Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Woman Hates Me And She's Nuts

Bo is in his hospital room packing. Carly comes in and tells him he can't leave. Bo ain' wastin' no time to find out who did this to him. Carly wonders if he has a death wish. "Take a look at the women in my life," says Bo, "and figure that one out for yourself."

Hope is at the cop-shop. Justin finds her. Hope worries how it would have affected Ciara if she had lost her daddy, "She would never get over that." Justin vows to find whomever did this.


He flashes back to his argument with Hope, "The woman hates me and she's nuts... so why can't I get her out of my mind?" Perhaps Hope isn't the only one who is nuts.

EJ is on the phone with Nicole. Nicole is coy and makes him guess what she wants. EJ gets cranky. Nicole stops playing games and says she wants cash.

Rafe decodes, "These are numbers." Look out, bad guys, the FBI has Rafe Hernandez, the guy who can figure out that numbers are... uh... numbers. "They may represent locations," says Sherlock, "Whatever this is, it must be seriously incriminating. It's all over EJ. Thanks to Nicole I gotcha."

Rafe's compadre walks into the office and Rafe tells him he thinks it's a locker number. He says he thinks Nicole is blackmailing EJ. The guy asks, "When you save Sami from EJ, then what?"

"We'll just have to see," says Rafe. Sami interrupts as she bustles in with hyperactive Johnny wearing the FBI jacket. Rafe's partner sees the jacket and says he hates to do it, but reports Rafe for unauthorized use of FBI materials.

EJ warns Nicole, "The first rule of a good hand is not to overplay it. I can ruin things for you and Brady just as easily as you can ruin things for Samantha and me." Nicole insists she isn't scared of him.

Carly blocks Bo from leaving. He reminds her he has a personal physician at home, "So let's go home and play doctor." Carly stops him. Victor walks in, "Hell has frozen over. For once Carly and I agree on something. You can't go home."

Justin says he cares about Hope and wants her to lean on him. Among other things. Hope worries, "I just can't figure out who would want to do something so evil to that two-timing, cheating ratfink Bo."

Sami wonders if she's interrupted and should leave. Rafe says it's always good to see Sami and Johnny. Sami says Johnny is there because he wants to take a picture of the fingerprint machine to show and tell. That's fine with Rafe, "But I think he should just take the machine itself. It only weighs 40 pounds and Johnny can handle that." Johnny bends his arm and makes a muscle. "Look at those guns," says Rafe. We pan in on a headshot of Rafe — his muscle.

Brady is with Maggie in her kitchen. Mags warns him that according to his body the drug they slipped him was a relapse. Brady understands. Maggie says they also need to talk about Nicole.

EJ answers the door to find Nicole. She says this is his last chance. EJ reminds her, "I want something from you and you want something from me and I have something on you and you have something on me. Things should work out."

Victor asks for a word alone with Bo. Carly leaves and Victor asks if there is a Lawrence Alamain connection with this. Bo says there isn't. Victor threatens, "Whoever did this will be sorry he was ever born."

Hope continues to fret. And snivel. And whine. Justin steps up for support, "I'm here because I want to (say it with him) be here for you. I will help in any way possible." Hope thinks that's sweet, but says what she needs is time and space. Justin doesn't get it, "I thought you wanted us to spend more time together."

"What gave you that impression," asks Hope.

Justin reminds her, "The kiss."


Brady wonders why Nicole is an issue. Maggie says she has proven how far she will go to snare him. She begs him not to let Nicole fool him, "But you're too smart to fall for her tricks, right?"

Nicole fixes herself a drink in the rumpus room. EJ recaps what they both want and what they have on each other. He says they really have no power over each other. Nicole thinks that isn't true because he can't really prove she framed Arianna, "So fork over the money."

"I will," says EJ, "One time. But if those tapes ever turn up, I'll kill you."

"You're such a buzz kill," mocks Nicole, "Don't fret big boy it's all under control."

Sami and Rafe are together in his office as Johnny is off watching G-Men rubber hose suspects in the interrogation room. Sami wants to talk. Rafe brushes her off. Dejected Sami asks, "You mean you don't have two minutes for a friend?"

