Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Bimboization Of Sami Brady


Those were the first words, as I recall, we heard from teenage delinquent Sami Brady as she sneaked into her house upon returning to Salem. Her dad, supercop Roman Brady, looking a bit different than he does today,* thought someone was breaking into the house and nearly blew her into Another World.

*(In fact, I'd have to say present day Roman looks more like Chris Kositchek — but let's not go there).

After that auspicious introduction we all got to know the conniving, test-switching, man-drugging, sibling-hating little brat who came this close to selling her baby sister on the black market — not to mention her foray into the world of medicine when she attempted the world's first ballistic vasectomy... Among many, many other things.

You just didn't mess with Sami Brady. How bad was she? Well, in 2002, Ali Sweeney won a Daytime Emmy as America's Favorite Villain for her portrayal of nasty Samantha.

Somewhere along the line, though, things went bad. The writers turned America's Favorite Villain into America's Most Irritating Thirtysomething Sniveling Adolescent.

Today, if you mess with Sami Brady make sure you do it in your garden and you can save on your water bill. For God's sake, in yesterday's episode the insecure needy child asked her grandmother whom she should marry and got mad when Grandma told her to think for herself. Well I should guess she would get mad. After all, that would require independence and... thinking.

This whole Sami-Rafe-EJ Cryangle could play with just about the same dialog if it was Sami the teenage bimbo trying to decide who should be her date to the junior prom.

Eighteen year old EJ sits on the dock with a fishing pole in his hand and a few tricks up his sleeve. Sami bops up to the pier jivin' to NKOB on her new Sony Walkman. She sees EJ in his goofy fishin' hat and breaks into laughter, "EJ, you don't fish!"

"It's not that funny," says EJ, handing her a pole, "I thought it would be something we could do together. Look, you've got a bite already. Reel it in."

There's nothing on there," says Sami, "You can tell when you have a fish on the line because you can feel it tugging."

"Oh, I've got something on the line," thinks EJ, "You just don't realize it yet."

"Some fish are passive," he says, "Like viewers of this show have to be in order to endure this crap." He helps her reel in the line.

Oh my gosh," says Sami, "There is something on the line."

EJ unhooks a set of keys, "These are the keys to the Pontiac Fiero Father just gave me. You can't turn down a date to the prom when you'll be riding on a set of wheels like that. Please, make me happy for all the Days Of Our Lives and say you'll go to the prom with me."

"EJ," says Sami, "We talked about this. We agreed you wouldn't put me on the spot like this because you know Rafe asked me to the prom. I... I can't go with you. Besides, Rafe's 1986 Granada may be old, but at least it has a back seat. That Fiero is so small we couldn't even hold hands in it..." She runs off crying.

Sami finds Grandma Caroline at the pub. She tells her both Rafe and EJ have asked her to the junior prom, "Grandma, I don't know who to go with... Please, make my decision for me. DON'T MAKE ME DECIDE FOR GOD'S SAKE!"

"Of course I won't make you decide," says Caroline, "Decisions are for adults and I would never want to put you through something so traumatic as having to act like an adult. And in this case the decision is simple. You'll be going to the prom with Rafe."

"Oh, Grandma," whines Sami, "Thank you so much for relieving that pressure, but what about poor EJ? Now he doesn't have a date."

"I guess I'll just have to step in and go with that gorgeous hunk of young flesh myself," says Caroline, "It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it."

"Oh, Grandma," says Sami, "You're such a trooper. But you're so much older than EJ."

Caroline corrects her, "Experienced, Sami. I'm experienced. But I think there is something else you should know..."

"I know what you're going to say," says Sami, "You're going to tell me I'm being shallow because age should not matter. It's how two people feel about each other and treat each other that counts. And we all need to learn to respect each other just as we are and not worry about superficial things like an age difference. Right?"

"Hell no," says Caroline, "I was going to say I know EJ just turned eighteen and he's legal."

I've got to believe Sami's retrogression into childhood is probably irreversible. The writers have so damaged this once spunky character that things may never change. It makes you wish you had a time machine doesn't it? We could all go back in time to that Friday cliffhanger with Roman pointing his Glock at her and scream...


And with that, gang, it's time to institutiate weekendification.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

weekendafacation???? Hope you have a good one. Sami needs to get a grip and smell the roses. Preposals don't come everyday for someone her age.

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I've been drinking

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

OMG, Prevuze, that was nothing short of Hilarious!!! Loved all the Sami snark! And Grandma Caroline saying she's "experienced" was LMAO funny...talking about funny, I just started reading this Regency Romance novel(a friend of mine recommended - I'm reminding myself to NEVER consider her advice in the future)...but I must say, I've never laughed so hard at the 1st chapter of a book in my life! It turns out to be about the men of the ton visiting a high end brothel in Victorian England. Now I understand what they say about British men. Regency fellas' must have been bored out of their freakin' minds...I should think that riding a horse must have been more exciting than bedding a woman! Well, I've started to read it now...perhaps I'll get some life lesson from understanding the psychology of English Brothels...:)

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! Seriously, Ken Corday has done the worst assassination of a character EVER! No way in hell would our 'girl' Sami ever choose that block of wood over sexy, hot, sexy, handsome, sexy, tall EJ. Ay carumba...thanks for another new word to the unabashed Prevuze lexicon. Everyone have a great weekendafacation!
BTW did I mention that I think EJ is sexy?

5:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

BTW did I mention that I think EJ is sexy?

Gee, I'm really not sure, but feel free to since this is an open forum.

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

it's time to institutiate weekendification.

Indeed, Prevuze, it is! LOL!!!

No way in hell would our 'girl' Sami ever choose that block of wood over sexy, hot, sexy, handsome, sexy, tall EJ.

Indeed, Cookie, you are correct!!

Yesterday afternoon was as horrendous and sad as it can get. Waking up this morning and finding a spot on hysterical edition of the blog by Prevuze the magnificent has put a big smile on my face. Thanks Prevuze I needed that.

By the way, I owned a 1979 Granada. While it did have a roomy vinyl back seat, it was a certifible piece of crap. Just another reason for Sami to go to the prom with EJ.

Have a great one everybody!

6:13 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type. Cry-angle Perfect!

But the best - Sami knowing what Grandma C* was going to say, only to have Grandma correct her... EJ was now eighteen and legal. LMAO

*Grandma Cougar

Even better is my word verification: bratesso. As Stefano would say, Sami used to be a bella bratesso and now she's just a whiney b*tch.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

This sums it up exactly!

I have to say I'll always be loyal to Sami because she's what got me watching DOOL in the first place, and I keep that hope that one day she'll be the real Sami again.

The Sami I adored once beat the crap out of herself so she could blame her sister and have her sister arrested for it. Then, a few years ago, I see this very same Sami crying on her couch because she tried to make cookies and they burned. Later, there's a melted chocolate fantasy involving Lucas that that made me throw up so bad all my neighbors thought I was bulimic. That's a whole other can of worms, however...

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: There's nothing worse than a reformed villain! Sami and EJ could be ruling Salem with an iron fist right now. They could be the Kate and Victor of yore.

God, remember when this show was good? Such a distant memory....

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Leslie! I believe you were right about Fay being in Cleveland. I'd forgotten about the scene prior where Rafe was whining about his flight. Maybe she used to work in a dive in Salem and switched up to a better burger joint. Anyway, don't you hate it when you miss important plot points like that? HAHAHA

Recalling Sami hijinx, wasn't it Sami who was spying on Kate at Titan and got stuck out on the window washer scaffold? It seems like it was. That was pretty good as I remember. They couldn't do that now as they wouldn't want to have to pay to create the scaffold.

I actually sat thru the EJami fishing scenes yesterday. Could those be what prompted the teenage scenario today, Prevuze? Just askin'...

My favorite picture - the nuclear explosion. :D

Weekendification Yeah! I love it! Thanks and have a happy one everyone.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous CJ said...

You guys say how you miss the real Sami then say she would have chosen EJ. The truth is the real Sami would have never wanted EJ.

Sami would have never forgiven him for going after her family, threatening Will, attacking her... so on so on. Sami is not the kind to go "there is a good man inside" of all that.

How many years did it take for her to forgive John and Marlena? How many years was she upset with Lucas over friendship split she caused?

Sami doesn't forgive. Instead of cowtowing to the Dimera during the fued, she would have went after them with every bit of gusto she had. (which was basically what her family was asking her to do)

TPTB started rewritting Sami years ago, around the same time they rewrote Lucas. 2005 was a big year.

Lucaswised to be the smirking sarcastic black sheep
Horton who didn't mind being an jerk to everyone he didn't like and that was most of the people in town but he had a soft heart for those he cared for.

He became this unsmiling saint who could not see a scheme right in his face. He stopped smiling. The sarcasm and witty comebacks died He just barked out demands and never had any fun.

And Sami, you pretty much hit it on the nail. She went from only showing her sensitive side (she's always been sensitive) to the chosen few she trusted, to wearing every emotion on her sleeve and backing down to everyone including her son.

Only I'd say she was never truly evil, more screwed up and misunderstood. She was meant to eventually become a good character who still doesn't suffer fools lightly.

I still say Sami doesn't need Evil Elvis or Hero Rafe. She needs a guy that's a little of both (like her) and that was Lucas until the rewrites.

Stop the rewrites!

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First I would like to say I do not write on the board very often. But I LUV to read my prevues. You get a standing O from me. I think you are the greatest. Loved the Saturday prevue. Now to the BS. First of all I agree the Ejami proposal was a little to soon but it was so romantic. Love my EJ. I doubt confused Sami will accept eventhough EJ had me in tears. My goodness that man is HOT!! Anyway. KC said Safe will be back around Labor Day. That sucks!! Ejami have had some wonderful scences together. They have soo much chemistry. They could have the best love story in days 45 years. Soo much potential for these two. I think GG is great to look at but he acting stinks. He and Sami have no chemistry AT ALL!! I know there are Safe and Ejami fanbases but come on Ejami have it all. The old Sami needs to resurfaces and realize everything she's always wanted is right at her feet. She loves EJ no doubt about it. Wake up girl get your man. Ejami forever.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgot to add there were actually 2words added to the lexicon today...bimboization! Love you Prevuze!!!!
BTW, EJ's sexy, doncha think?

