Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Your Little Pigeon Flew The Coop

Kate and Stefano walk into the foyer of the DiMera mansion. Stefano tells Kate she's being too agreeable about Sami moving in. Kate says it's fine and she will make the big compromise. Stefano thinks she's edgy in spite of that. Kate tells him it has to do with Madeline's threats. Stefano suggests she put Madeline in the past and says he will take care of her.

Gabi waits on Madeline and Chad at the pub. She goes for the drinks they order. Madeline asks how Chad screwed things up with Gabi and reminds him he messed up with Mia, too. Chad says she and his dad never like the girls he dates. He also says he knows they don't want him hanging around with Will and wishes they'd let him choose his own friends. Madeline orders him to stay away from Will as long as he's living with the DiMeras.

Sami and EJ are in the rumpus room. Sami has changed her mind and decided not to live at the mansion. EJ doesn't get it and says he thinks it's because he asked if he was part of the reason she moved in. Sami flashes back to kissing him.

Calliope rants, "I did it. I made contact, big shot, and for the record, I don't like it... not one bit."

Rafe yells, "You're going to help me catch Anna DiMera whether you like it or not."

"And how am I going to do that," asks Calliope.

"You could try putting salt on her tail," says Rafe.

Anna comes back to her room and throws a fit because her massage has been canceled. She finds Calliope's compact, "Calliope... just what I don't need. I'm going to have to nip our little reunion in the bud."

Calliope tells Rafe she thinks Anna was shook up this morning because of Tony. "Oh yeah," snorts Rafe, "She's working out her grief in a five star spa."

"That's cold and mean," says Calliope. Rafe starts to call the IRS to tell them the deal with Calliope and Eugene is off. Calliope grabs his phone as he talks.

Rafe stares at her, "So, who's going under the bus... you or Anna?"

EJ asks, "It's me, isn't it?"

Sami admits, "Maybe it is a little bit you." She runs through the reasons why she agreed to this — her kids — but says it won't work. She leaves and EJ chases her. Vegas odds are about a million to one that he'll catch her.

Kate sits and goes through a photo album. She finds a picture of her and Madeline and wonders why she saved it. Will startles her and asks what she's looking at.

Madeline tells Chad she has to get to court and leaves. Gabi comes up and asks if Chad had a nice lunch. "Not really," says Chad, "She's very judgmental."

"That's what judges do," says Gabi. As Chad goes he asks Gabi to tell his mom he doesn't hang out with Will if she asks.

Arianna comes in all in a dither and asks if Gabi has heard anything from Rafe. Gabi says no.

EJ catches Sami outside the mansion, "Didn't you forget the kids?" He asks her why this is falling apart. Sami tells him this place is filled with bad memories, most of which are on computer discs down in the laboooooratory. EJ thinks it's something else and offers to help her deal with it. Sami sulks off.

Rafe says, "All you have to do is..." CENSORED.

Calliope thinks Anna is suspicious of her. Rafe says that just means they have to act fast. Calliope says they can't because she knows right now Anna is out getting a massage.

Instead, Anna is on the phone trying to get a charter flight off the island.

Kate jams the incriminating photo into a stack of papers to hide it and tells Will she's just going through an album. Will hopes he won't have to run into Sami while she lives there. Kate gets a business call, "You should have received it already. That's ridiculous. I'll get the receipt." Kate runs off to look for the receipt while Will takes the papers Kate stuck the photo in and leaves.

Arianna is a basket case. She says she's worried Rafe has just dropped off the face of the earth. Gabi thinks she's overreacting.

Arianna whines, "It's the cramps."


Arianna walks behind the bar, reaches under it and pulls out a box. She slaps it onto the counter, "When I get the cramps, I take Crampitall. Crampitall makes your cramps so bad you go into convulsions and they have to take you to the hospital. But the hospital staff knows how to stop convulsions, so you get the relief you need. Crampitall... get it at your local drugstore or get the really effective formula from Joe the pusher, who sells it out of the back of his truck. Crampitall... don't be without it."