"I'm busy," says Rafe, "Busy doing this for you."

"For me?"

"No, the other you," says Rafe, "You have 127 personalities. Pick one and I'll do it for her."

EJ and Nicole come out into the foyer and Nicole hears Sydney crying. She wonders if anyone will get her. EJ says Mary is up there and Sydney stops crying. Nicole is shaken. EJ asks, "You still miss her, don't you?"

Nicole whines, "If there is one thing I am sure about it's that I love my... Sydney with all my heart."

"I don't doubt it," says EJ, "But it can't be a lot of love since you don't have a heart."

Nicole asks, "But you don't? That was all an act?" EJ shows her by going upstairs to take care of his daughter. Nicole leaves.

Sami wonders why Rafe is throwing her out. He insists he isn't. Sami doesn't understand. She reminds him he said he wants a relationship with her kids. He says he does, but doesn't think EJ wants him hanging around, "You gotta make a choice. You can't have it both ways." Sami stomps out.

Hope stammers around and reminds Justin they kissed because they were covering up what they were up to in the Kiriakis mansion. Justin says he isn't talking about that kiss, "It was just the other night." Hope says she has been honest with him from the beginning and may never be ready to move on. She leaves. Justin stares.

Carly and Bo arrive at Bo and Hope's house still bickering. Bo says she has to find the person who did this to him. Suddenly, he stops and holds his head. Carly asks if he remembers something.

Maggie says she hopes Brady doesn't still trust Nicole. He says no. She asks if Brady loves Nicole. He says no, "But I believe she is trying to become a better person."

"She certainly couldn't become a worse one," says Maggie. She tosses warnings about Nicole.

Brady says he gets it. His phone rings. Brady looks at the caller-ID, "I have to get this. I'll just tell... this person... to call back."

"Yeah," snorts Maggie, "That person."

Brady walks away and takes the call from Nicole, "I can't talk right now."

Sami and Johnny arrive at the DiMera mansion. Johnny is being nasty. He wants to continue wearing his FBI jacket. Sami tells him it's too warm there in the air conditioning after he's had it on outside in the 95° heat. EJ comes in. After a few false starts with EJ telling Johnny 'yes' and Sami telling him 'no,' EJ lays down the law, "If Mommy says 'no' it means 'no.' Take it from me. She's told me 'no' a thousand times."

Johnny tantrumizes, "SHE ALWAYS SAYS NO! SHE'S MEAN!" He runs off EJ chases.

Hope is back at Bo and Hope's house on the phone and finds out the crack Salem investigation team didn't check the shed. She runs out to the shed, otherwise known as Bo's doghouse.

Bo says his head hurts. Carly gives him a back rub to relax him. She suggests he lie down. Bo stretches out on the couch. Carly suggests some relaxation techniques she knows. Hope walks in as Bo and Carly the Geisha technique away. Stares.

Brady suggests lunch and says he will call. He gets off the phone. Maggie sneers, "Let me guess... Nicole."

Brady asks, "Can we stop talking about her? Or, better yet, can you mind your own business?"

"No," says the town busybody, "Because I care about you. I need to give you some advice. You've been acting strange. You're being evasive. You have trouble looking me in the eye. It's not the Brady I know. Am I off base?"

A knock interrupts. Victor shows up. He says he's there to tell her Bo has been sprung from the hospital. She reminds him he could have called. "That's true," says Victor. He sees Brady, "Oh, I didn't know you had company."

Nicole and Baker talk on the phone. He says he's leaving town and wants money. Nicole says she would give it to him if she was sure he was never coming back, "Chew on this, Dick. I could end your life and no one would care. Keep lying low or lie on the ground... Dick."

Johnny runs up and apologizes to Sami. They make up and Johnny runs off to play. Sami wonders how EJ the miracle child worker accomplished that. EJ says it was nothing. He reassures Sami, "You're a wonderful mother. In your case, the more time you spend away from your kids, the better mother you are. With your track record of pawning them off on babysitters, you'll probably be Mother-of-the-Year."

