the earliest).

Stefano is one step ahead of him. "Samantha Brady is easy to figure out - whatever it takes to live rent free." Ain't that the truth!

And so is this:I know you're not ready for marriage," says EJ, "even though you're quickly approaching middle age." Again the truth. It hurts, but Sami's getting a little long in the tooth for this teenage angst.

LOL over Caroline doesn't exactly have both oars in the water, either. Yeah, I think she's losing it. She's more upset and uptight over Victor seeing Maggie than she was when OMB croaked.

Great Barly and Bope picture and Prevuisms today. Thanks and happy hump day everyone!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Good idea Anon...but the best way to thwart Rafe is to start spewing big words at responsability, commitment, etc. etc..she did it a couple of weeks ago and POOF! He's gone up in smoke! Sami knows him so well, it's almost fun to toy with him :)

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Luci said...

Ugh, I JUST started watching Days again when I saw hope for Ejami returned... and now I want to vomit.

WHERE OH WHERE is this love for Rafe? He is a boring, moronic twit.

I see zero passion with him, and he's constantly berating her and telling her to change.

The writing on this show is horrific. Ugh.

Also, HI! First time commenting. :)

1:12 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Hi, Luci. Welcome to this little band of snarkers. We have this great love (the soap & actors)/hate (the writers) thing going with DOOL. Prevuze is where we can rant and rave and laugh.

On with my rant for today:
Apparently butterball Baker can outrun buff Brady...

Brady, who supposedly jogs almost daily. So much for the benefits of regular exercise. LOLOL

Wild-Man from Tajikistan hairy eyeball.

Now there's a great visual. I can see him now. But, Puh-Leeze. As Bulldog pointed out, we all know he's not remembering anything for real yet.

She asks Carly to have no more sessions unless she's present.

How conveeeeenient.

Caroline is getting to the point I think Hopeless could recruit her as a co-dark avenger. I don't think Caroline would even need the pills. She seems to be flipping out quite nicely all on her own. Her cheese done slipped off the cracker if you get my drift.

Stefano rants about Sami, "Nobody in his right mind would willingly walk into hell. Why would you marry this viper?"

Steffie: You. Kate (whose picture is next to “viper” in the Encyclopedia Britannica). Talk about the iron pot calling the aluminum kettle a few atoms short of stainless steel.

Normally I'd bemoan the fact I got to Prevuze so late. But after the day I've had I really needed the laughs. As usual, Prevuze and its faithful commentors delivered in spades. Thanks

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Prevuze! Thanks for posting the extended non-proposal clip! I agree with those who are frustrated with our dear Samantha. Argh. If you love RAfe so much, don't let the door hit you in the butt. (And be prepared for a life of boredom.)


The snark was great as usual. :)

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Bulldog for ‘Sami's getting a little long in the tooth for this teenage angst.’ But I genuinely miss the Sami of her teenage years. Such gumption and the take all at any cost mentality something that is missing in the DiMeria family especially if they are going to continue to be the mobster family. I would love Sami to stand up Stefano and take more control of her life like she did earlier in her teens. EJ and Sami could be the super couple of mobster world and show Stefano and Kate up. I would love them to come across clean cut but manipulate any situation to suit them.

So over the Hope/ Carly/ Bo situation they are actually boring me to tears but I am so in love with the Victor/ Viv/ Maggie situation. It actually refreshing to see the older more prolific actors show the younger actors how it’s done. Also enjoying the new Will & Chad characters but once again the characters need meatier story lines.

Nicole/ Brady/ Ari snozzzzzzzzze and Rafe please give this character some depth. I am sick of him bouncing from loving Sami to bagging her. Just over the character give him something else to do or bring EJ & Sami together and they can (as previously stated) manipulate situations and Rafe can sort out all the garbage.

Just found this site find it amazing thank Prevuze. Brilliant work and extremely funny comments by all.

3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the characters around EJ are being made to look poorly in the GA eyes. (Sami,Rafe, Nicole)This is to get empathy, and compassion for EJ's character...which the writers now are trying to fix. They are sacrificing Sami right now for EJ's sake. In the end they are trying to redeem EJ so the viewers can accept EJ and Sami together...IMO or is that wishful thinking?

4:32 AM  

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