"And I like its minty fresh taste, too," says Gabi.

Arianna's phone rings. She picks it up. It's the Crampitall folks telling her she did a great job with the sleazy advertisement and she'll get a nice cut from the money that is now sure to roll in.

Rafe wires Calliope — Camera and all.

Stefano finds EJ in the foyer and asks why he's dejected. EJ tells him Sami moved out because of Kate. Stefano is pretty sure she'll be back. EJ asks what he has done that he can be so sure of that.

Stefano ignores it and says, "I want you to be happy."

EJ says, "I'd be happy if I were in Samantha's house with her and her children."

Ejamis across the globe swoon.

"That wouldn't make me happy," says Stefano, "She will be back and Hernandez will be chasing his tail looking for Anna. While Rafe is chasing his tail, you can chase Samantha's." EJ says if Rafe finds her. They will lose the kids and he will lose Samantha to Rafe, "If Anna talks, you and I are gonna lose."

Stefano says, "When she talks anyone within earshot loses."

Rafe watches the video of Calliope on his computer. His phone rings. It's Arianna wondering where he is. Rafe says he can't talk, "Talking requires thinking." He says his lead on Anna didn't pan out, but he won't give up. Arianna thinks if he solves the case it will change everything for him and Sami.

Kate discovers the photo is missing as Stefano comes in. She tells him she was going to tear it up and now it's gone. Stefano tells her the maid throws everything away and says she shouldn't worry. Kate reminds him Madeline can undo them both.

Will and Chad study at the Java Café. Will goes through his papers and the picture falls out. Will picks it up and both guys look at it. "It's my grandma and some woman," says Will.

"That's my mom," says Chad.

Rafe says there is no easy answer for him and Sami. Arianna says he should just capture the kidnapper and that will do the trick.

Calliope staggers through Anna's room with the camera view going every which way. "Anna, where are you?"

Stefano assures Kate he will handle things. EJ walks in and wonders what's the problem. Kate says it's a problem with the new maid and goes to speak to her. EJ says the kids are ready to go if Stefano wants to say goodbye.

"That won't be necessary," says Stefano.

Sami explodes into the room, "I'm not leaving."

Gabi announces she's off work and Arianna says she's feeling better, "I think Rafe's getting closer to finding out who kidnapped Sydney."

The girls say goodbye and vow to have wonderful love lives. Crampitall makes that possible, too, especially if your partner has his prescription for those little blue pills that take care of his ills... CENSORED.

Chad thinks the picture is weird because it makes it look like Kate and Madeline were good friends. "Compared to my mom," says Will, "your mom is a saint."

"Compared to your mom, Lizzie Borden is a saint."

Sami says a pipe in the water heater burst and the living room is under four inches of water, "Not only that, they found some guy's body inside the water heater." Stefano assures her she can stay there as long as she likes. He leaves. Sami says, "He's kidding, right? I'll stay at a hotel." EJ points out it could take months to repair the damage. "Then I'll stay with Dad or Grandma," says Sami.

EJ asks, "So you can hear I told you so over and over? How's this sound? You move in here and we find as many ways as possible to make Kate's life miserable."

Sami likes the idea, "It's vindictive and wrong. Right up my alley." Or is that 'Ali?' Sami decides she's in.

Calliope tells Rafe Anna isn't in the room, "It looks like your little pigeon flew the coop. You'd still better help me with my tax problems, though."

Anna comes in, "Who are you talking to?"

Chad meets Madeline at the Java Café and tells her about the picture. She lectures him about being with Will. "So..." says Chad, "I was with Will but wasn't partying with him like you were with Kate."

Madeline explains things, "I was a lawyer on a deal that involved Kate's company. We were celebrating the case, not partying."

"What's the difference between partying and celebrating," asks Chad.

"Mothers celebrate. Smart-mouth kids party."

"Stop treating me like a two year old," says Chad.

Maddie gets all snippy, "Anything else?"