Hope says she was just following up on Bo's case and didn't realize he would be home so soon. Bo tells her they thought being there would help him remember some things.

Brady leaves. Victor says he thinks he interrupted, "I should have been the one to leave."

Maggie grits her teeth, "Yes!"

"Tell me how you rally feel," says Vic.

"I'm worried about him," whines Maggie. Victor says Brady is lucky to have her in his life. Maggie thinks she blew it this time.

Nicole computes. She looks at her bank account, "OHHH-MYYY-GOD! I'm rich!"

Rafe is in a dingy locker room. He inserts a key into a locker. That's one of the things I love about this show. It lets us, the viewers, use our imagination. Like in this case, we get to imagine how Rafe came up with the key that fits the locker.

Bo says Hope should stay. Carly goes through the relaxation techniques — the ones she can do in front of Hope, anyway, "Place your hand on your chest and the other hand on your abdomen. Now, breathe... Slowly tense the muscles in your right foot. Now release the tension and focus on the tension flowing away."

"Gosh," says Bo, "My foot feels a lot better."

"Now," says Carly, "Think of a pleasurable memory."

Bo flashes back to being on the Fancy Face with Hope sailing around the world. Bo... Hope... The wind... The ocean... And the God-awful mullet.

Carly asks, "Did you take yourself back to that place?"


"And was Hope part of the picture?"


"Then you can stay there, you creep."

Maggie doesn't want Victor putting her on a pedestal. "That's where you belong," says Victor.

"And you belong somewhere else," she scolds, "You don't recall what I told you? About not coming over here?"

"No," says smarty-pants, "I don't remember at all."

"I guess I'll have to say it again," says Maggie, "You are a married man and not supposed to come here. Go home. To your lovely wife." Victor asks for a barf bag.

Since marrying Vivian I have a panic room in my house. I used to call it the bedroom.
-Victor Kiriakis

Brady walks past Baker at the dock and does a double take, "Baker?"

Rafe finds the locker empty. He slams the door and bangs his head into it. I hope he didn't hurt the locker. "Nicole you are one step ahead, but I'll get you. And you too EJ."

Sami thanks EJ for his compliments. EJ can't believe she has a hard time accepting compliments and knowing she is amazing. She says she's doing nothing more than taking care of her kids and paying the babysitters. She says she's had a tough day. EJ asks if she wants to talk about it. He wonders if Johnny said something that upset her. What doesn't upset her?

Sami whines, "Johnny said he wanted to talk to the judge and tell him that he loves his daddy more than his mommy..." EJ stifles laughter. Sami says, "And I don't know why you are smiling."

"He told me the exact opposite," chuckles EJ, "He said he hates his mommy more than he hates his daddy."

Sami doesn't believe it. EJ swears it happened. Sami concludes that Johnny is confused. Like mother like son. Heck, like parents like son. EJ says, "I suppose this joint custody thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. I suppose if we were married..."

Sami's eyes twinkle, "What? What did you say?"

EJ consults the Guy Manual. He looks at the section entitled, "How to back out gracefully if you have slipped up and said the dreaded M-Word."

Carly asks, "Where are you?"

Bo drones, "On the Fancy Face ready to sail around the world. With Hope."

Carly continues, "Be very careful how you answer the next few questions. Remember, I know how to handle a butcher knife. What do you see?"

"Nothing but blue," says Bo, "It's peaceful. Beautiful."

"How does that make you feel," asks Carly.

"The pain is gone. The memory of the Fancy Face and Hope made the pain go away."

"Excuse me while I get that butcher knife," says Carly.

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Anonymous Leslie said...

Carly wonders if he has a death wish. "Take a look at the women in my life," says Bo, "and figure that one out for yourself."

Amen. Bo just had a near death experience, and he’s dashing out of the hospital as fast as he can flee. Lucas gets locked in a freezer truck and taken to the hospital to thaw out. He languishes in bed for days and even gets a hospital booty call. It must be the difference between an HMO and a PPO.

Justin vows to find whomever did this.

How? He’s a lawyer. They chase ambulances.