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Kiren said...

And she has no chance of becoming that person with Rafe.

But EJ's convo with her about how they'd both changed had me thinking there's not turning back..hope not

9:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luv you prevuze. I have to vent. The Ej proposal was beautiful. He had me in tears. The way he poured his heart out to Sami made me want to jump through my tv screen and take her place. James is fantastic. He's got the whole package. Looks, charm ,height, bod, the accent and he can act his a@% off. Days got a goldmine when they hired him. ejami keeps we watching days. But they screw it up by bringing in Mr FBI. Not to down GG but all he has going is his looks. He can't act worth a dime. Putting him with Sami was/is a big DOOL mistake. No matter how they try to pimp him he really needs to get out of Sami's life. I know the SAFE fanbase will disagree cause he unlike EJ did not make a deal with Sami to save Lucas. They are trying to change EJ's character to be better (give him a break) TPTB screwed up but give them a little credit they are trying to make EJ a better person for Sami. James and Alison are great acting together. Their scences are always so powerful. That is why most of us watch soaps for. The Powerful supercouple. Ejami is that. I am 51 years old and have watched days for 45 years. Ejami are the best couple to hit salem in years. If they keep Ejami together they will keep me and tons of others as viewers. If the go the SAFE way its bye bye DOOL for me.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Mona said...

"I still say Sami doesn't need Evil Elvis or Hero Rafe. She needs a guy that's a little of both (like her) and that was Lucas until the rewrites."

Hear hear! I think we are the only LUMIs left :P

But since it looks like there are only 2 choices left, Safe or Ejami, I would choose Ejami because Safe is BORING! Ejami would make for better TV and it would be interesting seeing them raise their kids together. Plus I believe EJ is the only one who unconditionally loves Sami no matter what, and - let's face it - she has a lot of flaws and makes a lot of mistakes. Rafe won't be able to stay with her through thick and thin - and all the Sami bull that's bound to come up in a lifetime - if one or two little lies about Sydney's kidnapper made him leave her.

Also, the show has shown us that Rafe has a lot of other potential options in Salem like Carly or Hope. Whereas EJ has ... Arianna Boring!

Or maybe Stephanie can pick up whoever Sami rejects and ask them to move in with her, once Nathan leaves her for Mel, once Mel leaves Phiip for sleeping with Chloe. Oh Stephanie.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Why does Anon think that a woman should chose marriage based on the odds of receiving marriage proposals in the future? Perhaps to Sami marriage is just a status symbol. Maybe she's more of a free thinker than you're giving her credit for, and she's more concerned about being "happy" than being "married". Isn't marrriage supposed to be based on compatibility? Perhaps Sami doesn't think she's compatible with EJ. After all, what does she know of him except that he's a wealty bachelor who doesn't eat fried foods and looks silly in a fishing hat! If EJ was less concerned about the toppless girls on the beaches in Monaco, and more concerned about Sami's feelings, he would understand her concerns more. EJ says he loves her, and she believes him. But she also knows that some men fall out of love just as easily as they fall into it. Rafe loved Sami too. He also wanted to marry her, so why aren't THEY married? After being with Rafe Sami knows that marriage is not always the end game...and she also knows that sometimes love isn't enough. Has EJ thought about that??? No...I bet he hasn't...

12:59 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Why does Anon think that a woman should chose marriage based on the odds of receiving marriage proposals in the future? Perhaps to Sami marriage is just a status symbol. Maybe she's more of a free thinker than you're giving her credit for, and she's more concerned about being "happy" than being "married".

I'm not about to weigh in on this issue, but no matter how you feel about it, you've got to admit one thing, Sami certainly keeps trying: CLICK HERE

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO! Thanks, Prevuze for stating the obvious concerning Samantha Gene Brady. She used to be such an intriguing, unique character now she's just tedious, boring CHILD!

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Ashareem said...

So very true - and especially about Roman!

Yes, Ken Corday has assassinated yet another great character by turning Sami into a whiny little b*tch who needs to be turned over her daddy's knee and have her bottom paddled.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Oh my, you must be the poster child for sensitivity, Anon!

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah great post Prevuze.
What Corday has done to Sami it is what we called character assassination !! Big time !
He started with Sheffer in 2007 by making Sami the new heroine (Sami was the anti-heroine of this show "par excellence") but it is last year that she really became a complete weak character..Only with her interactions with Ej we could still saw some glimpses of the real Sami..but now she is just such a mess..if they want to give us again the real Sami Ej will be her perfect match..but sadly i think it is not in their cards..RIP Sami Brady and maybe soon RIP Dool.
p.s: Sami the real Sami can forgive Ej since Sami forgave Lucas even before she started to scheme again..and scheming big time a la Stan the Man !! lol

10:47 AM  

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