"I'll see you at home." Madeline leaves. Outside, she calls Kate, "We need to meet if you want to keep your life from going down the drain."

Will interrupts EJ and Sami. Sami wants to talk. Will don' wanna. EJ leaves. Sami tells Will she'll be living there so he can't avoid her. Will reminds her it's a big house. "I miss you, Will," says Sami, "And the pig-sty of a bedroom you live in."

"From what I hear," says Will, "right now it's more like a swamp." Will is furious, "When I said it was EJ or me, you picked him." Sami insists she didn't pick EJ over Will.

Calliope admits she talks to herself. She says she's glad Anna didn't take off on her, because now they can talk about Anna's problems. Anna wonders why Calliope is being so nosy.

Sami thinks Will wanted to hurt her so he picked Kate to live with. Will says Sami hurt him, too, by dumping Rafe for EJ, "You blew it, Mom. We could have been a family but you didn't care about that. Now you'll probably wind up pregnant with another one of his kids."

Mommy don' take no sass, "Don't talk to me like that!" She reminds him EJ is Johnny and Sydney's dad and that will never change, "Can you understand that?"

We get the typical teen monosyllabic contrary response, "No." Will leaves.

Gabi finds Chad at the Java Café. She senses something is wrong. Chad brushes it off and then tells her parents can have one set of rules for their kids and another for themselves. Then he tells her about the photo. He vows to find out what this is all about.

Madeline paces at the park bench. Kate finds her. Maddie asks what Kate was doing giving that picture to her grandson.

EJ joins Sami in the rumpus room. She broods about Will, "It isn't a stretch to say Will and I grew up together. I had him young."

"Most babies are young when women have them," says EJ.

"Now I think I've lost him," says Sami. She flashes back to the kiss and says they have to set some ground rules, "Everyone has to understand I'm here for my children and don't want anyone to think it's for any other reason. It's temporary."

EJ understands, "But I know the real reason."

Anna says she thinks Calliope is being pushy. Calliope just thinks it would be good for Anna to get this off her chest.

Rafe watches. Viewers, however, tune out.

Kate says she was going to tear up the photo. Madeline tells her what she told Chad, "If this blows up it will be worse for you and Stefano than it is for me."

EJ thinks Sami feels like she's betraying Rafe. Sami insists it's not that. EJ asks, "Why do you keep putting up these walls?"

"Because you kissed me."

"I did," asks EJ, "And you're not pregnant? I must be slipping."

Anna agrees to tell Calliope everything. Rafe scoots in closer to his computer monitor and watches.

I wonder... can Crampitall cure boredom?

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Anonymous Berg said...

I wonder... can Crampitall cure boredom? if it can, count me in for a lifetime supply because this show is giving me some serious stomach and brain cramps.

It was also an episode filled with Hernandez product placement. Every Hernandez in one episode, blech.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous square said...

I like Gabi despite her being as professionally inappropriate as her siblings. (Contaminating drinks? Really?!) I wouldn't give her a job but I wouldn't chase her out of town either. The other two, I could certainly do without.

Will's sassing his mom is very teenager-ish but being angry at her for her breaking up with Rafe? Gag! Oh please. They were not a family. He was her on again off again boyfriend with whom Will bonded for about 10 minutes of air time. No teen would think him a daddy, particularly a teen who already has a daddy and an uncle he considers a third parent. He should hate EJ, but he should also hate Rafe. And on the writers' subtle ret-conning, I don't remember Will "raising his mom" or always being the adult in the situation. Young Will was a good kid, pre-teen Will was a self-righteous snot and teen Will is no better. His mom is a screaming fool but no one was mistaking Will for the mature one in practically any situation. Someone should give Will what Sami never got as a child --some good old fashioned discipline.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Chad says she and his dad never like the girls he dates.

Maybe the problem is that Chad’s parents don’t define “date” as a romp in the back seat of the family car. When the end result of the "date" is a grandchild, it’s no wonder dad is reluctant to hand over the car keys.