Look out, bad guys, the FBI has Rafe Hernandez, the guy who can figure out that numbers are... uh... numbers. "They may represent locations," says Sherlock.

Rafe is dealing with Nicole, so the locations could be shoe stores. Those bleeping numbers could mean anything. For gosh sakes, they could represent baseball power rankings. Geez!

We pan in on a headshot of Rafe — his muscle.

...underused and atrophied.

She reminds him he said he wants a relationship with her kids.

This is an unbelievable premise that is most certainly not in the Guy Manual. Why the hell would Rafe want to continue a relationship with Sami’s children? The fathers are actively involved in their children’s lives, and both of them have been known to be a tad territorial. If Rafe needs to mentor a child, he should look into becoming a Big Brother.

Nicole computes. She looks at her bank account, "OHHH-MYYY-GOD! I'm rich!"

Instead of wasting time on code books, Rafe should have been monitoring Nicole’s bank accounts.

That's one of the things I love about this show. It lets us, the viewers, use our imagination. Like in this case, we get to imagine how Rafe came up with the key that fits the locker.

Let’s all cogitate on the silliness of writers who just assume that DOOL viewers are dumb as posts. OK I’m finished cogitating. Bleh!

"The pain is gone. The memory of the Fancy Face and Hope made the pain go away."

"Excuse me while I get that butcher knife," says Carly.

Ah, yes, proof positive that short term memory is the first to go.

I loved the ever so naughty Madeline obituary! Great work Prevuze!!!!!!

6:10 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I’m having a serious problem. (Well, two problems since Ms. Leslie has already made most of the comments I was going to leave.) The other is one Bulldog apparently struggles with everyday. It’s that time of year when I have folks working in the conference room right outside my office. I can’t snicker, laugh, snort, snork, guffaw with abandon like I usually can at Prevuisms like:

Look out, bad guys, the FBI has Rafe Hernandez, the guy who can figure out that numbers are... uh... numbers.


We pan in on a headshot of Rafe — his muscle.


She runs out to the shed, otherwise known as Bo's doghouse.

And, of course, the Obituary notice and the illegal handling of the Guy Manual. I mean, one can seriously hurt oneself trying to quietly LYAO.

Here’s a HUH?! moment:
She reminds him he said he wants a relationship with her kids.

They weren’t married. None of the kids is his. They only lived together about 5 minutes during which time the twins were usually at Lucas’s or EJ’s. If they aren’t going to be together why would Sami WANT this guy to continue being involved with her kids? The toddlers have to be confused enough with two dads and a half dozen babysitters.

One more thing – enjoyed seeing that endearing term ratfink. Haven’t heard that for a long time. Just goes to prove that the classics never go out of style.

Thanks, Prevuze!

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"You gotta make a choice. You can't have it both ways."...you asked if all of it was true. YES! All true! This is the first choice Sami had to make...As I wrote before, when Sami was in highschool, she was lucky enough to meet a guy who surpassed all others she had previously dated. He was faithful, generous, kind, and lived to make her happy. Until she was 25, he made every one of her wishes come true. He was the best of men, and they had the perfect relationship…until she met Rafe. Less than 3 months after meeting Rafe, she asked her fiancé to move out of their home, to give her some space to think. She was young, a little bored, and longed for some excitement. Rafe was the answer to all that. She wasn’t looking for Mr. Right. She already had him. She wasn’t interested in his morals or values. She liked his physical attributes, and what he could do for her in the bedroom. Oh…am I being too blunt? You wanted to hear the truth! Did you think Sami was a saint? So did her x, and he was wrong! When he finally figured it out, he came back and tried to make their relationship work. He suggested they leave the country for a while, so that she can “get over” Rafe. But it was too late. Rafe started to fight back. In the end he won, and the other guy lost. One night when she didn’t hear from her x, she started to worry. It was unlike him not to call her every night. So she went over his place and found him passed out in his car, in the garage, with the gas running. That wasn’t the last time he tried to take his own life…Are you happy now? You wanted to hear the story…

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Just when I thought Baker was the smartest person in Salem with "The woman hates me and she's nuts" he blew it with "so why can't I get her out of my mind?" Maybe it's just the train wreck effect - it's horrible but you just can't stop thinking about it.