Rafe stares at her, "So, who's going under the bus... you or Anna?"

If I had a vote, it would be Rafe.

"Not really," says Chad, "She's very judgmental."

"That's what judges do," says Gabi.

You think?

Arianna is a basket case. She says she's worried Rafe has just dropped off the face of the earth.

If Rafe is such a super smooth FBI dudesicle, why wouldn’t he alert his family that he would be on assignment? He didn’t need to tell them where he was going or what he was doing, so he wouldn’t be blowing his cover. Before Rafe left Salem, there had already been three muggings of adult males. While Meredith's brickafication of Rafe’s scull proves he has a hard head, he should have known that Arianna would be concerned.

She slaps it onto the counter, "When I get the cramps, I take Crampitall.”

Does Crampitall work on brain cramps too? If so, the DOOL writers should be sent a gross.

His phone rings. It's Arianna wondering where he is.

Huh?! It’s this sort of stuff that makes my head spin. Rafe is on the job. Why is he answering his personal cell phone? Then he allows his sister to engage him in a conversation about his love life. This is all going on while he’s trying to crack the Sydnapping case. Instead of multi-tasking, Rafe should be concentrating on the video.

"Compared to my mom," says Will, "your mom is a saint."

"Compared to your mom, Lizzie Borden is a saint."

I believe it’s time for Chad to point out that Will is being very judgmental.

Sami says a pipe in the water heater burst and the living room is under four inches of water, "Not only that, they found some guy's body inside the water heater."


Anna comes in, "Who are you talking to?"

I think the more appropriate question is “what that hell are you doing in my room?”

OMG – two naughty censored links. The first gets a naughty, naughty, and the second gets a naughtiest of the naughty, naughty!!! Prevuze is brain cramp free!!!

6:12 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

"I had him young." "Most babies are young when women have them," says EJ.

This Prevuze was full of great prevuisms like that one. And hilarious pictures - Stephanie's uncle collection and Rafe's Cinco de Mayo revelation especially. Not to mention nods to great moments in Salem history: the body in the water heater.

While DAYS product placements are really cheesy, they do provide wonderful springboards to Prevuze snark Crampitall indeed. And the censored link to the little blue pills....LMAO!

I wonder... can Crampitall cure boredom?

Probably not, but Prevuze sure can. Have a great hump day everyone.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous bGirl said...

re: 2nd censored link

I think with the issues in the newlywed Kiriakis's bedroom - Philip could use a script of your new blue pill

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Will has been sixteen years old for several years now. Aren't most kids SORASed?

And Will did exactly what his male role models have done when Sami is just too much. He dumped her.

Poor Stephanie! Does she not realize that with throwing away her birth control pills, she no longer has any control over their relationship? A baby will NOT make things better when a relationship is rocky at best. She just does not seem to think straight at all.
Neither of them are mature enough to even think of having a baby.

Will Phillip's inability to perform in the bedroom now cause Melanie to turn to Nathan?

1:37 PM  
Anonymous square said...

It seems to me that Will has been sixteen years old for several years now. Aren't most kids SORASed?

Will is about the only character who is more or less his "correct" age but I do think they sped up some of his younger years and stretched out his pre-teen/teen years. So yes, he's been 16-ish for a while now and ever the brat.

I hope they never SORAS him.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Extremely late to Prevuze today (damn those blog Nazi's who blocked it at work!!). But it's a nice end to a long day. If I'd have been able to read it I would've realized it was Cinco de Mayo. I coulda gone out for some on sale tacos or something.

It'd be funny if nobody fixed the leak in Marlena's apartment and she and Squints returned, opened the door and a wall of water washed them away.

LOL over "Not only that, they found some guy's body inside the water heater." Another reference that just never gets old. HAHAHAHA

TWO great censored links! It's a special day indeed.

Thanks for the evening chuckles, Prevuze.

PS: word verification: orant As in I oranted when I couldn't get into Prevuze this morning.

5:36 PM  

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