At least they later addressed what was going to be my HUH? moment today - the fact Johnny's wearing that jacket in the summer.

Johnny is off watching G-men rubber hose suspects in the interrogation room. Maybe for variety they're doing some waterboarding, too!

Yes, Applecheeks, I face not only the workplace challenge of trying to stifle the gagging reflex when I read stuff like "The pain is gone. The memory of the Fancy Face and Hope made the pain go away." I also need to hold in laughing over things like Madeline's obit and "Excuse me while I get that butcher knife". Prevuze doesn't make it easy! You learn when nosy co-workers inquire you just use the standard excuse:"Oh, it's just a joke e-mail." They buy it every time.

But it's worth the daily test of strength and sneakyness. Thanks, Prevuze! :D

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My HUH? moment was when I read:
"EJ lays down the law, "If Mommy says 'no' it means 'no.' Take it from me. She's told me 'no' a thousand times."

Although Sami and EJ have good chemistry now adays, I still will never forget the fact that he RAPED her and the writers have the audacity to give him a line like this? He sure didn't take no for an answer back then. Jerk.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually we can see what happened between them as a sort of "rape" in 2006 but technically it was a deal so she did not say no, he did ask the question and she said dans le texte : "I'll do it" ! So No he did not need to "didn't take no for an answer back then"...lol ironic but true anonym..

9:26 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

She's told me 'no' a thousand times.

Just a clarification, that was italicized, so was a Prevuzism, not really in the show. EJ did not say that part of the line.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

'Sort of rape' :/

It's like me saying give me your kids or they die, and then declare it was a 'sort of' kidnapping because you could've said 'no,' so it was more akin to a deal.

Actually, I no idea what's happening as I have super busy and then ill, and then busy again. lol.

So, suddenly Madeline is dead (lol?), Chloe is still waffling on marriage, Rafe is still whining about the DiMeras and Will is still a moron. Oh, how time flies!

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You post about kidnapping Klaus is totally irrelevant with what i said about a "sort of rape"; i said that because technically this event was not a rape !

1:13 PM  
Blogger Klaus said...

It was an example, but there is no 'sort of' rape, there isn't an 'almost' or 'kinda' either. It's either rape or it isn't. Rape is rape.

*She did not want to have sex with him.
*She only relented after he threatened her.
*Sami and EJ both confirmed it was rape.
*EJ apologized for raping her.
James Scott's account.
James Scott: part deux!
A writer's account.
-Both say it was rape, in Scott's case - twice.
So, yeah...

Y'know, I'm fine with people being EJ fans and glossing over the rape, I gloss over Darth Vader being a mass murderer. However, I recognize that he is one.

All hail the Sith, baby!

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Frustrated In Salem said...

IF a woman was truly raped then nothing on this green earth would make her forgive him. It was a deal-Sami had the hots for EJ for months by that time. He apologized, she forgave him, end of discussion. This debate has lasted as long as this blasted storyline. Get married already and give us a hot bedroom scene for heavens sake- IT'S A SOAP OPERA!!!!!!!!!

3:39 PM  
Blogger Klaus said...

To say it's fiction, then use real life reasoning to support your claim is just dishonest arguing right there.

Sami had the hots for EJ for months by that time.
Because rape is decided on whom has the hots for whom???

Besides, James Scott and the writer said it was rape, I would think they know more about than you or I, so I will have to defer to their wise judgment on this strange matter.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Ejami dance is making me up the speed on my treadmill so my brain can die a natural course.....so frikkin' tired of stupid storylines and this from a 47 year fan. " nough already. For the first time in my life if DOOL goes away I will not become depressed.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rape is just one reason why I can never support Ejami (and the way they tried to whitewash it afterward didn't help). The list of reasons to hate this couple grows with every storyline they're in. At least boring Rafe and loud mouthed Lucas didn't leave such a sleazy feeling after their scenes with Sami.

8:59 PM  

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